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Hand Me Down By Christen Gillan,

  • Title: Hand Me Down
  • Author: Christen Gillan
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 241
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Life has always been pretty easy on me I wake up every morning, drink too much coffee, log in a few hours of work, relax and then start the process all over again the next day Like I said, easy Of course, like everyone, life has been known to throw me the occasional curve ball just a little something to remind me not to get too comfortable Because once you get to thaLife has always been pretty easy on me I wake up every morning, drink too much coffee, log in a few hours of work, relax and then start the process all over again the next day Like I said, easy Of course, like everyone, life has been known to throw me the occasional curve ball just a little something to remind me not to get too comfortable Because once you get to that point, where things have fallen into a routine of complacency, that Son of a Bitch called life comes back with a vengeance ready to send his size 13 up your ass That s exactly what happened to me the day that Alex Paige came back into my life He was different than the last time I saw him Maybe he d lost some weight or gotten taller I wasn t sure All I knew was that something fundamental had shifted in Alex during the six months that he d been away and I felt the compulsive need to find out what it was Unfortunately, that task was far unattainable than it seemed Why, you ask The answer is simple Alex just got a divorce From my sister.
    Hand Me Down Life has always been pretty easy on me I wake up every morning drink too much coffee log in a few hours of work relax and then start the process all over again the next day Like I said easy Of cou

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    1. 3.5 Stars Alex divorced Kate s sister after she got pregnant by another man He seems to have gotten a little lost when everything he knew was suddenly gone and went off on his own to sulk Kate s sister sends her in a mission to get her ex to pay for some repairs and in the process, Kate reconnects with him The story follows the transition from two people who barely talked at family dinners to friends and finally They bond over video games LOVE me some gamer chicks and scavenger hunts, dogs, lon [...]

    2. Sometimes hand me downs are just plain hateful and sometimes you find you just may fall in love with them.Kate was only the messenger, but the cool stare and attitude she got from Alex Paige really wasn t to be unexpected, after all, SHE hadn t divorced him after getting pregnant with another man s child that was her selfish, self centered sister But an errand done in protest became the unlikely beginning of a very unlikely friendship that could spell trouble for Kate s heart Her sister took eve [...]

    3. Loved itis story was very enjoyable and pleasant to read with also a slightly different theme, plot Our heroine Kate is the baby of the family after her sister s divorce she gets close with he her ex brother in law but the thing is that it was so beautifully written and doesn t make you feel strange with the whole situation when you read it you will understand what i m saying.Their relationship and therefore their attraction to each other grew up steadily and it was unexpected for both of them, [...]

    4. 4.5 starsThis book was fantastic I cannot believe this is her debut novel I really, really enjoyed it The plot was imaginative and the characters in it were so well developed It immediately had me in Kate s shoes and feeling all of her emotions and helplessness at times Kate was a great, unique character that was so relatable and likeable because she was a balance of strength and openness Kate finds herself in an odd situation wondering what the right thing to do is and if she should go with her [...]

    5. How in the world is this book Christen Gillan s first Hand Me Down is one of those books that I absorbed with my mind, body and soul Gillan wove a fantastic tale of forbidden love that demands your attention until the very end Hand Me Down is the story of a self professed gamer nerd and loner, Kate and her forbidden attraction to her off limits recently divorced ex brother in law, Alex Now, immediately you think this is such a taboo relationship because how could a sister do that to another sist [...]

    6. 4.5 I Need More StarsI found this book on Twitter, somehow I think the author had tagged New Adult or something, and wah la, this gem popped up Now, to be honest, I probably would have ignored it upon first glance because I typically shy away from self published, indie books I m a book snob, I know but it s the truth Nevertheless, I fell into the spiral of checking it out and discovered that it was Free on Kindle Unlimited which I can t seem to cancel my subscription too, damn it and gave it a t [...]

    7. Kate is a self proclaimed hermit, she works from home, her social activities involve war games with other on line gamers, her best friend is connected mostly by phone calls and text messages and Sundays she has dinner with the family Kate s world is pretty comfy except her self centered sister always manages to rock the boat.Kate s sister Jenny is divorced and pregnantd the baby daddy is not her ex s Not being able to live the life she had become accustomed to, Jenny manipulates Kate into seekin [...]

    8. Hand Me Down is the first book by Christen Gillan that I have ever read I was shocked that there are no reviews because this book is so well written is deserves to have an army of reviews Such an original novel with so much charm Kate is such a strong lead female with her teal hair and gamer personality Honestly, I wasn t a big fan of hers in the beginning but she grew on me and my heart broke when she was faced with difficult times Alex Paige is swoon worthy and their sex scenes are hella hot G [...]

    9. I loved this book very much I wished it was longer so that I could spend time with Alex and Kate It was provoking, emotional read and I really loved the plot I could connect with the characters and was cheering for the since the start Amazing book and highly recommend

    10. I can t belive this is a debu With a perfection this story is delivered to a reader It s flawless and perfect

    11. Today I had the pleasure of reading Christen Gillan s debut novel, Hand Me Down This is most definitely a unique romance, in that it tells the story of Kate and her ex brother in law, Alex Kate is a gamer geek, loner, and has the mouth of a sailor Alex has been busy rebuilding his life since his wife Jenny Kate s sister , cheated on him and became pregnant by her secret lover Kate has not had contact with Alex since his divorce from Jenny, but when Jenny s home needs repairs, she talks Kate into [...]

    12. ARC PROVIDED BY AUTHOR FOR AN HONEST REVIEW Christen Gillan s novel Hand me Down was a great book to read and relax with on a lazy Sunday afternoon and that is exactly how I read it This is a 5 star read and unbelievably it is the debut novel from this author.I was captivated by Kate and somewhat related to the social awkwardness and need to appease her sister just to make life easier Kate works from home on computer and also loves gaming online meaning that she doesn t go out often, preferring [...]

    13. Kate Patterson doesn t need anybody, or anything in this life other than her Xbox, her family, and her best friend Sirah When her sister Jenny shows up at her house over broken pipes in her kitchen, Kate has no idea what she s getting herself into Recently divorced, and recently knocked up by her yoga instructor, Jenny Patterson is known for manipulating people, and getting them to do her biding When she begs Kate to show up at her ex husbands house asking for the pipes to be fixed, Kate takes m [...]

    14. this the the first book by Christen Gillian, but from reading this book you wouldn t know it Hand Me Down is well written with characters that make you feel for them and with them I really enjoyed this book.Kate is a fantastically quirky, self named hermit She is works from home, her social life mainly consists of the online gaming community and the few calls and texts with her BFF and former college roomate She does spend Sundays at her parents house spending time with her parents and trying to [...]

    15. 4 Heartfelt StarsHand Me Down is the debut novel from Christen Gillan and I have to say it was very good The pace was steady and the story held my interest throughout, with believable characters that you care about This is the beautiful story of the somewhat rocky romance between Kate young, a loner working from home who loves to play video games and Alex disillusioned ex brother in lawy WHAT When Kate s sister, the detestable Jenny, asks her to beg for money from her ex husband so she can finan [...]

    16. Hand Me Down by Christen Gillan is a fun quick read Kate is a gaming geek She loves Xbox and is a home body Alex is an architect These two should not be a couple Kate s sister Jenn is was married to Alex Not only that, but Alex is older than then Kate by seven years Alex and Kate were never close when Jenn and Alex were married, but now, Kate can t imagine life without Alex.I enjoyed this story I like the characters of Alex and Kate They are fun and complex all at the same time The dynamics in t [...]

    17. Kate forgot that her sister was at her apartment using her kitchen When Jenny asked her if she always yelled at her game that much Jenny guilt tripped Kate into going to Alex s house and getting him to fix the pipes in her kitchen When Kate goes to Alex s house she feels very guilty about it.Kate has type one diabetes, she works from home, she has her own food restrictions that she has to overcome, she is a gamer Alex is Jenny s ex husband, doesn t have family left Architect Jenny is Kate s olde [...]

    18. This story was real and beautiful and left me with a wonderful book hangover Kate is a gamer, a bit of a geek, and a homebody Alex is an architect with serious trust issues after a divorce Kate s sister Kate and Alex were never close during his marriage to her sister, Jenn, but after being asked for a favor from her conniving sister, Kate and Alex hit it off The book is well written and the situation is a lot less awkward than it sounds The humor and plot flow seamlessly as Kate and Alex fall in [...]

    19. Favorite Quotes And I d do it all over again if it meant I got you at the end of it all Side Note I ve been dying to read this story for awhile, unfortunately, it wasn t the book for me Being an avid Call of Duty gamer, there were some things off that really bothered me oops My biggest problem with the book, I really hated all the characters except for maybe Kate and her best friend, Sirah Maybe it s because I connected to Katie so much because I m basically her, virgin in her 20 s and all, but [...]

    20. 4.5 shining stars A beautiful read that captivates you from the start as you fall in love with the quiet Kate who s a bit of a loner spending her days working or gaming, the baby of the family Alex another quiet soul, bit of a loner also local architect and Kate s ex brother in law After a favour to her sister, who you just love to hate Kate starts to see Alex in a new light, will this be a forbidden love or a hand me down worth holding onto A beautiful read full of emotion and humour and a stor [...]

    21. This was a nice quick read, with serious undertones I liked that even though this could be considered New Adult or Contemporary it had an underlying lesson at the end of the story.

    22. This was such a quick and easy read I did enjoy the storyline however I felt that there was so much left out I feel that Alex needed attention To me everything was just too rushed.

    23. Great read I only wish the story was a bit longer The ending felt a bit abrupt It would ve been nice to see how they would deal with Sunday dinner s and that whole dynamic with her sister afterwards Also to see how their relationship strengthens over time Maybe adding an epilogue would have rounded it out nicely Other than that, I really enjoyed this story The hero being the ex brother in law really could have been an automatic ewww read for me But it was surprisingly sweet story and I give it [...]

    24. Holy epic debut, Batman Just gonna put this out now grab this book Read it Devour it Feel the emotional involvement I felt with this one I honestly am floored at how stunning this book is It kept me totally engrossed through the whole book Laughed Cried Yelled Wanted to kick the evil stepsisters ass but besides that, this was an epic tale of finding love where you least expect it and it hits you with a bang I think one of the reasons I connected so well with this book is that Kate is a gamer So [...]

    25. OmgI m glad I read this book I was intrigued by Alex and Kate s story I hope that there are books to come Need to write us some of these fantastic stories Christen Gillan

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