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The Accidental Socialite By Stephanie Wahlstrom,

  • Title: The Accidental Socialite
  • Author: Stephanie Wahlstrom
  • ISBN: 9781533581044
  • Page: 149
  • Format: Paperback
  • Quirky and clumsy twenty two year old Paige Crawford arrives in London on a cold Saturday in January Just when she starts to think that moving thousands of miles away from home was a bad idea, Jason Frost appears Confident and classy, Jason is the complete opposite of Paige and just what she needs in her life, or so she thinks Before their romance has time to blossom, PQuirky and clumsy twenty two year old Paige Crawford arrives in London on a cold Saturday in January Just when she starts to think that moving thousands of miles away from home was a bad idea, Jason Frost appears Confident and classy, Jason is the complete opposite of Paige and just what she needs in her life, or so she thinks Before their romance has time to blossom, Paige trips and falls into the arms of a mysterious man on a drunken night out She s snapped by paparazzi, and the next day newspaper headlines suggest she s having an affair with the married footballer While adjusting to instant tabloid celebrity status, Paige is also juggling a new job at Fashionista magazine, a catalog of dating disasters and a nagging doubt that she maybe won t conquer London after all When a trip back to Canada for Christmas reminds Paige why she left her old life behind, she returns to London with renewed vigor While jobs, flats and men may come and go, friends in London are forever.
    The Accidental Socialite Quirky and clumsy twenty two year old Paige Crawford arrives in London on a cold Saturday in January Just when she starts to think that moving thousands of miles away from home was a bad idea Jason F

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    1. ALSO CROSS POSTED ON MY BLOG.The book revolves mainly around Paige, a 22 year old girl who has just moved to London in order to begin a new life Like anyone else, she is nervous and excited about her life in London, which seems to start off pretty well when she gets to know Lucinda the person who comes to be the closest friend of Paige in London and later is asked out by a handsome hunk Jason and ends up in The Box not a literal one though The story takes its pace from the moment Paige gets a li [...]

    2. Oh my goodness I m guessing the one scene that will stick with me forever when thinking about this book will be the scene almost at the beginning with the transvestite and the vodka bottle Oh My Word But then again, the encounter with Prince William in a posh nightclub had me in hysterics, so that might actually be the most memorable part of this story Or no, wait, the advanced pilates class scenario was what really cracked me up Whichever way, The Accidental Socialite ended up being a laugh a m [...]

    3. The Accidental Socialite is a light and funny read that reminded me of Bridget Jones Unhappy with her life Paige decides to move from Canada to England And what a big move But Paige turns out to be the kind of girl who if anything should go wrong, it will The Accidental Socialite has a great life lesson that the famous life isn t all it s cracked up to be Paige did manage to get on my nerves a couple of times, but overall this was indeed entertaining and down right hilarious read If you want a l [...]

    4. Funny I laughed so hard I had tears at one point This was a really fun summer read and I m looking forward to the sequel It shows a different sort of life than my own and that was fun to see the contrast.

    5. The Accidental Socialite is a little bit on the bat shit crazy side and a whole lot of fun It s weird to say a read like this is relaxing because so many things were going on in the book but it was I really enjoyed the hilarity of it and the characters I could gush how much of a fun read this is.Paige decides she s going to give her life a spin on the wheel of fate and just up and moves from Canada to London Not only is she faced with some serious culture shock but also finds herself in some int [...]

    6. I ve been reading a bit of Brit Lit these days and lurving it so this book caught me at a very good time Paige is a total mess She arrives in London with two suitcases and a rental room in a practically condemned building Her four flatmates are all several degrees from normal and she knows NO ONE in town.She meets her first Londoner Jason when her suitcases bursts on the sidewalk, unfortunately he s from the US But Jason is super hot, and invites her to an exclusive club the next night She shows [...]

    7. The Accidental Socialite is one heck of a hilariously funny ride You won t believe all of the crazy things one girl manages to get herself into Paige packs up and moves to London after she graduated from university Armed with a degree, very little cash and a couple of suitcases she goes to make something of herself And what she gets is one thing after another She goes on an adventure all ride, but it not the one that she thought she would She is a hoot, and The Accidental Socialite will have you [...]

    8. You can find my review HEREPaige Craftword has just graduated from university, but she has already decided to leave her hometown to move to London She s had enough of her friends and family who think she s just a bland and ordinary person, so she impulsively packs her stuff, determined to leave the past behind her.The book starts off with Paige on her way to London, the city where she intends to make a fresh start and create a new identity But unfortunately, all her plans get ruined when she acc [...]

    9. This review is also posted on my book blog MEReadALOT If you re looking for something that will seriously make you LAUGH OUT LOUD, this book is for you I really enjoyed this book I haven t laughed this hard since I read the Chocolate Lovers series by Tara Sivec It had me laughing within the first few pagesPaige Crawford has graduated college and booked a one way ticket to London Within her first day there she makes friends and already has been invited out that first night to hang out Later that [...]

    10. 3.5 Solid Stars I got a copy of this book free from the tour host in exchange of an honest review.Original post lilypondreads 201 Paige Crawford takes a huge step in life when she moves thousand of miles away from her Canada home to London, where on her first dreary day she runs into Jason Frost while picking up her not so attractive underwear off the ground.Paige has no idea what awaits her in London and just the type of crowd she got herself into to But no sooner then allowing her new relation [...]

    11. Review also posted on my blog reviewedthebook 2014The Accidental Socialite was fast paced, maybe a bit too fast paced to allow for full character development but as for a light hearted read, this book was brilliantly entertaining It was quick and all out fun a great choice of book for those wanting a pick me up or something just to plaster a smile on your face.Oh Paige bless her she didn t have much luck Her life seemed to roll from one ridiculous event to another and this book had me cracking u [...]

    12. The story revolves around Paige who just like many other 22 year old s wants to get away from the town she used to call home and move to the big city that is London Having just finished university, Paige thinks it is the perfect idea to start the rest of her life, and she can t be excited and nervous at the same time Though London is completely different from her native home that is Canada, then again, with her new friend, Lucinda to talk to maybe life will be good living in a new city Things s [...]

    13. Paige Crawford wanted a change in life , so one day she decided to move from the comforts of Canada to London, UK and little did she know within a couple of days of being in London her life was going to change dramatically and drastically as well All because of one clumsy incident , Paige finds herself sky rocketing from being a nobody and anonymous to becoming one of the most sought after socialites in London Everyone wants a piece of Paige from the Paparazzi which is really starting to put a d [...]

    14. The Accidental Socialite is a story about a young Canadian girl Paige Crawford chasing her career in one of the largest international city London Engand and finds herself in the crazies awkward scenarios She finds herself in a totally unique position of being part of the young high society in London The writer keeps her heroine as a true Canadian girl she picks herself up, brushes off any awkward situation, she walks away with her head held high She leaves a smile on the readers face.The Acciden [...]

    15. The lead character, Paige, is trying to find her feet in London having just moved from Canada When she finds herself a tabloid starlet she doesn t want to seek fame but a meaningful place for herself in her new country She travels Europe, she meets a variety of desirable and less desirable men and makes wonderful friends Paige makes some questionable choices like we all did at 22 but you forgive her everything because she is endearing and HILARIOUS.Usually when I pick up a book of this genre I d [...]

    16. This is a funny light story of Paige s first year in London Her dating disasters and her life as a pseudo celebrity by accident is hysterical She came to London hoping to take it by storm and instead it took her over She ends up in the tabloids, dates douche bags, has the worst luck and her flatmates are nuts Her job at Fashionista is her saving grace Her coworkers Louis and Carlos crack me up and her friend Lucinda is a hoot.As we read about her life that is just one train disaster after anothe [...]

    17. In London I could be Paige Crawford, fill in awesome life here , not Paige Crawford, wanna be current events journalist, weird Jackie s little sister and all around ordinary girl Let me start off by saying I LOVE books that take place in London So I knew from the beginning I would love this book The very beginning of the book already sucked me in Poor Paige moved to London on a cold rainy night with a checklist of things of she planned to accomplish while making the move from Canada to London Wh [...]

    18. From the moment I picked up a copy of The Accidental Socialite I was hooked I felt as if I were there with Paige as she found herself alone and in London with no idea what she was going to do but took the brave step by moving away because she wanted to see the world and discover herself in this new land I know that if I were her I d be scared, trying to find a new job, friends, and find a safer place to live somewhere far away from creepy Phillip Paige is fun character to read about, and this st [...]

    19. The Accidental Socialite by Stephanie Wahlstrom is a hilarious romp through the London dating scene taken via a somewhat Bridget Jones ish route That is to say that anything that can go wrong for Paige will go wrong, but ultimately she comes out the other end better off, somehow.A move to London from the US, knowing no one and renting a dilapidated apartment we already know that Paige is ballsy Dealing with the new found fame caused my tripping into a footballers arms is the icing on the cake of [...]

    20. The adventurous spirit in this story is quite contagious There s a hilarious Friends sort of vibe throughout the dialogue The cultural differences surprised me because a I ve never been to Canada and b I ve never been to England This is a book best read by adults There s not a lot of high school drama in it, but the young adult scene is pretty heavy There are several mentions of the F word, some experimentation, and a bawdy scene with a beer bottle While I enjoyed the accidental celebrity status [...]

    21. It s sad but true that someone could become famous over night by accident What a fun story Paige might be a crazy mess, but she has a great spirit She makes some bad choices drinking, Jason, drinking but shes a young 20 something in a new place LONDON All Paige needed was to go home to Canada and reboot, then she was ready to take on London Rating 4 out of 5 Stars This was a cute, fun story, with a happy ending for Paige A great summer read To Read my full review please visit LavenderGray BLog. [...]

    22. Outspoken, quirky, and insanely clumsy, 22 year old Paige Crawford leaves her life behind in Canada and moves to London Upon arriving, her life quickly goes from one disaster to another She meets Jason, charming and handsome, and Paige begins to think that maybe moving isn t such a bad idea But things aren t always what they seem and after spending time with him, she realizes he s just another creep.Her roommates are not exactly the kind of people you d want to be hanging out with Almost never a [...]

    23. Paige Crawford latches onto adventure and lets it carry her from her home in Canada to a new life in London But while she may have acquired a fresh start, she can t shed her clumsiness, and this time it lands her not sprawled on the pavement but splashed across the tabloids Overnight she goes from invisible to chased by the paparazzi, getting a firsthand look at life in the limelight The Accidental Socialite is part comedy of errors, part life lesson Paige is endearingly human, from tripping rig [...]

    24. DEBBIE S REVIEW This is the story of Paige Crawford a twenty two year old girl from Canada that decides to start her life over in London In London I could be Paige Crawford, fill in awesome life here ,not Paige Crawford, wanna be current events journalist, weird Jackie s little sister and all around ordinary girl She arrives in London and right from the start her life turns into one disastrous mistake after another After accidentally tripping and almost falling while leaving a night club, a famo [...]

    25. I was given this book for an honest review and I read the book and I did enjoy the book It was funny and was very interesting to read about someone that didn t know about another country when she moved there for work It was something that I never would have thought at first I would like being that when I started to read it, it went really slow It took till about half way through the book for me to finally get into the book and actually enjoy what the author was writing about When you think about [...]

    26. Kindle Copy for ReviewPaige Crawford is a twenty two year old Canadian girl who decides to move to London on a whim and arrives on a cold Saturday in January She has no plans, no job but she managed to find a place to stay before her arrival The place is not stellar and her various room mates are not desirable as she fears at her times for her safety as well as the mattress she uses in a basement room.She meets Jason Frost on his first day in London who lives in the same neighbourhood He is ever [...]

    27. Check out the original Books Swoons3.5 stars out of 5 stars Paige Crawford is tired of playing it safe, so in an attempt to find a new and exciting life she makes a rash decision to move to London With two suit cases full of stuff and no idea what she is doing she heads out to try and conquer London There were several parts of this story in which I found myself laughing out loud Paige is, as she describes herself, a redneck from Canada and doesn t have a lot of experience outside of the predicta [...]

    28. This book is very funny and I loved it I love to laugh as much as I love to swoon, so I was in high heaven with this book Paige and I share the clumsiness trait, but so far I ve never had my life turned upside down the way hers was by it The action started quickly and it never let up.I liked Paige She s vibrant and good natured She s trying to deal with the mess she s found herself in People are forming opinions about her character and all she s trying to do is stay on the straight and narrow wh [...]

    29. First of all, this is a book that will connect with fashionistas, socialites, and those interested in celebrity gossip This is a light read with sundry entertaining and somewhat humorous moments In fact, I would venture to say that the plot of this story should discourage anyone from going abroad and getting drunk I will say no on that point, but I can only hope that the heroine learned her lesson She had lofty ideals, but they were shattered within the high class, fast paced London society Thi [...]

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