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A God in the Shed By J-F Dubeau,

  • Title: A God in the Shed
  • Author: J-F Dubeau
  • ISBN: 9781942645351
  • Page: 195
  • Format: Paperback
  • Move over True Detective A rich, gothic story of murder and mystery, A God in The Shed is quite possibly one of the most enthralling novels I ve read in the last ten years Dubeau is a force to be reckoned with Jerry Smith, Fangoria Magazine and Blumhouse The village of Saint Ferdinand has all the trappings of a quiet life farmhouses stretching from one main str Move over True Detective A rich, gothic story of murder and mystery, A God in The Shed is quite possibly one of the most enthralling novels I ve read in the last ten years Dubeau is a force to be reckoned with Jerry Smith, Fangoria Magazine and Blumhouse The village of Saint Ferdinand has all the trappings of a quiet life farmhouses stretching from one main street, a small police precinct, a few diners and cafes, and a grocery store Though if an out of towner stopped in, they would notice one unusual thing a cemetery far too large and much too full for such a small town, lined with the victims of the Saint Ferdinand Killer, who has eluded police for nearly two decades It s not until after Inspector Stephen Crowley finally catches the killer that the town discovers even darker forces are at play When a dark spirit reveals itself to Venus McKenzie, one of Saint Ferdinand s teenage residents, she learns that this creature s power has a long history with her town and that the serial murders merely scratch the surface of a past burdened by evil secrets.
    A God in the Shed Move over True Detective A rich gothic story of murder and mystery A God in The Shed is quite possibly one of the most enthralling novels I ve read in the last ten years Dubeau is a force to be reck

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    1. Saint Ferdinand Home of the Saint Ferdinand Killer A monster with a reign of terror stretching back almost two decadesHere, the boogeyman was real The small Canadian town where this tale of monsters, ghosts, and magic takes place, is far from what you would call quaint Despite having been plagued for years by a murderous force, the families that have lived there for generations remain, perhaps with hope that the serial killer inciting fear through citizens of all ages will soon be caught The sto [...]

    2. Do you know what s the worst thing about this creature here in Saint Ferdinand It makes us into monsters, just as we make it into a god of hate and death Here s a list of things I knew about A God in the Shed before I started it scary book strange bloody thorn looking things on the cover Edelweiss said yesThat s it I went into this as blind a bat, but without the bat s echolocation.And what a pleasant surprise it was Whatever I expected, this was not it.Now granted, it has been over a month sinc [...]

    3. My, oh my, this is a grim tale indeed A God in the Shed is a novel filled with small town secrets, necromancy, dismembered bodies and scenes of horror that will burrow deep inside of your mind I saw a reviewer friend raving about this book and so I had to check it out It starts off weird and dark, then gets darker and darker and darker, until you reach a point where you feel soiled and creeped the f k out I knew this was going to be a bleak journey very early on when a child s body is unearthed [...]

    4. Review A GOD IN THE SHED by J F DebeauA GOD IN THE SHED is an incredibly complex novel, literary in format, stunning in execution Simultaneously the story of individuals and families, a torn and battered community, legacies gone grievously wrong of murders and suffering, of deaths and grief, this is also the story of a band of young boys, tautly connected, the day they discover the impossible really exists, and the horrendous, permanent even eternal consequences of that day and that discovery Th [...]

    5. I liked this one, it was good but not great Really cool story idea and a lot of messed up shit happens to the characters, however I felt absolutely nothing for anyone and had no emotional reactions to anything that happened A large cast of characters without enough development to make any one stand out from the other and it was kind of a chore remembering who was who just because of their blandness It sounds like I m knocking this book pretty hard but it was enjoyable A better editor would clean [...]

    6. THIS ISN T A REVIEW IT S MORE LIKE ME RAMBLING INCOHERENTLY ABOUT THINGS THAT ONLY ME WILL PROBABLY UNDERSTAND BECAUSE I SUCK AT EXPLAINING there s a reason why I ll never ever be a teacher.What the fuck was that me after finishing this book I feel really betrayed by this book, and I mean it in both good and bad ways First, this beauty seriously, look at the cover toppled my expectations Reading the reviews, I had this idea that this is one of those terrifying books that you shouldn t read while [...]

    7. Full honesty, I received this book for free as an ARC from a friend Unrated until the book is released.J F Dubeau s A God in the Shed is perfectly creepy a taut, atmospheric horror thriller set in small town Quebec Starting with the very creepiest of prologues, Dubeau immediately sets the tone of this book He promises mystery, terror, death, and gore, and he definitely delivers throughout the length of the book The chill factor is ratcheted up to ten with the presence of a little girl ghost, an [...]

    8. facebook twitter bloglovinA fan of gothic stories set in small towns with worldly terrors, I went into A God in the Shed by J F Dubeau with giddy excitement While it started strong, ultimately it left me bored.The prologue started with such promise It was truly terrifying, well written, and hooked me straightaway I wondered what would happen now with this cave dwelling god How will this small town endure The answer Pretty easily The majority of the book consists of alternating points of view fro [...]

    9. I won After several years and over 100 entries, I finally won a GR giveaway There are so many people I want to thank my family, the Great Old Ones, whoever drew my name out of that hat at the office.First of all, this book, published by Inkshares, has a gorgeous design creepy beautiful cover art, the good, fancy paper and font, book flaps I love flaps on a paperback, even if I m a compulsive bookmark user This horror fiction, set in the fictional hamlet of Saint Ferdinand in southern Quebec, is [...]

    10. Utterly terrifying and captivating I ve heard J F Dubeau referred to as the next Stephen King, and found myself nodding in agreement His storytelling is seamless and belies the complexity of his ensemble of three dimensional or characters This is a terrifying book that demands the reader s attention By that I mean it s not a book one skims or does a cursory read through something I suspect a reviewer below who only gave A God in the Shed a two star review may be guilty of If you like King, Bake [...]

    11. Dang This was one nicely messed up little town They ve got a serial killer on the loose, who ended up being one of my favorite characters in the book They ve also got a nasty little god in a shed Some folk think they can set it free, and have a few wishes taken care of Don t they read books Ha, ha These things NEVER turn out well I had a great time reading this book, as there were quite a few twists, and bloody,goopy gore I love that stuff So why the 4 stars Well, turns out that while this story [...]

    12. I won this in a giveaway and holy crap I m so happy I did This book was fantastic, dark, mysterious, and gruesome Sucked me right in Very much recommend

    13. I m kinda amazed when I find an author who can write a book that makes me care about characters, has a gripping story, and leaves me wanting to jump into another one of their books Those are the authors you keep tabs on to see if a new book is out yet, and I don t find them very often Jean Francois Dubeau is one of those authors Fantastic storytelling in A God in the Shed I really enjoyed it and pretty much devoured it all in one day On to The Life Engineered

    14. review from literaryweaponry DNF at 35% I m sorry to say that this book found it s way into the DNF pile at 35% complete When I spotted this book on the shelf at Barnes and Noble and popped onto to see some of the opinions about it I got excited It sounded right up my alley Mysterious killer, cult like town activity, and evil secrets For the first 50 or so pages I was completely immersed but that quickly changed The pacing was mind numbingly slow and I couldn t get through than a page or two wi [...]

    15. When I first was told about this book, my mental response was, J F who Now that I ve read it, I ll do everything I can to let other people know who he is It s his second novel but his first in horror and, in that respect, it s a stellar debut If you haven t read him yet, you want to Style wise, Dubeau is in a realm of his own design and it s a scary place to be.Rarely do I use the words disturbing, or unsettling when it comes to Horror I m jaded by years of it so not much scares me This book is [...]

    16. J F Dubeau s A God in the Shed is a novel full of interesting ideas, let down by some sloppy execution A small town Gothic mystery with occult trappings, it s a solid horror story in the vein of TV s True Detective or Twin Peaks that would have benefited from another round of edits Packed with a myriad of characters and a slowly deepening mystery as the layers of old secrets of the town are stripped away, it should be a riveting read Unfortunately, passages are often overwritten and descriptions [...]

    17. So happy to be reading my first love, horror, again And what a story to get into Occult Yes Supernatural Yes Ancient Evil Yessssssssss A dark spirit introduces itself to a group of boys years ago, but it plays by its own rules and should you choose to cheat well, nothing can save you Don t anger this ancient god, do not break the rules and do NOT set it free once you find a way to trap it Flash forward and we see the town of Saint Ferdinand in which the inhabitants have been living in fear for a [...]

    18. I m not big into horror or mysteries, but this book totally sucked me in Absolute page turner My friend has become a world class writer and I can t wait for This book is the first of a trilogy and I hope the other two don t take to long to write.

    19. I m not usually a fan of horror, but I loved this book It s a modern Lovecraftian tale with lots of cringe worthy moments, in the most positive sense J F Dubeau, you are one sick puppy.

    20. I wanted to love this, but the sloppy writing and typos were too distracting If it were professionally edited, it might be a good yarn As it stands, life is too short to finish books not ready for publication.

    21. Ahck, this is kind of rambly What a visceral, grotesque, and absolutely fabulous horror novel that kept me up way past my bedtime This book has everything from necromancing, creepy genitalless child demon thingy, village cults, dark circus, dismembered bodies, etc Apparently these are common horror tropes However, horror isn t a genre I read often and I could not put this book down Well written, but not overly literary, and I enjoyed the different chapters that are split up by characters voices [...]

    22. Hmmm This is a frustrating one 3.5 stars grudgingly rounded up to for Why Because at times, this novel was as brilliant as they come Imagination and horror to spare.And then there were the times when it almost felt like either a second, far less talented author took over, or else sections were simply skipped over in the editing process.For every stunning scene of the titular God in the shed those scenes just pretty much sing , there s a scene of stunningly clunky dialogue For every gorgeous scen [...]

    23. So I was instantly drawn to this book for two reasons that cover and then the comparison to other great horror authors King, Simmons, Barker, etc There was also a mention of the occult and the sentence, Stephen King s IT meets Jeepers Creepers Otherwise, I went into it blindly oh my god If you want a great horror story, then you need to pick up A GOD IN THE SHED by J F Dubeau I just have to say, that prologue Wow That really sets the tone for this entire book This is a very atmospheric thriller [...]

    24. Thoroughly entertaining It s been a long time since I read a horror novel and I m glad this is the one I read after a hiatus I was immediately drawn into the story and thought the characters were engaging I couldn t put this book down and finished it in two days.The story is very fast paced and I almost wish it had slowed down at times, even if that meant a longer book There were a few surprises that I did not see coming and that was refreshing.The ending lends itself well to a sequel and has al [...]

    25. Small town Quebec where an Ancient god of death and destruction gets trapped in the shed in the backyard of a house in the midst of wanting to wreck havoc and seek revenge for being trapped for many many years A very novel idea and with follow through manages to succeed It s got well written characters who are very relatable I don t know if it was planned to have a sequel but it s sure written that way with sparse information written about the secret organizations clearly meant to have a follow [...]

    26. Have you ever heard of these Something Wicked this Way Comes Stranger Things Twin Peaks Alan Wake.Did you enjoy one or of the stories those titles had to tell I can confidently say that J F Dubeau s A God in the Shed combines all the best elements of these small town supernatural horror stories into one of the most thrilling and creative tales I ve ever read from the genre And I can also quite confidently recommend you read it without hesitation.

    27. This is a fantastic horror read Great small town creep factor and well developed characters I particularly appreciated the presentation of the ancient evil big bad evil God thing There were some rather disturbing gross out scenes to be aware of if you are offended by such things I look forward to any additional books that this author may happen to pen in the horror genre

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