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His Model Student By Noël Cades,

  • Title: His Model Student
  • Author: Noël Cades
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 169
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When Sera s new art teacher mistakes her for a model and demands that she undress and pose, sparks start to fly Will Mr Marek be able to keep his student at arm s length after seeing everything she has to offer And what happens when his malicious, scheming ex girlfriend appears on the scene
    His Model Student When Sera s new art teacher mistakes her for a model and demands that she undress and pose sparks start to fly Will Mr Marek be able to keep his student at arm s length after seeing everything she ha

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    1. 3.5 4 Stars I love a good teacher student romance Especially one that involves some steamy nude modelling and painting The characters were great, Tarq was super mysterious, sexy and cool as a cucumber Sera did come off a bit immature but she is only 18, I didn t really feel to much character development from the 2 but it was still enjoyable to follow their story.The story was pretty hot, and the forbiddenness makes it so much steamy I love Tarq and his dirty talk I have never, ever needed to fu [...]

    2. Sooo I gave this book 4 stars because simply enough I enjoyed it.I hated the writing style, and I didn t understand some of the lango because i m from America, I don t mean that as a bad thing or a dig, it just is It was sexy, not much depth but again I still really liked it, There isn t many teacher student romance I can get into, and its because the heroine is immature While you can tell that Sera is young, it s not thrown in our face Tarq is possessive, jealous, brooding So if you have any qu [...]

    3. Tarquin Marek is an amazing dominant male character A great romance novel showing the true love between two people His Model Student grabbed my attention and my heart and had me feeling like I was standing side by side with the characters the entire time This book is everything a student teacher novel ought to be, dangerous, risky, but totally worth it Tarq s appearance is appealing to any woman A novel I will be reading again and again

    4. His Model Student is coming out on 23rd July 2016 and some ARCs are available, so please get in touch if you d like one

    5. FIVE Tarq s oil painted STARSAnother student teacher romance by Cades that left me with all the feels Seriously His Model Student was everything a student teacher romance should be And Ahhh Tarq was so dreamy swoon worthy My word he was just perfect And the angst Oh boy don t even get me started It was pretty much amazing His Model Student is definitely a book I ll want to reread.n again winks

    6. The writing style was not as modern as I had imagined it to be It reminded me of Mills Boon books I have read that s the best way I can describe the writing style.Sera is 17 and attracted to her Art Teacher, Mr Malek We never find out how old Mr Malek is which was annoying I didn t particularly like Mr Malek s character He seemed very stiff upper lip but then later in the story he starts calling Sera babe and it didn t sit right with his earlier character I ve read quite a few student teacher r [...]

    7. I received a copy from the author, in exchange for an honest review Thank you No l Cades for the opportunity to read your book This was an enjoyable read I received this a while ago, and I finally found it I love student teacher relationship stories ever since I watched the first episode of Pretty Little Liars There are some stories that I do not like, but most of them I do This is one of the stories I do like I really like the characters I thought it was funny how they first met Tarq did not re [...]

    8. More like 4.5 stars.This was such a fast read Took me a couple of hours to completely devour it.Mmm what to say, as most of you definitely know, I have a weakness for student teacher relationship novels They re my favourite This book was very good, kind of short and too fast in my opinion though Some points could have been dragged on a bit , explained a bit too I wish we got of Sera Tarq s background a bit Nonetheless, this was a very good book Recommend it to anyone wanting to read a steamy, [...]

    9. I loved this book The intensity between Mr Marek and Sera was simply electrifying Great work Noel Cades, you did an amazing job of portraying these two.

    10. The Author kindly provided a copy for me to enjoy and write my honest review So I finished this book a few days ago, and I just needed a day or so before writing what I though of it Everyone knows I love forbidden romance between a teacher and a student and if that s what you are looking for this book wont disappoint you We have to characters Sera and Marek who meet and less than stellar circumstances and then realize there are student teacher This two you can say have chemistry since the beginn [...]

    11. Great Book The writing style of Noel works for me perfectly.I may be biased because I love S T book, but I really enjoyed this book The way it started was slightly different compared to other S T books I ve definitely not read this starting before and u have read A lot S T.As for the characters Tarq I loved he wasn t your lovey dovey guy which I think made it real He used the attitude and anger approach to fight the attraction There were times I wanted to scream WTF at him and then there were t [...]

    12. The sexual tension enters on page 1 in this fast paced erotic romance The characters are really well developed, especially the evil ex girlfriend.Sera is an art student doing her A levels by day and undertaking life drawing classes at night Falling for the broody Mr Marek, her art teacher in both locations He seems to hate Sera, so why can t he stay away from her I loved Sera s busybody best friends, Lois and Joel who provide comedy and support to Sera s dramas The action never stops, with raunc [...]

    13. I ve loved every word of Noel Cades writing and this book is no exception The white hot tension and unique storyline keeps the story alive and intriguing, like all of her other stories Despite the number of student teacher books Noel has written she still manages to bring different aspects and stories to each one, her novels are inspiring and a great thrill to read

    14. I am in love with this book One of the many good books I ve read on wattpad The tension and anticipation of what s gonna happen next is what keeps me reading

    15. In my opinion this book was nothing short of a slightly adjusted take on Pam Goodwin s Dark Notes Now, I was not the biggest fan of Dark Notes , I reviewed it as good but not great Above all I had a problem with the graphic and quite brutal BDSM angle of that book, and I strongly questioned the probability of the heroine given her past being someone who would enjoy that kind of extreme relationship.But, let s return to this book His Model Student contains no BDSM whatsoever, which I must say I p [...]

    16. Well I had to read this chapter by chapter til it was finally released on kindle, luckily I work midnights and got it as soon as it came out and thus finished not to long after.As far as story line goes, I love this one There was the perfect amount of build up and getting to know each other that nothing felt rushed or out of place That is usually my 1 pet peeve of student teacher books Sera gets naked for Mr Marek when they first meet due to a misunderstanding and Mr Marek s lack of patience Wha [...]

    17. I have been a fan of Noel Cades from the very first book I read several months ago This book, His Model Student doesn t disappoint.Sera and Tarq s story is one that is easy to relate to regardless of the student teacher theme or the age of the reader I found it easy to picture or feel the emotions of Sera as she worked through her lustful attraction to her teacher, and her insecurities of wondering if he felt the same way The love scenes I can only describe as steamy and hot The scenes are very [...]

    18. I was one of those lucky people who received an ARC from No l Cades I love taboo stories and my ultimate favorite are teacher student stories so I was very excited about reading this book.Let me tell you I was not disappointed I loved this book I literally couldn t put it down The passion, the tension and the SEX between Sera and Mr Marek was unbelievable, out of this world good So I would recommend this book to everyone who loves possessive, protective and jealous hero who shows how much he car [...]

    19. Hi Noel, this new book of yours is simply one of the best I have read in the last couple of months, thanks for let me have opportunity to be one of the first ones to read, I will recommend this book to all my friends, love it

    20. Tempting her teacher it s still my favorite but this one was great o specially the painting sessions haha those where definetly hot

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