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Earth Logic: Elemental Logic: Book 2 By Laurie J. Marks,

  • Title: Earth Logic: Elemental Logic: Book 2
  • Author: Laurie J. Marks
  • ISBN: 9780765309525
  • Page: 397
  • Format: Hardcover
  • 2004 1st Ed Tor
    Earth Logic Elemental Logic Book st Ed Tor

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    1. im a slut for amazing worldbuilding, beautiful lesbians and non patriarchal family arrangements review 2 follow

    2. The Elemental Logic series is shaping up to be one of those book series where I m a fan of the characters and the world but not at all of the plot.Earth Logic is the second in the Elemental Logic series, a fantasy series set in a world without sexism or heteronormativity If you re unfamiliar with the series, you should probably start with the first book, Fire Logic.This is usually the point in the review where I give a basic plot synopsis However, I m not really sure what the plot of Earth Logic [...]

    3. Don t judge this book by its cover, which is awful This is a solid continuation of the Elemental Logic series Characterization is the great strength of this series the characters are complex, prickly, sometimes hard to love, but always wonderful to read about It s a welcome alternative to the callow protagonists of a lot of mainstream fantasy In Fire Logic, I particularly liked Norina here I was especially fond of Clement and Garland, and the new perspective they gave us on old friends like Kari [...]

    4. Story about Shaftal, a land in a 20 years war, continues in this volume which also continues the stories of all the characters we had got to know in the first book They are much changed from their ordeals, and yet stuck in passivity The way out of that passivity is baffling, and frankly I didn t completely get it Zanja asked if she and Karis would be separated forever and the dreadful answer was that they would not separate at all They were bound together on the side of the cliff, trapped there, [...]

    5. Gifted with the power of Shaftal but unwilling do to anything with it, Karis G deon is at a stalemate with the Sainnites A zealous group of followers decide to take matters into their own hands in hopes of helping the Lost G deon Karis and her family must either act, or allow Shaftal to fall into chaos PlotThe plot of Earth Logic is basically all of the culminating things that lead to the end of the Sainnite versus Shaftali war This does not mean that there is a lot of action Throughout the book [...]

    6. The first part of the book took a bit of getting into, but that might be because I was struggling to remember all of the details from the first volume in the series Meanwhile, the world continued to develop, now with a fascinating look at family life multiple couples all living and working together in an intentional community I actually liked the new characters than I enjoyed watching the growth of the old characters.But the cover The heroine pictured is supposed to be a giant blacksmith I susp [...]

    7. Still liked this book but didn t enjoy it as much as the first.I sort of understand Karis inaction for most of this book, but only sort of, I don t fully understand why she just sat around and waited for so long before stepping up as the G deon.I know that there s fire logic and all that, but it was definitely a stretch that they went through with the whole ritual of killing Zanja mostly based on the card readings When they first interpreted the cards this way, I thought to myself, no way are th [...]

    8. I really love this series There s something about the writing style that seems dreamy and distant, but which doesn t hinder the reader s attachment to the characters I feel like the style made it difficult to get into the first book, but in the second, it became very beautiful.

    9. Love this non heteronormative world Polyamorous type, feminist, gay relationships The power of peace and growth vs the corruption and spread of violence Empathetic perspectives from both sides 3 3

    10. 3.5 An interesting continuation of the series I ll keep reading There was a major plot element that didn t really work for me as it just seemed like if people would TALK TO ONE ANOTHER a huge part of the book and of the main characters angst would have been completely resolved I get that it had to happen the way it did for the larger plot structure to work, and that the author was making a point about the wildly different ways the different people thought about things and communicated, but as a [...]

    11. Karis G deon and Zanja are lovers, and little Leeba is Zanja a and J han s daughter Karis who is a large woman is marking time at a blacksmith shop forge Ravens are messengers, and can sometimes speak There are cutsie animal object lessons sprinkled throughout little chapters in the book, especially ravens, who are messengers spies Karis discovers an illness like the Black Plague which is devastating different areas around the Midlands, and sets out, as merely a healer to the populace She finds [...]

    12. Not as good as Fire Logic, but still fun to read The plot just didn t make sense to me in certain parts What I enjoyed most about these books is the culture of the world they take place in In Laurie Marks s world, it truly does take a village to raise a child, or specifically 7 people the kid s biological mom and dad, an itinerant cook, a gay couple and a lesbian couple all of whom refer to her as our child Other characters refer vaguely to one of my husbands and male and female soldiers of who [...]

    13. I actually liked this, the second book in the Elemental Logic trilogy, better than the first, which is a nice surprise In Fire Logic, Marks introduced a country formerly known for its hospitality and philosophy that was invaded by warriors from across the ocean Colonialism, culture appropriation, genocide and mixed race children are all hugely important to the plot the entire thing, in fact, is about culture clash It is very much a fantasy series most characters have magic of some kind but an ex [...]

    14. I loved this book, much like its predecessor Fire Logic The world building is subtle and well rounded, the characters are complex and three dimensional, they have likeable and dislikeable sides to them, they have motivations for their actions which make sense Most of them are competent at what they re doing and its a very subtle story for a Fantasy book whose main charactes are mostly soldiers The magic system confused me at times, at did some of the plot points view spoiler , like Zanja dying W [...]

    15. It was good Almost as good a fire logic Except it was confusing and strange a lot of the time I mean, it made sense but it was still just to odd for it to settle properly in my mind The new characters were very interesting though and I got invested in them quickly The non conventional family structure was great to read The ending was unfortunately off putting Just the idea that they re basically destroy some people s identity because Zanja is holding a grudge I really don t feel comfortable with [...]

    16. Earth Logic takes place a few years after Fire Logic Karis odd little family is doing its best to stay together and support her while raising their daughter Technically, Norina s biological daughter, but everyone is raising her.Considering how extremely hyperactive the kid is, they might be outnumbered Read this review onRena s Hub of Randomon WordPress.

    17. This book is the same as Earth Logic so you can read detail reviews over there Or better yet, just read the book It is very, very good.The author takes some very standard tropes invading armies, clash of cultures, prophecies, youngster with destinies and does amazing things with them These books as sophisticated, beautifully crafted, moving and surprising Read them but read them in order.

    18. This 2nd book of the series was most satisfying read of the year It has many twist and turns and I am looking forward to the next one Karis G deon is mourning and determined to do what it takes to bring peace to Shaftal But it is not easy when the zealots are attacking the Watford Sainnite garrison and their retaliation is harsh and swift On top of that the plague has broken out and must be stopped or all will be lost Awesome read.

    19. I think Earth Logic is my favorite book of the Elemental Logic series so far I m hard pressed to say why exactly Possibly because I found the shifting point of views between two opposing nations with philosophical differences fascinating, of how two of the main characters came into their power, as leaders to these opposing nations All I know is favorite.I m a little disappointed that we don t see Garland though.

    20. nwhytevejournal 1559494mlI was recommended this fantasy novel, the second in a four part series, some time ago as a fictional treatment of peace processes Unfortunately it is the kind of immersive fantasy that doesn t really grab me, so I ve given up after 130 pages.

    21. I like this one better than the first book It definitely didn t drag as much, but I still wouldn t say that I really liked it The character developments were still as good in this novel, and the cook that s introduced is great fun The ending confused me somewhat as one of the characters personalities was somewhat off from what I had imagined or perhaps I am simply not very observant.

    22. Earth Logic is A fantasy novel about adults making difficult decisions A book that focuses on how peace is harder to make than war A stunningly original and beautiful story that turns the different ways our minds work into pure magic One of my favorite books.

    23. Marks has improved by the time we get to Earth Logic The telling is less so and the characters are dynamic and varied Life isn t easy, and there are challenges both personal and larger scale What seemed clear becomes blurry, and growth does not come easy.10 10 would recommend.

    24. So awesome it makes me want to go back and give only 4 stars to Fire Logic just because this one is that much better.

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