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Magick & Mayhem By Sharon Pape,

  • Title: Magick & Mayhem
  • Author: Sharon Pape
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 444
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • What s in a murderer s bag of tricks Twenty something Kailyn Wilde has learned to embrace her unpredictable life as a descendant of small town New Camel s most magickal family She just didn t expect to inherit her mother and grandmother s centuries old shop, Abracadabra, so suddenly The surprises keep coming when Kailyn goes to finalize the estate at the local attorney sWhat s in a murderer s bag of tricks Twenty something Kailyn Wilde has learned to embrace her unpredictable life as a descendant of small town New Camel s most magickal family She just didn t expect to inherit her mother and grandmother s centuries old shop, Abracadabra, so suddenly The surprises keep coming when Kailyn goes to finalize the estate at the local attorney s office and stumbles over the body of her best friend Elise s husband .As a brash detective casts the blame on Elise, Kailyn summons her deepest powers to find answers and start an investigation of her own What with running a business, perfecting ancient spells, and keeping up with an uninvited guest of fabled origins, Kailyn has her hands full But with the help of her uncanny black cat Sashkatu and her muumuu clad Aunt Tilly, she s closing in on a killer who will do anything to make sure she never tests her supernatural skills again Pape has a sure handed balance of humor and action Julie Hyzy, New York Times bestselling author
    Magick Mayhem What s in a murderer s bag of tricks Twenty something Kailyn Wilde has learned to embrace her unpredictable life as a descendant of small town New Camel s most magickal family She just didn t expect t

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    1. What a delightful read this was In this family, we are not in the business of subverting hopes or beliefs We practice white magick, or no magick at all Kailyn Wilde, last in the line of a family of powerful sorcerers and owner of Abracadabra, a Magick Shop in her tiny home town, finds herself in a bit of a pickle when she discovers the body of her best friend s husband in his office With Elise and herself on the police s list of main suspects, she makes it her mission to uncover the identity of [...]

    2. Kailyn Wilde inherited her mother and grandmother s centuries old shop, Abracadabra, when they were unfortunately involved in an accident Coming from a long line of those with magical abilities in the small town of New Camel Kailyn does her best to keep the magic flowing in the shop while keeping the witchcraft under wraps When Kailyn and her aunt head to the attorney s office to finalize the estate they end up finding of their lawyer who happens to be the husband of a good friend of Kailyn The [...]

    3. I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Loved it right away A real magical shop plus a murder mystery is a hit with the first book in the series All the characters are awesome, even the dead ones Kailyn and her Aunt Tilly seem to be up for plenty of mischief, but when Merlin enters the scene, look out I m so delighted to have had the chance to read this Can t wait to see what happens next with this trio.

    4. This May you will have to put Sharon Pape s Magick Mayhem on your to be read list I loved this Paranormal cozy mystery so much that I can tell you it is in my top 5 paranormal cozy series to watch for this 2017 season There is so much to love in this story A befuddled wizard, struggling psychic, and a witch with store to run When main character Kaylin and her aunt stubble upon the body of her best friends husband she quickly learns she will need then magic to find the real killer Nothing is qui [...]

    5. A magical mystery delight that will have you under its spell When I started reading cozy mysteries I had no desire to read any with a paranormal aspect to them However, with authors like Sharon Pape, and a handful of others conjuring up stories like this, even cozy reader purists will surely find themselves with shelves full of para cozies MAGICK MAYHEM, the first installment in the Abracadabra Mysteries was a wonderful escape from everyday life Ms Pape made the pages of this book come alive Fro [...]

    6. Magic, Merlin and lots of humour and mayhem, that s the first thing that came to mind when I started reading Sharon Pape s Magic Mayhem.A paranormal, fast paced, hilarious cozy mystery, Magic Mayhem opens with Kailyn Wilde adjusting to the passing of her mother and grandmother, both witches, and to becoming the only person in charge of their magick shop Abracadabra Narrated from Kailyn s first person perspective, the novel is full of humourous comments, descriptions and events Set in the small t [...]

    7. Things in Kailyn Wilde s life seem to be going awry lately When you own a centuries old magick shop, daily life isn t quite normal anyway.but Kailyn senses that there is something to her current problems than meets the eye Any magick around her is going wrong She tries to summon a familiar and ends up calling forth a famous wizard from antiquity Potions and spells from her shop start having unexpected results, and even her Aunt Tilly s Magick seems to be fizzling lately Then Kailyn discovers he [...]

    8. Courtesy of All Things Urban FantasyMAGICK MAYHEM is a nice little cozy mystery with a sight supernatural twist This was a fairly quick read with a pretty basic murder mystery and while I enjoyed reading it, there were a few smallish issues I had The magic aspect didn t seem to connect to the mystery Magic wasn t needed to do the investigation really the victim wasn t killed by magic, and the killer wasn t magical in any way.On the character front, Kailyn is a witch who owns a magic shop and has [...]

    9. Abracadabra is a magick shop in New Carmel The storehas been owned by a family of powerful sorcerers for manygenerations The owner currently is Kailyn Wilde The magick shop has a wide selection of balms, topical reliefcreams, lotions plus magic spells that are available to thosethat believe in the power of magick Kailyn s eccentric Aunt Tilly has an adjoining shop where she does fortune telling, sells and serves teas plus alwayshas bake goods available for her customers Kailyn has a house full o [...]

    10. I voluntarily reviewed this ARC A magickal start to a new series The characters were quirky, the setting was wonderful, and the mystery was shocking My favorite part had to be Merlin appearing He was so awesome

    11. This book was somewhat entertaining but it was also pretty silly The magic is too easy and there seem to be a lot of things that were mentioned and left hanging There s an unexplained problem with the magic failing that presumably will be solved in a later book or why bring it up but other than that, it s all hocus pocus, think about what you want That doesn t work for me, in a novel, because there needs to be balance The only balance appears to be that the magic is useless You have three witche [...]

    12. Kailyn Wilde inherited her family s centuries old magick shop, Abracadabra after the untimely death of her mother and grandmother though being on the other side doesn t prevent them from popping in occasionally, to offer advice and mild bickering The shop isn t doing too well business isn t what it used to be, and the balms and lotions and Kailyn s magick aren t working reliably any.Kailyn and her aunt Tilly a talented psychic are visiting her attorney to finalize her family s estate when they l [...]

    13. Magick And Mayhem is the first book in the An Abracadabra Mystery series.Kailyn Wilde has recently taken over the family business of magical products, lotions, spells, etc with the sudden death of her mother and grandmother The shop is connected to her Aunt Tilly s shop, Tea and Empathy They have an appointment with their lawyer to sign the papers turning Abracadabra over Kailyn Instead, they body of the lawyer, Jim Hastings, dead from a gunshot wound When Detective Max Duggan to investigate mur [...]

    14. MAGICK AND MAYHEM by Sharon PapeThe First Abracadabra MysteryLife had always been a bit different for Kailyn Wilde The family s magickal store, Abracadabra, sees loyal customers travel for miles to purchase health and beauty products with a magickal touch Lately, however, the magick has been acting up and not always working right Kailyn s mother and grandmother, recently deceased, but certainly not gone, pop in to offer advice between bickering between themselves, but have no answers Kailyn and [...]

    15. Thanks to NetGalley for their ARC in exchange for an honest review on completion of reading the book.As a fan of cozy mysteries with a magickal twist, Magic and Mayhem did not disappoint A grippingly good read, I couldn t stop until I finished reading the whole book I love it when a book does this sort of thing to me, where a well thought out plot, characters that could jump off the page and into real life, and a storyline that will keep me hooked into a book like this A great book from start to [...]

    16. Magick and Mayhem by Sharon Pape is the first book in An Abracadabra Mystery series Kailyn Wilde has recently inherited her families magic shop called Abracadabra after the unexpected deaths of her grandmother and mother The two of them may be gone from the earthly plane, but they manage to pop in to chat regularly and eavesdrop Kailyn still has her Aunt Tilly who runs Tea and Empathy next to Abracadabra Kailyn and her Aunt Tilly close their respective shops and head to a meeting with family att [...]

    17. 3.5 rounded up.While this is definitely a decent start to this new series, Magick Mayhem, almost didn t make the cut for me I found it to be very disjointed and confusing at the beginning However, I enjoyed the second half of the book much than the first half, which redeemed it a bit.The characters are definitely interesting Kailyn s certainly fun and inquisitive Aunt Tilly Merlin add some extra spice to the group They re fairly well rounded characters, though it didn t really seem like it at f [...]

    18. Kailyn does not have only a magic shop, she knows how to make spells too But this will not be her best week, she will have an unexpected visitor and she will be the first suspect in a murder investigation Are you with me that she will need a little bit of magic to fix his luck How many cats did it take to make one a crazy, cat lady I suspected I was already teetering on the brink Maybe I would try for another species Maybe a dog This is the first book of the Abracadabra Mystery series, so in thi [...]

    19. She gets than she bargained for when Kailyn Wilde and her Aunt Tilly arrive at the lawyer s office After losing her mother and grandmother to a terrible accident, Kailyn needs to finalize some legalities about inheriting the family business, but instead finds the lawyers dead body The detective assigned to the case doesn t rule them out as suspects but has his sights firmly set on the dead mans wife, Elise, who just happens to be Kailyn s best friend Not one to stand by and let her friend go to [...]

    20. Dollycas s ThoughtsThis new series from Sharon Pape is off to a magickal start We meet Kailyn Wilde who has inherited the family business due to the unexpected passing of her mother and grandmother Her Aunt Tilly operates the attached tea room and does readings by appointment When they arrive at their lawyer s office to tie up a few loose ends they are shocked to find the man has been murdered very recently Kaitlyn and the attorney s wife Elise are best friends and she can t imagine what she wil [...]

    21. While the cover is gorgeous and I seriously want a poster of it, it s a tad misleading if you take it literally There s no flying broomsticks as that s a real thing in this setting, apparently I love how the magic is understated and simplistic, that intent and belief play such a large role Drawn in quickly Easy to read Ow The Treatment of Aunt Tilly.She s a stereotype of fat women, even includes her running and causing a scene over seeing a mouse She s comic relief She s a burden and a godsend d [...]

    22. Kailyn Wilde has her work cut out for her She inherits her mother and grandmother s magic shop Somehow she manages to conjure up a bumbling older magician named Merlin She, also, has to keep tabs on her Aunt Tilly, a psychic with a shop right next to her magic shop Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time Kailyn and Aunt Tilly find their lawyer s dead body in his office Their lawyer happens to be married to Kailyn s best friend, Elise All three women find themselves the prime suspec [...]

    23. Princess Fuzzypants here Kailyn is a sorceress and since the death of her mother and grandmother, she has been running the family business and taking over the care of the various familiars of those departed When mom and grand mom visit from the ether, they encourage her to summon her own familiar Since she lives with five cats, she figures why not summon a dog Pfft That was her mistake right there A dog What she does summon is Merlin Yup, the guy from Camelot and while he is miffed at first, he [...]

    24. Paranormal witch magic type books are usually hit or miss with me but this one was a hit I loved the characters especially Merlin yes that Merlin He someone gets to modern time and is like a kid in a candy store sopping up the advances that have been made since his time I think he really made the story and sometimes stole the spotlight That isn t to say the rest of the characters aren t good because they do round out the cast and help make the story.When it comes to the mystery portion whoa what [...]

    25. I have read a few cozy mysteries and enjoyed them but this one was bland I had the hardest time staying interested in the story despite the fact that I had been excited about the magical aspect of it Unlike some other cozy mystery protagonist who blunder into murder investigations for no reason, Kailyn at least admits she s curious and has always loved Nancy Drew The police don t involve her either, which always annoys me when it happens why on earth would the police involve a completely unquali [...]

    26. This is going to be an amazing series if the first book is any indication I fell in love with the characters, as well as Kailyn s shop, Abracadabra.There is a lot of humor in this story, from conversations between Kailyn and Aunt Tilly, to the surprising visitor who arrives in the shop, to the descriptions of the behavior of Sashkatu he s a HUGE diva But there is also action and suspense as Kailyn tries to prove her friend Elise didn t murder her husband, and to find the real murderer.The small [...]

    27. Kailyn runs Abracadabra, a shop she inherited from her mother and grandmother, who still show up occasionally to offer advice, welcome or not Her slightly scatterbrained Aunt Tilly has the shop next door When the two of them go to the lawyer s office to take care of some paperwork, they find him dead on the floor Now, not only does Kailyn have to worry about the two of them being seen as suspects, the lawyer also happened to be her best friends husband With Aunt Tilly and a black cat as backup, [...]

    28. A nice beginning to a new series.If you like fantasy, fiction and a few laughs all tangled up in a cozy mystery, this book will be perfect.The location of the story is set in a small town called New Camel, where the main attraction is the witchcraft store filled with lotions, creams, potions and spells The store is very old and it seams like the town evolved around it.As a small town, nothing of importance happens to make the people fear for their safety, so when a murder occurs it is mayhem Sus [...]

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