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Murder By Ella James,

  • Title: Murder
  • Author: Ella James
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 158
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • An alternate cover for this ASIN can be found here.Let me tell you now I kill her I love Gwenna White than my life and still, I m her demise It should have been simple Easy come, easy go, and in between atonement She was not who I d have chosen Gwen was delicate and lovely a former model with a ruined life, living in the quiet of the Smoky Mountains, healingAn alternate cover for this ASIN can be found here.Let me tell you now I kill her I love Gwenna White than my life and still, I m her demise It should have been simple Easy come, easy go, and in between atonement She was not who I d have chosen Gwen was delicate and lovely a former model with a ruined life, living in the quiet of the Smoky Mountains, healing injured bears When she laid her hands on me, she healed me, too That s how it began That s where it first went wrong I knew she could never be mine But I sinned I sinned.Murder is a standalone romantic mystery novel It s the second in the Sinful Secrets Series, in which each book is inspired by a sin and centered on a huge secret.
    Murder An alternate cover for this ASIN can be found here Let me tell you now I kill her I love Gwenna White than my life and still I m her demise It should have been simple Easy come easy go and in betwe

    One thought on “Murder”

    1. Ok finally done with the book No idea why, but it took me 3 days to finish it It s pretty long, but still I should ve finished it faster But it just dragged alongI loved it Most of it anyway I loved Barrett and Gwen But I hated the longness of the book I think a good editor could ve edited out all those mistakes and at least 100 pages of redundant and repetitive stuff And also for me personally all this god and church and bible reading shit The book was really intersting you want to keep reading [...]

    2. It s been a few days since I finished MURDER, but I needed the time to really absorb everything and settle my thoughts.This book is incredibly long, brilliantly written, and insanely twisted in the sense where you don t really know who s good, who s bad, who s lying, who has ulterior motives or not.The story revolves around two main characters Gwenna and Barrett Gwenna is a beautiful ex model, ex singer who was in a super tragic accident, leaving her body and mind scarred She s hiding herself ou [...]

    3. Well it took me some time to get through this book but it was well worth it in the end I have to admit it was very slow a good way through but if you persevere it s worth your patience and I must say a very clever suspense romance read.

    4. 4.5 STARS WOW This was a MONSTER of a book MURDER was over 500 pages of sexy, intense, mysterious, and mind bending good times I ll tell you the truth and say that I was scared to start this I m used to reading a book a day, and I know that this one was going to put me up for a while But Ella James has never steered me wrong, so I said Fuck it, let s do this and started this dark and intense journey of Gwenna and Barrett Now if you aren t familiar with Ella s Sinful Secret Series, here is how it [...]

    5. Really, this is 3.5 stars for me The twist and turn of Barrett and Gwen are good, and well plotted out The hard part, and while looking on GR I can see others stopped reading, is the book is extremely long and while normally that isn t a problem, it makes you feel that a GOOD 40% could have been cut out There are so many many details about so many many things that I can t even decide if they were just because the author felt like it or because they really had something to do with the story Examp [...]

    6. one word Anticlimactic.I have waited for this book through all the release date pushing, one month, two months 3, 4 all the while expecting that the book will blow my mind once I had my hands on it It blew my mind alright out of boredom.The entire 70% of the beginning was filler they ate, they slept they had nightmares they f ed The next day guess what they did they ate, slept, had nightmares and f ed some I was so emotionally detached that even the smutty scenes were torture to read I am disap [...]

    7. 2.75 StarsI loved Sloth when I first read it, and when I started reading Murder I thought I would like it.It started off great But then it lagged A LOT I am usually one for big books but I felt that it just felt unnecessary or something It felt like it was taking forever.And since I felt that way, I didn t even care about Barrett and his secret any I basically skimmed after the 65% mark which I dislike doing but hey.

    8. After reading SLOTH, which I loved, I was anxiously waiting for the release of this book Unfortunately, the anticipation far exceeded the actual book It was too long, too many confusing flashbacks and a painfully slow build up to the mystery I m a big fan of Ms James and have been pleased with many of her other books This one just didn t do it for me, but I will continue to read her work SLOTH was my favorite

    9. Oh man, OB SESSED WITH THIS ONE.Yeah there was romance but this baby was packed FULL of suspense and mystery Just enough to keep my eyes wide and my breaths short The mystery element in this one was so fantastic Even if you say you knew what was going to be the outcome or how this story was going to pan out, it was still very well written and I don t think anyone can argue that The metaphors, the descriptions, analogies, tension All of it It was so well done that you don t even know who is bad, [...]

    10. Bears I totally love bears Cute, honey eating, hibernating bears I love them as much as I love sloths I love them too.Warning long, long book Warning keep track of nicknames so you know who is who Bear Barrett, Gwenna Snowflake aka Piglet aka Pig Breck John I leave you to do the research on the rest.I love the sort of story where I get to use my sleuthing skills to solve a mystery I also love the sort of story where love seeps into the heart and melts away the ice that surrounds it And I love th [...]

    11. As usual, Ella James knows how to write a story, wrap you up, then wrench your emotions a hundred ways before leaving you mind wrecked and loving it I didn t think I could love a sinful secrets book than Sloth, but Murder snuck up on me and shanked me right in the heart I love Barrett and Gwenna Remember Kellan from Sloth No You haven t read it WHY Barrett aka Bear , Kellan s brother, has a past all of his own secrets and inner demons warring within him His darker side is fighting to complete t [...]

    12. I love itOk I ve held out writing the review for a week as I had to think about what I wanted to put down without revealing anything as this story is long, mysterious, secretive and leaves you guessing At times I did not want to put it down and found myself highlighting a lot so I could figure out the who did what Or what happened before the great revealing But to be honest even up to the very end when we finally fine out Ella got cute and she through in another twist I have to say, when I got t [...]

    13. The story was good, but it was predictable no shock factor for me on any of the supposed it plot twists That said, this book it s main problem Way Too Fucking Long And way too fucking repetitive In some weird shit What was with all the Bible crap that sprung up sporadically, but was connected to nothing I suppose reading my introduction here, you probably think that I didn t enjoy this read You would be wrong I actually did enjoy this read quite a bit It just very desperately needs a very heavy [...]

    14. Get it, Read it, LOVE it If you love secrets, suspense, action, love, twists, a strong woman and a sexy bear love me some Bear READ THIS BOOK I could not put this book down I read it within 24 hours Ella will pull you in with her writing until the very end However, she will leave you with a massive book hangover I also loved that Kellan and Cleo made an appearance, so we are able to get an update on them from Sloth Highly recommend

    15. I triedThis story had a unique plot line, and was full of mystery, but honestly it didn t do it for me I had to push myself to get through it There were too many flashbacks for my taste, it was a little confusing Also, it was such a slow build up, it was painful I gave it two stars, because it was so tedious to get through all the flashbacks, but maybe it will suit someone else It seems like it s not an objectively bad book, just not at all for me Even a little bit.

    16. Loved MurderBarrett Kellan s Brother remember Kellan from Sloth well he has a past of his own and it isn t a pretty one Loved Gwenna, she is a survivor after a accident that happened she is trying to live again I really didn t know how the book would play out but as with Ella you can never guess what will happen this book another roller coaster of emotions can t wait for book 3

    17. I loved sloth, it was brilliant and Murder did not let me down It was just as brilliant and I loved pig and bear hard While it was long and at times a little dragged, the story was fantastic and well written The characters were amazing.

    18. Another great book by Ella James I love Sloth and that s one of my favorite books I loved this book to i liked the storyline and the main characters Although this is the second of the Sinful Secrets Series it s a totally different story than Sloth Can t wait for the third.

    19. Where do I even start This book is just so amazingly good There are so many twists and turns Ella is such a fantastic story teller and this book blew me away.

    20. So, before I d read this book, I d read Sloth Which is how it should be since Sloth comes first in the timeline although I should point out that both books can be read standalone too Anyway, I really liked Sloth Which isn t to say that I didn t like Murder, its just that when I compare it to Sloth that it doesn t Compare that is.While the story line was good, I found it confusing at first as there were lots of flashbacks and repetition The characters, Barrett and Gwen were great if maybe a littl [...]

    21. Don t worry about the length enjoy That s what she said Yes, its long But it felt like maybe 2 bks I would have read and been mad the first bk stopped abruptly So think of it as a 2 for 1 if the amount of pages are so bothersome some reviews had it an issue.I liked the h H And while waiting for the story to unfold, I didn t get the things I hate 1 annoying best friends with loud voices 2 perfect dialog in a characters head but then they say nothing 3 all dominant males must be part Christian Gre [...]

    22. Ok so I read Sloth a while back before I started reviewing and it was one that absolutely stuck amazing if you haven t read it s a must but its not necessary to read in order to read book 2 in this series so when this popped up on KU and my suggestion list I was like yes even though I have a million tbr I haven t really read any books by Ella James I will be making up for that yup tbr just grew some anyway this is a big book 600 or so pages and I can t lie I love big books anyway Murder is kind [...]

    23. Addicting butSo I ll start by saying I really liked this book I absolutely recommend it It kept you guessing and honestly, I was totally lost on the big twist secret the entire book That almost never happens Great character development Interesting plot Lots of sexy times Like omg Now, the reason why I m not giving this 5 stars The characters are too over the top Too beautiful Too talented Toooooo broken She is an ex wait for it singer, model, actress, pre med student who owns and operates a bear [...]

    24. A great angst filled read Let me start by saying Ella James was a mastermind with Sloth Murder is a stand alone read but it ties in characters from the other book I gave it for stars only because I read Sloth first and it is one of my favorites When I compare the two, Murder was good, but it wasn t in the same category of greatness.This book had loads of sex, drama, twist and turns and definite revelations you don t see coming.A great read

    25. This was an addictive read The prologue sucked me ine the rest of the days chores and to do list fell to the back of the line until I was done reading These characters and plot were so well written, I did not see that last twist coming at all I always look forward to an Ella James book and this one did not disappoint.

    26. Secret, lies, loveMy Heart for Yours is a good book overall It starts off with an omg moment and then it goes up and down and starts to drag a little in between When it gets to the end everything starts to come together and make sense This book is an emotional journey of two people who has had strange situations in their lives.

    27. Holy cow What a suspenseThis book literally kept me guessing right until the last chapter There were little hints throughout but nothing that would tell you, yes, that s what really happened Then all of a sudden, the truth is revealed and all you can do is sit back and say wow, didn t see that coming.

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