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Ultimate X-Men, Volume 1: The Tomorrow People By Mark Millar Andy Kubert Adam Kubert,

  • Title: Ultimate X-Men, Volume 1: The Tomorrow People
  • Author: Mark Millar Andy Kubert Adam Kubert
  • ISBN: 9780785107880
  • Page: 444
  • Format: Paperback
  • The place is a world very much like ours The time is now The phenomenon is genetic mutation It is a time of change Humanity now faces mutants, a mysterious sub species that is gifted with strange and frightening powers Hidden among the population they are feared and hated by their human cousins As rumors and urban myths about their existence spread across the world,The place is a world very much like ours The time is now The phenomenon is genetic mutation It is a time of change Humanity now faces mutants, a mysterious sub species that is gifted with strange and frightening powers Hidden among the population they are feared and hated by their human cousins As rumors and urban myths about their existence spread across the world, the US government creates its own initiative to deal with this threat the Sentinel Project Meanwhile two men wage a secret war for the hearts and minds of young mutants everywhere Charles Xavier has recruited a cadre of students including Cyclops, Jean Grey and Beast, that call themselves the X Men But there are others out there, living in fear, struggling to deal with what they are Ororo Munroe, Bobby Drake and another, dangerous mutant named Logan Simultaneously, the terrorist known only as Magneto has assembled The Brotherhood, a militant group dedicated to the overthrow of human authority A war is on the horizon and these amazing young men and women will decide the future of all humanity Just as Ultimate Spider Man reinvented and reinvigorated Marvel s flagship character, Ultimate X Men promises do the same for comics most popular super hero team Streamlining the mutant heroes into a manageable core group, this non stop saga action and intrigue takes place in a continuity recognizable to fans of this year s blockbuster smash X Men movie Ultimate X Men is the perfect choice for anyone who can t get enough of the X Collecting Ultimate X Men 1 6
    Ultimate X Men Volume The Tomorrow People The place is a world very much like ours The time is now The phenomenon is genetic mutation It is a time of change Humanity now faces mutants a mysterious sub species that is gifted with strange and

    One thought on “Ultimate X-Men, Volume 1: The Tomorrow People”

    1. Initially, I really got into this collection The characters, setting, villains, and mutant situation had such a modern, realistic tone to them that I couldn t stop reading Plus the artwork was really good as well But then something happened I lost interest.Why you ask I really don t know For whatever reason, I felt like I was experiencing the same X Men stories I ve been reading since I was ten repackaged to be new, shiny, and up to date There were some small tweaks here and there but nothing t [...]

    2. Ultimate X Men represented Mark Millar s version of a franchise distilled from the cream of its rich history The launch of the Ultimate line of Marvel Comics afforded the writer a unique opportunity to tell stories unencumbered by almost four decades of continuity The result was a product still recognizable because of the iconic nature of the characters This way, the older readers were not alienated and familiar enough that the new readers that were introduced to the mythos through Bryan Singer [...]

    3. So I read Ultimate X Men growing up I think it was my first big X Men world to read It was my first major run I had every volume for I stopped reading when it hit volume 18 So I decided to re read it than 10 years later Wellis ages not too well haha There are things to love The art is solid throughout I also enjoyed the changes in personality for certain characters I especially like how Storm don t give a fuck, and Beast is both badass and smart, and Magneto even sinister than before I also th [...]

    4. Little than serviceable Considering that the intent was to reimagine these characters in a modern context, it s disappointingly similar to the main MU version There are very few adjustments, and they amount to nothing I ll put in at least a few volumes, because there might be something good later on.

    5. A very nice re packaging of the usual X Men stories, with some changes I enjoy the way Magneto is able to stay two steps ahead of everyone, even Professor Xavier The artwork is tight, and the colorist deserves an award for making the night scenes a reflection of how the human eye works concentrating on the scant areas of light to suggest what lies in the darkness Well done Overall a very enjoyable read if you are already familiar with this team of mutant superheroes.

    6. I just read the first issue 1 on Comixologyy I liked it.elements of different strands of origin myths coming together.For sure worth reading August 2015 I did read this earlier the whole volume.

    7. After enjoying the Ultimate Spider man books, I was pretty hopeful about Ultimate X Men especially since I remember enjoying the appearances of the various X Men in the Spider man comics I enjoyed X Men cartoons a lot as a kid, and it seems to me a shame that as with Batman and Superman, actually I haven t particularly enjoyed the comics Unfortunately, The Tomorrow People didn t change that much.It might not help that it s a team book, so we don t see one individual character for long, and it de [...]

    8. This is the biggest pile of smelly horrible shit I ve ever read A complete insult to the xmen franchise Wtf were they thinking

    9. I was really looking forwards to this series It did not start off well Don t get me wrong, this is certainly an epic story There is a lot that is going on here, but the execution of the story leaves much to be desired.I was interested in this story because it was written by Mark Millar It s the Ultimate s Universe version of the X men story There are some subtle differences, as with any Ultimates tale, such as Wolverine starting off as working for Magneto But in general it follows the exploits o [...]

    10. Mark Millar reboots the X Men for the Ultimates Universe with this new iteration of the popular franchise in The Tomorrow People and unlike recent reboots like Grant Morrison s New X Men and Jason Aaron s recent reboot, Millar s version is by far the weakest and least original.He makes the X Men teenagers so we get to see Cyclops, Storm, Jean Gray learning the ropes and having tantrums etc Scott Summers especially when he sees Jean and Logan smooching It s kinda lame Also a mis step was making [...]

    11. Lord that was bad An attempt to re imagine the X men puts them in the costumes from the movie, adds a lot of teen angst and makes nearly all of them unlikable The exceptions are Colossus and the Beast Even then you have to cringe through the Beast making a joke about taking a dump.Jean Gray has a belly button ring, Storm is a teen thief and Wolverine is basically a hired killer, but to make all those fanboys happy, Logan finally gets to bang Jean.More of that grim, not much fun stuff that passes [...]

    12. I have a pretty favourable opinion of Mark Millar s work in general, so it irked me to see such a colossal misfire here Edgy early 2000s Ultimate X Men just wind up being less likeable versions of their classic characters, with some truly tragic fashion and grooming choices along the way nice bandanna, Bobby, and the less said about Wolvie s Mark McGrath goatee the better.Also, was anyone else grossed out that Logan starts out as a super assassin on a mission to kill Xavier, but conveniently con [...]

    13. Other Useful Reviews Sam Quixote s reviewBook Info This collection contains Ultimate X Men issues 1 6.ABSOLUTE RATING 2.5 5 stars Rounded Down STANDARDIZED RATING 2 5 starsReeling from the recent anti human bombings of New York and Washington, the US government contracts roboticist Bolivar Trask to engineer giant machines capable of sniffing out, capturing, and killing mutants hidden all over the country In the midst of of all this chaos perpetrated by Magneto and his Brotherhood of Mutants Prof [...]

    14. The girl versus boy costumes in this were SO RIDICULOUS Oh, all the boys are covered up LIKE NORMAL for armor, but the girls, WOOOWEEE stomach and cleavage oh boy Hope the sentinels can t figure out they are mutants from the stomach windows That would sure be a lack of foresight.

    15. A new twist to how X men were joined together.The Sentinels were loose and they were out on a killing spree They were programmed to eliminate every mutant on Earth Humans were threatened by the growing number of mutants which was why the Sentinels out there.Magneto was busy planning as to how he could rid the humans so that the mutants would rule Earth Xavier, on the other hand, assigned Jean Grey also known as Marvel Girl to locate fellow mutants Storm, Beast, Colossus and Iceman to join X men [...]

    16. This is how you do a superhero comic book It s gorgeous, of course It s also thickly plotted, each of the eponymous X Men have ample screentime and characterization, Wolverine s B plot doesn t overtake the story something the movies even struggle with , and the ending is satisfying There s potential for sequels, and Ultimate X Men is a sprawling series This first story arc is a fun stand alone graphic novel in its own right Take notes, Ms Marvel You finish this feeling like you ve just read a fu [...]

    17. I liked this However, successive storylines should not have been too eager to throw every character in the Marvel lot into the mix so quick Should have been savored, not gulped Should have reserved some of the better artists for this title It s greatness was eventually dilluted, which is why this volume still stands out a bit.

    18. A re reading to refresh myself prior to reading the rest of the series And hey, it is by Mark Miller, and I am in Scotland at the moment Seems fitting.I give Millar a ton of crap, and usually for good reason As a writer, Millar is often flashy, superficial, and vulgar, and all of those traits are on display in this first trade collection of ULTIMATE X MEN Part of the initial wave of Marvel s Ultimate line of comics which intended to reboot the Marvel Universe into something accessible for new re [...]

    19. The comic book clubbers really wanted to read some Marvel books and I have basically no exposure to the Marvel universe Unless you count having read Runaways for comic book club last year And some knowledge of Spider Man picked up by osmosis over the years Suffice it to say X Men is not something I would pick up on my own so I am grateful to the comic book club for dragging me into this world And I do mean dragging because there was no way I d pick up such an iconic superhero pair on my own Big [...]

    20. Mark Millar s Ultimate universe came out when I was eleven and just starting to get into comic books At the time, it felt like an awesome way to sink my teeth into a title that I could read start to finish without having to beg my parents for the money to buy forty years of back issues from the original Uncanny series Going back and rereading the series in trade, it has its good qualities and its bad Tomorrow People, as a first arc, introduces us to original X Men Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Beast and [...]

    21. I definitely thought this was great First time reading a comic and I felt it did a great job having me jump right in I don t like the covers of these volumes but the art in the book is good

    22. Meh Moved a bit too quickly for me Didn t really get into things deep enough and this ll just be relegated to a popcorn read.

    23. X Men is probably my favorite team out the of the Marvel series I think the art work was good and I did find the slight changes in the characters intriguing.

    24. I tore through this book As someone who doesn t know the whole X Men story, this was a decent origin story The art style seemed like it was very early 00 s.

    25. Stuff I Read Ultimate X Men 1 6So I have been an X Men fan for a long time really ever since the TV show on Fox back in the day, when I was but a youngin But there was a time that I call High School when I wasn t reading the comics at all, and it really wasn t until I got into college that I picked the comics back up and started collecting again So, really, I missed almost the entire first half of Ultimate X Men when it was coming out The good news was that I got the trades for cheap and so caug [...]

    26. I must say I m surprised at the harsh criticism that is directed at the Ultimate X Men series and this volume in particular I was a skeptic when the whole Ultimate non continuity line was announced a few years ago, but at this point Ultimate X Men is the only X title I bother with aside from Joss Whedon s excellent Astonishing X Men series.Ultimate X Men is about than just jettisoning 40 years of continuity and starting over It s about a fresh start for our favorite characters The X Men always [...]

    27. Abandoned less than 30 pages in.I get that they were trying to reimagine reboot the X Men But the result was lame trying so very hard to be hip and cool, but the team just came off as a bunch of edge lords They were throwing quips out there that didn t fit the context I get that this is a comic book with superpowers and there should be a suspension of disbelief, but even by comic book standards, it really came off as really lame.Worse, aside from the attempts to be edgy, none of the X Men charac [...]

    28. The interesting thing about the X Men, as opposed to many other super heroes, is that their origin stories aren t really focused on how their powers came to be, since they all have the same story born with a mutant gene that gives them special powers Thus the traditional set up stories are along the lines of how the team comes together, usually with Professor X collecting the mutants at his school The Ultimate line, which is kind of a partial reboot, thus pushes back the clock on series so that [...]

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