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The Year of the Garden By Andrea Cheng Patrice Barton,

  • Title: The Year of the Garden
  • Author: Andrea Cheng Patrice Barton
  • ISBN: 9780544664449
  • Page: 339
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When Anna is gifted a copy of The Secret Garden, it inspires her to follow her dreams maybe she can plant ivy and purple crocuses and the birds will come Or maybe what grows from her dream of a garden is even better friendship And friendship, like a garden, often has a mind of its own In this prequel to Year of the Book, join Anna in a year of discovery, new begWhen Anna is gifted a copy of The Secret Garden, it inspires her to follow her dreams maybe she can plant ivy and purple crocuses and the birds will come Or maybe what grows from her dream of a garden is even better friendship And friendship, like a garden, often has a mind of its own In this prequel to Year of the Book, join Anna in a year of discovery, new beginnings, friendships, and growth.
    The Year of the Garden When Anna is gifted a copy of The Secret Garden it inspires her to follow her dreams maybe she can plant ivy and purple crocuses and the birds will come Or maybe what grows from her dream of a garden

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    1. DigitalArc gently provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review 3.5 seed starsNote Spoilers for The Secret Garden, and other minor spoilers for Sarah, Plain and Tall Mention of Little House on the PrairieAnna Wang is 8 y.o and she moved with her family to other house New starts New friendship New things.And the painful need to fit in.For book lovers and garden lovers.There are a lots a themes here family elders recycling and to be capable of accept that your friends can have different h [...]

    2. The year of the garden is a prequel to The year of the book and the Anna Wang Series In this novel Anna meets Laura who, like her, has just moved into the neighborhood They like each other right away, but sometimes it is not that easy to be friends Even being the same age and prospect of attending the same school at the end of the summer is not always enough They like to do different things, and have different personalities Sometimes the different cultural background plays its part too But they [...]

    3. Being on , checking other people s reviews and other stuff I decided I had to write a review so here I am This review will have whole step up, pick one or , scroll down and start reading them What is this book about What do I think about the characters What did I love about this book What did I think about this maybe finished series ADDITONAL INFO Small amount of quotes Thank you to the author illustrator Who would I recommend this series plus this book to Overall Conclusion about this book At [...]

    4. My review is based on the eARC I received through NetGalley.I ve read the first two books in this series and enjoyed them, so I decided to give this one a shot even though it isn t ownvoices.Overall, it was a light hearted and quick read The main character, Anna, goes through various struggles and adventures making and maintaining a friendship with her neighbor Laura Together, they plant a garden inspired by The Secret Garden and rescue a baby rabbit.Plot wise, the story was engaging and enterta [...]

    5. Extremely sweet book exploring things like friendship, the power of imagination, and a love of books This is the prequel to The Year of the Book and the rest of Andrea Chang s adorable series Great for 2 5 graders, this is a completely gentle read.

    6. Anna Wang is an 8 year old girl who moved to a new house with her parents and her brother Ken She is worried about friends and school When she is given a gift of seeds and the book The Secret Garden, she decides that she will make a garden in the backyard It is easier said than done As she sits under a honeysuckle bush reading her book, Laura, another new girl to the neighbourhood, pops in They become great friends and even end up in the same class They are not interested in the same things and [...]

    7. Fans of Anna Wang will be happy to see this last book which Andrea Cheng was working on at the time of her death on December 26, 2015 The Year of the Garden is a prequel to the three Anna Wang novels already published.Anna, 8, and her family have just moved from their apartment in Manor Court to a home of their own, though they are still in Cincinnati And now, Anna has a yard in the need some care.Accompanying her mother to her Saturday job cleaning the apartment of elderly Mr and Mrs Shepherd, [...]

    8. This is an adorable book about a young girl, Anna, who has moved into a new house and new neighborhood and isn t sure where she fits But after visiting one of her mother s clients, she s inspired to create her own garden, especially after starting to read the copy of The Secret Garden she s given But after meeting Laura, a neighbor and possible new friend, Anna discovers that friendship is much complicated than creating a garden She and Laura don t necessarily like the same things for one thing [...]

    9. A nice little story about friendship While this is marked for children in grades 1 4, it occurred to me that we can all occasionally use a reminder of what it takes to be a friend.I did not realize this was a prequel to an already established series I enjoyed this one so much, I m going to give some of the other books a tryC from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Children s Book Group, via Netgalley Publish date April 11, 2017.

    10. Sweet story grade schoolers will enjoy s the gardening season is coming soon, might make a nice gift, along with the secret garden, for some young child I I like the friendships, especially between the young girl and her elderly neighbor Good tale with lots of positive moments.I received a Kindle copy from Edelweiss in exchange for a fair review.

    11. Years ago my dad brought me a DVD of The Secret Garden I had no interest in it I hadn t even heard of The Secret Garden before But, like the good daughter I am, I indulged his buy and watched the movie I became enchanted with the secret garden, Mary, Colin, and Dickon Their story brought out the nature lover in me It showed how nature can transform your day, but in Mary s case your life, into a happy one I jumped at a chance to read The Year of the Garden since I love The Secret Garden and have [...]

    12. When Anna reads Secret Garden, she decides she wants to create a magical garden of her own Her family just moved to a new house with a back yard that looks pretty rough and weedy, but she can already see how it would look with a little help Luckily there s a girl on her street whose birthday is just one day apart from hers She can help her get the garden ready But when school starts and poison ivy attacks, Anna wonders if she s lost her friend and her garden.This is a such a sweet early chapter [...]

    13. The Year of the Garden This book needed to be longer It was too short to serve its story well Laura and Anna s friendship needed space to develop Also I don t believe that Anna cannot PRONOUNCE HER OWN NAME Seriously, what the fuck Cheng does a pretty good job of writing Asian characters but this part of the story was so ridiculous I almost quit reading Anna would have some pronunciation of her name Whether that pronunciation is correct could be up for debate, but KIDS KNOW THEIR NAMES Speaking [...]

    14. When elderly Mrs Shepherd gives Anna some seeds, she hopes to make a garden with her new neighbor, Laura, like the one inThe Secret Garden,but Laura has other interests This friendship story that stands out because Anna is Chinese American, her mother cleans houses, and the contrast between bookish Anna and animal loving Laura who is not so good at school stuff is nicely drawn This posthumously published prequel toThe Year of the Bookis a welcome introduction to a series for young, able readers [...]

    15. At first I struggled to put this 5th book with the series and then I saw it was a prequel I ll be glad to share that notion with 3rd graders along with the idea that books can come to life and bring understanding Anna knew what being a pioneer was like from reading about Laura Ingalls Wilder and she understood the power of a garden through The Secret Garden.

    16. Good prequel to the Anna Wang series Anna is in third grade here and has just moved into her new house, it comes before The Year of the Book Recommended for grades 1 up.

    17. I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.I was so delighted when I spotted this book at Netgalley, and also got accepted I adore this series, and I can t wait for each new book I was already worried I would have to wait until next year, or even the year after that, considering I buy the paperbacks.At first when I started I was confused about the book On it was book 5 before I changed it so it was right again , so I was expecting a sequel But instead it is a prequel Bef [...]

    18. This prequel is just not as strong as the other titles of the series The environmentalist agenda takes over a lot of the story, and I just wasn t as interested in young Anna as I was in middle school Anna in the last installment It s a shame that the author passed away because this is a great series, and I m sorry to see it end on a low note.

    19. E ARc from Edelweiss Above the TreelineAnna is a little scared to have moved out of her apartment in Manor Court and to start a new school for third grade, but she likes having space, especially when she finds a place where she can garden Her mother cleans for the Shepherds, a kind elderly couple who give Anna some seeds and a copy of The Secret Garden Anna finds a place near her house to clear for gardening, and meets a neighbor, Laura, who has just moved to Cincinnati from a farm in Indiana T [...]

    20. Sweet and quiet book about the give and take of building a friendship Lovely illustrations Lots of wonderful sections about gardening too.

    21. I loved the first book in this series, The Year of the Book, when it came out back in 2012 Four years later, I m thrilled to connect with its prequel, The Year of the Garden I m also pretty sad that Andrea Cheng passed away last year I didn t realize until just now that there will be no Anna Wang books The Year of the Garden reminded me of how wonderful The Year of the Book was Many of the things that I loved so much about that first book are still present in its sequel This is a book lovers bo [...]

    22. Another quiet and gentle Anna Wong story which works as a prequel to The Year of the Book Anna just moved into their new house, starts a new school and makes a friend Making a friend seems easy but maintaining the friendship especially when you have different interests, is not an easy task I have enjoyed the Anna Wong series from the very first book and was thrilled when I discovered that Andrea Cheng made us this final gift before her passing The series is a perfect match for readers who enjoye [...]

    23. Netgalley ARCWhen Anna is given a copy of The Secret Garden, she is inspired to create a garden of her own When she plants the seeds, plants are not the only things that grow.ndship does as well The Year of the Garden is a touching story of two new girls in the neighborhood school and how the garden brings them together.

    24. Enjoyed this book Anna, a 3rd grader navigates a new home, friend and school She shares how having a parent whose learning English sometimes makes her feel uncomfortable A strong morale hard work and persistence pays off.

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