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Where We Left Off By Megan Squires,

  • Title: Where We Left Off
  • Author: Megan Squires
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 298
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • 153 days How long Heath McBride and Mallory Alcott were together.4,384 days Their time apart.When he last saw her she was lying in a hospital bed, purpled with bruises, sewn together with crude stitches, and unconscious of his presence at her side Heath figured he d never see her again That s what happened to teenage love ripped apart by a cross country move But when153 days How long Heath McBride and Mallory Alcott were together.4,384 days Their time apart.When he last saw her she was lying in a hospital bed, purpled with bruises, sewn together with crude stitches, and unconscious of his presence at her side Heath figured he d never see her again That s what happened to teenage love ripped apart by a cross country move But when Mallory shows up in California twelve years later, he knows he can t last another minute without her And Mallory feels it, too But they ve both let others into their hearts to fill the absence, and they re not the same na ve kids from before Time has changed them, but has it changed their love Is it possible, after than a decade apart, to pick up where they left off
    Where We Left Off days How long Heath McBride and Mallory Alcott were together days Their time apart When he last saw her she was lying in a hospital bed purpled with bruises sewn together with crude stitch

    One thought on “Where We Left Off”

    1. 3.5 4 starsI really enjoyed this book I m a fan of finding your way back to love books so this was right up my alley I fell in love with Mallory s character early on and was excited to see how her journey would develop With that being said, somewhere around the halfway mark it felt like I had lost touch with a friend The quirkiness that drew me to Mallory s character seemed to have vanished I suppose that can be chalked up to maturing but I definitely missed my old friend Heath was a true good g [...]

    2. I was graciously given a copy of this book to read What a pleasure it was This is going to be one of my favorite reads of 2016, of that I have no doubt.What I have come to expect from a Megan Squires novel is authentic characters and a story that grabs you and holds on tight That is just what Where We Left Off had and .Mallory and Heath were young sweethearts that fell in love fast and HARD Sadly, life happened and they were forced apart Over a decade later, and lots of life for both of them, th [...]

    3. I have read all of Megan s books and love each one of them They are all unique in their own way and the best of all, they are all clean romance Mallory and Heath met in HS and it was love at first sight An accident happened causing Mallory to be hospitalized and Heath s family had to move off for a job change Hearts were ripped apart Twelve years later, they ran into each other again and left off where they ended Will the time help them grow with a possibility of second chances or did the time a [...]

    4. I love Megan s writing She is fantastic at writing love stories that aren t sex driven but still keep your attention The way she writes about these two young teenagers that reconnect after time gone by is astounding She has a way with connecting with things that are going on in my life and writing about them.I really enjoy the way Megan separates these two characters at the beginning of their relationship and connects them back together later in life She doesn t make the story sad she makes it u [...]

    5. If you have never read any of Megan Squires Young Adult novels, you have been definitely missing out Her books are meaty from a young person s perspective and chock full of things that any teen young adult anyone who once was young can relate to on many levels Most of her books revolve around romance but romance with so many interesting issues and plots In Where We Left Off, Mallory and Heath meet on a freezing night while she is going home from eating in the diner where he works Both are smitte [...]

    6. This was a sweet read The writing was engaging and I liked how relatively clean this story was, but unfortunately the MCs weren t all that compelling I enjoyed the premise of this story I mean, who doesn t love a second chance romance I actually enjoyed part one of this book much than part two which is unusual for me The MCs as teenagers were so funny and sweet I liked them a lot However, the MCs as adults would have benefited from a lot development The dialogue was a little sappy and the inne [...]

    7. DNF 70% This started off with such a pull and great characters The female lead was strong and didn t seem to give anything a second glance She was fun and witty and said everything so blunt that it was fresh to see from a girl That all changed once I got to the present 17yrs ago was a much better story Once the time jump happened it also lost the magicAlong with loosing me I also had some doubts Heath left bc he had too but the timing was so spur of the moment and the reason didn t justify He ca [...]

    8. I have never read a book that made my stomach hurt as much as this one I wanted Mallory and Heath to love each other I didn t to finish reading the story of their love but I did this book us such a magical story of two hearts that need to be with each other My only problem is I wanted their young love to be longer than it was I also wanted it to end better than it did thankfully the epilogue gave me closure otherwise I would have hated this book The love painted in this story reminded me of my 1 [...]

    9. This such a good book I didn t want to put it down and stop reading it I don t know if I can add much to the reviews already posted but, I truly loved that Heath Mallory really did start again where they left off I loved that there were never any lies between them Some one kept them apart for 12 years and they both went on with their lives but, their love for one another was always there in their hearts I recommend this book for everyone It very well written and you cannot help but, love the cha [...]

    10. This was four stars quality story The three stars I gave was because there wasn t even one real intimate scene and this kind of scenario isn t my coppa, but, the excellent reunited lovers theme captured my attention till the end.There was alot of drama, grief and loss and not so much romantic action He fell for her when he was seventeen, she got injured in an accident, he left her for twelve years and karma brought them back together but again without some dose of erotic and some much needed nud [...]

    11. This book was S L O WGiving it 3 stars because of the emotions I felt when reading this The characters were all 5 star individuals The pace of the book just moved extremely slow If I did not have an obsession with completing a book once I ve started it I would have put this back on the shelf or returned it to the Kindle carousel unfinished.

    12. I m not quite sure what to think of this book I liked it and it kept me engaged it s definitely worth a read Some of the parts were SOOOOO good and then up at the end with something happening to Heath that felt a little out of place to me I feel like it wasn t necessary I don t know It was a good book overall, it kept me reading, it was cute and it had a happy ending.

    13. Great storyI love Heath and Mallory Such a great love story There was struggle, but what life doesn t have that Such an amazing reflection of true love and how it has no limits.

    14. So sweetThis was an extremely sweet story, one I have a feeling that will touch so very many, and leave them dreaming of the possibilities Having a chance to reunite with your first and best relationshipmarkable

    15. Sweet love story I liked the characters who were both good people They were apart for a while before finding each other again, and it was instant attraction There wasn t much conflict, but a few accidents.

    16. Hea secondary Love StoryI loved this book It was such a sweet book First love to first lost to a wonderful happily ever after This was my first book reading from this author and not my last

    17. A great love story A great read about young love and finding your soul mate The twists and turns in this novel tug at your heartstrings The characters are so believable and really find a place in your heart Loved it

    18. This was a wonderful second chance story with some pretty amazing characters I loved the way they did it The fact that it was not completely fictional with the story It was a believable tale that I throughly enjoyed reading.

    19. Probably like 3.5 stars Grammatical errors her s Really brought me out of the story, which, overall, was good.

    20. CRYING.Like nonstop sob fest Holy Moley, the feels Great story but this is one that requires a full box of tissues right next to you

    21. 4.5 starsA really fantastic read, i absolutely loved Heath Mallory and their love practically shot through the book into my heart i am mush right now.

    22. AwwwwSweet and tragic This book is tear inspiring You will shead both happy and sad tears Clean story with a HEA

    23. Great read Loved following Heath Mallory s story Several road blocks along their path but they overcame them in the end Loved Mallory s outlook on life

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