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A Star to Steer Her By By Beth Anne Miller,

  • Title: A Star to Steer Her By
  • Author: Beth Anne Miller
  • ISBN: 9781633758438
  • Page: 270
  • Format: ebook
  • I m scarred Broken I ll never be the same.But I will take this journey.Ever since my last dive ended in bloodshed, I ve been terrified to go back into the water But the opportunity to spend a semester at sea is too good to pass up I need to get my life back.I never expected to love it this much And I never expected Tristan MacDougall.Rugged, strong, and with demons ofI m scarred Broken I ll never be the same.But I will take this journey.Ever since my last dive ended in bloodshed, I ve been terrified to go back into the water But the opportunity to spend a semester at sea is too good to pass up I need to get my life back.I never expected to love it this much And I never expected Tristan MacDougall.Rugged, strong, and with demons of his own, Tristan helps me find the courage I thought I had lost and heals me with every stolen moment we share But the rules of the ship mean we can t be together When a dive excursion goes terribly wrong, our only hope for survival is each other.
    A Star to Steer Her By I m scarred Broken I ll never be the same But I will take this journey Ever since my last dive ended in bloodshed I ve been terrified to go back into the water But the opportunity to spend a semester

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    1. Every once in a while you stumble upon a book that has the full package The kind of book where everything comes together nearly flawlessly and you are as touched and enchanted by the non romance plot points just as much as you are the romance A Star to Steer Her By was that book for me and the fact that it s written by a new to me author makes it just that much sweeter This book made me uncomfortable but in the very best way That is I felt like I was on an adventure I felt this story and for me [...]

    2. received an ARC in exchange for an honest review Let me start off by saying, I loved this book It started off kind of slow, but that s ok because it s how I like my books Once the story really got going, I couldn t put it down The characters were great I especially liked how things played out with Jenny If you re looking for an adventurous, sweet romance, then this is the book for you I definitely recommend this book

    3. 4.25 4.5 STARSA Star to Steer Her By is a breath of fresh air I absolutely fell in love with this book It swept me away with the very first page Set in the Caribbean aboard a schooner for a semester at sea, Ari s on the trip in hopes of rediscovering what she once loved Tristan is a deckhand and the captain s son with his own burden to shoulder Students and crew are forbidden fruit to one another, but the closer Ari and Tristan grow the harder it is to deny and fight the connection they share Ar [...]

    4. After reading this book, I totally wouldn t mind spending some time at sea I ll be totally honest, when I first picked up this book, I wasn t 100% sure about it I ve never read anything by this author before, but the cover looked amazing and the synopsis sounded so good, I just had to pick it up and give it a chance And let me tell you, I am so glad I did From the moment I picked up this book, I was pulled into Tristan and Ari s story Ari had a love of the sea, but an injury had her questioning [...]

    5. I kind of wish there were books coming out about the ocean, I mean sure there are books that take place in a tropical setting, and that s nice and everything, but in the book the ocean is basically a character on its own, and I loved it I spent a significant amount of time when I was growing up on an island, and my parents favorite form of family vacations was cruise ships, so it was really easy for me to fall in love with this book And I have to say I m pretty jealous of Ari and the experience [...]

    6. After a traumatic incident Ari has become afraid of the sea, which is inconvenient because she s been approved for her dream program, a semester at sea It used to be her ultimate goal to spend ten weeks studying the water and animals, learning to navigate a boat and witnessing the abundance of beauty nature has to offer Now she s scared instead, but she s determined to make the best of it and maybe she ll be able to conquer her fears and rediscover her love for the sea.Being on a ship comes with [...]

    7. I voluntarily received a copy of A Star to Steer her by off NetGalley The premise behind the story intrigued me even though I tend to avoid New Adult The story is solid but tends to get bogged down with descriptions of the workings of ship Which I understand but having never sailed, even with all the descriptions I just couldn t get a clear picture in my mind many times of what Miller was trying to convey I found myself looking up different terms so I could see the images This slowed the reading [...]

    8. Full disclosure I know and like , the author The plot exceeds the usual romance fare in some enjoyable ways it takes place aboard a schooner I like boats and sailing , the young women have friendships that develop and are unrelated to competing over guys, and the heroine while trying to heal from a dangerous diving accident , isn t a Mary Sue who has no idea she s good looking oh golly gee why would a guy be into little old me Plus the hero is hot and not a jerk There s still tension, and I was [...]

    9. My TBR pile breaks up into a few different categories favorite authors, books with a lot of buzz, recs from friends, research material for my own writing, and books by authors I know somehow often through writer organizations or publishing industry connections A STAR TO STEER HER BY falls in that last category I picked up this book when I was needing a mental health break, on like our 2,430th straight day of rain I sat next to our fireplace curled up in a shawl and read it in two days To be clea [...]

    10. I loved it It s about getting over one s fears After her accident, Ari has been afraid of the sea She has always wanted to be a marine biologist and she simply cannot give up on her dreams, So she decides to spend one semester at sea any way May be she won t be able to get over her fear but at least she will have given it her best shot So for her a trip aboard Meg is not about credit hours, or something to add to her resume, it s than that And it is important to her.Tristan has to fight demons [...]

    11. f nas l s k ld m anlatamam Ka g nd r bitirmeye al yorum, adeta okuma zevkimi yok etti Neden bu puan alm anlamad m hatta Konu ilgin ti, niversitedeki bir k z bir d nem i in gemiyle yolculu a k yor Tayfal n t m eylerini renecek, bu s rada deniz biyolojisi okuduklar ndan gemide ders bile alacaklar Ben buradan g zel bir eyler kar dedim ama malesef vasat bir young adult roman ndan ba ka bir ey alamad m A r s k ld m, zellikle ikiz karde ine olan tavr ok sa mayd kim ne derse desin Ergen triplerini uzun [...]

    12. Welp, now I want to go to sea Gorgeous book that will make you want to run away on a schooner and sail the world Tristan and Ari are adorable, but the real love story here is me falling head over heels for the Meg swoon.

    13. I loved the unique setting for this novel The title alone reminded me of a line from a poem I first read nearly forty years ago was a wonderful surprise to find that the very same poem is referenced in this wonderful story.

    14. Ari has applied for a Semester at Sea from Marine Classroom She is crazy about the sea and diving And she gets an acceptance letter She should be thrilled, but during the waiting period she has been in a terrible accident shark and she has doubts she will be able to dive again.This is a book about overcoming your fears and facing them Heads on And finding love as well, as Ari falls in love with the son of the Captain, Tristan I really loved this book Ari is a great heroine and Tristan helps her [...]

    15. I ve been looking forward to reading A Star to Steer her since the minute the cover and book jacket description were released This book has all the elements of book crack for me forbidden love, unique settings and micro cultures, and heart melting new adult romance.The one of a kind setting and micro culture here is a semester at sea program on tall ship in the Caribbean where the characters frequently go scuba diving This particular setting was double strong book crack for me because I would ha [...]

    16. I absolutely love the ocean If I could live in on the water, I would I knew that I had to get my hands on this book after reading the blurb Plus, that cover So beautiful With a forbidden romance, the sea, and a mix of possible suspense mystery I couldn t dive in fast enough The story started off a bit slow for me but once it took off I had a hard time putting it down Overcoming your fears can be one of the most challenging parts of life Many NA novels have this as the center of the story It was [...]

    17. I felt like I was on the Meg with Ari, learning to sail, getting sick with her, conquering her fears, and falling in love I adored this novel

    18. Sharon Fisher recommended this book to me I ordered it, and read it, that same day I adore sailing, and so this was a fun read for me

    19. I have received this book as an ARC in exchange for an honest review.Sometimes you will get a hold of an amazing book that takes you places This book will do just that as you travel with Ari and the reason of the crew around the Caribbean Islands and learn to sail Ari s tale on full of tragedy and heartbreak with an accident that could have ended her life This accident has disrupted her life along with her relationship with the person she is closes to, her twin.As she boarded The Meg, she had tr [...]

    20. You can also read this review as part of the blog tour on Scoundrels Seduction3.75 stars I wasn t sure quite what to expect from this book being honest It sounded engaging, so while the first pages didn t suck me in completely, I soon found myself falling in love with the characters and the whole sailing experience It felt like catching a glimpse of a world the sailing one but didn t overwhelm me with technical details I enjoyed how the sailing trip was portrayed as this magical experience, but [...]

    21. 3.5 Stars This story is Ariana s journey as she conquers her fears and returns to her greatest lovediving Six months ago, while diving with her twin brother, Josh, Ari was severely injured Since then, she hasn t been able to return to the water, but as she wants to be a marine biologist, and she s always felt at home in the water, she knows she needs to start moving forward When the Semester at Sea program begins taking applications, Ari sends hers in It s for two and a half months and she, alon [...]

    22. The author s experience at sea on tall ships, diving and sailing, enhances and elevates this New Adult story of self discovery and romance.Protagonist Ari must face her fears so she can move forward with her life But the trauma she suffered is deep and not easily put behind her.Enter Tristan and the voyage of a lifetime.Ari soon discovers her voyage is not just on the sea, but within herself Buy A Star to Steer Her By and take a romantic, moving journey with Ari and Tristan.

    23. A definite homerun This book had everything I could have wanted The growth for basically every character was wonderful, not least of all Ari and Tristan The slow burn my favorite type of Romance was a sizzle to an inferno, engulfing me in the best way The deepening of their relationship was perfectly done, slowly unveiling the sadnesses they both hid just under the surface endearing them to me.The friendships that developed with Kevin and Jenny were a great addition, and I really enjoyed the bit [...]

    24. Ari has been accepted into a semester at sea program, the only problem is that Ari is recovering from a shark attack that happened 6 months ago Not only was her body affected, but also her mind Her relationship with her twin brother has not recovered from the accident because they both believe he was the cause of Ari s accident She almost turned down the opportunity to sail from the Caribbean to New York numerous times, but ultimately she decides to go for it She is of course, cautious of the wa [...]

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