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Wilder By Vivian Lux,

  • Title: Wilder
  • Author: Vivian Lux
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 202
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Scarlett The whole world thinks they know him, but no one knows him like I do Keir Wilder may be the lead singer of the biggest rock band on the planet, but he was once the boy next door He was my first love He put a ring on my finger But I couldn t stay with him That was a long, long time ago.Now I need help, and he s the only one who can save me I know he will IScarlett The whole world thinks they know him, but no one knows him like I do Keir Wilder may be the lead singer of the biggest rock band on the planet, but he was once the boy next door He was my first love He put a ring on my finger But I couldn t stay with him That was a long, long time ago.Now I need help, and he s the only one who can save me I know he will If he can forgive me.Keir Five years ago I waited for her but she never showed up I tried to find her, but she disappeared.If she thinks she can just walk back into my life with no explanation, she is mistaken.Sure I ll help her I ll fix it That s what I do I m a problem solver and I don t let go until things are the way they should be.Like me and Scarlett, together again.Now that I have her back in my life, I m not letting her run away from me again We re about to leave on tour and I don t care what the rest of the band thinks Or even what she thinks She s coming with me.Note to readers This standalone book takes place after events in RANE but there is no need to read them in order And as a special bonus, I m including a free copy of my first rockstar book JAX
    Wilder Scarlett The whole world thinks they know him but no one knows him like I do Keir Wilder may be the lead singer of the biggest rock band on the planet but he was once the boy next door He was my fir

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    1. Super sexy rocker series Each book in this series gets better and better, I know this is only book 2, but they are amazing so far Keir is a super sexy rock star, who had his heart ripped by Scarlet on the day they were supposed to get married, five years ago All these years later he still does not know why she just left him without even a good bye Now years later, they meet again by chance Scarlet is trying to start her life over, get away from her jerk of an ex and fighting to keep her job Her [...]

    2. I have really fallen hard in love with this series Keir Wilder is the lead singer of the biggest rock band around It looks like he has everything, but deep down, he s never gotten over his first love As much as he wants to move on, he finds he can t, so he spends a lot of time alone Scarlett knows Keir like no one else on the planet, as he once was the boy next door and love of her life Life events set in motion forced her to walk away without a word, breaking both of their hearts in the process [...]

    3. 1.2 Stars If I had to sum up this book in one word Stupid Keir wasn t a bad character but Scarlett I could ve done without She was a constant victim but used people it didn t matter to me if she was aware of it or not Scarlett was the girl next door with the overwhelming parents Keir had a single parent home They fall in love and plan on getting married but on the day they re supposed to run away she vanishes Fast forward several years and Keir gets a call from her to interview him now that s he [...]

    4. this is a second chance at love story with some rock and roll Scarlett and Keir share a past Scarlett s parents were extremely strict, It was an abusive situation Her mother controlled her very movement, Keir was the opposite He and his brother were pretty much on their own for the most part We have the sheltered catholic school girl and the rebel rock star wanna be They share a teenage love affair But true to form, they are separated Keir is blindsided and devastated he has a hard time moving o [...]

    5. A second chance romance novel that will have you at the edge of your seat Kier has been in love with one girl since he was a teenager They made a promise to each other, one that he planned living the rest of his life with, but she never kept her end of the promise Five years later Scarlet is back in his life and he isn t letting go no matter what.Scarlet has felt unconditional love only once in her life and that was from her high school sweetheart Kier They made a promise of forever, but when it [...]

    6. I received an ARC for an honest reviewThis is a second chance love story for Keir and Scarlett Scarlett left Keir and had not contacted him in over five years until faced with the possibility of losing her job also meant losing her new found freedom which she didn t want to see happen Keir managed to become part of top earning band and when Scarlett who works for a music magazine needs an interview, she calls Keir Keir agrees to the interview in hopes of getting the answers he s been denied for [...]

    7. ARC REVIEWThis is the second book in this series and Scarlet and Keir s story will not disappoint you.Keir has only ever loved one girl and kept her high on a pedal stool for over five years, despite his fame, good looks and rock roll life no other girl has pulled him in or even drawn his attention.Scarlet ran away but why , the secrets of the past slowly unfold throughout this story will two lost broken souls finally make it together or have things changed too much over the past five years.Wild [...]

    8. Please note this novel is not for readers under 18 A quick read, sweet story, though the characters revelations seemed to happen a bit frequently for me Overall I enjoyed it, I would definitely read by this author.

    9. this book was great had a hard time following the story line its about two people who are young and in love only her parents wont accept that so there torn apart from each other years later they meet up again hes famous and she is a reporter can these two pick up where they left off read to find out what happens

    10. This is a second chance to romance story, Scarlet ran away from Keir when she was 18 years old and settled into an abusive relationship which she also tried to run away from.Keir had always loved Scarlet and when she finally contacted him he used his fame to keep her near,This was well written but at times i wished Scarlet would have been braver

    11. Scarlett was a groupie for Keir Wilder s rock band before there even was a rock band Keir was an up and coming star, brother and son of a single dad living next door to Scarlett, two years his junior Except when Scarlett turns 18 and he proposes, he abusive and controlling mother sees the ring and threatens to have Keir arrested for rape so Scarlett does the only thing she knows how to do She runs away without any explanation and breaks Keir s heart Now 7 years later, with her music reporter job [...]

    12. I received this book as an ARC for an honest review In this book we get get Keir Wilder and Scarlett Sawyer story We get hints of something happened between these two 5 years earlier but Keir is just as tight lipped now as he was then Keir has always loved Scarlett he still does to this day He can t be with anyone else because he feels like he is cheating and in turn his body just shuts down So one day out of the blue when Scarlett calls him he doesn t know what to do Does he go after the woman [...]

    13. After two books talking about the same subject loving relationship between half brothers I confess that I thought this one would be the same But I was mistaken.WILDER tells the story of another Ruthless member band, vocalist Keir Wilder.He fell in love five years ago for his neighbor Scarlett when she was 16 years old.At first they were jogging partners Then, Scar went to watch the garage band rehearsals When she turned 18, Keir asked her to marry him and she accepted They had agreed that she wo [...]

    14. I can t make up my mind if I sort of liked this book or if it was bad I choose to giv the book 2 stars because there were actually parts that I really liked Even if there was even that I disliked, the parts that I liked lifted the enjoyment of reading significantly The story is told in first person by Scarlet and Kier I sometimes have problems with this type if writing because I don t feel like it gives me the best view of things and a lot of surrounding details are either missed or making the [...]

    15. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.Wilder A Rockstar Romance by Vivian Lux is a second chance rockstar romance that I loved The characters are complex and have you desiring The story line was outstanding and had me rooting for Scarlett to trust in Keir and find a HEA they both should have been able to have years ago.The new insight I have regarding Keir Wilder from this book has me regret stating in the review for Rane A Rockstar Stepbrother Romance by Vivian Lux that I didn t l [...]

    16. Unfortunately I did not enjoy this book I was really looking forward too it but for me it fell a little short I felt it was dragging on and on It took like 15 chapters before the characters were reconnected and even speaking to each other Scarlett broke Keir heart but yet he was the one constantly forgiving and trying to make it work I felt he deserved better but just felt there really wasn t any connection between the two Everything was kind of skimmed over and their past was never really discu [...]

    17. After reading Rane, I was practically salivating for Kier s story Boy did Lux deliver The story of Kier and Scarlett is gut wrenching They started off as young lovers who dreamed of running away together But life rarely works that way Scarlett s family has her so beaten down and afraid that the idea of leaving them and starting a life with Kier is terrifying When Scarlett doesn t meet him as planned, he is heartbroken and has carried that hurt and his longing for Scarlett with him for the last f [...]

    18. I m a big lover of second chance romances, and was given this book in exchange for an honest review, and boy this book doesn t disappoint.Keir and Scarlett share a past now the lead singer of the rock group Ruthless, Keir has only ever loved one girl Scarlett Waiting for her 18th birthday to propose, the young lovers were supposed to run away together to New York, but she disappeared without a word, and it would be 5 years later before Keir would here from her again.Working for a music magazine, [...]

    19. I ve read Vivian s work before and I enjoyed it so I was excited to read Keir and Scarlett s story wasn t easy, they both had pasts they d like to forget, parents who didn t care, and a love they thought could withstand anything Scarlett has a lot to learn and needs to come to terms with things she can t control or never could control But I liked her, she stood her ground and held her high when she needed to Keir, my goodness, I wanted to crawl in between the pages and cuddle this sexy man Of c [...]

    20. I received and ARC in exchange for an honest review This is a lovely second chance romance story Keir and Scarlett fell in love with each other when they were teenagers Scarlett was brought up in a very strict and abusive home, which Keir and his brother were basically left to bring themselves up When Scarlett leaves suddenly, Keir is left devastated, and unable to understand why, and move on Five years later Scarlett contacts Keir in order to get an interview from him.Will this be the meeting t [...]

    21. What an awesome story about second chance love, rock and roll and ghost from the past Five years ago things were set for life as far as Keir Wilder was concerned However what do they say about the best laid plans and all that Yeah he didn t get to have the complete dream The girl, the rock star life and happily ever after He was miserable without Scarlett but he did get the fame, however empty that left him When Scarlett had to do a story on his band to save her career he agreed thinking he coul [...]

    22. I was waiting to read Scarlet and Keir s story And boy was I not disappointed I have read some of Vivian Lux books before and I thought I had a favorite of hers Boy was I mistake I loved this book Scarlet and Keir have a past A rocky past at that Five years ago Scarlet left She ran Why she ran is a mystery you will have to figure out She broke Keir s heart Now she s back She needs Keir s help What will that help cost her Keir is upset that she is back but he is also happy He wants his re do He w [...]

    23. okay, so it s really 4.5 Stars Only reason it didn t get five stars is because I didn t love it quite as much as its predecessor, Rane, which I looooved Keir and Scarlett didn t have quite the same magic, in my opinion, that Rane and Maddie had However, that being said, I still thoroughly enjoyed Wilder I thought Keir and Scarlett s story flowed well and was developed well from the glimpses we got in Rane Being from Western New York, I thoroughly enjoyed the Buffalo references I liked the flash [...]

    24. Warning of possible triggers Domestic and such.I have to say I LOVED this story Thought it was a wonderfully new take on the same story Bad boy meets good girl, something tears them apart, they find each other later But the spin on this one makes it worth the read I LOVE that in this story its the man pining away from the separation Absolutely every womans dream Kier and Scar lett were high school sweethearts He was the bad boy from next door across the street and she was the good little Catholi [...]

    25. Vivian Lux has a way of writing that takes the readers directly into her books with the characters In Wilder you have the life of a Rockstar who is Keir Wilder and his many fans Can he have just one night of peace and quiet Probably not but why not try And if nothing else can happen deny who you are right Maybe that works for some but probably won t work for Keir He meets Scarlett and well she just doesn t act like the typical groupies But can he trust someone he just meet I love a great Rocksta [...]

    26. really enjoyed Wilder This is the second book in this series This time is the story of Scarlet and Keir This second chance romance is sweet,with lots of angst and a great plot.Keir has loved Scarlet since they were both teenagers and she was her neighbor Scarlet was madly in love with Keir suddenly she disappears he becomes the lead singer of Ruthless,she is a journalist for a magazine specialized in music Keir never forgot her,she is leaving behind an abusive relationship After 5 years without [...]

    27. This is the 3rd book about the Ruthless guys I have read every one and they just keep getting better This can totally be read as a standalone, but do yourself a favor and pick up Jax and Rane first because they are awesome This story is about the lead singer Keir and his longtime lost love Scarlett She had disappeared 5 years prior on the day they were to run away together and he s never gotten any answers This book is about their story Just loved this couple Keir hasn t been in a relationship s [...]

    28. I received this book in exchange for an honest review This book is Fan freaking tastic I love Keir and Scarlett Keir and Scarlett started out as childhood neighbors who were madly in love with each other 5 years after Scar disappeared she calls Keir when she needs him the most Of course he s there to help her in her time of need After everything they have been through can they move on and put everything behind them and start over You will have to read WILDER A Rockstar Romance to find out I can [...]

    29. Scarlett and Keir have quite a past They were supposed to save each other but she took another route It left her with scars When they meet again, the feelings are still there He wants to protect her They are really great characters You see the sweetness and the pain of their love as they try to reclaim the relationship and years they lost I really enjoyed the story and their ending I hope to see other characters get their stories told too.I received a copy in return for a honest review.

    30. I enjoyed the story of Keir and Scarlett, with the emotions and pain of a lost love Keir was a bit of a pushy, moody guy in Rane and I was very curious about him and how his story made him that way This didn t disappoint He has been hurting for five years, unable to move on No answers, no nothing Scarlett has her secrets and keeps them close but it isn t the best option It is an up and down, touching journey Definitely worth the read I would love to read about the other band members and Scar s [...]

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