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Latecomers By Anita Brookner,

  • Title: Latecomers
  • Author: Anita Brookner
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 350
  • Format: Audible Audio
  • A novel about the 50 year friendship of two dissimilar German refugees brought over to England as children from Nazi Germany Their friendship becomes a funny yet touching model for the ways in which human beings come to terms with the tragedy of living.Narrated by Andrew SachsLength 7 hrs and 17 mins
    Latecomers A novel about the year friendship of two dissimilar German refugees brought over to England as children from Nazi Germany Their friendship becomes a funny yet touching model for the ways in which h

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    1. Hartmann and Fibich come to England as children before the Second World War on the historic kindertransport They are in every sense of the phrase displaced persons, and remain so all their lives They meet and bond with each other in a wretched boarding school In London they spend their childhood and adolescent years with Hartmann s Aunt Marie, before moving on to lives as successful businessmen, though their business is a frivolous one, low brow greeting cards at one point, that neither takes se [...]

    2. This really is a compassionate beautiful book which will touch your heart It s central themes are of how to live with a troubled past, friendship, marriage, parenthood and accepting the aging process The potential for it to present these in a sickly manner is immense and yet is totally avoided here The faults and qualities of each character are explored in a manner which makes each of them seem totally real For a novel of only moderate length emotions and events are covered with a delicate and c [...]

    3. I don t know why the following killer two sentences moved me so much that I was prepared to lose my position on a jam packed commuter train just so I could find a pencil from my bag and underline it, but it did, and here it is I look tired, Yvette said with some surprise, scanning her face under the cruel lighting Not tired, thought Chrstine it is serious than that.

    4. Latecomers sounded like a joyful anomaly in Anita Brookner s work, which I have come to view as a series of incredibly similar novels, following, as she does, largely female characters with the same traits, and problems in their usually domestic based lives Published in 1988, Latecomers was inspired by the Kindertransport, which evacuated Jewish children from Germany to Britain during the Second World War.Helen Dun has written a lovely introduction to the volume, in which she calls Latecomers a [...]

    5. I wanted to read this after reading a recent Guardian article on Brookner s novels other than the Booker winner Hotel du Lac, which was the only one I had read This is a poised and reflective study of memory, loss and how different people handle it At its centre are Hartmann and Fibich, lifelong friends and business partners who met as schoolboy refugees from Germany in the Kindertransports Brookner contrasts the voluptuary Hartmann with the haunted brooding Fibich, and gets inside the minds of [...]

    6. This is my fourth Brookner and it won t be my last There s been no logic to my selection, just whatever one happens to come my way, and it s pretty easy to see why those who like her really like her but also why her detractors accuse her of simply writing the same book over and over Her palate is not a broad one and you can think of her as limited or you can call her a specialist I m not sure at this stage in her life either description would worry her because this is what she s done and you can [...]

    7. A while ago I was perusing the book shelves which I straighten out when I go there of the stuff trailer at our local transfer station dump and spied a veritable pile of Anita Brookners eight in all I d vaguely heard of her so I took them home rescued really, as they throw all the books away when there are too many of them They ve sat on my bookshelves unread until now I ve been reading R Russo s memoir Elsewhere and he mentions AB several times Apparently he recommends her writing, so here I go [...]

    8. There are so many new words in any Brookner book that I feel that I should take the SATs after reading one Such as Fingerspitzengef hl is a German term, literally meaning finger tips feeling and meaning intuitive flair or instinct.Voluptuary definition, a person whose life is devoted to the pursuit and enjoyment of luxury and sensual pleasure.Brookner s books are very dense and focus on the characters than plot In this case, two boys come to England from Germany one adapts easily to his new hom [...]

    9. 1988.Bravo How does Brookner do it In so few lines she shows you a character, a personality, a relationship.This is not a one main character novel You get two men, their two wives, the two children, all at various ages Plus some great walk on parts by Yvette s elderly French mother, the window washer, a girlfriend of the sonBrilliant theme one of several to contrast the two couples emotional responses to their children each couple feeling much at home with the other couple s child Hits home for [...]

    10. Story of friends and business partners who first met at school in England as refugees from Germany, though like many of her books, if she didn t say when it was set, you probably wouldn t guess Fibitch and Hartman are very different in personality and how they cope with loss and trauma from their childhoods, and indeed the troubles that come afterwards in their outwardly successful lives, but they have an intense friendship that lasts throughout their lives, so that each is closer to some member [...]

    11. I really enjoyed the characterization character study nature of it I thought there was some unevenness in depiction, however and I would have liked a bit understanding of Toto He didn t feel real or well done individually or in his relationships with his parents At times Brookner almost seems to suggest him as sociopathic and none of that fit the rest of the novel That disconnection is what pushed this down from a 4 or possibly to a 3 for me Hartmann and Fibich s friendship is just heartwarmin [...]

    12. As Holocaust novels go, Latecomers stands on its own, addressing as it does two successful British entrepreneurs who escaped as mostly unaware children The deeper of the two is haunted the other, shallow and vain A bromance of sorts, Anita Brookner s novel is, like many of her works, about half realized lives, and as such, a cautionary tale that also elicits our sympathies for people we wish were a little bit braver.

    13. When I read one of Brookner s novels its like hearing the life story of a close friend of the family Lovely gems, all.

    14. Two family portraits Brookner upbeat for once, a delight.The book is about two Kindertransport children, Hartman and Fibitch It slowly expands to cover their wives and their children There is the usual Brooknerian lack of a plot Mostly we read about their thoughts and motivations, and anything that does happen is entirely banal and serves only to reveal some hitherto unexplored psychological angle Hartman is vivacious and carefree, Fibitch anxious and submissive Each marries a woman similar to h [...]

    15. Anita Brookner was an enigma She s such a fine stylist that you almost forgive her anything, and her novels are always well honed but at the end of most one has a sense that she has said that before, and maybe better Latecomers is another such novel that she produced at the rate of one every year or so, all the way until her death It s a permutation of her perennial theme of loneliness, of two Jewish males who settled from Germany to Britain, here interweaved with the Holocaust even though perip [...]

    16. A slow story told in a very ordinary manner, somehow cramming 50 60 years of two men s lives into 200 pages and those of their wives and children Hartmann and Fibich s lives get off to a tragic start and as they age, each deals with it in a different way The style reminded me a little of Stoner by John Williams I could see why someone might think it was boring, but I found it sort of comforting Although there are sad moments throughout the book, chapter 13 the climax made me feel things unsurpri [...]

    17. Brilliant, as everything she wrote was brilliant Brookner captures with the precision of an etching the ways that a difficult start in the world can reverberate into adulthood and also explores with subtlety the many consolations of friendship.

    18. Although nothing monumental happens in this novel it is a beautiful read about 2 childhood boys who were thrown together and their subsequent friendship which lasts for a lifetime

    19. How Not To Live A Late Middle Aged LifeThe novel s four main characters are late middle aged persons Hartman takes life too lightly, Hartmann is anxious and loaded with confidence problems Hartman s wife is frivolous like he is, Fibich s wife is insecure and anxious like he is The Hartmanns breed a docile and dutiful dull daughter while the Fibichs breed a bold and beautiful boy who becomes a sucesful actor Fibich takes a trip alone to Berlin born in Germany which leaves him in a state of anxiou [...]

    20. A wonderful book The first sentence in fact the whole first paragraph is a masterpiece of description How often is someone described as a voluptuary these days, perfect All the characters are well drawn And immensely likeable with the possible exception of the ghastly Roger Always melancholy and poignant common to her writing generally I think , yet with optimism and written with such lightness of touch Although only 200 pages it took me quite a while to read because every word counts, and it ne [...]

    21. I ve found a new author, and she s prolific Will she maintain my interest and the standard I enjoyed so much in Latecomers I intend to find out Hartmann, a voluptuary, lowered a spoonful of brown sugar crystals into his coffee cup, then placed a square of bitter dark chocolate on his tongue, and while it was dissolving, lit his first cigarette Opening sentence Latecomers Anita Brookner Delicious sentence perhaps a voluptuary is an oxymoron Not to nit pick, the rest of the book is as beautiful Th [...]

    22. I liked this book, the plot was clear, and somehow it was the story of a redemption, at least partially successful Unfortunately the vein of melancholy and sadness that goes through it, somehow prevented me from fully enjoying it, maybe it was not the right time to read it.Questo libro mi piaciuto, la storia era ben raccontata ed in qualche modo era la storia di un riscatto, almeno parzialmente riuscito Purtroppo la vena di malinconia e di tristezza che lo attraversa, mi ha in qualche modo imped [...]

    23. Vordergr ndig geht es um zwei M nner, die als Kinder aus Deutschland nach London kamen Auf der Flucht vor den Nazis, die Eltern kamen um Diese Vergangenheit spielt zwar unterschwellig immer wieder eine Rolle, wichtiger aber ist der beschriebene Prozess des lterwerdens, die Ehen der beiden mit den ebenso zentralen Frauen, die Beziehungen zu den Kindern, der historische Kontext, der das Bild von Hausfrauentum und Sexualit t pr gt, ebenso ein gewisses Standesbewusstsein Teilweise sehr melancholisch [...]

    24. Though at the outset Latecomers was promising, it didn t quite live upto my expectation The writing itself is fine times very beautiful and inspiring, but on the whole there is too much repetition of thecharacters personalities It is a relief to read a book of Brookner sthat isn t just about a sad woman, disappointed in love The focus here is on two close men friends of very different temperamentswho become business partnersd about their families.

    25. This is a deep dive character development and slow moving examination of the lives of Thomas Hartmann and Thomas Fibich two German boys sent to England during WWII The novel examines their adult lives, marriages to Yvette Hartmann and Christine Hardy Fibich, and their young adult children Marianne Hartmann and Toto Fibich If you want a novel with action this isn t happening in this book Instead this is a well done examination of the lives of six very closed introverted individuals.

    26. The same terrific effort but I think this is the first Brookner novel I have read where the men, women and male and female children are developed and worked with This story deals with lives of two men who have succeeded in life but whose spirit and inner energy are still very much a product of the life they fled from as children.

    27. have read Anita Brookner before think this is the last of hers that I will read to me this book sounded like a thesis of course there was dialog but stillt enough to suit me maybe I did not understand the story or maybe the story was pointlesst sure, maybe it was just too deep for me.

    28. Good enough read but not a book I would be recommending to others.The prose is excellent and the depictions of the characters are evocativebut no matter how well written it is, at the end of the day a novel needs to tell some kind of a story and alas Latecomers fails to do this.Two old blokes married to two old dames End of.

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