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NK3 By Michael Tolkin,

  • Title: NK3
  • Author: Michael Tolkin
  • ISBN: 9780802125439
  • Page: 312
  • Format: Hardcover
  • With The Player and The Return of the Player, Michael Tolkin established himself as the master novelist of modern Hollywood In his new novel, NK3, the H LYW OD sign presides over a Los Angeles devastated by a weaponized microbe that has been accidentally spread around the globe, deleting human identity.In post NK3 Los Angeles, a sixty foot tall fence surrounds the hills wWith The Player and The Return of the Player, Michael Tolkin established himself as the master novelist of modern Hollywood In his new novel, NK3, the H LYW OD sign presides over a Los Angeles devastated by a weaponized microbe that has been accidentally spread around the globe, deleting human identity.In post NK3 Los Angeles, a sixty foot tall fence surrounds the hills where the rich used to live, but the mansions have been taken over by those with the only power that matters the power of memory Life for the community inside the Fence, ruled over by the new aristocracy, the Verified, is a perpetual party Outside the Fence, in downtown Los Angeles, the Verified use an invented mythology to keep control over the mindless and nameless Drifters, Shamblers, and Bottle Bangers who serve the gift economy until no longer needed The ruler, Chief, takes his guidance from gigantic effigies of a man and a woman in the heart of the Fence They warn him of trouble to come, but who is the person to watch the elusive Eckmann, holed up with the last functioning plane at LAX Shannon Squier, the chisel wielding pop superstar from the pre NK3 world, pulled from the shambling masses a treacherous member of Chief s inner circle or Hopper, the uncommon Drifter compelled by an inner voice to search for a wife whose name and face he doesn t know Each threatens to upset the delicate power balance in this fragile world.In deliciously dark prose, Tolkin winds a noose like plot around this melee of despots, prophets, and rebels as they struggle for command and survival in a town that still manages to exert a magnetic force, even as a ruined husk.
    NK With The Player and The Return of the Player Michael Tolkin established himself as the master novelist of modern Hollywood In his new novel NK the H LYW OD sign presides over a Los Angeles devasta

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    1. It s sometime in the near future, and North Korea has weaponized a memory destroying virus, NK3 Four years after the release of the virus, Greater Los Angeles is a shell of what it was There is a 60 foot fence surrounding the Center Camp, home of the elites who are in power NK3 tells the story of this society and how it attempts to move on.The world created by Michael Tolkin is stark and believable The characters are insightful and often funny or sarcastic Most of them take names from artifacts [...]

    2. NK3 versus Zone OneTolkin brings a literary mind to a post apocalyptic zombie genre where healthy Americans with normal appetites, but no pre apocalypse memories, stand in for your typical flesh munching zombies The change from flesh eating, to an instead memory less zombie, produces a no less scary or dangerous world.Reading Tolkin I was constantly reminded of Colson Whitehead s Zone One Tolkin achieves where I think Whitehead fails Both write well Whitehead likely has the edge when it comes to [...]

    3. What better way to hide deplorable writing and poor character development skills than to write a book where none of the characters have a back story or a personality Brilliant.I m not sure why I finished this book except that I kept thinking the story had to go somewhere It didn t It ended abruptly and clumsily there was no resolution to one of the major early subplots the plane and no idea of the future of any of the players But the ending wasn t the only disappointment I didn t care about any [...]

    4. Wow, what a disappointment No character development or back stories Plodding plot that goes nowhere The only reason I gave this one star was because I listened to the audiobook MacLeod Andrews is such an outstanding narrator.

    5. Tolkin has always been something of an existential doom laureate of the Greater Los Angeles sprawl, with its myth generating factories and insidious personal narratives As I have long claimed that Los Angeles movies tend to be end times movies KISS ME DEADLY perhaps being the preeminent urtext , it would seem appropriate that Tolkin would eventually produce a postapocalyptic book about the city which has provided such fertile ground for his vision of what is casually worst in us But this is not [...]

    6. Nope.So, obviously this guy went to Burning Man, and was like, What if EVERY DAY was like this I mean, it was a Burn from the minute these people are talking about radical inclusion, and The Man and The Woman Come on We get it You re a Burner.But even with all that, this could have been such a good book But the writing was very vague and the plot is convoluted It SEEMS that writing characters with no memories or emotions would be easy, but I think it is difficult to make it truly believable.Ove [...]

    7. I gave up on this and DNF because I found it confusing and disjointed Tolkin has an interesting premise that he didn t really follow through on I couldn t find a character I cared about That said, this isn t really my genre so try it if you like dystopian tales or sci fi Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC.

    8. I really enjoyed reading this dystopian fiction and kept on going anticipating some sort of dramatic ending As I read I struggled trying to fathom how all the loose threads would bind together I read on faithfully to the end where my expectations were promptly deflated This book could have been the bomb but instead it was the bust I m glad Los Angeles hasn t been reduced to rubble and burn fields and that lax is still operating so I can still catch a flight to Cabo on the 15 Writing ability A Ch [...]

    9. I think this could ve used another draft or two Some really interesting ideas are nearly swamped by choppy storytelling and plot threads that are abruptly dropped without any reason There are still some darkly funny and insightful bits though.

    10. Good story, interesting and different futuristic story but horrible ending Either author gave up or a sequel is coming

    11. This was interesting my only previous time reading him was The Player.The book resembles in many ways early Ballard but without some of his harsher elements.Characters lack something which is probably deliberate and fits with the premise of the book , but it has something about it which for me meant that all the positives got eaten away at , and I finished admiring the book but slightly disappointed

    12. This is an odd book, but an interesting one, even if I m not sure of the metaphors it s using It s a post apocalyptic story about people rebuilding society in Los Angeles after a genetically engineered plague wipes out everyone s memory The few people who were able to get some treatment in the early days of the plague are all that s left to lead society, and they ve set themselves up as a ruling class in a walled off section of the city, using the Drifters that wander around as manual labor and [...]

    13. I ve heard reviews calling Michael TolkinNK3 the first book of the Trump era This is an apt description, in ways The world s people have lost their memories Through rehab, some of the surface levels of social connection have returned, and most people are operating on the basic, shallow level of food and sex Think of a Burning Man festival that never ends No roving gangs of bloodthirsty whatevers lurking at every turn, at least in the City Center Post apocalyptic stories are usually far brutal T [...]

    14. This review has been crossposted from my blog at The Cosy Dragon Please head there for in depth reviews by me, which appear on a timely schedule.North Korea released a virus that turns people into Drifters, or essentially, Zombies Some people are immune, or have been retrained in time All technology has been lost except one plane out of there I didn t hang around long enough to find out if they even left Deliciously dark prose Try incomprehensibly dark plot line I tried desperately to connect w [...]

    15. An interesting premise to be sure a mysterious North Korean virus wipes the memory of everyone in the U.S Some of the prominent survivors have gone through a process to restore at least some of their memories and therefore their identities With this framework, there s many directions the author could have gone Unfortunately, he went small rather than big A engaging book for me would have been a broader, country wide or global story about this impact of this civilization changing event Instead [...]

    16. Set in a world where North Korea releases an unproven chemical biological attack that strips the human mind of memories and the ability to retain basic logic and relationship connections On one hand, a dire post apocalyptic world where no one is self sufficient or knowledgeable or if they are knowledgeable, they are quickly considered a threat to the people in charge who lack those memories and mental skills At many points, this book paints scenes and the outline of a story that would make a gre [...]

    17. NK 3 is a weaponized nanobacterium that destroys people s memories The reader won t have trouble remembering the characters in the story of the world brought down by the loss of memory since each chapter is titled with a list of of who is appearing next There are various degrees of memory loss in this dystopian tale of an aristocracy living in hedonistic excess surrounded by a sixty foot tall wall keeping out thousands of Drifters and Shamblers who serve the elite until they are no longer needed [...]

    18. This book imagines what we might be like if we all suddenly lost our memory, as individuals and as a society, with only limited capacity for retrieval What would we value then It s an engaging, satirical story The characters are compelling and the dialog is often terrific I especially liked Redwings, the loyal biker with the heart of gold and ever expanding vocabulary.I do wish there was at the end, though And what happened to the plane

    19. I tried over several days to get into this novel but finally gave up about 75% of the way The post apocalyptic story line got me interested, but the characters seemed particularly nondescript making it hard to get into It reminded me of the basic outline of Blindness by Jose Saramago but without engaging characters.

    20. Why Incoherent and rambling, with a strange Burning Man obsession, and no ending to speak of Also somewhat poorly edited, there are many sentences which seem to switch structure midstream Three stars for atmosphere and scope of vision Had excellent potential But can t in good conscience recommend it, due to the caliber of the writing.

    21. Set in a post apocalyptic world after North Korea has unleashed a virus that destroys memories More of a story about the journey than the destination, as the city slow disintegrates My biggest complaint about the book is that it seems to end with a whimper, not a bang The fate of the characters is unknown.

    22. Boring throughout, kept waiting for it to get better and it didn t The characters weren t developed well at all, and their names were simply annoying.I guess the author was going for an esoteric ending, but instead it just felt empty and superfluous I like a lot of dystopian novels, but I cannot recommend this one.

    23. I kept waiting for this book to ramp up and go somewhere, and it just didn t If you find yourself continuing to read because you assume there has to be a point and that there will be an aha moment, quit while you re ahead.

    24. Cool idea with a poorly executed and cartoonish plot The characters blend together and are hard to differentiate This novel would have been much enjoyable and easier to read if it had been grounded Hard to finish this one.

    25. Nicely fucked up dystopic piece Characters definitely had agency Got a little too mystical for my tastes by the end and Tolkien definitely doesn t think much of humanity s innate goodness if your opinion is based on this book.

    26. I feel like the author was into the world they d created than the actual story Didn t see the point Had to slog through to the end.

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