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The One By Danielle Allen,

  • Title: The One
  • Author: Danielle Allen
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 302
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The cattiness.The fights.The shaming.I don t generally watch reality television, but I definitely don t watch reality dating shows Besides the fact that it s completely staged, it s a horrible depiction of people women especially.Women are pitted against each other to compete for the affection of a man they fall in love with after a week or two.I call B.S.It is complThe cattiness.The fights.The shaming.I don t generally watch reality television, but I definitely don t watch reality dating shows Besides the fact that it s completely staged, it s a horrible depiction of people women especially.Women are pitted against each other to compete for the affection of a man they fall in love with after a week or two.I call B.S.It is complete crap.So when my best friend, Koko, was hired as a makeup artist o the set of the most popular reality dating show, The One, I teased her mercilessly.She told me that if I didn t stop teasing her, she would get me back.And she didWhich is how I ended up as a contestant on The One.
    The One The cattiness The fights The shaming I don t generally watch reality television but I definitely don t watch reality dating shows Besides the fact that it s completely staged it s a horrible depicti

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    1. Danielle Allen only gets better and better Reading The One was like watching the best of the best reality television shows unfold in your mind Except her writing is a million moons better than the screenwriters on those television shows Danielle creates characters that you instantly love and cheer for In The One you meet Zoe, an independent, no nonsense, driven female, who isn t afraid to speak her mind She s smart and has a deep love for poetry a girl after my own heart I might have a small gir [...]

    2. This book is differentunlike anything I ve ever read, unlike anything I ve ever written Focusing on a love story, the reality aspect of reality TV, and the way media tries to put us in a box, The One is one of my favorite books of all time Am I biased because I wrote it Absolutely Haha Hope you enjoy

    3. For the most part I enjoyed this I ve never watched The Bachelor, but I gather this book is exactly like that.So while I loved the chemistry between Julian and Zoe, I hated that he kissed other women Yes it s unavoidable on a show like that but I wanted him to step up and stand by how he felt.Really liked the ending though.

    4. Spoiler Free Review4 STAR READ Genre Romance Interracial romance His smile grew with each step I took and that smile was everything He was officially the most attractive man I d ever seen in my life After completely freaking out and not taking the Bar exam as planned, Zoe Jordan flees sunny California going back home to the east coast for an extended visit with her parents Zoe s best friend Koko scored a job as a makeup artist on a prime time reality dating show titled The One, to which Zoe teas [...]

    5. A WOC POV I thoroughly enjoyed Zoe s narration, she was an incredibly socially aware, responsible, and independent woman I also liked the love interest Julian s character I finished this in one sitting and I did really like it However, I found the story itself fell a little short for me I felt the dialogue didn t flow I didn t begin writing this intending it to become a full blown review, so I haven t really formulated a solid opinion In short, I loved the characters, but not the whole reality t [...]

    6. Zoe Jordan is going through a quarter life crisis She s not even told her mother, who happens to be an attorney, she s mastering her fight or flight reflex on monumental moments like taking the bar exam Her life is a bit unrecognizable, even to her, when she unknowingly discovers her best friend, Koko, has signed her up to be a contestant on her least favorite television show, The One But unbeknownst to both of them, Zoe was actually chosen as one of the final twelve.When Zoe finds out the bache [...]

    7. This book totally sucked me in I m a HUGE fan of this author Even though I haven t read all of her books I ve absolutely loved the ones I have They are full of sass and inspirational messages for woman and their self esteem, worth and respect I m not even a fan of reality TV but I was captivated with the behind the scenes of the whole thing Zoe was a truly inspiring woman, who stayed true to herself while being immersed in a totally superficial environment I can truly see how this type of situat [...]

    8. Danielle Allen, were you once a contestant on The Bachelor This author did an amazing job of making you feel like you re getting an up close and personal experience, behind the scenes of one of America s most notorious reality dating shows From the mix of contestants, to the scripted scenarios, the rules, the cheesy sneaky host and the drool worthy bachelor, The One had it all It s easy to see why Julian was so interested in Zoe from early on I absolutely loved her Much like the author, Zoe is w [...]

    9. Danielle has blessed me with another book boyfriend and his name is Julian Winters The One is packed with stomach flipping tingles Her writing is flawless and engaging leaving me swiping my kindle for .I ve loved Danielle s brilliant storytelling since her debut novel, Back to Life, but The One is her greatest yet Only causing me to crave from her She transported right in the middle of a dating reality show and I didn t want to leave.Julian is a swoon worthy hero to say the least and Zoe is a s [...]

    10. This book was really good Could be the timing for me but I absolutely loved it From start to finish it had my attention, I didn t want to put it down at all This author is new to me but will def read from her The bachelor setting was intriguing and how the MCs handled it was great I enjoyed some of the secondary characters, which you can imagine there were alot of crazy ladies in that type of setting, all around great reading experience.

    11. I read this book on Kindle Unlimited.This is Zoe and Julian s story I love romances that involve reality shows and this romance is based on such a show.I really enjoyed the story I thought it was romantic, heartbreaking and tender.This story is definitely worth a read

    12. This was not the one for me It was well written, but just didn t feel compelling The mc s were a little too perfect I ended up skimming about 60% of it.

    13. MY RATING 4.5 STARS Review to follow soon the finale portion kicked my rating from 4 to 4.5 I love a man of his word

    14. I enjoy the read, the personality of Zoe was awesome, authentic, educated even when the girls were f bitches Reality shows are not what everybody thinks.

    15. I ll start right off saying that I d like to give this book 10 out of 5 stars Coming fresh off The Bachelor season finale I was ready to get my hands on The One I couldn t wait I fact I think I ve been bugging Danielle for a few weeks now with how excited I was Let me tell you, I was BLOWN away Right from the beginning Zoe was amazing She was sweet, sassy, kind hearted, but importantly very sure of herself She s my kind of female lead character And then enters Zoe s best friend Koko and her int [...]

    16. WOW I didn t know what to expect going into this story, but once I started, I was hooked I literally read it overnight I am not a big fan of these reality dating shows, but Julian and Zoe had me changing my mind Zoe s best friend got her on the show as payback, but little did she know, this was the best thing to happen to Zoe She s dealing with some insecurities regarding her life and got scared She was mad at her friend, but decided to go through with it She figures she can get picked and stay [...]

    17. Ms Allen is a feminist first and foremost, and I LOVE that about her I love that she showed the prejudice we face as women in a society of reality TV, and the crazy male predominated jobs that seem to want to shove out the female gender I love that she didn t skimp on the hard stuff and in doing so she fleshed out the story to a level that had me staying up until 2am reading just because I was so invested I love how she took what might be considered a cliched premise and knocked it on its ass Be [...]

    18. Copy received from author for review purposes The One was an amazing book It drew me in from the start Even though I don t watch reality TV, I was sucked in and hooked.This was read in one sitting, on a Saturday, in my bed I DID NOT MOVE.A swoon worthy hero, a strong minded heroine, and a variety of side characters that will make you want to laugh, scream, and probably throat punch at least one of them.Oh and there s a super steamy scene that will make a non smoker want a cigarette For real, I n [...]

    19. Where do I begin I absolutely LOVED this book This is my first Danielle Allen book and I must say I m a fan This book had everything I look for when reading.Strong likable heroine Swoon worthy hero Great Plot Drama that keeps me turning the page And an unforgettable love story Seriously, Danielle s writing is fluid and engaging, where I was flipping through the pages wanting to know what happens next I ve never watched the Bachelor, but reading this makes me want to I love her ability to put me [...]

    20. I don t even know where to start I LOVED THIS STORY SO MUCH Zoe Jordan is my hero, she s strong, she s smart, she stands up for herself and others, and she is hilarious If you re a fan of The Bachelor and other reality dating shows, you re going to love this story If you re not a fan, YOU RE GOING TO LOVE THIS STORY And don t get me started on Julian Wintersat man is sex on a stick, with a heavy side of melt you into a puddle and make you swoon with his words The chemistry between Zoe and Julian [...]

    21. Oh so GOOD Five big stars for The One Have you ever been in a reading funk Well I was and I m so thankful that this is the book I choose to get out of it It had everything you want in a book Strong characters, great flow, a little angst, and a whole lot of goodness Zoe Jordan is smart, funny and true to herself.Julian Winters is handsome, deep and also smart.Their connection was felt from the instant they interact And we get to follow their journey and what a ride we take I would recommend this [...]

    22. Is I liked it,wasn t happy about the Insta love thing but it was to be expected with how this was a version of the bachelor reality show but over all it was cute and sweet Could have done without the heroine talking to herself so much did a lot of skimming The ending of this book was soooo sweet and had me on edge to see who he as going to choose.

    23. Title The OneAuthor Danielle AllenReviewer BarbRelease Date March 20, 2016Genre s Contemporary Romance, Reality Dating ShowPage Count 304Heat Level 3 flames out of 5Rating 5 stars out of 5Blurb The cattiness.The fights.The shaming.I don t generally watch reality television, but I definitely don t watch reality dating shows Besides the fact that it s completely staged, it s a horrible depiction of people women especially.Women are pitted against each other to compete for the affection of a man th [...]

    24. When Zoe best friend, Koko decided to get back at Zoe for teasing her about working as a makeup artist on the dating reality TV show, The One, she didn t expect her friend to actually apply as Zoe and for Zoe to be on the show as payback Initially, Zoe is completely against going on the show But when she sees the Bachelor, Julian picture and she trying to distract herself from not taking the bar, it s a means to an end to go on The One Not becoming a liar to her parents and meeting Julian Winter [...]

    25. Wow, wow, wow I will start by saying I love Danielle Allen s books I haven t read them all, but the ones that I have read Work Song and The Heartache Series I have loved as much as I loved this one Her stories are fresh and out of the ordinary when it comes to the storylines.This story takes place in a reality TV setting like The Bachelor Zoe s best friend Koko is hired to work as a make up artist Zoe finds reality TV shows distasteful and relentlessly teases Koko about it In an attempt to get b [...]

    26. My 4 star review of The OneI really enjoyed this book from Danielle Allen I loved her book Work Song, so I knew I was in for a great story, and great writing right off the bat This story was genuinely like watching the Bachelor, only in readable format The cat fights, the romance, and of course, the drama.I really loved Zoe she is the heroine in this Bachelor esque story She was confident which I can always count on Danielle s heroines to be strong and confident She was definitely sassy, which I [...]

    27. 4 4.5 starsMy first book by Danielle Allen, and I really enjoyed it I won this title in a Facebook contest after hearing a lot of buzz about it Thankfully, The One lived up to the hype Through a series of unusual events, main character Zoe finds herself as a contestant on The One, a reality dating show similar to The Bachelor Admittedly, I haven t watched than one season of the latter because I want to have real faith in a relationship I ve invested time in as a viewer frankly, love as the resu [...]

    28. First, let me say I LOVED this book Seriously Loved every second The only part I hated was that it ended Danielle Allen wrote a sweet and sexy story that had me anxiously waiting to see how everything panned out There were points I had to put the book down because I was terrified of what was to come But because the story was so addicting, I couldn t help myself and tore through the pages.I loved the heroine She s strong and stays true to herself no matter how much it might break her heart She s [...]

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