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Dark Magic By Adam J. Wright,

  • Title: Dark Magic
  • Author: Adam J. Wright
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 239
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Zombies on Main Street Not my finest moment The police aren t exactly thrilled with me, but when a cold case heats up and starts to stink of the supernatural, suddenly the sheriff is in my office offering me a job When the case hits boiling point, I m dealing with monsters, black magic, and ritual killings I even have to call on the two craziest witches in town for helZombies on Main Street Not my finest moment The police aren t exactly thrilled with me, but when a cold case heats up and starts to stink of the supernatural, suddenly the sheriff is in my office offering me a job When the case hits boiling point, I m dealing with monsters, black magic, and ritual killings I even have to call on the two craziest witches in town for help Things must be bad if the Blackwell sisters are my only hope for survival Maybe I ve bitten off than I can chew After all, those who fight monsters should beware that the monsters aren t frog faced, soul eating demons.
    Dark Magic Zombies on Main Street Not my finest moment The police aren t exactly thrilled with me but when a cold case heats up and starts to stink of the supernatural suddenly the sheriff is in my office offe

    One thought on “Dark Magic”

    1. Well this was real nice read and I am looking forward to other adventures of Alec Harbinger now.As I said before this was so refreshing and entertaining reads than all girly paranormal romance I used to read and although Alec solves most of P.I cases, he takes help of his friends and there are certain wonderful girls are there in his crew that includes Falicity, Mallory, Sherry, Blackwell sisters Cheers to girl power In this particular book, Alec solves the mystery of Frog monster I had hard tim [...]

    2. 3.75 stars rounded upNot much progress from the Midnight Cabal plot and I really, truly, wasn t sure with the development over Alec Felicity relationship BUT, there was still enough action involving dark magic ritual monsters that kept me entertained Plus Alec was able to get answers regarding the case which Amy Cantrell hired him for in book 2 about the Church massacre in which her mother became one of the victims.Looking forward to book 4.

    3. I owe Adam J Wright my thanks First, my non reader husband got hooked on this audiobook series, and wants to discuss books He s talking about ogres and vampires and magic, and now knows what Excalibur is It s like my wildest dream come to life Secondly, these wonderful stories have made a hellish three hour daily commute not only bearable, but I don t want to get out of my car when I get there Please Just one chapter And I am totally a Michael fangirl, but I digress Having grown up reading fant [...]

    4. This series just keeps getting better I saw some complaints that it was too short but in my opinion the length worked really well I always look forward to the Harbinger series, the perfect mix between investigation and magical beings It being my first and only urban fantasy read, I have very much enjoyed it The next one comes out at the end of this month I will surly buy it Adam J Wright you rock

    5. This starts right where the last one stopped He is being helped into the house by Felicity Pretty much this is the second half to the story There are plot lines that are not totally fleshed out and answered, but mainly, this answers most of what was left from the last installment Put book 2 3 together and you get a novel with a beginning middle and end and it was really good, really excellent in some points I still want and think all the characters need time I like them a lot but maybe if he d [...]

    6. Very good short read Lots of action I enjoyed the continuation of this series and look forward to the next case.

    7. ImprovedI think the characters have come around a bit Definitely the main character or we know him better and accepted his personality Anything that is binge read with good characters deserves five stars And, to the author, it s not as sweet cute as it was

    8. Dark Magic, a Harbinger, P.I novelby Adam J WrightHmm Short books However, I ve enjoyed the three book currently released and understand another is on the way In this episode, Alec and company have returned Mallory left at the end of the last episode with a one year to live curse weighing heavily on both her and Alec s minds Alec has just experienced his first in memory magical flash, and, after Mallory drives away, finds himself so sapped of energy that he collapses on his front lawn, in the ra [...]

    9. I ve really enjoyed this book series so far The characters are interesting enough and complex enough that I am invested in their fates and want to know about them The plots are generally fairly standard, but they flow nicely and have internal logic and satisfying resolutions.My only complaint is that the books, especially this last one, are a bit short and could stand to be fleshed out , in my opinion However, I am glad I read them and I look forward to future books in the series.

    10. Supernatural, action, mystery, humor, and a touch of romance A decided absence of typos and grammatical glitches What s not to love Many cool angles to play out as the series progresses, so definitely a series to follow.Some may say its too short, but the author seems to be popping them out at steady intervals, and I d rather read regular installments than wait a year for a heftier read.

    11. I wish I had a pleasure to listen Dark Magic in audiobook edition, but at least I did enjoy Alec adventure in ebook format Alec memories are back and now he remembers, or less, everything from his childhood till now Felicity came back, and that was good I couldn t imagine Alec without her The main storyline was pulling enough, but the end was a bit to abrupt I wish we had Great work so far

    12. A Great Book ja 07 04 I love this book series Harbinger and Felicity are back in the states and are continuing to work together Their new client needs help with a cold case Harbinger realizes that the the 2 cases he is working on are closely related This book is filled with action, adventure and suspense It s a great read and I highly recommend the whole series.

    13. Better than mostI read a lot Mostly science fiction and fantasy Most of what I come across is just ok, this is better than most, not quite as good as some of the best, but better than most Urban fantasy with a male protagonist, not a lot different than many others in the genre, but the characters, dialogue, and storyline are all engaging, this is the third installment and I m looking forward to the next one.

    14. I really want to rate this book higher because it s come so far since the first in the series Still very heavy handed though the reader can draw a few connections or inferences without having to have it all spelled out The characters have such potential The books are still very much in need of a good editor, or at least a solid proof reading.

    15. Very enjoyable series I agree that each of these books are too short, at least they are for my taste That said none of these novels suffer story wise for that brevity Getting involved in a storyline that ends in a couple hours is like having a half of a piece of cake, just when your appetite is truely whetted your done, all without being totally satisfied.

    16. The third in the series and probably the best one yet Don t get me wrong I m not going to be queuing at the bookshop for next installments, and the length is like a novella than a full blown book, but it is a pleasant way to spend a few hours plus this one has frog monsters stright from Hellboy

    17. Best of the threeI felt this one was the best of the three so far For a series of short books it does a good job of giving you some closure in every book while keeping enough from you to want to read the next.

    18. An OK read, but the characters and plots could use a bit depth And maybe steering away from romance would be a beneficial thing too, because, honestly Mr Wright cannot, and probably should not, be writing romance Stick to UF and steer clear of the PNR.

    19. Well doneI enjoy a series that answers all the questions From the first the characters are engaging and the plotline very cohesive The twists and turns are believable The mythos has been consistent I would definitely recommend it.

    20. I just finished and I m ready for This series keeps getting better I can t wait to find out what happens next It keeps getting interesting with each new charter Can t wait for book 4.

    21. I think what makes this book so readable is that it reads like fanfiction Its quick, easy and the plot never gets particularly complicated so there s that level of satisfaction when it all wraps up nicely.

    22. Still enjoying the series despite the writing The setting and topics are nicely done, so that distracts from the plain writing style I am convinced than ever that the author writes this as though it were a tv show.

    23. Great readSo far this is a superb series Fast paced, with twists and turns Held together with engaging characters Can t wait for book four

    24. Dark Magic This book is a page turner just like the other ones before it There seems to be plenty of action to keep your attention.

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