The Big F By Maggie Ann Martin,

  • Title: The Big F
  • Author: Maggie Ann Martin
  • ISBN: 9781250123213
  • Page: 422
  • Format: Paperback
  • Danielle effed up Big time.Danielle s plans for the future were all figured out until she failed senior English and her single college acceptance was rescinded Determined to get her life back on track, Danielle enrolls in her hometown community college with a plan pass English and get back into Ohio State and her mother s good graces Romance isn t on her radar unDanielle effed up Big time.Danielle s plans for the future were all figured out until she failed senior English and her single college acceptance was rescinded Determined to get her life back on track, Danielle enrolls in her hometown community college with a plan pass English and get back into Ohio State and her mother s good graces Romance isn t on her radar until she reconnects with her childhood crush and golden boy next door, Luke.Between family drama, first love and finding her own way, Danielle can t help but feel a little overwhelmed Thankfully she has her friendship with the snarky and frustratingly attractive Porter, her coworker at the campus bookstore, to push her to experience new things and help keep her afloat One thing s for sure This time, failure s not an option.
    The Big F Danielle effed up Big time Danielle s plans for the future were all figured out until she failed senior English and her single college acceptance was rescinded Determined to get her life back on track

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    1. ARC from Macmillan Children s Publishing Group Swoon Reads and Netgalley for a fair review Being lost, being without the plan I d armed myself with my entire life, got me out of my comfort zone in ways that challenged me and forced me to grow as a person Maggie Ann Martin debut I dub thee for fans of Kasie West and Morgan Matson.The Big F by Maggie Ann Martin was a breath of fresh air in the YA contemporary category Instead of a story about a 16 year old falling for that one guy that sweeps her [...]

    2. This was such a quick and easy read it s literally SO easy to binge read and it was very uplifting and entertaining The Big F is about Danielle who was supposed to go to Ohio s university after graduation but she got her acceptance revoked because she failed her English class She has failed her mother s expectations but instead of letting that bring her down, she turns her whole life upside down and proves to everybody that she is still able to have fun and be happy with what she s doing even if [...]

    3. The Big F was the easiest, quickest and most satisfying read I ve had in awhile It was pure sugar and sweetness, but it featured some really valuable insight into growing up early adulthood that admittedly made me tear up a little.Danielle really resonated with me primarily because she and I are super similar, mostly in the sense that I go to college in my hometown and live with my parents But there were other similarities in that she got a job at a bookstore like I did, has a younger brother li [...]

    4. I enjoyed this book so much than I was anticipating I would Seriously I m positive it s now up in my top ten favorite YA contemporaries now It s not supposed to be easy to decide what makes life worth living, especially when you have so many things to live for now Dani is a character everyone will be able to relate to on a certain level, whether you re still in your teens and unsure of your future or even if you re an adult that s at a crossroad in your life She messed up big time failing a cla [...]

    5. When Danielle doesn t get into the college of her dreams, she considers herself a failure She enrolls in the local community college, hoping to transfer out as soon as she can But plans change First, she reunites with Luke, her childhood crush Then, she gets a job at the bookstore and meets Porter, who happens to be Luke s roommate Finally, she gets an internship with a conservationist organization and discovers her true passion Meanwhile, she struggles to connect with her mother and clashes wit [...]

    6. I received a copy of this book because I m part of the blog tour for it did not change my review opinion at all for this book This year I participated in Book Madness, which was basically March Madness except with book characters It was a tonnnnnn of fun, and it was put on by Maggie Ann Martin, who was so incredibly kind and awesome So when I found out her book was coming out later on in the year and also this adorable sounding contemporary, I knew I had to read it And it turned out quite good I [...]

    7. Three things I loved about THE BIG F 1 Bridges the YA NA gap The Big F has the same light, hopeful feel of a lot of my favorite YAs, but its MC, Danielle, is trudging through her first year of community college It s nice to see this stage featured in a book.2 Dynamic characterizations From Danielle, to her younger brother, to her best friend, to potential love interests Luke and Porter, Maggie Ann Martin s characters leap off the page.3 Excellent voice I can totally see myself hanging out with D [...]

    8. The Big F is a light and fun story with the occasional cutes and swoons It has its frustrating moments but the focus on family and friendship were solid.Danielle s relationship with her family was a big part The Big F Her closeness with her brother was one of my favourite thing They got along so well and were there for each other during the bad and good times Danielle s mother on the other hand I hated her A lot Most of the time I felt she was being unfair to her daughter They never got into any [...]

    9. You can see this full review and at Book Briefs bookbriefs The Big F is author Maggie Ann Martin s debut novel, and I have to say, I loved it The Big F is a young adult contemporary romance that is sure to put a smile on your face This book gave me major Kasie West vibesobviously in a great way I honestly enjoyed everything about this book Right from the moment I picked it up, to the very last page, I had a great time reading The Big F Can we also talk about the awesome cover for a moment I lov [...]

    10. what a charming, happy, fun, perfect summer read I love that the characters are all perfectly flawed, lovable, and contradictory, just like real people they have conflicts and inside jokes, complicated relationships and feelings I cried twice, too thanks Maggie Ann Martin for exactly the kind of book I needed to read this week team Porter from day one coming back to say a few months later, I actually like this book better than ever because it stuck with me I just really like how believable Danie [...]

    11. The Big F will have you laughing and wanting Maggie Ann Martin writes with such a voice that is distinctly her own I recommend this to anyone looking for a 21st century coming of age novel The Big F reflects the important things in life love, friendship, and comedic timing.

    12. I devoured this book it s such a perfect combo of fun and gut feels Danielle is such an easy character to root for

    13. The Big F is an intriguing story about a recent high school grad trying to find her way in the complicated maze called her future It s too easy to become caught up in following the straight and narrow road of everyone s expectations Then what happens if someone throws a roadblock in the way of that one narrow path Life happens I really enjoyed accompanying Danielle in her attempt to push through the bushes in her off road excursion to find another route, balancing relationships and challenges al [...]

    14. Danielle s mother has a clear plan for her daughter and that includes the college she went to herself She helps every other student in the area to get into the college of their choice, but her own child failed an important class and therefore her admission is rescinded Danielle has a big problem, she doesn t only have to come up with a new strategy for her future, she will also disappoint her mother Danielle is determined to solve her own issues and enrolls in her hometown community college to p [...]

    15. This book was the most pleasant surprise I flew through this and enjoyed every second Dani Cavanaugh s future is up in the air after failing high school AP English and having her acceptance revoked from Ohio State University Romance is the last thing on her mind all she cares about is attending the local community college to get her grades up, so she can transfer to Ohio State ASAP Then her childhood crush, Luke, comes back into her life, throwing her for a loop And she finds herself working at [...]

    16. The debut book by Maggie Ann Martin brought me back to the time I was 18 or 19 years old like no other book has It s story about a girl whose carefully constructed life falls apart because of the choices she s made and has to learn to navigate the uncharted future before her and she does it with maturity, snarkiness, and a little humor thrown in for good measure She soon realizes how to stand up on her own, make her own decisions, and accept the consequences of whatever choices she makes.It s an [...]

    17. Content warnings view spoiler teen alcohol use, character feels pressured to have sex hide spoiler This review was originally posted on my blog.The Big F is a book that I ve had my eye on for awhile It sounded like a great story when I first heard about it and then I started seeing quite a few positive reviews for it which made me even interested in it I m really happy that I was able to participate in the blog tour because I ended up thoroughly enjoying The Big F when I read it.You can probabl [...]

    18. I was sent this book by the author All opinions are my own.Danielle has had her college plans all set for her She would be going to Ohio State That s what she thinks until the day she gets a letter saying her application has been revoked due to failing her AP English class Danielle is mortified and so, she keeps this a secret for as long as she can.Until one big dinner with her parents, and cousin she is enemies withe truth comes out This puts Danielle and her mother on rocky terms Her mother, a [...]

    19. 4.5 Out Of 5 Stars Danielle had her life all figured out, but when she failed her English class, she was declined from her dream school, which just so happened to be the only school she applied to Dreading telling her parents, she waits until her cousin aka enemy forces her hand and she spills the truth Deciding to take her floundering future into her own hands, Danielle enrolls in the local community college where she learns lessons on how to grow up, what she wants out of life and who she real [...]

    20. A perfect coming of age YA story, reminiscent of the books I read as a teen, focusing on family, friends, and love Delightfully charming and witty.

    21. WOW WOW WOWI loved this so much I was not sure what to expect going in I thought we would be following a downward spiral of Danielle but what I got was so much better This was such a great coming of age story I loved watching Danielle grow into the person she wanted to be Learning to trust herself and not bend to the whims of others.The male leads where amazing They both had different things going for them Luke with his connection to her past He also trying to figure out who is in this world Alo [...]

    22. I absolutely adore this book Danielle is likable and so SO relatable Porter is definitely one of my top book boyfriends It was a quick, fun, and funny read.

    23. I don t know how Maggie Martin managed to capture every feeling I ve ever had as an 18 year old, but she did From the inner awkward thoughts we manage to filter, the horribly embarrassing things that still manage to sneak through, the frustrations with parents, to finally the insecurities we have with just life in general.Maggie manages to capture the beginning of adulthood due to the very relatable main character, Danielle She has all of these relatable thoughts and a hilarious humor that had m [...]

    24. After Danielle fails a class, her acceptance to Ohio State is rescinded She begins classes at community college, encountering her old neighbor and first crush Luke They begin dating, but his roommate Porter has a crush on Danielle and she might just like him back.When Maggie Ann Martin wrote THE BIG F, I bet she didn t think the F word I d think of would be Forgettable I enjoyed Danielle s journey to discover her passion much than the romance.I can t put my finger on anything specifically terri [...]

    25. I had so much fun with this book It s a beautifully complex love story but it also has so many pieces and characters to love I read this book in a few hours and honestly couldn t put it down Definitely check it out when it comes out in August

    26. 5 Big Fantastic StarsOHMAHGOSH this book I breezed through this one in less than 24 hours and absolutely loved every moment The Big F by Maggie Ann Martin is such a heartwarming story about self discovery, family, friendship, and love It s completely adorable, sweet, and just the perfect summer read that will leave a smile on your face.The romance in this book so stinkin cute and I could not get enough There s plenty of sweet moments, spine tingling kisses, and boy drama to last your for days Al [...]

    27. I was able to read The Big F in exchange for an honest review via NetGalley.I overall greatly enjoyed reading The Big F There were many aspects that made this a solid read o me The first aspect that I liked was how Danielle was going through her first year of college This allowed The Big F to straddle the line between YA and NA, which was cool to see It s post high, but not quite New Adult At first, the boy next door trope was annoying, but then it really ultimately ended up being a launchpad fo [...]

    28. Say hello to one of my fav book this year The Big F by Maggie Ann Martin I finished this book in one sitting last Sunday I love everything about this book the cover, the writing, the plot and the characters The book made me happy and left wanting I really recommended you to add it on your TBR The Big F will be released on 29th August 2017 Thank you Macmillankidsbooks, Swoonreads, and Netgalley for giving me e ARC

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