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Zane: The Decrees By Elaine Barris,

  • Title: Zane: The Decrees
  • Author: Elaine Barris
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 430
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • THIS FIRE CANNOT BE QUENCHED London Considering how quickly Zane and I met and then wed, a lot of people thought our relationship wouldn t last a month much less the five years we ve been married We ve proved them all wrong We re still deeply in love with an intimate connection neither of us would ever let go Zane has been ordered to officiate The Decrees, an event thaTHIS FIRE CANNOT BE QUENCHED London Considering how quickly Zane and I met and then wed, a lot of people thought our relationship wouldn t last a month much less the five years we ve been married We ve proved them all wrong We re still deeply in love with an intimate connection neither of us would ever let go Zane has been ordered to officiate The Decrees, an event that happens once every ten years He will be holding court over vampires who have committed various wrongs, and judging them I thought vampires had no laws, but learned there is a movement by some elders to create a way for vampires to stop killing each other over a disagreement I m not so sure if that s an accurate description since the past events had been violent, and murderous things I d be lying if I said I wasn t scared, but I m determined to stay with Zane and support him through this Zane, confident and cocky as ever, seemed to be taking it all in stride He told me what he would do if his judgement was challenged by any of the attendees I would kill them the moment they opened their mouth against my ruling No discussion No mercy His voice had been incredibly low, and chills ran over my skin He was deadly serious, and I knew he d meant it, without a doubt You only know me as your lover You ve never seen how lethal I can be Not knowing what to say, I didn t utter a word What he was telling me was the truth, and I prayed I would not have to behold his wrath Something inside me, though, told me I would It was as if The Decrees was surging forward, with its only desire being to take us down and render us apart, and the only thing to stop its homicidal intent was the immovable wall that was Zane And, I got a call that my mother needs to move in with us for a while due to an injury The Decrees plus my mother I don t know if we ll survive it all Zane All I wanted to do is hang out with London, and have fun with her Take her out on the town, like to Draco s midnight magic show Her face was filled with joy, and she laughed at the travesty the magician subjected us all to before volunteering to be his assistant for the night At the beginning of our relationship, she never would have considered doing anything like that, but she d given herself permission to be who she was, and I couldn t be happier Interrupting our lives, The Decrees has risen up, like an omen of destruction around us Although I knew I could handle whatever it threw my way, horrible visions of London s death at the hands of vampires I had angered by my judgement plagued me I tried to stop them from leaking out and contaminating her, but sometimes I couldn t Everyone else saw me as a leader, a force not to be crossed, without suffering the consequences But London she saw who I was She knew and loved the real me I didn t have to worry about showing my vulnerabilities to her There was only one weakness I had, her London was everything to me My entire world My greatest fear was losing her That would happen over my dead body Zane, Flames of Vampire Passion Series, Book Two, contains steaming, wickedly hot scenes of vivid intimacy, laugh out loud humor and depth of heartfelt connection between Zane and London of real emotion This work is fiction and meant for an adult audience M F, language, violence, second in the series, HEA, paranormal, vampires
    Zane The Decrees THIS FIRE CANNOT BE QUENCHED London Considering how quickly Zane and I met and then wed a lot of people thought our relationship wouldn t last a month much less the five years we ve been married We v

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    1. Zane book 2More Zane baby London and Zane have been together a couple of years now, they re blissfully happy and still very passionate about one another if she was human, she would be sore, as would he lol but they are vampires so they don t have to worry about such nuances.When life is going swimmingly let s face it you expect something to go wrong It turns out Zane has to be judge and jury over the vampires this year, it s like his jury service but is dangerous and bloody at times.worse than t [...]

    2. If you re looking for a sexy and dangerous hero, Zane is the guy for you I was so excited to get Zane and London and this book did not disappoint While this book has a darker aspect to it than book 1, the passion and heat between Zane and London is still perfect I love reading about these two and their unconventional relationship Zane isn t your typical vampire hero and London has sass than most heroines It was great to see Reese and Mazzie show up from Master for Tonight series I like how Ela [...]

    3. Title Zane The Decrees The Flames of Vampire Passion Book 2Release Date AlreadyReleasedAuthor Elaine Barris Reviewer Ingrid Stephanie Jordan Genre PRN Vampires My Rating 5Stars Wow Ms Elaine knows how to keep you locked up tight from page one to the end This book has just about everything I would want in a book it has Adventure, Survival, Fear, Action Packed, Loyalty, Hate, Love, Wickedly Hot Scenes with Vivid Intimacy This book is definitely Fan freaking tastic London Beckley Thornton has choos [...]

    4. London and Zane are back They have had a blissful few years after London was made a vampire Just as well, cos if she was human all that sexytime would have killed her.Zane must now take his turn acting as Judge, Jury and occasional executioner, hearing the various claims and allegations of Vampire kind Oh and to add stress London s mother turns up Zane may be in charge in the bedroom but he treats London as an equal partner out of it So when her mother manages to make her retreat back into hers [...]

    5. Omfg Just finished Definitely a book handover worthy read.I loved everything, the love, passion and torment were so brilliantly conveyed that I felt it deep in my heart There are so many great laugh out loud moments and others that left be gasping for breath, Clutching my kindle with anticipation The author does not disappoint in delivering a fantastic, exciting and emotional read that has left me wanting Much much Having read all Ms Barris s books I will say they just keep getting better I lo [...]

    6. This is book 2 of the Flames of Vampire Passion series and this book is fantastic The Decrees is like a court room for vampires but they only get together every 10 years, The vampires go and air their grievances Zane and London s love grows stronger and London has become a confident woman Vampire Zane has to officiate at the Decrees and that puts a strain on their relationship and add to that London s mother goes and stays with them, it pushes London s patience Another fantastic read by Elaine [...]

    7. An amazing vampire romance This is the second book in the series about Zane and London The love the two have for each other is beyond intense And the things they do to show each other how they feel are hot and amazing There are a lot of very hot scenes between the two Add in some action when vampire fights vampire and you have a great story I can t get enough of these two I voluntarily read and reviewed a copy of the book.

    8. What a fantastic continuation of the series This book does not let you down There is so much going on with plots and subplots that you feel as if you get 3 or books from just this one If you loved the first one then this is a must read.

    9. Wonderful bookZane is the best Book two is even better then one The Decrees is so full of action and drama that you can t put it down until you reach the last page I have to say Zane is one of the hottest book boyfriends ever.

    10. First I just have to say It s been a while since a book really rocked my world as much as this How often is the next book better than the first one So man, I really didn t see this one coming This grabbed a hold of me with both fists and just twisted This opens a few years after Zane saved London, gave her immortality and married her It s been good I m glad because it s about to not be No, not at all They meet a magician Draco while at his magic show, it was hysterical Draco picks London out of [...]

    11. There are so many lines in this book that had me chuckling especially between Zane and London s mother snigger in fact Zane s quips and comments throughout this book are genius and really help portray his full on, intense, hurricane force character well, as for London, she is the force that grounds him and really comes into her own in this book.Their passion and need for each other is as insatiable as ever, this is an erotic book and the scenes between the two are scorching, but always at the ba [...]

    12. This book is EPIC OMG OMG OMG fuckyeah babylove Zane I fell in love with the story and the characters in the first book right from page one I couldn t wait to read the second book in this amazing series and of course this author does not disappoint Elaine s writing is brilliant, she blew me away with this book The book flows beautifully from beginning to end The erotic love story she penned is breathtaking, between Zane and London, two of my all time favorite couples I could read about them fore [...]

    13. Zane The Decrees is very intense and sexy Zane and London have been married 5 years, when Zane is informed that he has been chosen to officiate over The Decrees, an event that is held every ten years to settle disputes or dole out punishment for wrong doings done by and to vampires Not only dose this event test their love, commitment and future together but so does London s mother living with them wile she heals from a broken ankle All this has thrown London into a tale spin, though she feels be [...]

    14. I was given an ARC for my honest review Wow This book was a big Wow.This book takes over after 5 years of marriage and what a strong level of two lives that were made for eachother London and Zane have such a love that they would die for one another.This book was so much intense then the first one in my opinion This book their love scenes were powerful and so beautiful It was pure love.Zane and London have become than husband and wife The became ONE Of course, I will never give any Spoilers bu [...]

    15. Another sizzling tale in the seriesZane is at it again This vampiric bad boy is up to his usual flamboyant escapades Irreverent, with no self editing, he says what he means, and in The Decrees, he means what he says He and London have plenty to contend with in this book, from her obnoxious and recalcitrant mother, to the vampiric community and The Decrees They handle it all with aplomb, their burning love for each other, their devotion and sheer will sustaining them through the worst of times We [...]

    16. Smoking hot Vampire Gosh, where do I begin this book and series are so deliciously sexy Everyone dreams of having a perfect partner and a perfect marriage, London and Zane are so deeply, madly in love with one another, it makes me jealous Even though the worst of The Decrees, all London sees is her hot, sexy vampire protecting her and those he holds dear Plenty of hot, steamy and sometimes sweaty sex scenes If you love Vampires, this series is for you

    17. Fantastic love story I absolutely love ,Zane and London have to be one of my favorite romance couples he s loving and tough without being all caveman ,she s sweet and kind as well as strong as steel.I hope Elaine keeps writing about them.

    18. amazing i cant wait for the next oneThis series may have moved a little to fast but it was perfect the romance and connection was wonderful and the sex amazing for a vampire I recommend this book to anyone who loves and love and connection

    19. Zane and London s relationship is freaking HOT You can t help but have love for this couple I just love Zane s humor He cracks me up London is a bada This book is full of action I didn t want to put it down Can t wait to see what happens next.

    20. I just love Zane and London Turns out London can be a bada I can t wait for their next book Do yourself a favor and go get Zane 1 and read it then read this book it is so worth it.

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