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The Progress of Love By Alice Munro,

  • Title: The Progress of Love
  • Author: Alice Munro
  • ISBN: 9780375724701
  • Page: 438
  • Format: Paperback
  • WINNER OF THE NOBEL PRIZE IN LITERATURE 2013A divorced woman returns to her childhood home where she confronts the memory of her parents confounding yet deep bond The accidental near drowning of a child exposes the fragility of the trust between children and parents A young man, remembering a terrifying childhood incident, wrestles with the responsibility he has alwaysWINNER OF THE NOBEL PRIZE IN LITERATURE 2013A divorced woman returns to her childhood home where she confronts the memory of her parents confounding yet deep bond The accidental near drowning of a child exposes the fragility of the trust between children and parents A young man, remembering a terrifying childhood incident, wrestles with the responsibility he has always felt for his younger brother In these and other stories Alice Munro proves once again a sensitive and compassionate chronicler of our times Drawing us into the most intimate corners of ordinary lives, she reveals much about ourselves, our choices, and our experiences of love.
    The Progress of Love WINNER OF THE NOBEL PRIZE IN LITERATURE A divorced woman returns to her childhood home where she confronts the memory of her parents confounding yet deep bond The accidental near drowning of a chi

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    1. Munro portrays how marital and filial love evolves through generations as the role of men and women shifts following the waves of emancipation and economic independence.A divorced woman returns to her childhood home and fragmented memories of the tense relationship between her mother and her grandparents frame the setting for her mother s predisposition to love the man she married forever But at what cost Faith seems to work when doubts arise for past generations, but it proves to be useless in [...]

    2. Come with me, my love youtube watch v CbMeAOI m an observer by nature I guess you can say I like to watch Birds Bugs Animals Humans The weather I can sit in front of my bay window for hours watching a spider spin a web, a thunderstorm rolling in, a swarm of bees sipping nectar from my rhododendrons Alice Munro must be an observer by nature too, because her stories reveal her fascination with everyday life and everyday people This particular collection focuses on relationships between couples, si [...]

    3. Alice Munro n 1931 no Lago Huron, Ont rio, Canad Fotografia George WaldmanA escritora canadiana Alice Munro n 1931 foi galardoada com o Pr mio Nobel da Literatura em 2013 que reconheceu nela um mestre do conto contempor neo , com apenas um nico romance publicado em 1971 Vidas de Raparigas e Mulheres.Anteriormente, li duas das suas colect neas de contos Falsos Segredos 1994 5 e dio, Amizade, Namoro, Amor, Casamento 2001 4 O Progresso do Amor um colect nea que re ne onze contos, originariamente pu [...]

    4. My first book by Alice Munro born 1931 and oh my, she kicks ass What is it with female Canadian writers I normally think twice before picking up any book by a female writer This is not a sexist remark but most of them I tried hard to like them but they fell short of my expectations Virginia Woolf will always be my favorite along with Dame Iris Murdoch Then, I also enjoyed Surfacing by Margaret Atwood and Unless by Carol Shields They are the first two female Canadian writers who both joined my li [...]

    5. I sometimes like to think of Alice Munro as a painter In drawing her just so, I can consider that she must furnish the place she has made for her daily hours of work with these finely delineated and peculiarly detailed portraits of people who have never existed whole, but whom we have all met in part people whose clothes and expressions we have worn, whose lives we have lived in, and into whose poses our own movement pours content.Still, portraits are not her characteristic medium Other than the [...]

    6. I CONIUGI ARNOLFINIPreso per mano e portato in mezzo a vite ordinarie di gente qualsiasi, ma scoprendo angoli nascosti e intimi, e cos illuminando molto di me, delle mie scelte e esperienze di vita, d a Rapito dall eleganza e dall attenzione che Munro sparge.Si tratta di racconti, e io e i racconti andiamo molto d accordo con questi della Munro, la prossimit diventa addirittura saldatura.Non racconta gente speciale Alice Munro, non mette al centro delle sue narrazioni personaggi con sensibilit s [...]

    7. Of the three collections I ve read by Munro, I d say this is arguably the weakest the other two being Runaway and Open Secrets , but by any other standard, these are still utterly breathtaking stories I suppose my two critiques would be that a this feels like cohesive as a collection in that each story seems only tangentially to tie back to a grander thematic thread and b that there are two or three somewhat unmemorable stories Eskimo and Circle of Prayer come to mind Or rather, don t, and I had [...]

    8. Onze contos narrados com a profundidade de um romance, ao n vel do conhecimento das personagens, onde dada primazia ao seu interior, desvalorizando o exterior Historias reveladoras do intimo e anseios mais profundos da alma humana Na sua maior parte s o as mulheres as protagonistas principais e as v timas do Progresso do Amor do encantamento no seu in cio, do desespero no seu fim e do seu poder transformador Liberta me Liberta me Devolve me o ju zo Por favor, depressa Por favor.

    9. Questa raccolta di racconti brevi va letta con attenzione per i dettagli, perch sono proprio questi i veri protagonisti.Il primo impatto,devo ammetterlo,non stato dei migliori i racconti sembravano lasciare l azione in sospeso,senza conclusione Poi mi sono resa che i racconti di Alice Munro non sono drammatici nel senso etimologico del termine i protagonisti sono grovigli di emozioni, sentimenti che si avvicendano nelle vite dei personaggi.Alice Munro rappresenta quello che si cela dietro una la [...]

    10. Picked this book because of the tag saying Winner of the Nobel prize in Literature 2013 thought I would be blown away Sadly reading the first five stories I am disappointed Found it a bit mundane The stories in my opinion have the same sort of characters For example a trucker who sort of abandons his family and goes to the Arctic to work in oil rigs I encountered this character in two short stories so far And the wife who brings up two boys all by her own Reading this book now has become an effo [...]

    11. 1993 notebook Dear Alice Munro, this is a fan letter I was reading your stories in The Progress of Love commuting 1 story there, 1 story back I catch a train 12 pages, a walk across the city, then a bus 10 pages Today was Miles City, Montana there, Fits back Fine, fine stories, heartstopping the latter, especially the last 2 pages with its walk on snow over fences and its revelation, made me high Expand with knowledge, insight On a bus in Birmingham UK your stories on my lap I have grown out of [...]

    12. Voltei aos magn ficos contos de Alice Munro.Li estes onze e souberam me a pouco Mesmo que vivamos atormentados por problemas, que sejamos doentes e pobres e feios, temos uma alma para carregar vida fora como um tesouro numa salva O Progresso do Amor

    13. Nei vari racconti che compongono la raccolta e di cui la Munro maestra, la scrittrice ci parla delle diverse forme d a.L a, raccontato dalla Munro, assume di volta in volta diverse sfumature e sfaccettature L a descritto qui l a filiale, come nel primo racconto che d il titolo alla raccolta, dove una donna, una figlia riscopre vecchi ricordi nella casa dei genitori, ricostruendo cos la sua vita e il suo passato.E l a coniugale o anche l a affetto tra due amiche come nel racconto Jesse e Meribeth [...]

    14. I m sorry but I thought it was OK Clearly based upon other reviews and awards I am in the minority But these stories are just sketches of situations that don t really say anything I never know quite what the message is or what I m supposed to take away from it This is abstract literature is beautifully written but I just need .

    15. A reviewer remarked that it took time to read these short stories than it did generally to read a novel I can understand this statement because the stories are quite compact, really a very delightful trait, and do require some attention to the details to fully enter into the narrative I deeply admire the choices of names and places that immediately made me believe the setting of the stories The use of timelines is excellently manipulated yet graceful The stories are of love of simply watching s [...]

    16. Hirmuinen tunnustus en ymm rr Munroa Olin lukenut h nt aeimmin esimerkiksi novelli kurssilla, jossa muut kehuivat Munron maasta taivaaseen ja valitsivat h nen novellinsa kurssin parhaaksi min en Luinkin t t kokoelmaa kuin suurennuslasilla Halusin todella l yt ne lukuisat kerrokset ja merkitykset, joita tiesin n iden yksinkertaisten novellien olevan t ynn Vaan nep pirulaiset eiv t n ytt ydy minulle Lainasin jopa saman kirjan englanniksi n hd kseni, josko l yt isin nuo upeat kerrokset alkuper iski [...]

    17. I guess Alice Munro is a good writer I ll probably read something else by her but in a distant future.I struggled with this book Everything seemed to be right, yet every time I was picking it up, I was wincing I was wading through it, I was procrastinating, I was looking for excuses to drop it I wanted it to end.I found it depressive although I have read far sadder books but their tone of sadness was understandable whereas this one was not It was not that kind of suffering that leads to the tra [...]

    18. I first stumbled upon Alice Munro s quotes in Alex Colville s exhibition and was immediately urged to read her work it had the same air of small town Canada as Colville s paintings This book reminds me of so many things It reminds me of Raymond Carver, except he s american and very bitter, and Munro s writing is feminine and refined, and there s a strong sense of hope, of everything being OK somehow It also recalls a wonderful movie I am Love the quiet determination, the secret order of the wa [...]

    19. This collection was a different from the Lives of Girls and Women in that the stories were not connected by characters at all They are merely set in the same geographical region and thus share the way people interact with their surroundings However, each story is beautiful in its own right, with some memorable than others Munro is really skilled at piercing what is seemingly mundane and breaking the skin of our dullest moments to expose the profound and fickle tendencies of our nature And as us [...]

    20. Very subjective reactions here This book gave me a new appreciation for Munro I m now going to go and reread all the books of hers I ve already finished, and get through the ones I haven t read yet Wonderful stories I love the glancing incidental bits and how they contribute to the overall structure of each story, or of the collection as a whole They re so gracefully constructed that I d have to sit around much longer to ponder the construction in order to explain just what I like about them, wh [...]

    21. Alice Munro is stellar I read these stories selfishly I read them as what it means to be a woman passing through from childhood, to motherhood, to the stages beyond When I talk with my friends about Munro, many have said that her stories are marked by instances of the bizarre, almost invoking Raymond Carver or Flannery O Connor But for me those moments of the terrible is not what precipitated from the story,instead what crystalized for me was the passages from one part of lives to the next How o [...]

    22. I just don t get the hype for Munro I think her style just requires too much patience, and includes too many subtleties and abstract themes she s the sort for plotless novels that are wholly character driven Her writing is beautiful, but it wasn t immersive enough to capture my attention to catch the subtleties in her prose I found myself zoning out too much, and remember nothing of whole paragraphs if not pages This was my first and only experience with her, and I do want to give her writing an [...]

    23. I don t know how she does it But she does, time after time Alice Munro is so damn good at making up these beautiful understated worlds When you look under the surface, nothing about them is ordinary at all Hundreds of beautiful stories in her arsenal, and she s still going She s my hero, pretty much.But enough of that I love this collection above many of her collections because there s something subtle linking these stories They re mostly about middle aged women, whose plans have been shaken in [...]

    24. While The Progress of Love is lovely, Friend of my Youth seemed intimate In typical Munro style, the characters are divinely sketched, in even grittier detail than usual, if possible Gnarled feelings, contorted intentions and uncomfortable relations abound Her stories, refreshingly, have very little space for self pity, crowded as they are with the bric a brac of daily routine Lichen started beautifully but petered off towards the end and Fits seemed to have been left open ended just for the he [...]

    25. Completely subjective rating The second half of this collection, after the excellent Jesse and Meribeth, failed to resonate with me I will never be one to argue with Alice Munro s mastery of the short story, but occasionally I get bored of somber elegance This was just one of those times My favorite story in the collection is probably Lichen and the most interestingly bizarre thing in the collection is the reason that particular story is named as it is.

    26. To call these short stories is to miss the point These stories require the reader to concentrate, to pay attention to the who s and what s and to be patient The stories are often confusing entering in the middle and take a bit to decipher, but if you re patient, you ll be rewarded.I love Alice Munro This many not be my favorite collection, but if it was the first I d ever read of hers, I d come away knowing this I love Alice Munro.

    27. Alice Munro is exquisite My favorite stories were the title story, Lichen, and White Dump But a very good collection overall It took quite a while for me to read, because each story had so much emotional heft that I couldn t plow into the next one right away.

    28. This collection made it apparent to me why Alice Munro is one of the most acclaimed short story writers out there Every story had a clear arc and reverberating themes Standouts were the title story, The Moon in the Orange Street Skating Rink and White Dump.

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