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The Staff and the Blade By Elizabeth Hunter,

  • Title: The Staff and the Blade
  • Author: Elizabeth Hunter
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 228
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Lovers Warriors Enemies Legends Damien and Sari Their union became pivotal in Irin history But to understand their ending, you must go back to the beginning A young singer and a hardened warrior meet and mate, but their life is torn apart by violence, betrayal, and grief Yet no matter how much pain and anger stain their lives, bonds in the Irin race cannot be abandLovers Warriors Enemies Legends Damien and Sari Their union became pivotal in Irin history But to understand their ending, you must go back to the beginning A young singer and a hardened warrior meet and mate, but their life is torn apart by violence, betrayal, and grief Yet no matter how much pain and anger stain their lives, bonds in the Irin race cannot be abandoned Damien and Sari will never truly leave each other, because those who are destined cannot be ignored The Staff and the Blade is a novel in four parts It is the fourth book in the Irin Chronicles She hates me as she loves me Wholly and completely Sari never does anything by halves.
    The Staff and the Blade Lovers Warriors Enemies Legends Damien and Sari Their union became pivotal in Irin history But to understand their ending you must go back to the beginning A young singer and a hardened warrior meet

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    1. First time in Kindle Unlimited So excited to announce that the entire Irin Chronicles series is in Kindle Unlimited for the next few months I don t put much in KU, so if you re a KU reader, grab it while you can amzn 2aHGk17The Staff and the Blade is now LIVE I hope you grab your copy and enjoy Damien and Sari s story and the continuation of the Irin Chronicles world It s a look at the past and a giant step into the future I ll also be turning on the Ask the Author feature on my dashboard now So [...]

    2. Well let me start by disagreeing with the line in the synopsis that says The Staff and the Blade is a four part stand alone book I cannot see anyone really enjoying this book to its fullest without a lot of prior knowledge from previous books in this series Since the last book was a bit over a year ago I had to move some brain cells around to remember certain things and the action skips over events that took place in previous books so I do not see this book as any type of stand alone other than [...]

    3. Like all the books in the series, simply Amazing I ve had this one tucked away on my Kindlewaiting to savor it like a fine wine And like all the others, I loved it These stories always challenge my heart, soul, and mind I m left with a feeling of fullness, contentment, and alwaysa longing for Beautifully done, Elizabeth Hunter A Page Burning Must Read

    4. Someday you will love a man, and the fire of it will be a violent, dangerous thing If memory serves me well, this is a forth book by Elizabeth Hunter I ve rated so high, and it was exquisite, one of her finest.Damien and Sari s story takes place over hundreds of years, so this book is rightfully split into four parts.DREAMS describes young Sari meeting and falling for Damien, it s romantic and lighthearted, sweet and lovely GHOSTS strains the depth of their feelings for each other and it s heart [...]

    5. I am going to TRY convey how amazing this book is.Our journey spans from Orkney to London to Norway to Istanbul and Prague It was so exciting experiencing these different parts of the world An upbeat book with fast paced action not once did the book come across as being dull A world created that is beautiful and wild but filled with violence and danger.I was intrigued by Sari and Damien and the palpable feelings they had for one another when I read about them in book three, if I remember correct [...]

    6. Beautifully written Ms Hunter surprised me again with yet another fascinating story I honestly wasn t looking forward to this novel as much i know, Irin Chronicles is probably my least favorite series of hers , but as soon as I started reading I was truly captivated by Sari and Damien s journey The last installment was reminiscent of Deborah Harkness s Shadow of Night one of my personal favorites , so I couldn t help but devour this The Staff and the Blade novel Grand love, epic battles, gorgeou [...]

    7. We all want someone to love us when we re difficult to love.We want someone who stands by us when no matter what we do, what we say How far we go.Damien and Sari have lived through the absolute worst life can throw at us They have seen loved ones lost, their families ripped asunder, and their very world fracture.And yet love remains.There are few contemporary authors that have the ability to not only sweep us into a story, but into a world we could believe exists congruently outside our doors I [...]

    8. Good bookReally good read to continue the series can t wait for the next boo this year I really like these books

    9. 4 stars After I read the first trilogy of Irin Chronicles The Scribe, The Singer and The Secret , didn t take me too long to read the next, The Staff and the Blade Despite the description that said its consist of 4 stand alone novella, The Staff and The Blade can t be read as a stand alone Since the MCs, Damien and Sari are important characters, their story told in the first three book, and this book will explain their background story From the first they met, how they become estranged couple an [...]

    10. Disclosure ARC received from the author in exchange for a honest review Review originally featured on Wicked Scribes A hauntingly beautiful tale of love, suffering, sacrifice, and ultimately forgiveness that spans centuries.Ever since Sari and Damien did battle in a meadow in The Singer and Damien held back some so that Sari could vent her rage on him, I have been dying to read their story As they both appear as important secondary characters in Malachi and Ava s story it is strongly recommended [...]

    11. I just love this series I love the characters and the world they inhabit And this entry in the series does not disappoint Taking a different approach than the first 3 books, this book jumps back in time to the beginning of the relationship between 2 secondary characters from the series Diving deeply into the themes of grief and forgiveness, this book paints a relationship over the long term There is certainly romance and politics and other themes common from the entire series But this book is so [...]

    12. 4 stars I really liked it From the previous Irin books we ve seen Damien and Sari and already know that theirs was not an easy mating they are mates and connected but not always together Here their story is told in four books Dream, Ghosts, Memories, Visions The Staff and the Blade starts hundreds of years before the Irin trilogy The Scribe, The Singer, and the Secret and continues afterwards, with Memories and Visions overlapping the The Singer and the Secret just a bit At the start of the Staf [...]

    13. Audiobook ebook review The Staff and The Blade is Damien and Sari s story The book takes you back to the beginning of their relationship, the reason for their separation and hurt feelings, through Ava s meeting the fabled Irina, and Damien s family The story is an extraordinary tale of guilt, love, happiness, battles, pain, revenge, and joy The characters are believable You ll laugh and cry Jay Britton did a good job I turned the speed of the audiobook to 1.25x since the pauses between each sent [...]

    14. First let me say, I was given an ARC of The Staff and the Blade for an honest review.I m not actually sure where to begin with this review I am a huge fan of all things Elizabeth Hunter, so when I got a chance to get my hands on this book I was over the moon To begin, this is the fourth book in the Irin Chronicles series and it is a massive book, that only made me happier as I can t get enough of devouring her words This is Damien and Sari s story A while ago Ms Hunter sent out an email about wa [...]

    15. I have loved this series Absolutely loved it The very idea of soul who are actually adept at clearly identifying their soul mates is incredibly romantic My heart literally squeezes in my chest when I read how each of these couples discover one another This particular installment contained the history of the remarkable relationship of two of the most fascinating characters, Damien and Sari As the Watcher, Damien has served as the leader of our Irin characters Sari has taken the role of l [...]

    16. I received an ARC for review courtesy of the author This is an honest, unpaid review and my opinions are my own In order to know where you re going, you ve got to understand where you ve been I m not sure if this is a direct quote that I ve heard before, or if I just made it up, but regardless, it s very fitting for The Staff and the Blade Damien and Sari sigh Throughout the Irin Chronicles series, we ve heard bits and pieces of their union and how essential it was in Irin history We ve read how [...]

    17. I was anxious to read the story of Sari and Damien I didn t know how the story would play out but of course Mrs Hunter played it beautifully I love the way the story started before they knew each other How they slowly got to know each other How their love became explosive once they did I m happy that we get to meet Tala and her mate Alexandr How we live through their story too How important they truly were to the story line and how the death of Tala is deeply felt by both Sari and Damien With mo [...]

    18. I loved this book The series is phenomenal It is an epic story of love, angst, tragedy and triumph told over a period of hundreds of years In my humble opinion only, I do not feel it is a stand alone book as it is marketed to be It is the fourth story in The Irin Chronicles I think it is advantageous to read one through three before reading The Staff and The Blade Damien and Sari both are in the first three books and you get some good hints as to what happens to them But, this world is complex a [...]

    19. The Staff and the Blade is book four in the Irin Chronicles Series and, in my opinion, is the best one so far It is an epic story of war, magic, love and pain that spans different worlds and several centuries The Staff and the Blade comes in four parts and is not necessarily an easy book to read You should expect pain and violence, but also a love so strong that survives all obstacles It is cleverly inter weaved with the previous three books but can be perfectly read as a stand alone story thoug [...]

    20. Love, love, LOVED this book I really appreciate seeing the arc of Damien and Sari s love story that spans from before the other Irin books, through them, and past them so far Divided into four parts, I loved each section for different reasons, and really enjoyed seeing the Irin history through a new perspective If you haven t read the other three Irin books yet, that is certainly where you should start I don t think this book is intended to be read before the others or slipped into the overall I [...]

    21. Oh never disappoint While some parts of this book were almost too painful to readSari and Damien s story was so intense, and beautiful I loved how Elizabeth wove all of the other characters into this book as wellopening the door for future stories to be told Like most avid readers, there are several authors on my short listElizabeth is at the top I honestly feel as if she shares a part of herself with every new book Thank you

    22. I received an ARC for an honest review And honestly, I LOVED it Another amazing installment of the Irin Chronicles by Elizabeth Hunter The metaphorical cup that is the Staff The Blade is overflowing into the saucer with fire and passion The journey to love for Damien and Sari held me captive from beginning to end No surprise that it was an effortless read It s Elizabeth Hunter, after all.

    23. One of the bestThis book by Elizabeth Hunter is one of her best It filled in a lot of gaps that were missing from her Scribe books It filled in a number of missing pieces and it went beyond the other ones She fid a very good job of linking all of the jumps through history I really enjoyed this book You should totally read it if you liked her Scribe books.

    24. I can t say anything that I haven t said about Elizabeth s books before Amazing Breathtaking So much passion and love that I had to stretch my reading out then usual I hurt with Sari and Damien The strength is amazing.

    25. I never thought i would like a paranormal series but I love this one It s about the relationship between characters then the paranormal aspect of the book.

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