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Murder Packs a Suitcase By Cynthia Baxter,

  • Title: Murder Packs a Suitcase
  • Author: Cynthia Baxter
  • ISBN: 9780553590357
  • Page: 308
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mallory Marlowe is ready to turn a corner one lined with palm trees, plastic pink flamingo lawn ornaments, and snack bars shaped like giant ice cream cones Thanks to her new job as travel writer for the New York magazine The Good Life, recently widowed Mallory is zipping around Orlando, assigned to rediscover the glory days of old Florida It s the first of what she hopMallory Marlowe is ready to turn a corner one lined with palm trees, plastic pink flamingo lawn ornaments, and snack bars shaped like giant ice cream cones Thanks to her new job as travel writer for the New York magazine The Good Life, recently widowed Mallory is zipping around Orlando, assigned to rediscover the glory days of old Florida It s the first of what she hopes will be many exciting adventures but she s about to discover that the Sunshine State has a dark side.Settled in among the faux volcanoes and tiki torches of the Polynesian Princess Hotel, Mallory is on the lookout for quirky attractions like alligator farms and pirate themed diners hidden amid the glitzy theme parks But she s not prepared to find a cranky journalist speared to death in the Bali Ballroom or to find herself a suspect in his murder With her trip coming to a close, Mallory has no choice but to figure out if one of her fellow travel writers is a killer Because if she doesn t get out of Florida soon, her career and her life are about to come to a dead end.Includes Mallory s article for The Good Life, with tips and reviews of real Florida attractions
    Murder Packs a Suitcase Mallory Marlowe is ready to turn a corner one lined with palm trees plastic pink flamingo lawn ornaments and snack bars shaped like giant ice cream cones Thanks to her new job as travel writer for t

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    1. The first of its series, this book takes newly widowed Mallory Marlowe on her first writing trip for her new job as a travel writer What she doesn t expect is that there will be a murder on her first night at the Florida resort, nor does she expect to be accused of the murder When she decides to investigate and clear her name, Mallory finds a plethora of suspects, each of whom had a very valid reason to want to murder the dead man In a great ending, one of the people that Mallory did not serious [...]

    2. Warning rant may include spoilers, read at your own risk I just couldn t get into this book, the author s introduction of the main character just doesn t match the way she s portrayed.The main character is supposed to be a recently widowed mother, who s been working as a freelance writer for the local paper for 12 year, tackling every subject under the sun Because of her husband s death she s suffering some kind of identity crisis and ends up applying for a job with a magazine with a recommendat [...]

    3. Excellent start to a series Middle aged and newly widowed, Mallory embarks on a new career as a travel writer for a lifestyle magazine She s nervous and excited all at once, but she undertakes her 1st assignment searching for the old Florida This press trip turns out to be much than she bargained for and she s implicated in a murder Very strange and twisty I challenge anyone to figure out who really dunnit before the last few pages Can t wait to read of this series

    4. My goodness, when a well intentioned novel is being put together, this is excellent proof that all can go wrong I can read the effort to prepare and research and plan quirks in the plot to give the book a strong foundation But poor writing and a sloppy understanding of travel writing digs a grave for Murder Packs a Suitcase.Since I was married to a travel writer, hung out with travel writers, went to many travel writer gatherings and do some travel writing of my own, I know a bit about the subje [...]

    5. I got this one from Mystery Guild s buy one get one free Free was too much to pay for this stinker I got it because I ve read some of Baxter s other books which weren t bad and because it was set back where I used to live in Florida The idea of seeing Old Florida tourist traps in fiction sounded like fun andPublisher Weeklypraised it wonder what the pay off was.Mallory Marlowe is a 40 something recent widow with two college aged kids who s looking for a second start on life and she takes a frien [...]

    6. 1 Murder Packs A Suitcase series Cozy MysteryAn entertaining cozy featuring Mallory Malloy Her new job as a travel writer sends her to Orlando, Florida with a small group of travel writers A very bizarre murder occurs at their hotel, and Mallory investigates.I enjoyed the murder mystery and armchair trip to Florida The mega corporation theme park destinations were not on the agenda at all, but trips to old Florida of the 60 s and 70 s were featured yay Mallory and her group of writers take the r [...]

    7. By the author of the Reigning Cats Dogs series First in the travel writer series Mallory Marlowe lost her husband in a freak accident six months ago, her grown children don t really need her, and her job as a part time writer for a local newspaper isn t challenging her She takes a job as travel writer for a well respected magazine and heads to Florida to see if Old Florida has survived Disneyfication.Here, it becomes a bit formulaic Meet group of fellow travel writers, various personalities, and [...]

    8. This a delightful, quick read that is really 3 1 2 stars I especially enjoyed the beginning of the book as Mallory Marlowe is going on an interview for the first time in many years Her husband has recently died and she is still mourning Her children seem to be at loose ends Mallory gets the job as a travel writer and her first trip is to Florida On the airplane trip there, she gets into an argument with a man who took her seat This unpleasant man is a fellow travel journalist who soon gets murde [...]

    9. Mallory Marlowe is attempting to get her life back together after her husband s accidental death Her new job is as a travel writer, and her first stop is Orlando, where she is part of a press tour Their first night there, the obnoxious member of the group is found floating in a fountain Even though she just met him, Mallory is the prime suspect Can she figure out who really did it I found Mallory a charming travel companion Occasionally the bits about the tour were a little long, but the mystery [...]

    10. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this little paperback which is the start of a series The main character is a forty ish widow putting her life back together when she s offered a job as a travel writer for an upscale magazine She s whisked off to Florida with a group of other travel writers to begin her new career but quickly things go awry why one of the group is murdered and plenty of people have motives Our heroine works to clear her name and visit the kitchy old Florida attrac [...]

    11. This is a new series from the author of another series I enjoy The Reigning Cats and Dogs series about a veterinarian in upstate New York.The protaganist of this series, Mallory Marlowe, a recent widow and mother of two older children who have left the nest finds herself at loose ends and applies for a job at a travel magazine, The Good Life Much to her surprise, she is hired as a travel writer, not as the monthly calendar editor that she expected Within days, she is winging off to Florida, to w [...]

    12. A fun cozy about a newly widowed woman who starts a job as a travel writer In this book, she travels to Orlando, FL I think part of the reason I enjoyed it is that she wrote about real places, several of which I ve visited She does find a potential love interest, and it s left open to explore fully in future books The dynamics between the various travel writers were fun, and I hope we run into them again in future books I already have the second book in the series and will start it soon

    13. Very good 1st book I particularly enjoyed the Orlando tips that were about attractions other than Disney We are planning a trip there in April and I ve been stumped on what to do besides Disney O Mallory is a recent widow that has decided to re enter the workforce She somewhat falls into a dream job as a travel writer just in time to write an article about Florida off the beaten path Unfortunately, her trip is soured by the murder of another travel writer Mallory is a prime suspect in the eyes o [...]

    14. Mallory Marlowe recently lost her husband to an accident, her son and daughter are in college, and she decides that it s time to go back to work She gets a job writing for a magazine, a travel column, which requires that she travel to various places and pass on to their readers what to expect On her first assignment she goes to Orlando, Florida, and promptly becomes involved in a murder Because she is considered the number one suspect by the police, she sets out to solve the murder to clear her [...]

    15. If a genre blend of murder mystery and travel guide is your liking, then this is your book Actually, I somewhat enjoyed the guide aspects of old Florida Orlando area that were presented in the story, as I have visited some of them in my childhood, yet the general story gets lost in the travel guide If someone was visiting Florida for the first time, this might be a book that they would enjoy maybe but I would like to see if Cynthia Baxter s writing style is always as slow.

    16. Although I had not read any of the Reigning Cats and Dogs mysteries by this author, this title intrigued me, so I started reading it I absolutely couldn t put it down The characters were so authentic and the places described so realistically, I felt as if I was right there with Mallory trying to solve the murder Kudos to Ms Baxter on a well written, tightly plotted first in this series I look forward to many

    17. Fantastic cozy mystery I love the main character and her two kids I love that she s a travel writer and the book includes travel reviews I plan to visit some of these old Florida sites in Orlando I can t wait to find out what the future holds for the heroine and her family Hopefully a romance with her boss I definitely will be reading the next book in this series.

    18. I feel like I just spent a week in old Florida Which was OK because my parents lived in Florida for many years and I visited many of these places But I can see where if you don t have a Florida past, all of the descriptions of the old Florida attractions might get boring The story itself was entertaining and the murderer a surprise.

    19. I loved this book It just hit me where I was at the moment I opened it I have been on press trips with obnoxious journalists and every bit of what Baxter writes rings true, except for solving a murder On my press trips, we wouldn t have had a spare second to do that The book is a fun read and I love that the article she d written as a travel writer appears at the end of the book.

    20. I thoroughly enjoyed this A different twist with a travel writer solving the mystery An easy read quick moving story Does not get bogged down in description or background info, but nicely tied in with real existing Florida locations Looking forward to 2

    21. This is the first in a series new to me It s a travel themed mystery series Her first assignment was finding kitsch Florida outside of the big theme parks I learned about great places that I had not considered I look forward to reading in this series.

    22. Another fun mysteryis is the first in a new series with the main character, Mallory Marlowe, who has a new job as a travel writer The first stop is Orlando, FL, focusing on kitsch attractions Unfortunately a dead body complicates the journey.

    23. This was a good mystery read Page turner and a good read while on vacation in Florida The book concludes with 8 travel attraction reviews Mallory Marlowe is the lead character and provided an interesting plot til the end It was a great summer read.

    24. I enjoyed the middle aged sleuth, trying a new career of travel writing after the death of her husband Lots of info about kitschy Old Florida attractions and interesting tie in with the murder and everyone involved s past.

    25. This book was great it was fun learning about all the kitschy attractions that still exist in Florida I m sad that there are only two books in this series because they were both fun and informative

    26. I happened to be vacationing in Florida at the time I read this book I was familiar with the landmarks described in the the novel The mystery itself was good and i will continue to read future releases by this author.

    27. This is definitely a fun murder mystery read I liked it better than her other series and the travel quotes at the beginning of each chapter were fun to read.

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