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Transactions in a Foreign Currency By Deborah Eisenberg,

  • Title: Transactions in a Foreign Currency
  • Author: Deborah Eisenberg
  • ISBN: 9780140098556
  • Page: 309
  • Format: Paperback
  • Seven remarkable stories, four of which have appeared in The New Yorker, ranging in setting from an elegant East Side apartment to a YMCA locker room.
    Transactions in a Foreign Currency Seven remarkable stories four of which have appeared in The New Yorker ranging in setting from an elegant East Side apartment to a YMCA locker room

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    1. A blight on all of you who knew and didn t bully me into reading Deborah Eisenberg earlier Things that speak well of this collection I thrice picked up a pen and brought it to the paper before remembering that this is not my book I bought a copy to keep as soon as I finished it That should be enough, but I will temper things a bit, as I suspect this isn t quite for everyone The first story here is called Flotsam , and it might have been a better title for the collection as a whole Each of the ch [...]

    2. Another great collection of short stories Often after finishing a book I look for a Paris Review The Art of Fiction interview with the author Here s an excerpt from Eisenberg s INTERVIEWER Of course art making isn t therapy, but I often think artists don t need to be quite so loath to admit some relationship between art making and therapy.EISENBERG Well, I understand that reluctance If you think you re going to be late for a movie and you walk briskly to the theater, it might be good for you, bu [...]

    3. Good travel books must be readable in buzzing airports crowded with frantic passengers, but also in silent lobbies, where complex meanings and articulate storytelling reward your full attention Deborah Eisenberg s Transactions in a Foreign Currency delivers in both contexts A contemporary fiction writer from New York, Eisenberg writes only short stories These intricately carved pieces bear close inspection, but also work on a surface level, with waves of emotion flowing out of the page and throu [...]

    4. It takes an exceptional author to make a short story work for me, and this book only confirms my thoughts for me, the central character in all the stories in this book is unlikeable, and the stories themselves are dull, pointless and unfulfilling It was slightly reminiscent of Armistead Maupin s tales, with it s soap opera style, but no where near as readable or entertaining.

    5. Always nice when a lady writes like a lady but in a serious way There was something awkward and off kilter at the core of these stories that I really appreciated.

    6. I love Deborah Eisenberg and this collection did not disappoint me at all The stories are witty, sharp, and each has something at stake for the characters She is the master of great dialog.

    7. This is my first Eisenberg, and in many ways I am impressed Her stories have a poignant uniqueness, and are not like any others I have read I found the characters believable even if they were deliberately ordinary While like other readers, I can t say the stories included anyone I liked or found especially interesting, somehow the stories all worked for me.The two which I liked best are Rafe s Coat, which is impressively funny, and Broken Glass, which is the only story which I can t get out of m [...]

    8. Transactions in a Foreign Currency, Eisenberg s first collection, contains seven short stories Flotsam What It Was Like, Seeing Chris Rafe s Coat A Lesson in Traveling Light Days Transactions in a Foreign Currency and Broken Glass.

    9. prose with a lot of muscle favorite thing about this collection is the female protagonists who are united by the ways they minimize themselves and their occupation of the world, as if we were peering into a shallow pan the way the other characters respond to them contradicts this masterfully we see the bald faced admittance of their not enough ness, but also the weighty impact of their just discovered orbit.

    10. Essential read Even before she became a sharp moral voice in American fiction, vivisecting our culture, our habits, and our best intentions, Eisenberg wrote these perfect stories about imperfect people From kids freshly arrived in NYC to those road tripping across America, from the obscenely rich to the bitterly average, Eisenberg captures what it is to be young, to be in love, and to fail at both.

    11. After reading Under The 82nd Airborne by Deborah Eisenberg, I realized that I found another impressive American short story writer This was confirmed by her first collection of short stories Transactions In A Foreign Currency Eisenberg, the recent recipient of a Mac Arthur Genius Grant, has a very precise style and excels in writing dialogue and creating stories that derive from relationships between people that ring true I was expecting these stories to take place in Central America like those [...]

    12. So, looking at the other reviews, I m obviously in the minority in how I feel about this book I seriously hated reading it I got through it by continuing to hope that the next story would be better It never was If it had been a novel, there s no way I would have finished it I suppose I could be dense, but I couldn t find a story in any of her short stories The main character in every story was unlikeable, and neither she nor the plot ever seemed to move forward Each time I finished a story, I wa [...]

    13. Eisenberg s stories take us inside several moments in women s lives that I don t often see portrayed trying to emerge from deep depression through exercise, or realizing that you may be in love with a friend, or the thrill and debasement of being a young woman infatuated or in love with an older man I really love her use of dialogue it does a lot of the work in her stories, to convey character, and with crisp pacing The last story in the collection was my least favorite but all the others I woul [...]

    14. Eisenberg s characters feel humanoid, not human They re aliens, from God knows where, commenting on the everyday and the banal from a strangely and coldly detached, somewhat rageful perspective You definitely see the world anew consider, for example, the insane POV provided in Days but I, for one, could not truly connect with any of the realities On the other hand, it s their very otherness that makes these stories so compelling Can I get an amen for weird

    15. In 2016, I ve read the collected works of three short fiction masters in Joy Williams, Ann Beattie, and Grace Paley, and I d put the lead story of this collection, Flotsam, among the best work I ve read all year So yeah, I thoroughly enjoyed this collection There s a confidence of the wit in these stories that engages from the first sentence and plays well with the understated suffering of the people within.

    16. Holy cow When Eisenberg nails it, she really nails it The quality of all these stories is above average, though some stand out than others It s infuriating to me how one selection Days ranks in my top 10 most powerful contemporary short stories and also has one of the crappiest endings I ll definitely be checking out from this author in the future.

    17. I found it difficult to relate to the characters appearing in these stories they act weird and are surrounded by even stranger people There are flashes of genius in the writing and I get the overall idea of each story but the narratives themselves frequently bored me.

    18. A couple of meh stories, but the rest were excellent, especially What It Was Like, Seeing Chris Great stuff.

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