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His Assurance By Thia Finn,

  • Title: His Assurance
  • Author: Thia Finn
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 106
  • Format: ebook
  • One hot sizzling night with a beautiful woman in Paris That s what Gunner Wallace, Assured Distractions drummer, wants to recreate when he finally sees her again in Austin, TX He plans to pick up exactly where they left off since he hasn t been able to stop thinking about that night.Take your sister and friends to Austin to a music festival That s Lola s mother s ideaOne hot sizzling night with a beautiful woman in Paris That s what Gunner Wallace, Assured Distractions drummer, wants to recreate when he finally sees her again in Austin, TX He plans to pick up exactly where they left off since he hasn t been able to stop thinking about that night.Take your sister and friends to Austin to a music festival That s Lola s mother s idea for celebrating Journey s twenty first birthday Now Lola s stuck babysitting five wild college girls for a week in Austin The only perk, the hot drummer Gunner Wallace Lola never forgot the night they spent together while he was on tour Now what did she tell him while they were together If only she could remember.Join Assured Distraction on their third adventure of Rock and Roll and Love
    His Assurance One hot sizzling night with a beautiful woman in Paris That s what Gunner Wallace Assured Distractions drummer wants to recreate when he finally sees her again in Austin TX He plans to pick up exac

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    2. Title His AssuranceAuthor Thia FinnSeries Assured Distraction Series, Book 3Release Date June 30, 2016Genre s Contemporary Rock Star RomancePage Count 250Heat Level 4 flames out of 5Rating 5 stars out of 5Blurb One hot sizzling night with a beautiful woman in Paris That s what Gunner Wallace, Assured Distractions drummer, wants to recreate when he finally sees her again in Austin, TX He plans to pick up exactly where they left off since he hasn t been able to stop thinking about that night.Take [...]

    3. I received this book in exchange for an honest review Leave it to Thia Finn to rip my heart out and put it back in Patching the open wounds they left This book may end with a happy ending but you still go on a roller coaster ride of emotions Not one of the rides that go side to side No, this one went high and then dropped, leaving your heart racing and screaming your lungs out.Even since the first book I wanted to read about Gunner He seemed like the bad boy in the band, always going out and br [...]

    4. They say Paris is the city of love and maybe that is true but in this case it is the city of where beliefs can happen.Gunner met his match while on the tour of a lifetime but after two years and a flash of television set thing back in motion Two weeks of ups and downs but happy than crazy is what started the worldwind of fun Then BAM all hell breaks lose and I along with everyone else are at a loss for words and can t put it down You just have to read and hope as well as pray with Lola This boo [...]

    5. This is the first book by Thia that I have read and it definitely won t be the last I loved Gunner He shared a passionate night with Lola in Paris and couldn t get her out of his head They are reunited when they both least expect it There is passion and a bit of insta love going on, but they are both blind to the love until something happens to rock Gunner s world It causes him to let her loose when all he wants to do is hold on tight to her and he breaks her heart Thank goodness the girl is way [...]

    6. I was privileged to receive an ARC in exchange for an honest review.Wow This is the first book which I have read from this author, and my word, it will definitely not be the last Lola and Gunner are the main characters, and the chemistry between them is smouldering and hot, hot, hot This book is so much that a love story, it covers depression, strength, and emotion This is a beautifully written book, and I will certainly be reading of Thia s work in the future I recommend this book to everybod [...]

    7. This is the first book I have read by Thia Finn and I am now going to make time to go back and read the rest of this series I am a sucker for a good rock star book and this one definitely delivers The characters were believable and engaging You get sucked in and feel like you are right there with them as their stories unfold.Gunner Wallace is the drummer of the now famous band, Assured Distraction He is finally back home, in Austin, Texas for some much needed r and r after a long concert tour ac [...]

    8. I received an ARC for an honest review Review by The ClubIt just keeps getting better and better This is a standalone book and we get to read about Gunner the drummer and Lola s romance It started out as just one night of wild and hot sex A year later and Gunner gets a second chance with Lola when she moves back to the states But secrets may prevent what he hoped for a future with Lola.Lola never expected to see Gunner again but his excitement and 2 weeks vacation, she plans to make the most of [...]

    9. OMFG This whole series is brilliant and has definitely made me a fan of Thia Finn forever This is Gunner s storyGunner has finally arrived home, the band have just compleated another tour When he spots something on tv about Lola, she begins to fill his mind Again Lola had one night in Paris with Gunner following the Assured Distraction concert But he has never left her mind in the year following They eventually make contact and WOW The chemistry is bloody explosive You can feel the buzz through [...]

    10. This is the best Assured Distraction yet.Gunner Lola have such sizzling chemistry I love Lola s personality Its so refreshing when you have a leading lady who is not a wilting needy flower Lola is strong and fun and I can see myself hanging out with her.Gunner Sexy as hell Stubborn and at times plain out out stupid But he comes around and learns a lot about himself and love The sex Off the charts melt your panties hot Datum does that boy have the moves Can t wait to see what s next with my favor [...]

    11. Received an advanced copy for an honest review I love this series I really do I love the characters I love the story But I have an issue with the proofreading, editing, formatting, and incorrect word usage It s such a great series, but the errors in the book make it a little hard to read Just when I m getting into the book there s an issue with something It just throws off the flow of the book.

    12. This was a great read, that I enjoyed all the way through It moved along at a great pace, has amazing characters and a story that needs to be read There is no doubt that this needs to be read and added to your TBR list.

    13. Spunky N Sassy Rating 5.0 Tracy s Review In this third installment of the Assured Distraction series we follow Gunner Wallace, the drummer for Assured Distraction and known player as he revisits a woman from his past It was one hot night in Paris but something about Lola stayed with Gunner When he sees her on TV and in Texas not France he has to find her Will there be sparks again or will it fizzle out in the bright light of the day I love Gunner and he is one of my favorite characters in this s [...]

    14. Wow and double wow, His Assurance is the best book in the series so far This third book in the series will have your emotions running all over the place and will have your anxiety levels at an all time high You will be constantly on the edge of your seat with Gunner and Lola s story These two have a connection that they have not been able to deny since their one night in Paris and when Gunner finds his Cherry Pie in Austin there is no way he is going without dessert As the drummer from Assured D [...]

    15. DRAMATIC I loved the fall of a single guy, a single musician guy who loved the smorgasbord of women who would drop their panties for him That is until Paris where he met Lola who would change his life forever They both knew there was extreme attraction but it would be a year before they met again This pivotal meeting would be the start of a hard won hea From Paris to Austin, Texas, this couple is about to experience a potential career ending situation which can also end their relationship foreve [...]

    16. It was a great read It had great characters and a great story line that will hold your interest It s a great series to read Well worth the read Rated very good

    17. Thia Finn does it again makes me fall in love after breaking my heart now on to Carter s book I can t get enough of these AD boys.

    18. This book follows the 3rd band member Gunner and his beautiful french lady Gunner was always the fun, laidback, ladies man of the group Him and Carter were always the ones that d get the groupies lined up for him I loved reading about how he gave it all up for 1 lady This book made me love Gunner even

    19. His Assurance Thia FinnWith a hot Rocker as the lead this book was a must read for me, Thia Finn s His Assurance does not disappoint A really enjoyable read I loved His Assurance, is the 3rd book in the assured distraction I think ideally it probably should be read as part of the series and not as a stand alone I read it as a standalone and loved it and have now gone downloaded the first 2 books ready for when my TBR list goes down a little Assured Distraction Drummer Gunnar Wallace never though [...]

    20. Another wonderful rocker book from Thia Finn Gunner is the drummer of Assured Distraction He has always been known as a man whore, but he is different with Lola Just one night and he couldn t get her out of his thoughts Gunner left Paris for the first time wishing he had time with a hook upLola wasn t one to do the one night stand When her friend dragged her back stage, one look at Gunner was all it took to realize she wanted him She watched the tour bus pull away wishing for time Circumstance [...]

    21. I loved this book When I first started reading it I thought it was a little slow but I really got into the whole story and saw that explanation was needed How they met years ago and had a one night stand and tried to stay in contact but lost contact with each other Both wished for but neither would take the chance Gunner sees Lola on the news after she is released from jail and tries to connect with her but reaches her Dad who themn relays the message to Lola They reconnect and Lola tells him s [...]

    22. Oh my gosh Gunner and Lola absolutely love them I m not going to go into any details cause I m not a fan of spoilers but the journey they went on was incredible and at times one wild roller coaster ride for sure I was intoxicated with the connection they shared and I ll admit I got teary in certain scenes for sure and laughed in others I loved that even though this book was for Gunner Lola the whole band of AD was still involved because they are family Writing this review right now I m thinking [...]

    23. Gunner is back home with his band, Assured Distraction They have finished an international tour and are back home for some relaxation and to record a new album He gets a shock when he sees the news, and the woman who he met in Paris is on there in Houston and is apparently American Who is Lola really What is she doing in Houston Why is she on TV Find out this and in this awesome read

    24. Brilliant hot chemistry between Gunnar and Lola Gunnar is a strong, sexy alpha drumming stud Reading his and Lola s story was fantastic and through those heart pounding moments, GAH, it just grabbed you tightly Gunnar s pursuit of Lola was quite frankly every girls fantasy, hot damn this story sizzled.

    25. Gunner and Lola were both great strong characters Their story was a great addition to the series Love the band family dynamic Well done Thia looking forward to Carter s story

    26. Great seriesThis is a great read, I loved all 3 books and can t wait to read about carter and Hayden, also I love that she puts a playlist at the end

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