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The Library of Souls By Richard Denney,

  • Title: The Library of Souls
  • Author: Richard Denney
  • ISBN: 9781539149880
  • Page: 447
  • Format: Paperback
  • Be careful what you check out Ever since he could remember Simon Santiago could see and talk to the dead When his parents are killed in a train accident, he is sent to live with his estranged con man of an uncle Soon Simon is put on as his uncle s assistant in a Ghost Expelling agency and carries out the hard work for his uncle getting rid of the ghosts Now thirteeBe careful what you check outEver since he could remember Simon Santiago could see and talk to the dead When his parents are killed in a train accident, he is sent to live with his estranged con man of an uncle Soon Simon is put on as his uncle s assistant in a Ghost Expelling agency and carries out the hard work for his uncle getting rid of the ghosts Now thirteen with his ability at full maximum Simon is ready to take on bigger tasks with his uncle s booming agency getting and calls day by day When a phone call comes in from a desperate librarian at an infamously haunted library, Simon is all too eager to get to work But when they arrive at the sprawling mansion of a library, Simon quickly discovers that there s something else haunting the library and its thirst for Simon s soul is dangerously clear from the moment he steps foot into the building With the help of one of the young library volunteers and a mute spirit of the library, Simon is determined to find out what is really going on before his soul as well as his uncle s are added to the ever growing system of The Library of Souls Will Simon and his new friend make it out alive Find out in the brand new Middle Grade Horror novel from YouTube personality Richard Denney, featuring an array of spooky photographs that will chill you to the bone if you re not already dead.
    The Library of Souls Be careful what you check out Ever since he could remember Simon Santiago could see and talk to the dead When his parents are killed in a train accident he is sent to live with his estranged con man

    One thought on “The Library of Souls”

    1. From the beginning I was interested I quickly got to like Simon Santiago, who is a 13 year old boy who can see and talk to ghosts Not everyone can but he isn t the only one who can either He lives with his uncle since his parents died when he was younger and his uncle uses him to get money by getting rid of ghosts for people, though his uncle takes the credit even though he can t see ghosts himself.Simon is a nice character and I loved hearing his voice He doesn t exactly have an easy life and h [...]

    2. I received an e ARC in exchange for an honest review This is the first book by Richard and I have to say I ll definitely be picking up soon Also going to have to get the book when it comes out because I would love to see some of the pictures not included in the ARC I really enjoyed this book, I couldn t put it down when I started reading it I really hope there will be stories of Simon and Uncle Monty in the future, I would really love to read of some of their adventures The plot twist near th [...]

    3. Hey all, here s a quick breakdown of how I m reviewing this piece I ll give a quick summary first that s spoiler free, mention three things that are Good I m putting that in quotes because this is all opinion based , mention three things that are Bad Again, opinion based and then break down how it s going to be scored into three categories Plot, Character, and Setting Let s begin Summary Our story is following Thirteen year old Simon Santiago We find almost immediately that he actually lost his [...]

    4. This book deserves way than 5 stars I was lucky enough to receive this amazing ARC from Richard Denny himself and I thank him so much for this opportunity I loved this book so much I can t wait to purchase it so I have my own copy While reading I just couldn t put it down some moments I gasped and some moments I got chills and I loooove when books get those reactions out of me I found myself wishing this book was a movie, it was so vivid and I loved that their were spookie pictures throughout t [...]

    5. Awesome story The twist at the end totally took me by surprise I really hope there will be books about Simon Santiago in the future.

    6. I found out that one of my book tube friends just got his book published so I went and bought it and I could hardly wait for it to arrive I read it in a couple of days and really quite enjoyed it There are some really great characters in this story with a really nice twist in the end You get some creepiness, mystery and little humor too I am super glad that I bought this.The story is pretty creepy if you like ghost stories I have to say that reading about these ghosts kinda made me think of the [...]

    7. I am so angry that I predicted who was the antagonist I was not sure through the middle of it but I kept thinking that s too easy The answer is way too easy and I think the book is okay I honestly had a lot of hope for this book and now I m just disappointed However the book is mysterious and spooky that I think if people like creepy books they ll like this.

    8. Having read a few of Richard s other books, I was excited to get into this book as soon as possible.I knew I wouldn t be disappointed I LOVED the book The book was layered with Supernatural elements featuring ghosts, a dash of magic, and creepy mediums I ve been a fan of the Supernatural since I was a kid reading about ghosts, magic and creatures I have found that with the author s books each is so different but intertwined with the distinct voice he creates within his characters I really connec [...]

    9. I was one of the lucky ones to recieve an ARC in exchange for an honest review It was my first time reading anything by Richard Denney I ve been watching him on Booktube for about a year now I adore him He s opened my up to way Middle Grade books, which are a guilty pleasure read I throughly enjoyed this book It was fun, Spooky, the characters were fun and who s to complain about a library setting Not me I got a Goosebumps book vibe when reading it which was a blast since they are a favorite ch [...]

    10. I honestly looooved this book First of all it was a nice size for a quick read but it didn t feel underdeveloped at all I personally enjoyed every chapter of it and for the most part I think all the loose ends were tied Surprisingly enough I was actually scared during some parts, maybe because I keep on picturing Black Veil as the demon from Insidious and that freaked me out lol Great job with this Richard Denney I can t wait for the sequel if there will ever be one

    11. I received this an an E Arc from the author which was very nice of him There s also a review up on my blog, CrankyAutistic.Wordpress, if you want the link to the YouTube channel and the book trailer as well, this is primarily because I haven t figured out how to link things in This is about a ghost hunting boy called Simon, who I believe is Spanish and a photographer too, whose parents died tragically and is now living with his ghost hunting uncle, Monty The only difference is that Simon can spe [...]

    12. It was a quick read, indeed perfect for middle grade Spooky, well paced, the twist was unexpected I really enjoyed it Congratulations to Richard for putting all of this together on his own Great job

    13. I thought I had it all figured outen the plot ziggeden zagged Ooh snap Did they really Yes, I m posting a vague review as to not give away any spoilers Deal with it.What I can say is this a cute, fast read Well written and fast paced, even the wicked characters were likable You ll understand when you read it.Can t wait for the next book

    14. This was an incredibly fast read for me finished in about 2 3 hours and was actually quite different from what I usually read I found the story of Simon Santiago to be original and quite spooky when reading at night although I should admit, I m the biggest wimp and scare very easily I really enjoyed the characters and will warn you to brace yourselves for the BIGGEST plot twist to come Seriously, it will hit you across the face I thought The Library of Souls was a little predictable at first, bu [...]

    15. I really enjoyed this book It is actually quite creepy, and it s what I wanted miss peregrins to be with their creepy photos, but Richard did a wonderful job working the perfect photo in to the story.

    16. I should have waited until next month to read this, but I just couldn t It was a creepy, fun book to read

    17. I really enjoyed the book It was a fast read and good story line I don t usually read middle grade so for me it was a little hard to get into it because I am use to detail and background to characters It s a great spooky read for October.

    18. I received this book as an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review I loved this book It was creepy, it kept me guessing, and it takes place in a library seriously, what s a better setting than a library I found all the characters fascinating, and it had good pacing, not too fast or too slow Definitely recommend

    19. Aside from Dragons, Demons, Devils and the Pantheons of all mythological Deities, Next on my read list is Ghosts, who does not want the slight shivering when something crosses your peripheral in a dark room ,the turning your head back, looking over your shoulder feeling, hair standing on your arms and legs whenever you start reading ghost storiesWell, this was a fun read, although a short, short one, stereotypes abound well, still do not care much for spoilers, so any of you who want to know wha [...]

    20. so good I scare easily so this scared me had to finish it in one sitting to see if all was well in the end very well written.

    21. Spooky, adventurous, edge of your seat awesome The Library of Souls is classic middle grade fun When ghost talker Simon and his terrible uncle arrive at a notoriously haunted library, they have no idea the kind of job they ve taken on These spirits are dangerous and Simon is the one who has to take care of it Creepy in all the right ways, fast paced, and it definitely keeps you on your toes Highly recommend, for both kids and their grown ups

    22. This is a Middle Grade horror novel from Booktube personality Richard Denney It had some genuinely scary imagery and there was a great twist I did not see coming, but the overall story itself didn t really do it for me It felt choppy and half formed.

    23. I requested an E ARC from the author and he send it to me Love the fast pacing of the book, the style photos included and the spooky feeling to it I wish that it was longer, so I could spend time with the characters and that it would have spooky moments and character development Didn t saw the ending coming

    24. It is kind of hard to see this as a middle grade book There is no sex it violence but I did enjoy it immensely I can t wait for the next installment

    25. This book follows Simon and his uncle Monty who are Ghost Whisperers but Monty is actually not of any psychic ability and uses Simon s ability to make money, and because of this he and his uncle Monty end up in Childress to rid The Childress Library of the spirits that are haunting it.Honestly, I went into this with an open mind, not expecting very much because it is a middle grade book and I don t normally read those but being that I read the synopsis, I watch Richard s Channel and I m looking [...]

    26. What a great book It was a quick read that I fully enjoyed the whole time reading it Simon was an interesting character and I enjoyed reading from his perspective This definitely spooked me at times Great book Richard I m glad that I picked it up Also, the pictures are a great addition to the book I love that you created them yourself, Richard.If you like a great mix of creepiness and a mystery pick this book up I believe you ll enjoy it I have a full review on my blog whattoreadwithcag It s the [...]

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