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The Old Buzzard Had It Coming By Donis Casey,

  • Title: The Old Buzzard Had It Coming
  • Author: Donis Casey
  • ISBN: 9781590581490
  • Page: 224
  • Format: Hardcover
  • One winter evening in 1912, in the woods outside of Boynton, Oklahoma, abusive and drunken Harley Day surprises his son John Lee and the neighbor girl Phoebe Tucker in a lovers tryst An hour later, when John Lee walks his beloved home, Phoebe s mother, Alafair Tucker, suspects that something is amiss How could she know her daughter has been involved in a violent confronOne winter evening in 1912, in the woods outside of Boynton, Oklahoma, abusive and drunken Harley Day surprises his son John Lee and the neighbor girl Phoebe Tucker in a lovers tryst An hour later, when John Lee walks his beloved home, Phoebe s mother, Alafair Tucker, suspects that something is amiss How could she know her daughter has been involved in a violent confrontation that will make Phoebe and her beau murder suspects At supper that evening, over bowls of soupy beans and buttery cornbread, Alafair, her husband Shaw, and their nine lively children, much amused that Phoebe has a boyfriend, discuss the unfortunate Day family The Days are tormented by their evil father, who beats his wife, mistreats his children, and wastes their money The mother is helpless, and the eldest daughter, Maggie Ellen, has run away, leaving only 19 year old John Lee and his 13 year old sister Naomi to care for the younger children and keep the family from destitution.Then well, the old buzzard had it coming
    The Old Buzzard Had It Coming One winter evening in in the woods outside of Boynton Oklahoma abusive and drunken Harley Day surprises his son John Lee and the neighbor girl Phoebe Tucker in a lovers tryst An hour later wh

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    1. Not quite a 4 star listen as it dragged on a bit, but close enough I had some issues with timing a couple of times, but that was fairly minor compared to the setting The time is 1912, the heroine a mother of most of a dozen, Alafair, the mystery is figuring out who killed a man that everyone thought better off dead, anyway With so many willing able, the mystery winds around opportunity who had the means.The characters were well done, but what really grabbed me was the setting how well it was han [...]

    2. I tried this book simply because I loved the title This is the first book in the Alafair Tucker mystery series And what a protagonist Alafair is She s a 35 year old mother of nine children The setting is 1912 Boynton, Oklahoma Alafair and her husband Shaw are farmers in the thriving town of Boynton when we meet her She rules her large household with a firm, but fair hand Everyone in the Tucker family pitches in to help in the never ending job of raising such a large family When a drunken obnoxio [...]

    3. I should know better than to try to read a cozy mystery They are not my cup of luke warm tea Although this is a short book, it felt endless If I had been reading this book, rather than listening to the audio book, I would have just skipped to the end to see who killed the old buzzard The title was the best part of the book and I stupidly thought that it might have grit than it did Instead I got discussions of domestic details, like warming innards, laundry and peach cobbler recipes and the name [...]

    4. If you grew up enjoying The Little House on the Prairie and like mysteries, you should enjoy this book The time is 1912 and the location is Oklahoma The book shows the life of a farm family early in the 20th century Expressions, food and chores reflect this time period The main character Alafair Tucker is a strong woman, loving wife and mother of nine children A neighboring farmer and local bootlegger who liked drinking his product too much, is found frozen outside his family home He also had a [...]

    5. The title caught my eye, but I didn t have great expectations for it I think I picked it up because there was an endorsement by Tony Hillerman on the dustjacket I finished the book in two evenings, and thoroughly enjoyed it It evokes a not so distant time and place in the early 1900 s that my admittedly older parents lived through People had to make everything from scratch, wash their clothes by hand, and had large families to help with the chores The narrator is the mother of a large brood of c [...]

    6. The death of a cruel and drunken ne er do well opens Donis Casey s The Old Buzzard Had It Coming No one s sorry when Harley Day is found dead in a snow drift not his neighbors, not the sheriff, not the town folk of Boynton, Oklahoma, and especially not the wife he beat and the 19 year old son he bullied and who had to bear the brunt of the farm work his inebriate father neglected However, when neighbor Alafair Tucker discovers a tiny bullet hole adjacent to Day s ear, the case becomes a murder i [...]

    7. I m not going to lie, after the cover art, my expectations were not high for this book Luckily, the novel itself is much better than it would appear Alafair Tucker was a nosy, friendly mother in a classic detective story setup It s refreshing in an era of the game is afoot to have a character with a personal stake taking the detective role.Something that personally pleased me was Casey s characterization of the numerous children in the novel Often, I find writer s having children all be little [...]

    8. 11 10 07TITLE AUTHOR The Old Buzzard Had It Coming by Donis CaseyRATING 5 AGENRE PUB DATE OF PGS Mystery 2005 206 pgsSERIES STAND ALONE 1TIME PLACE 1912 OklahomaCHARACTERS Alafair Tucker farmer s wife FIRST LINES It was just after dinner on that January day in 1912, very cold w a threat of snow, when Harley Day began the journey to his eternal rewardMENTS library book, recommended have 2 from Poison Pen Press Bookclub Loved it Unique voice Plotting, characters and setting all very well done Harl [...]

    9. 4 stars Engaging historical mystery, far better than the low number of reviews here might suggest Set on a farm in Oklahoma 100 years ago, the novel introduces an amateur sleuth, a farm woman and mother of 11 A real SOB neighbor gets murdered and it could have been anyone who knew him, for to know him was to loathe him our heroine has to figure out who did it to help out a daughter The mystery is fine, but the details of cooking, socializing, animal care, and courting of the era were what kept m [...]

    10. Alafair Tucker is an early 1900s country farm wife mother who finds herself involved in solving the murder of a drunken reprobate who no one in town is sorry to see dead This was a light read and I had trouble putting it down because I couldn t wait to see who did it I can usually figure out who the murderer is early on in a mystery, but Donis Casey does a good job of throwing in red herrings, and the ending caught me by surprise It was a funny, warm, and clean read with a couple of pleasant sur [...]

    11. I like mysteries, especially those that would be rated G or PG if they were movies This one is set around 1910 and the main character is a farm wife and mother of many children I like her personality, her devotion to her family and her persistence The story is interesting and I enjoyed reading it.

    12. Why did I wait so long to read this The engaging protagonist is the mother of eleven children, an Oklahoma farm wife, and a bit nosey Besides reading a good mystery, this period piece whisked me back me into early 1900s Oklahoma The dialogue, laced with rural vocabulary, made me feel like I could sit right down at the kitchen table and jaw a bit with the family.

    13. The Old Buzzard Had It Coming by Donis Casey is the first book of the Alafair Tucker mystery series set in 1912 rural Oklahoma Drunken and abusive Harley Day is found frozen in the snow one morning The old buzzard surely had it coming.he beat his wife, mistreated his children, cheated his illegal moonshine customers, vandalized his sister s nearby farm, gambled away his money All are better off without him, except his son John is suspected of his murder At first even John thinks he is guilty, be [...]

    14. I am not sure what to think of this one It was so different than the murder mysteries I normally read It did not keep me glued to the pages but somehow I keep thinking about the characters and the situations Our heroine, Alafair, is a mother of nine, living in rural Oklahoma in 1912 when her hated, irascible neighbor is murdered She somehow embroils herself in the middle of it, making some pretty questionable decisions, all while spending long days cooking, cleaning, and providing for her family [...]

    15. I listened to the audiobook version, and enjoyed it very much Alafair Tucker is an unusual sleuth, being a mother of 8 children, living the hard working life of a settled pioneer in Oklahoma Her family has some Chickasaw heritage, but this is not emphasized in the story The Tuckers are neighbors with the Day family, whose father, a mean alcoholic, is discovered dead after a heavy snowfall, presumed to have died of exposure until a.22 bullet wound is discovered in his head The first suspect is hi [...]

    16. I am not an Agatha Christie fan for me, a good mystery has characters with depth, preferably part of cast that grows and develops with time And a historical setting makes that even better This series has both and I ve now read most of the books in this series.The setting in 1910 era Oklahoma is pretty unique And Alafair, the mother of 10, related to half the county, is not your usual heroine The details of daily life and the doings of her family are as interesting as the mystery itself Each book [...]

    17. I bought this book because it was on sale through a book deals site and it sounded interesting It was ok like a 2.5 star A couple of things I found annoying First, the over use and inappropriate use of the words at length at the end of sentences Second, The language was incongruous, simple accented language a farmer might use combined with words that would come from someone college educated The story was predictable and cozy I won t be continuing.

    18. Most of my recreational reading focuses on the 19th century so it was a little unusual for me to start a long mystery series that begins in Oklahoma in the early 20th century The books came so well reviewed I decided to try the first one I am glad I did Alafair Tucker is a farm wife and the mother of nine living children She also is relentlessly nosy so when a neighbor boy who seems to be in love with one of her daughters appears guilty of murdering his abusive father, she puts on her coat and g [...]

    19. Discovered Donis Casey through a book club I joined My full review is at parkdalear.wordpress Alafair Tucker is a farm wife and mother who becomes a sleuth to solve a murder in 1912 OK The story is engaging and the people are worth knowing.

    20. I really enjoyed this turn of the century family story Great characters and descriptions of life on a farm in 1912 The recipes at the end were especially welcome A love story, family drama and murder mystery all rolled together

    21. A solid mystery I thought Casey did a great job with historical elements I learned quite a bit about what it might have been like to have lived in OK in the early 1900 s.

    22. I found this book while searching for something else on Loved it Funny Real Thoroughly entertaining I just finished Book 2 of the series, Hornswaggled It was just as enjoyable.

    23. Great cozy set in 1912, first in the series about Alafair and Tucker Shaw Alafar is the sleuth, trying to solve the murder, really to make sure her daughter and her love interest are not involved I like the look back to life in the 1912 s too Surprise ending.

    24. Family camaraderie was the best support entertainment but when it was missing a family had very little else in 1912 rural Oklahoma The Tucker family had arrived en mass to homestead the Indian lands so they came ready to work and support each other Since they were part Cherokee they found it easier than most to settle in and raise good strong families The Day family had trouble, mostly with Harley Day However he found his niche when Oklahoma entered the union dry Harley Day set up his still for [...]

    25. There were a lot of good things going for this book Alafair is charming, her family is tight knit, the descriptions of their lives were interesting and well done I could see their cozy house, the family doing their chores and the wintery Oklahoma land But this is another book where I m not entirely sure why the main character is involving herself in the investigation of a murder The thin excuse is that her daughter is involved in the chain of events that led to the murder and the daughter s secr [...]

    26. Well, I m a bit embarrassed to admit I bought a book, make that an ebook, with such a cheesy cover Course it was inexpensive and lot s of people liked it, so, anyway I bought it.Now, I buy lots of books, mysteries, classics, feel good, feel bad, you name it, I ain t fussy but I do like a good cover and this one just don t have it, so to speak So, how did I come to read it Well I got so many books I got a random picker and whatever get s picked I read, so I don t spend all my time debating about [...]

    27. I have a curious prejudice against books that are part of a series, but I bought this one without realizing that there is apparently an Alistair Tucker series It stands on its own It is a good period story, set at the turn of the 19th 20th century, in a farming neighborhood in recently settled by whites Oklahoma Alistair is the mother of a large family, and she is curious without falling into the trap of quirkiness that many series sleuths have She is motivated by a deep love of children, hers a [...]

    28. So pleased to find a nice, clean cozy mystery series I enjoyed this book, and will certainly spend time with Alafair Tucker, despite the fact that I normally like to read books from a contemporary time frame.

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