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  • Title: There's Something about Marty
  • Author: Wendy Delaney
  • ISBN: 9780996980050
  • Page: 297
  • Format: Paperback
  • It was Marty McCutcheon s bad luck to die on his birthday Then again, since Marty is the third husband his young widow will be burying, maybe luck had nothing to do with it As Deputy Coroner Charmaine Digby discovers when she questions Marty s widow about his sudden death, she had ample opportunity to kill him Victoria McCutcheon even admits as much, right before she asIt was Marty McCutcheon s bad luck to die on his birthday Then again, since Marty is the third husband his young widow will be burying, maybe luck had nothing to do with it As Deputy Coroner Charmaine Digby discovers when she questions Marty s widow about his sudden death, she had ample opportunity to kill him Victoria McCutcheon even admits as much, right before she asks Char to solve her husband s murder What A suspected black widow who wants her husband s murderer brought to justice Victoria McCutcheon is either the most skillful liar Char has ever encountered or someone else has spun a web of lies to cover their murderous tracks But who, and why With no hard evidence to go on, it s up to Char and her ability as a human lie detector to break this case wide open Assuming that someone doesn t crack her skull open first
    There s Something about Marty It was Marty McCutcheon s bad luck to die on his birthday Then again since Marty is the third husband his young widow will be burying maybe luck had nothing to do with it As Deputy Coroner Charmaine

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    1. Part time Deputy Coroner and full time Prosecutor s Assistant, Charmaine Char Digby has a secret Her childhood heartthrob, hunky Detective Steve Sixkiller, is back in her life, not to mention under her covers But the relationship comes with a catch.Char s insecurities keep her from telling anyone about it, so it s no surprise when her matchmaking best friend, Rox, works double time to fix her up with Port Merritt s eligible and handsome ER doc, Kyle Cardinale The good doctor goes out of his way [...]

    2. A well written, wonderful mystery In this third book of the Working Stiffs Mystery series, author Wendy Delaney has delivered a truly entertaining mystery that pulled me in from page one THERE S SOMETHING ABOUT MARTY is the first book I ve read in this series, but it certainly won t be my last I also plan to go back and read the first two I enjoyed protagonist Charmaine Digby She was so interesting to spend time with And I really like that she is a deception detection specialist aka human lie de [...]

    3. The last thing I d expected to hear this morning was Patsy Faraday chirping a greeting like a songbird.Deputy Coroner Charmaine Char Digby is called upon to interview the family of Marty McCutcheon after his sudden death at his birthday party Char is a powerful weapon against crime as a human lie detector She quickly learns that a large number of people are not being truthful about Marty s last night Char s relationship with Steve has progressed although ER doctor Kyle throws in a few snares The [...]

    4. Great story but was disappointed in some sexual descriptions If you don t mind that, cool but I try to stick to cozy mysteries so there s less foul language, less violence, and less sexual content I was very annoyed that Char boyfriend was so unsupportive of her but that s cozy mysteries I suppose Otherwise, I did enjoy the story and it was a great story I won t describe it here as it s been done by so many other reviewers so this opinion is just that I received this book for free from eBook Dis [...]

    5. Charmaine working in the coroners office was sent to get a report was Marty s death anything else but natural A will had been changed, and too many people hoping to gain As for her personal life, she is keeping a sheriff undercover, insecurity , and dreading of what people might say, to let it be known Not getting answers, she using herself to go after them The story is good, good plot.

    6. Loved this cozy mystery A natural seeming death starts a detailed sleuthing trail by a very dedicated amateur You ll find family ties and and will be very surprised at the end Definitely one to read

    7. Not bad, humorous Thanks for laugh, easy read Looking to read from her I really enjoyed it, try it out every one

    8. Totally enjoyable reading I chose this book to read originally because the author and I have the same last name But once I started reading I was hooked.

    9. I love this services The characters Are funny, story keeps moving along, main character is head strong and always gets in trouble Looking forward to the next story.

    10. Murder Capital of the Pacific Northwest The citizens of Port Merritt, WA seem to be dropping like flies in winter since Charmaine started working in the Chimacam Country Coroner s Office Can she find the killer before he or she finds her Another good read by Wendy Delaney

    11. I have been reading about three cozy mysteries a week I had slowed down a bit because they were all getting to be the same and some weren t as exciting as others When I got this book for free I thought oh I ll read it and see how it goes not expecting much I absolutely loved this book I read it very quickly You could tell by the authors characters, plot, editing etc that this was someone who wrote than a few books It had just the right amount of mystery, humour, and romance in it I am definitel [...]

    12. I received a copy of this book from eBook Discovery in exchange for an honest review.The story, which was a little slow for my taste, had too many secondary storylines to keep my full, undivided attention for long periods of time These secondary storylines were an unwelcome distraction from the purpose of the book crime solving I wanted to read a cozy mystery not a dysfunctional mother daughter relationship I wanted to solve a mystery not get caught up in the middle of 2 men competing over the a [...]

    13. I received a copy of this book from ebook discovery in exchange for an honest review.Another in this wonderful coy mystery series Charmaine, or Char to her friends, is putting her lie detecting abilities to the test once again when when of the older residents of the town passes away on his birthday Although everything looks like a heart attack Char s gut feeling is that something isn t quite right Follow her through her investigation of those at the party to try to work out who could of done it [...]

    14. Great plot but the story was an awful lot of dialogue which made it not so fun to read.I received this book for free from eBook Discovery I voluntarily review this book This is my honest review.

    15. This is the first book I have read by Wendy Delaney I am now addicted I loved the characters and small town charm And we all know small town s have lots and lots of gossip Who doesn t love a little juicy gossip once in awhile Boy does part time Deputy Coroner and full time Prosecutors Assistant, Charmaine, Char have tails a wagging in small town Port Merritt She has her childhood crush the hot Detective Steve Sixkiller in her life and she is seen having dinner with the most eligible bachelor Kyl [...]

    16. This is one of my favorite series to cuddle up with and read and There s Something About Marty is such a great addition to the series With a perfect cast of characters that feel like old friends, it s so nice to get sucked into their world and see what they are up to Charmaine Digby or as she is known to her friends and family Char who is the main character is a human lie detector who can tell when someone isn t telling the truth and who was hired by the County Coroner s Office to work on cases [...]

    17. Working Stiffs Mysteries are cozy and as welcoming as a beloved sofa, quilt, cup of tea and lemon square I grinned throughout this entire mystery I was charmed from the first page and wasn t sure who dunnit until the final chapter I enjoyed suspenseful fun and the charm of Duke s Cafe once again.I am a big fan of Wendy Delaney s cozy mysteries for a number of reasons I love books about adults who are flawed, human and funny I enjoy the multi generational relationships everybody adds value in Cha [...]

    18. Really Enjoyed This Latest Installment Charmaine Digby is a newbie Deputy Coroner Most of the time she is the office gopher Occasionally she is sent out to deliver a summons or to question people regarding a sudden death Char has this ability to know whether a person is lying This time she is sent out to question people regarding the death of Marty McCutcheon, who both his current wife ex wife think was poisoned Charmaine is endearing very tenacious While everyone else, including her boss her de [...]

    19. Charmaine and all the characters in Port Merritt are back with another mystery Marty dies at his birthday party and it s up to Charmaine to find out who s telling the truth about what happened She also has to deal with helping her mother find a wedding location and her relationship Steve going public Her hands are full This book kept me guessing who did it until the very end Just when I thought I figured it out, Wendy throws in another twist I m really looking forward to where Char Steve s relat [...]

    20. Charmaine Digby is not your typical heroine She is a little overweight, lives with her grandmother in a small town and has lots of trouble with her boyfriend and friends She is a walking lie detector So her job with the Coroners office can be a little stressful.I really love this series Chow mein, gets into a lot of trouble without even trying to She is a likeable character She makes me want to visit Dukes and get a cup of coffee a donut and catch up on the local gossip.Hope you give her books a [...]

    21. Wendy Delaney has hit another one out of the ball park This is the third installment in a truly fun oftentimes outright hilarious cozy mystery series I suggest you start with the first book in the series to get to know the characters Each book is like taking a trip home being with friends If you like suspense with a mixture of humor mixed in, then, There s Something About Marty is the next book you should have on your TBR list I m looking forward to of this great series I guarantee you will not [...]

    22. The Best One YetThe third book in the Working Stiffs Mystery series is the best one yet I love that Char didn t get herself into quite as much trouble as many heroines in these types of books seem to get into There was witty dialogue and it had me guessing the whole way through Can t wait to see what is next for Char, Steve and the rest of the gang in Port Merritt.

    23. Each consecutive book in this series gets better and better This latest book has the characters we have grown to know and love and not love so much in some cases lol and another great mystery Each book gets funnier than the last, and this had me literally laughing out loud many, many times Great action, great series Highly recommend

    24. Loved it Seems like Charmaine Digby just cannot get through a month without embroiling herself in another suspicious deathch to the dismay of her police detective boyfriend I just love the zany characters who make up the residents in the town Fun reading

    25. I Love Charmain Char s lie dar gets her into trouble yet again, and causes than the usual trouble for her and Steve Great story and well worth the wait

    26. Another good storyEnjoyed this one better than I did the last one Although slow in spots, time was spent on making the crime not so easy to deduce.

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