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Saints and Villains By Denise Giardina,

  • Title: Saints and Villains
  • Author: Denise Giardina
  • ISBN: 9780449004272
  • Page: 341
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the charnel house that was Europe in the Second World War, there were few instances of shining moral courage, let along secular sainthood Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the German theologian and Nazi resister was the exception This emblematic figure risked his life and finally lost it through his participation in a failed plot to assassinate Hitler and topple his regime SainIn the charnel house that was Europe in the Second World War, there were few instances of shining moral courage, let along secular sainthood Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the German theologian and Nazi resister was the exception This emblematic figure risked his life and finally lost it through his participation in a failed plot to assassinate Hitler and topple his regime Saints and Villains gives us this exemplary life in a sweeping narrative that is bold in conception and utterly convincing in its power of imaginative reconstruction.
    Saints and Villains In the charnel house that was Europe in the Second World War there were few instances of shining moral courage let along secular sainthood Dietrich Bonhoeffer the German theologian and Nazi resiste

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    1. Oh dear me, I am very glad I read this book It was actually very different from what I expected I think the aspect of the book that was most different from my expectations was also the one that I most appreciated, and that was how un heroic Bonhoeffer s story was Throughout so much of the book it was hard to believe both for me as a reader and it seemed Bonhoeffer as a character that any of the things he was able to do could have actually been a threat to Hitler s life In a way the very incremen [...]

    2. Is this the best book I have ever read about WW2 Maybe so A perfect blend of fact and fiction Fiction can help teach I read sonewhere here on GoodReads a comment that the reader disliked non fiction because it was so boring OMG I believe the total opposite There is no way that authors can dream up what life really throws at us Emotionally, this is not an easy read, but it is impossible to put down You can go on because the author writes of the true to life mixture of horror and beauty If you ope [...]

    3. As recently as two weeks ago I was shaking my head at the inflammatory rhetoric comparing Trump to Hitler And then I started reading this book published in 1999, and therefore in no way attempting to reference current events I would have enjoyed it under any circumstances, as it is fascinating and well written But given the events of the past 12 days in the United States, the narrative was chilling, the section in 1933 especially so I view having read it during these 12 days in particular as an [...]

    4. Wow, what a story Hard to read but important, I am not a huge fan on dwelling on humanity s cruelness but during those times, so much goodness shines through as well The author did a great job of writing it in a compelling story Only 4 stars because the verb tense seemed weird to me, it was hard to put a finger on it also since it is a novel about a real person and events, I kept wondering if this or that really happened I looked up several things to confirm Bonhoeffer is a modern saint but this [...]

    5. Very much enjoyed how this book humanized the legendary Dietrich Bonhoeffer I was challenged and inspired by his story.I was amazed, as well, by the numerous parallels between Hitler s Germany and our current political environment Of course there are significant differences, but with certain passages I had to stop and remind myself that this book was written long before the era of Trump Bonhoeffer shakes his head and decides this new tactic will fail, for how will anyone be able to bear the stal [...]

    6. It s odd to read a novel about a historical person in this century I kept puzzling while I was reading whether, for example, his girlfriend was fictional or real, since I d never heard of her She s fictional but she fills a useful function in a novel I recommend reading the author s note at the end first, if this sort of incongruence is going to bother you I read this book because the book club I belong to in town was reading it and I was dismissive of the idea that I might learn something, but [...]

    7. This is probably one of my very favorites of all times I was first introduced to Denise Giardina through an Appalachian studies class, and learned of her Appalachian writings This is a completely different genre, but she does an excellent job of developing an theologic figure into a three dimensional human being I felt like I could relate, on some level to his struggles to continue to believe Plus, it made me curious to learn about the historical Dietrich Bonhoeffer I ve read it twice, and will [...]

    8. I m currently fascinated with Dietrich Bonhoeffer and have also just finished the Metaxes biography a much better book What I didn t like about this novelization of Bonhoeffer s life is that he comes off as a person who was pushed along by events rather than someone acting out of moral conviction The very point of Bonhoeffer s writings and his death was that he acted out of his Christian moral convictions Giardina did not do him justice.

    9. I entered the fictionalization of the life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer with some trepidation, since he is one of my heroes But Denise Giardina did a fine job with this, evoking the evolution the German pastor went through and his eventual decision to join in a plot to assassinate Hitler, which he paid for with his life Very well done.

    10. This is my all time favorite book about the plight of the jewish people in world war II and Dietrich Bonhoeffer s Chrisian theologian and martyr effort to help overturn the Nazi regime which cost him his life Written as historical fiction, but the main story line is based on fact.

    11. I picked up this book partly because I wanted to read something by Denise Giardina, a renowned West Virginia author I was surprised to find this, inasmuch as I assumed all of her books were about Appalachia But, I have always been intrigued with Dietrich Bonhoeffer, but didn t know much at all about his life, so I picked it up I was hesitant to read this because I realize it was a work of historical fiction, and I do intend to delve into the life of this heroic and brilliant man.With that being [...]

    12. A diary of the birth, the flourishing and collapse.This is no bodice ripper masquerading as historical fiction If you have always wondered what it was like to live in Germany, especially from 1933 1941, as a good person within the Reich, this is a fantastic book At times the writing feels so immediate it s hard to remember it is a piece of fiction For readers not totally immersed in Nazi Germany, it will be helpful to have access to to look up facts, but not it s not required to understand on an [...]

    13. I ve been interested in Dietrich Bonhoeffer for several years and was interested in learning about the man Now that I ve read this novel about his life and times, I m still interested in learning about the man and his work This work definitely describes his life, attitudes and the times ie the German Third Reich.

    14. I find myself wavering about how to rate this book As a believer in non violence I think that despite the hostile spirit in which it is usually raised, the What about Hitler question is not entirely a straw man Although I interpret the ultimate thrust of scripture as one that cannot be reconciled with the kingdoms of this world and their institutionalization of violence through war and other means , I cannot believe Christians are called to anything but radical action in the face of overwhelming [...]

    15. See, the nations count as a drop in the bucket, as a wisp of cloud on the scales the coastlands weigh no than a speck Before him all the nations are as naught, as nothing and void he counts them To whom can you liken God With what likeness can you confront him Isaiah 40 15, 17 18 In her biographical novel, Saints and Villains, Diana Giardina does a masterful job tracing a probable spiritual journey of Dietrich Bonhoeffer beginning with his intellectual study of theology to the awakening of his [...]

    16. 3.5 I really liked the first half of the book depicting Bonhoeffer s early life, his year at Union Theological Seminary in NYC, his time as a pastor in England, and his rejection of the German state church Giardina does a good job of dramatizing the difference between Bonhoeffer and American theologians like Reinhold Niebuhr and of portraying his shock at American racial discrimination Bonhoeffer was an extremely private person, cerebral and emotionally repressed, a man whose interior life was [...]

    17. I m glad I read this The author clearly states that it is an imaginative and fictionalized biography, and I thought I was good with that, really, but as the book went on it bugged me, , I d say, because I don t know the real details.I did very much appreciate the narrative of the war and the events leading up to it, along with the personal perspective and growth of Pastor Bonhoeffer.There was something about Giardina s writing that just didn t jive with me Something about her sentence structure [...]

    18. I learned of how much anti semitism we Americans had during and after WW2I first learned of the boat of German Jews we refused to let dock in the US, and instead sent the whole shipload back to Germany, where most all of the 300 people aboard died in concentration camps anyway.Presbyterian minister Dietrich Bonhoeffer studies in England, Spain, and eventually New York He returned to Germany with the Church s responsibility to participate in social and political debate These ideals, unfortunately [...]

    19. WOW What a story Bonhoeffer stood against the Nazis I often criticise the Germans for their acquiesence to the Nazis But this book shows us that there were Germans who actively opposed the Nazis Those people were, locked up, beaten or shunned So, what do we learn about how a population can keep a person such as Hitler from taking power Maybe we learn that God has invested us with freedom and it is our task to use that freedom responsibly Bonhoeffer wrestled with what action he should take to sto [...]

    20. Denise Giardina introduces the reader to Dietrich Bonhoeffer He is introduced as a common citizen but, becomes a German hero of the Second World War The story is riveting Everything is so easily introduced to the reader that, when the reality of the German situation in WWII comes to light, it seems like a terrible misunderstanding Giardina is so easy with her prose, so genuine that I sometimes ignored the underlying reality until, like Bonhoeffer, it was too late I researched Bonhoeffer after re [...]

    21. Everyone s comments help with the very reason I am struggling with this book is a novel based on fact Why write about the girl friend if she never existed B c this was not just some friend They were intimate and Dietrich couldn t decide whether he wanted to spend his entire life with her All this is possible, but why add that to relationship mix if there is no ounce of truth I wanted to read a book about how Hitler got to be popular with the German people how Germany got to the point it did in e [...]

    22. I could not put this book down It s historical fiction, so I m sure some of what Giardina writes about is sensationalized for the reader, but the atrocities of war and the Nazi regime are just astonishing It was interesting to read about the environment in Germany after World War I which allowed the rise of someone as evil as Hitler Reading about all the pain and suffering was hard, but getting to learn about Dietrich Bonhoeffer made it compelling His struggle with right and wrong, theology and [...]

    23. Denise Giardina has offered an imaginative but well researched take on the life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer Saints and Villains is a novel that goes into Bonhoeffer s thoughts, struggles, and experiences, starting with childhood, including his time in the seminary in New York His interactions with T.S Eliot and George Bell, Bishop of Chichester, are fascinating wish I could have eavesdropped on those conversations I cheated here I listened to it on audio But this is historical fiction at its best I d [...]

    24. I ve wanted to read this for a long time Even though it s fiction, I am interested in stories about courage in the face of danger Dietrich Bonhaeffer modeled an admirable reaction to the Nazis It took awhile,but i finished this book Maybe knowing how it would end slowed me down He made some hard choices I liked the characters, some real,some not, but I now feel the need to read a non fictional account of Bonhaeffer s life It cannot be soon, however, because this was a long book, and I need a bre [...]

    25. Is it fiction Is it biography it s both A fictionalized history of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a Lutheran pastor in Germany during WWII, committed to nonviolence and yet hung for his role in a plot to assassinate Hitler I have read Bonhoeffer s texts and seen movies nothing was as vivid as this book It was tremendously stimulating to be asking myself constantly is this real is this true is this fact what s the difference

    26. A gripping novel about the life of German theologian, Dietrich Bonhoeffer In the 60s I read some Bonhoeffer was impressed with some of his ideas But the novel and there is apparently a fictionalized romance gave me a complete picture of the person Is it necessary to fictionalize such a person I m not sure and think that bothered some of my friends who read it At the same time, it made Bonhoeffer s ideas and work interesting.

    27. I will always love this book because it s the one that brought my wife, a Lutheran pastor, and I together The first time we met we were out for dinner with mutual friends and I mentioned this novel I was reading about Dietrich Bonhoeffer, not knowing what a big deal Bonhoeffer was in Lutheran circles I offered to meet her for coffee and loan her the book, a ruse that eventually worked While I also love the novel for the story it tells, I m grateful for other reasons

    28. Paints a full, fascinating and fictionalized picture of Dietrich Bonhoeffer Somehow I didn t find it as compelling as I had hoped maybe my expectations were too high Or maybe the fictionalization is what didn t quite work for me, as I found myself occasionally distracted by wondering which people and details were factual Though that s not a fault of the book, but of my reading preferences.

    29. This book, too, is about the murders of hundreds of men by Union Carbide in West Virginia in the 1930s It combines that historical narrative with another, fictionalized narrative about the real life theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer In the novel, Bonhoeffer travels to West Virginia he is in the US to attend Union Seminary and witnesses the tunnel diggers deaths Then he returns to Germany and must come to terms with the murder of Jews in the Holocaust.

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