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A Wild Wicked Weekend By Layla Wolfe,

  • Title: A Wild Wicked Weekend
  • Author: Layla Wolfe
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 365
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When they do right, no one remembers.When they do wrong, no one forgets.HAVEN At forty five, I was a washed up racecar driver, a Daddy Dom who had searched the world over for his power bottom, his submissive Fuck, I was still a Prospect for the Bent Zealots MC That s how I came to be in the clubhouse while most of them were raising hell at a Vegas rally Word came thereWhen they do right, no one remembers.When they do wrong, no one forgets.HAVEN At forty five, I was a washed up racecar driver, a Daddy Dom who had searched the world over for his power bottom, his submissive Fuck, I was still a Prospect for the Bent Zealots MC That s how I came to be in the clubhouse while most of them were raising hell at a Vegas rally Word came there was a stiff down on the Rez, and the Zealots were getting blamed for it My mission included a clownish reject from a rival club name of Mike Drop, and a mysterious half breed who would change my life forever OGDEN I met Haven there in the desert, standing over the disemboweled corpse of a tourist After I made a sleazy deal that would help solve the mystery and clear the Zealots name, that muscle daddy gave me a tongue lashing of a lifetime Have self respect, Haven said As the bastard half Navajo basketballer who had frittered away a scholarship, I was a bad penny Haven, with his powerful mastery at training and molding me, gave shape to my form HAVEN Ogden is my forever toy, a morsel for me to savor He says you can t see the future with tears in your eyes If we make it through this hell together, we ll see clearly The club will know I ve made my bones when I bring them the killer s head on a platter.Publisher s Note This book is not for the faint of heart It contains scenes of graphic gay sex, May December romance, illegal doings, consensual bondage and discipline, sadomasochism, and violence in general It s a full length novel of 60,000 words rated 18 due to possible triggers There is no cheating or cliffhangers, and HEAs all around for all.
    A Wild Wicked Weekend When they do right no one remembers When they do wrong no one forgets HAVEN At forty five I was a washed up racecar driver a Daddy Dom who had searched the world over for his power bottom his sub

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    1. Coming back to the Bent Zealots MC club, this is a story that doesn t bring a ton of the guys we have come to know from the earlier books, as most of the club is away at a rally Haven is a club prospect, behind to keep the peace and the clubhouse safe He s a racecar driver, now at the end of his career, still reeling from a breakup He s a bit difficult to get to know, as he s guarded and rather domineering there s a story there that is slowly coming to light, even as he fights sharing himself in [...]

    2. Quite a bit different then the other books in this series While it had a dangerous aura it still had humor, fun and a interesting if not scary storyline I was glad to see that Frederica was still in the picture and totally embracing her inner woman Haven was a tough character to get a complete picture of, he has never been a big part of the Zealots so far so I am not sure what I expected him to be like Ogden is also not an easy character to relate too, both of them seemed to have some major issu [...]

    3. The Bent Zealots MC has you pulled in again The MC was split with half off at the rally with the other lower half in the clubhouse this is when we meet Boothe Haven just chilling with their guard down then Boom action it just goes off from their and we meet Mike Drop he s a character had me smiling and laughing he seemed so out of place with Haven and Ogden but seemed to balance the book with that extra laid back attitude he has.Haven may be a prospect but he s a mean man who won t take cr p Whe [...]

    4. Drops you right into the action that is about to take place Most of the club is away in Vegas read Shelter from the Storm, the rally and their older matured prospect is about to be patched in when the drugged up rival wannabes decides to trash the weaker members but Boothe Haven was there and he don t take crap from anyone Recently broken up from Mayo he s trying to find the right sub to his Daddy Dom and when he sees Ogden foren first time he wanted this bratty red skin and claimed his as his r [...]

    5. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review The book was a wonderful edition to the Bent Zealots series The two MC S in this book are Haven and Ogden They come together while trying to solve a murder that the Bent Zealots are being implicated in They have a D S relationship that really adds spice to the story As they explore their BDSM relationship, they fall in love and get closer to finding the real killer This is a gritty fast paced story that is wonderfully written, and not for the fa [...]

    6. ARC RECEIVED FOR HONEST REVIEW Wow,,,,,,,,This one is quite different from the previous books in the Bent Zealots series, as in one sense it s a lot light hearted and funny but, at the same time still has just as much angst in it too.In this one we meet Haven and Ogden, Haven is prospecting for the Zealots and is sent to find out information about a death which is being pinned on them and clear the Zealots names.What he doesn t expect is to meet and fall for Ogden What makes it even better is t [...]

    7. A Wild Wicked Weekend The Bent Zealots MC, 4 I love this series and love the way the characters are so raw and how much they learn to love each other.The Ben Zealots are being accused of killing of a Japanese man and Haven, one of their prospects needs to prove that the accusation is a false one While attempting to investigate enters Ogden a man who should have been for his potential but his life got off track Their first encounter is explosive and the exploration of the Dom sub relationship is [...]

    8. This latest book in The Bent Zealot MC series by Layla Wolfe continues to introduce us to new members of the club.Ogden, a petty criminal, is asked to help out The Bent Zealots by Bond, who also had done time in prison Haven, a NASCAR driver is prospecting for the Zealots and teams up with Ogden to solve a crime that threatens the club.This story flows smoothly and easily captivates the attention of the reader It is pleasing to note that the beginning of the story is different than the other boo [...]

    9. This one was a first for me I had never read a M M MC , never read a M M , and it was my introduction to this amazing series My 5 star rating is placed with a guarantee I will read the others.I was given an Arc and I am so glad I was a little apprehensive since I was a newbie There was no disappointment Every theme and detail was excellently done Well written and developed characters Smooth reading with no chance of boredom Full of suspense and entertainment Great storytelling Those HOTT scenes [...]

    10. While the MC was away to Vegas, as a prospect, Haven remained behind When a situation arises and Haven has to go check it out, Ogden is called into help Haven is an ex NASCAR driver and Ogden was a rodeo rider Together they must try and solve a mystery to save the MC Too guys both looking for a perfect fit in their lives Can they find it in each other Will they save the MC I enjoyed this one.

    11. Another awesome book from the delicious mind of Layla Wolfe I love her MC series and she is one of the few authors writing MM books that I will read Haven and Ogden are such amazing characters and I loved watching them on their journey of discovering how their relationship develops The story is like her others intense, gritty and something I find myself completely sucked into Needless to say, I m a HUGE fan of Layla s and I m already eager for her next book.

    12. Loved it I have to say A Wild Wicked Weekend was a well balanced gritty read The storyline flowed smoothly with so many ups and downs with laughter thrown It kept me wanting when it was over Haven and Ogden have a sizzling chemistry that makes for some sizzling M M scenes It was a quick read for me because I couldn t stop reading Great job I want .

    13. Haven is a Dom looking for a partner and found Ogden who is a submissive looking for a daddy and when they finally hooked up while doing club business every just clicked Haven finally found his perfect sub in Ogden , they went through trying times , fought, and found love and happiness Another great book by layla Wolfe

    14. I freaking love this series Layla has done it again with her sexy bad boys of the Bent Zealots MC This book was exciting and suspenseful The characters were just as good as well as the story I couldn t put this one down it kept me entertained and glued to the pages Can t wait to see what happens next in this sexy series review on behalf of the author for an honest review

    15. You did it again I loved this book Loved all the curveball you put into your stories Haven having to deal with issues for the club Finding Ogden to help him out along with weird Mike All working together for the Bent Zealots and to advance in the safety and respect the club aimed for in life.I received an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

    16. I loved this book layla knows how to write and I love how all her books get you into the characters keep up the great work babe can t wait for

    17. Really enjoyed the relationship between Ogden and Haven Shocker when the disease Ogden has is brought forward and the reason he always wears one leather glove.

    18. Gentleness from painThis books content has a harder SM content Pleasure from major pain A very strong Dom but an also very strong Sub.

    19. 3.5 star review by The Blogger Girls.I really like this series about a group of somewhat misfits, a biker gang made up mostly of gay men, though there are a few straight guys and even a trans character in the mix This installment is about the club s Prospect, Haven, who is left to hold down the fort when the majority of the club is away at a rally, and Ogden, who s brother is a club member.Haven is a nice guy underneath a tough exterior He s a daddy dom who just hasn t found the right partner ye [...]

    20. Layla Wolfe I think the Bent Zealots just keep getting better of course I said that about A Lone Stranger 3 A Wild Wicked Weekend is book 4 in the Bent Zealots Series All of the books in Bent Zealots series can be read as a standalone but, I highly recommend reading the other books in this series There isn t a lot of the other characters from the other books in this one but, you will see them make an appearance Okay Layla Wolfe where do you get the names for your characters I love them Mike Drop [...]

    21. I am a huge Bent Zealots fanke it better than the Bare Bones actually I really enjoyed this book, but to be honest, not as well as I did the first 3 I m not sure if it was because we really didn t get to see the characters from the previous books or what it was Was happy to see Fredericka s always nice to see a friendly face Haven is a Daddy Dom, and boy does he take his job seriously He can not believe it when he meets the Sub of his dreams when he meets Ogden Ogden likes it rough and dirty and [...]

    22. Even though A Wild Wicked Weekend is book 4 of the Bent Zealots MC series, it can be read as a standalone There s enough backstory about the club for the reader to follow along and the characters of previous books make appearances but nothing that is dependent on having read their book The focus of the book is truly on Haven and Ogden and Mike I loved how Mike becomes a part of the story, it actually made me laugh out loud He was an interesting addition to a MC book His storyline was fun, and I [...]

    23. A daddy dom and his little sub in a world of bikers and assorted criminalsother raw and explosive MM romance from The Bent Zealots MC series and a pretty good mix of suspense, playful and as usual with these books, plenty of raw, gritty male on male action with enough raunchy scenes to please those readers who like a less sweet story.Haven and Ogden are almost an instant chemical reaction gone wild and this is what Wolfe s books tend to focus ono unlikely male partners, finding love when they do [...]

    24. How wonderful to be back in the world of the Bent Zealots Layla Wolfe does not disappoint this book is as gritty as the previous books in the series.There is lots of action, both violent and sexual, as we ve come to expect.Haven and Ogden are an odd couple but they really do work well together.The descriptions of the reservation and surrounding area are well written and atmospheric.Although there is some sadness in the story, memories of Japanese internment during WW2 and the death of a minor bu [...]

    25. Layla s books are always great, and this one is no exception A Wild Wicked Weekend is book four in the Bent Zealots Series, and follows the characters of Booth Haven is a club prospect and racecar driver, left behind to keep the peace while the rest of the Bent Zealots are in Vegas for a rally The second character is Ogden Taliwood, a former bronc rider and ex con, who is asked to help out by Bond Though slightly different from the other books in this series, since both characters are open about [...]

    26. Recieved ARC in return for honest review.This is book 4 of Layla Wolfe s Bent Zealots MC series This is about a gay MC and not for the faint of heart This could be read as a stand alone book as it takes place while most of the club is away at a rally It is Haven and Ogden s story It occurs over a weekend and the title says a lot wild and wicked I had a hard time putting it down I always get absorbed into Layla s characters and she does not dissapoint here I will never hesitate in one clicking an [...]

    27. Layla Wolfe has done it again The Bent Zealots series is one of my favorites in the M M genre In true Layla Wolfe fashion, I get exactly what I want from these gritty, sexy, and over the top bikers raw lust mixed with comedy and drama But this time, she gave me even a Daddy dom and some hot as hell bondage.Although my heart will always belong to Locke Singer definitely read the other books in the series , Haven and Ogden have the chemistry to make my Kindle sizzle I cant wait to see what Layla [...]

    28. I loved everything about this book and was so pleased to see a different start in this book.There were dangerous but exciting episodes, laugh out loud scenes and some brings a tear to the eyes parts that are dealt with in s very sensitive manner.

    29. Loved Haven and Ogden.funny, exciting, and these two were great together and each needed the other Sexy, dom sub dynamic was fantastic Can t wait for

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