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Fire Logic By Laurie J. Marks,

  • Title: Fire Logic
  • Author: Laurie J. Marks
  • ISBN: 9780312878870
  • Page: 316
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Earth Air Water Fire.These elements have sustained the peaceful people of Shaftal for generations, with their subtle powers of healing, truth, joy, and intuition.But now Shaftal is dying.The earth witch who ruled Shaftal is dead, leaving no heir Shaftal s ruling house has been scattered and destroyed by the invading Sainnites The Shaftali have mobilized a guerrilla arEarth Air Water Fire.These elements have sustained the peaceful people of Shaftal for generations, with their subtle powers of healing, truth, joy, and intuition.But now Shaftal is dying.The earth witch who ruled Shaftal is dead, leaving no heir Shaftal s ruling house has been scattered and destroyed by the invading Sainnites The Shaftali have mobilized a guerrilla army against these marauders, but every year the cost of resistance grows, leaving Shaftal s fate in the hands of three people Emil the Shaftali paladin an officer and a scholar whose elemental powers make him an excellent judge of character Zanja the diplomat the sole survivor of a slaughtered tribe, her fire powers bringing the gift of prescience Karis the metalsmith a half blood giant whose earth powers can heal and create, but only when she can muster the strength to hold off her addiction to a deadly drug that suspends her will.Separately, all they can do is watch as Shaftal falls from prosperity into lawlessness and famine If they can find a way to work together, they may just change the course of history.In the tradition of Ursula K Le Guin and Elizabeth Lynn, Laurie J Marks weaves a complex tale of political and personal struggle, set in a world whose concerns are as familiar as today s headlines.
    Fire Logic Earth Air Water Fire These elements have sustained the peaceful people of Shaftal for generations with their subtle powers of healing truth joy and intuition But now Shaftal is dying The earth wit

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    1. I both really enjoyed and yet was disappointed by this book at the same time I liked the setting and admired the bold society she set in place, but at the same time parts of their culture was grating.I think the main reason I was disappointed was that over the years I ve really raised my standards regarding fantasy novels I tend to only read weird fiction fantasy these days, and I was expecting this to be a bit weirder the third book in the series is printed by Small Beer, Kelly Link s press, an [...]

    2. I m re reading after some years away, and loving the book even than I did the first time Marks creates a realistic society in which women are the dominant sex The home country has been conquered by an army with no home to return to, and its leaders have been fighting a long, guerilla war against them What they need is the leader who is joined by her magic with the earth, but the one who inherited the office from the former leader is a drug addict and former prostitute who doesn t believe in her [...]

    3. NOTES ON DIVERSITYHey, are you looking for a diverse book MAYBE YOU SHOULD READ THIS ONE.Seriously Zanja, one of the POV characters, is a lesbian woman of color who also experiences an extended period of disability.1 Karis is half giant and a smoke addict Her addiction greatly impacts her functioning day in and day out Emil is a soldier, and continues to be a soldier well into middle age despite a consistent difficult knee injury The lot of them are poor living hand to mouth Emil is classically [...]

    4. This is a terrific feminist fantasy series with primarily queer female characters If that s up your alley, you will enjoy this If it is not, you will not I loved all three of these books and I am chomping at the bit for the last one to come out Morally sophisticated fantasy with complex protagonists I read a review of this book which said it depicts a world where women are the dominant gender I don t think that s the case at all I think it depicts a world where people are not judged on their gen [...]

    5. I wanted to like this so much A female lead in an epic fantasy Awesome Elemental based magic in a war torn country where the people struggle in a guerrilla war against the evil oppressors Hell yes, I want some of that What s that An LGBT positive lead YES Go diversity The actual book Dull, dull, dull, dull, dull I was entertained when I washed up the dishes by myself earlier tonight I was filled with dread at the notion of finishing the next 309 pages This writer s style is just all no for me.I [...]

    6. I am totally bored There is a kingdom in upheaval and war and doom to come but I simply don t care.I believe it s because of the distance to the characters in the narration I don t care for them because I don t get to know them I knew I was a reader who prefers character driven novels but most of the time the narration isn t that detached from them.________________Genre high fantasyTags lesbianRating dnf, no star rating

    7. An excellent beginning to a really promising series Several damaged women the last survivor of a slaughtered tribe, a gifted blacksmith with a drug addiction, and their few friends band together to fight against the invaders that have destroyed their lands It s got wonderfully imaginative storytelling, complete with a really great new style of magic set in a believable yet fantastic world However, what really drew me in were the characters.

    8. Fire Logic disappointed me, and not only because I found it difficult to connect to any of the characters on any meaningful level The book had an interesting premise a world at war, the rebels against the overbearing Empire uh, sounds familiar, but it really was thought out , and even an interesting if overdone elemental division The writing was just not good enough to bring all of these elements together It improved near the end of the book, but then fell off again for the denouement This book [...]

    9. I was really exited about Fire Logic after reading the blurb but I just could not manage to get through it It s one of those fantasy books that dumps you in the middle of a complex world and a group of characters and you are just supposed to pick it up as you go Sometimes that can work and you don t necessarily want a giant info dump at the beginning of a book However for me sometimes its just too difficult to muddle through confused and trying to understand why you should care about what s goin [...]

    10. Okay This is officially my favorite epic fantasy novel I ve ever read.My heart is sore in the good way after finishing it, and rather than try to write something structured and coherent, I present to you A LIST OF THINGS actually multiple lists Things The main character is a lesbian woman of color Liiiike, how rare is it to have LoTR type stories with protagonists that are female, queer, and dark skinned IT HAS A F F ROMANCE THAT I SHIPPED SO HARD AND I DON T SHIP SHIPS OFTEN AND IT MADE ME FEEL [...]

    11. This is an elegantly, subtly written book about a people under occupation, and the magic that interweaves the various factions.I admit it took me a little while to get into the story because the earlier narrative feels a little stilted, with large elements being related in a way that felt almost flat and devoid of action, but I persisted, and a beautiful, fierce and tender story began to unfold for me There were no simple answers to the problem of invasion and guerilla warfare The enemy was evil [...]

    12. Gritty elemental fantasy with a focus on interesting, well developed female characters who happen to be queer Sign me up, yo I knew Zanja would steal my heart, because the crux of her character is that she is a diplomat A learner of languages, crosser of borders, and traveler to strange lands That she is a warrior also doesn t seem to negate this, which is neat considering that usually characters like her get slotted into pacifist roles, since they understand other people so well and all that.Mi [...]

    13. Yes This was so good I love when sf fantasy truly breaks the mold and this book does it I ve never ever before read a fantasy novel in which the author posits a world with NO gender issues at all None Every character s job or main role in life is based on their personality and motivations, not their gender It s not just a flip flop either There are army commanders of both genders, farmers of both genders, raising kids focused people of both genders, family structures of all kinds, queer and stra [...]

    14. The Logic series there are 2 and someday a 4th are an unusual read They re challenging than the usual fantasy fare, as the author is interested in war conflict but considers the subject from a philosophical anthropological viewpoint, focusing on cause and result with little interest in glory yet aiming still to be entertaining The result is consistently surprising for a fantasy read, though challenge and surprise won t please every genre reader The author is also interested in sex and gender r [...]

    15. I read this weeks ago, and for complicated reasons promised myself I would figure out how to review it before reviewing anything else, so at this point there is a ridiculous pile of books jostling behind this one, and none of them are even half as good, and I still don t know what to say.It s a fantasy about a land overrun by foreign warlords, and elemental magic systems, and guerilla warfare, and it s not any of the things you are imagining right now because it is so much It is politically rad [...]

    16. Shaftal is thrown into turmoil and war once the earth witch ruler, the G deon, dies without naming an heir The Sainnites, an violent, invading force that threatened the peaceful Shaftalis for fifteen years, finally attack after the passing of the Shaftali leader The Shaftali forces are mostly defeated, and can t hope to defeat the Sainnites in open battle, and must rely on guerrilla warfare Shaftal can only rely on Zanja, Emil, and Karis, three unlikely heroes that may lead to a new era of peace [...]

    17. It took a while for me to get into this one, especially because there is a lot of warfare which isn t really my thing, but by the time Zanja has stuck around with the South Hill company for a while, it grew on me The relationships are my favourite part The way elemental powers work is also interesting because it is very different from other approaches to the elements that I ve seen I m going to read the next book, Earth Logic, for sure.

    18. Some parts of this book we re very confusing, mostly the way that the magic on this universe was supposed to work Aside from that there was strong world building, a wonderful cast of diversity, stunning language, and strong character development in every single character that made it highly enjoyable I only regret that I can t read the second book of the series right now.

    19. Hooray for queer feminist fantasy I need of it in my life.Shaftal is a conquered nation The ruling earth witch died without leaving an heir, and most other leadership has been killed by the invading Sainnites The Shaftali are fighting back in a guerrilla war that s lasted fifteen years, but as they fight Shaftal is razed to the ground around them.Zanja is an ambassador and warrior, with nothing left but revenge However, her fate soon becomes tied to that of Shaftal and two of its citizens Emil [...]

    20. This book was very disappointing to me and I stayed up late last night just to finish it and be DONE It was one of those novels that I liked enough to want to know what happens to the characters but not enough to want to spend any time with it There are some elements I like the clash of cultures, the complicated characters, the introspection of various characters and the unusual social structures presented Things that drove me nuts The extensive telling of every sensation, expression, conversat [...]

    21. Fire Logic by Laurie J Marks is like Avatar the Last Airbender for grownups in a world where bisexuality is the default Except minus the jokes, alas Which is to say a mutiple POV, morally complex story about a rag tag group of people with different elemental magics trying to survive and fix a fantasy world torn apart by war The main character is dark skinned and into girls and there is genuine equality for women and lgb people no trans, non binary or intersex people afaict, but they may show up [...]

    22. I can t believe I didn t read this book years ago, it was so phenomenal There were so many things to love here a queer woman of color being at the center of the story, treated with respect and tenderness, getting to be a visionary so many complex women who are so different from one another, sometimes come to blows, and yet also find friendship and common ground gay lesbian queer relationships and affections featuring prominently and happily the idea that if we limit our vision of who is valuable [...]

    23. Although this book didn t completely grab me, there were a lot of interesting things in it It s set in a fantasy world that s been invaded Magically, the world has a lot of different types of people with powers some are related to the four elements and seem to come down to either having a certain personality insight based on the element, or being an actual element witch who has powers There are also truthkens, who seem to be able to just tell if people are telling the truth and therefore can rea [...]

    24. One sentence summary Half fleshed out book with water fire air earth elementals logics running around.What a half fleshed out book What does fire logic have to do with fire What is special about fire elementals, besides that they have some form of prescience Are all air elementals truthkens Again, what does that have to do with air Are people just randomly born elementals There is a connection between being an earth witch and manipulating earth for Karis, at least , but the random use of fire , [...]

    25. OK, let s get to the good stuff first Women in power it just is It is never questioned People s relationships are also never questioned, whether they be straight or queer Out of the two main female protagonists, Karis was my favorite, as she was a bit complex I liked that certain people can be of a certain elemental earth, air, fire, and water And if you are one of those elementals, it influences your behavior in a way Many characters come and go, but in the end, a little family tribe is formed [...]

    26. 3.5, I think My attention wavered during this from time to time, and I don t think the author quite got the emotions of the characters across how she meant to the main characters all felt the same to me quite cold and practical even though they were described as being different, I just didn t get it from their POVs Yet I really like the world and how it was built almost no reader hand holding, very cleverly disguised exposition, no idiot audience stand in character from furrin parts going Derp W [...]

    27. This is a good solid fantasy novel well developed cosmology, a steady march of plot that makes sense, and complex, believable characters The elemental magic bit is a little muddled earth water witches very powerful, fire air ones just intuitive.The strength lies in the political and personal sub plots The author creates a very robust society and inter personal dynamics, and the ethical dilemnas within them are interesting to follow as they play out The author reminds me a bit of Heinlein, in tha [...]

    28. Not sure why this didn t work for me, but it was a struggle to finish I think it was the pacing, which sometimes seemed confusingly fast, with information skipped over and referred to later as though it ought to have been obvious, but often was as slow and rambling as a DD campaign where you haven t yet figured out where you re supposed to go for the quest I never quite figured out what the elemental powers are, what being a fire blood actually means in a practical sense, and the characters wer [...]

    29. It took me a couple tries to start this one, but once I did, I was hooked It s nothing like what I was expecting, which I suppose was something like Children of the Triad and something like your typical epic fantasy novel It s darker and grittier than Children of the Triad or at least, than I recall that series being.My one gripe is that it was hard to get a sense of the characters inner worlds It took me until halfway through the book to figure out that Zanja herself largely acts or reacts on i [...]

    30. Brilliant Amazing Read this right now.People are gay, and its not even a thing Thank God They just happen to be queer people caught up in a very interesting, well written story Gender is also very well handled, in terms of the female male ratio of side characters and main characters spoiler alert When Karis comes to get Zhanja from the box I DIED I want to quote what Zhanja says later in my wedding vows You found me paralyzed and mutilated and lying in my own shit Yet you never shamed me for it [...]

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