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Deep Quarry By John E. Stith,

  • Title: Deep Quarry
  • Author: John E. Stith
  • ISBN: 9780967298412
  • Page: 321
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ben Takent is a private eye on a hot, dusty world at the edge of the civilized galaxy When he s asked to find out who is stealing artifacts from a 10,000 year old archaeological dig in the desert, he reluctantly takes the case Then, when it becomes clear that the artifacts are pointing to an ancient alien spacecraft, the stakes in the case go up way up.
    Deep Quarry Ben Takent is a private eye on a hot dusty world at the edge of the civilized galaxy When he s asked to find out who is stealing artifacts from a year old archaeological dig in the desert he

    One thought on “Deep Quarry”

    1. Ben Takent is a private detective hired by Kate Dunlet Kate is running an archeological dig and has discovered that some small artifacts are disappearing Then a space ship is discovered at the dig Ben and Kate now have a lot on their hands since the space ship is still occupied by some not so friendly aliens.This story reminds me of a classic noir detective story but with aliens mixed in I like Ben, he was the smart mouthed detective The opening scene where he is putting callers on hold had me [...]

    2. I have never read any book by the author but since Deep Quarry is a mixture of sci fi and mystery both of which I love I figured why not take the opportunity and start with this one Honestly this was an okay read for me I liked the writing but there really wasn t anything about the book that stood out I love the sci fi aspect to it because come on, who wouldn t It was also different from what I expected There was so much humor and I definitely didn t expect that from a book such as this one I ha [...]

    3. I loved every moment of this fast moving investigative sci fi book Also, it was the first book I read from front to back and got me hooked on science fiction genre.

    4. I read this book years ago and thought it was great, but decided to re read it.How I thought this was so great I don t know John Stith is a great writer, I can only assume this was his first attempt at writing or I have a odd copy or something The whole book uses the same words over and over and over and over the words are like the same words, the story was very spherical, like a sphere, the sphere of the story, was like walking in a sphere, you know how a sphere is very spherical, this story wa [...]

    5. I really enjoyed this I ve been reading it all day long It s like a comedic detective story in a sci fi setting Right near the end I couldn t stop laughing because of a certain part I ve always enjoyed the exploratory parts of Stith s books I didn t realize this one would have that too, so finding that in here was neat.

    6. Wouldn t call this a really successful blend of science fiction and mystery I like both, And there are others who do it better Asimov This is okay.

    7. This is one of my least favorite Stith books Whatever interest the story might have is drained by the tedium of the writing and plotting.

    8. Seemed like a standard sci fi adventure with a touch of mystery But there was nothing about it that really grabbed me.

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