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Protector By Michelle Heard (Horst),

  • Title: Protector
  • Author: Michelle Heard (Horst)
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 238
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A Stand Alone Suspense Romance I ve always been a hunter, ruthless to the core I don t take prisoners and I show no mercy Then my best friend and his family are taken Only one member of his family survives the assault Riley Her wounded eyes beg me to keep her safe, but she s only a reminder of the failure I am Being stuck in the same house, I m forced to acknowle A Stand Alone Suspense Romance I ve always been a hunter, ruthless to the core I don t take prisoners and I show no mercy Then my best friend and his family are taken Only one member of his family survives the assault Riley Her wounded eyes beg me to keep her safe, but she s only a reminder of the failure I am Being stuck in the same house, I m forced to acknowledge her Her hot body Her sweet smile Her seductive mouth.I can only lie to myself for so long before I have to face the truth It s not just her forgiveness I want I want to make her mine All of her The broken pieces as well I want to feel her trembling under my touch I want to hear her breaths racing as I take her But there s still someone out there hunting us He s taking out my team and now he s coming after Riley Let him come I ll make him suffer for threatening to hurt her I ll kill him for murdering those closest to me The killing comes easy But loving is hard I ll always have enemies and to protect Riley I might just have to let her go A Stand Alone Romance Not recommended if you don t enjoy dark romance with sensitive scenes 18 Only All books have HEA and no cheating.
    Protector A Stand Alone Suspense Romance I ve always been a hunter ruthless to the core I don t take prisoners and I show no mercy Then my best friend and his family are taken Only one member of his family sur

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    1. TITLE ProtectorAUTHOR Michelle HorstGENRE A Stand Alone Suspense RomanceAPTERS Prologue 34RELEASE DATE 02nd October, 2016I Cray Cray love this author so when I saw this zipping around on my FB feed I had to chase it downPROTECTOR I m going to try and make this review as spoiler free as I possibly can So I started this late last night not really knowing what to expect, not reading the synopsis and just going in blind because come on folks it s Michelle Horst So the first few chapters are light an [...]

    2. This book started off pretty darn intense, and it hooked me right awayAs the story progressed though, I found that it dragged on for a large portion Then I would get another intense moment, only to have it continue to drag on after that I did enjoy the story, however I would have loved it if the intensity had of continued for a larger portion of the book Another huge bone to pick came towards the almost endingI was not happy with one of the characters choices they made, and it really did affect [...]

    3. 4.75 You re my northern star starsRiley Woods is a 24 year old carefree and vibrant young woman, cherished, loved, protected by her family I m always polite and hardworking, I always smile I m the funny one, the shoulder everyone can lean on I m the heart of the familyeveryone s little girl.And she s been spending the last three years touring around the world, breathing with full lungs, experiencing the lifebut little did she knowI never knew how selfish I was until my life was ripped away from [...]

    4. 5 I ll Always Be Right Behind You Stars Oh this book was SO DAMN GOOD Riley Woods has the dream life Loving and supportive family The ability to travel around the world to do the things she wants and help the people she wants Coming home from her latest travel, Riley is ready for good family time with her brothers and parents I m the heart of the familyeveryone s little girl Until her worst nightmare and nightmare not even a possibility is played out in front of her eyes To watch the blood drip [...]

    5. 4.5 nothing is for keeps in this life starsFirst off, OMG that beginning left me DEVASTATED I was literally in shock and had to compose myself in order to keep reading.What the heroine has to endure is just heartbreaking and you feel this emotional pull towards her from page one I also loved the hero, Griffin But it wasn t after I was finally able to look past the fact that my dogs name is Griffin, that I was truly able to completely swoon over him Overall, I loved this book I loved the relation [...]

    6. Wow the book is super dark but some part of this book are nightmare.I don t understand how come romance can actually develop in these circumstances but over all this book is very addicting In short this book is about a girl who had a loving family and a dream come true life which was turned into a nightmare.This book is actually a dark romance book.

    7. 4 stars Another fantastic book by Michelle HorstAfter reading Predator I realized I found another author to stalk Well Ms Horst did not disappoint in the Protector I could not imagine going through all that the MC went through and surviving I never felt a loss in connection with the characters I loved that the heroine was a strong character And the love she had for her family was admirable I think the author did a great job by picking a strong hero for the heroine They worked great together.

    8. romanticcynicblog.wordpress.cBeware of Spoilers Star Ratings Heroine Riley 24yrs oldHero Griffin 35yrs old Plot 3 5Grovel not enoughCheating noneHEA yes with pregnancyTriggers torture of h not rape and not by H Average score 3 5Best Line Winter is coming it had to be this line because Worst Line I can t survive this Personal Review This was a loss filled romance with an extra dose of death I would say 80% of this story was about death and the rest was their romance.Random Ramblings In tears alre [...]

    9. Protector by Michelle Horst 5 stars Michelle Horst ripped my heart out and held it in her hands with Riley s story It s the epitome of tragic yet beautiful Showing that this world is full of cruel and unjust ways, and finding the strength to fight and persevere through the madness.What would you do if you had your whole life and everyone you loved swiftly taken away from you Riley now has to live that nightmare, with the realization that she is completely alone in life How did this happen Why So [...]

    10. WOW This was my first delve into Michelle s writing and I am utterly blown away This story is at times difficult to read, and if you have any triggers, please be wary Riley and Griffin s story had me on the edge of my seat Our female lead, Riley, has everything taken from her, the world she knew is shattered in a matter of moments and the heartbreak she endures pours off the page as you keep reading But when Griffin walks into her life to keep his promise to his best friend, Josh, who happens to [...]

    11. Gutted, absolutely gutted What a read Riley had it all and one day it is all ripped from her She wakes up in an unfamiliar place and just wants to die What is there to live for Griffin finally pulls his head out of his butt and confronts her in the safe house Can Riley handle the truth How will she react Can she continue on Is he her protector Can she handle any devastation Has she chosen the right path As gutted as this book made me, I absolutely loved it I definitely needed tissues near by, b [...]

    12. This author has been on my radar since I read Predator, and I couldn t jump on this book fast enough Protector was absolutely outstanding It was a slow burn romantic suspense novel that had a bit of everything suspense, action, friendship, romance, steamy chemistry and love.After witnessing the murder of her family, our heroine Riley comes to be under the protection of her older brother s team leader best friend, Griffin She is dealing with an unbearable amount of grief and with it, the realizat [...]

    13. When Michelle announced that she was writing a book to follow Predator I wondered how she would actually top it, how she would impact bigger than she had before After reading Protector I can safely say that Michelle has blown Predator out the water Michelle starts off Protector in a way that makes you feel good, easy connectable characters are introduced and Michelle lays out their backgrounds well Then Well then she RIPS THE WORLD AWAY Like she literally pulls everything out, blasts you with so [...]

    14. This book was so emotional It was gut wrenching and heart breaking It was devastating It was also a really good story The dog, Charlie, got me through it There were some missing pieces and unanswered questions of my own that deducted from the believability even with a work of fiction but there were also some very realistic things that were well executed pardon the pun for bringing it all together Seriously though, holy fuck, what a fucked up beginning to this story Traumatic.

    15. 1 2 starsThis was awesome What I love most about this author is she takes broken characters and gives them strength in a way that is so real and raw I love the emotions that went along with these two falling in love What was a horrible and gruesome experience have way to something healing and sweet Absolutely fantastic

    16. This book was nothing like I expected but definitely everything I needed While I couldn t give it a complete 5 stars it was still amazing and I connected with it in so many ways Just when you think Michelle is done breaking your heart, she rips it out and destroys it all over again, and again, and again.We start out with Riley coming home to her family after traveling in other countries All of a sudden her life is changed completely when her family is savagely and cruelly taken away from her All [...]

    17. 5 I wish I could give it 10 stars.This book grabbed me by the throat and didn t let me go, even after I finished it Riley s seemingly perfect life implodes in the worst possible way When the dust settles and as she comes to terms with what happened, she finds a strength she never knew she had With the help of her new friends and her brothers best friend Griffin, Riley slowly starts down the road to recovery and understanding But, life isn t done with her yet There are so many twist, turns and un [...]

    18. I find it kind of hard to put into words how I feel about this book Is it an amazing read Most definitely Are the characters written well Absolutely What this book does is give you the feel goods right out of the gate, then it rips out your soul It plunges you into the depths of despair and slowly, painfully brings you back to the surface only to push you right back down into the darkness Then of course it slowly brings you back again, only to let you free fall, tumbling head over heels until yo [...]

    19. 2.5 3 StarsThe blurb sounded promising but the story was just okay There was too much introspection among the characters and the chemistry was weak The suspense was very tame and predictable.

    20. More reviews at Li l Kit s Reviews.Writing Story Characters Overall rating 2.6This book was just Okay for me too nothing special, and for me it was a bit of a forced read i had to force myself to keep turning the pages, forced myself to try to stay in the story, force myself to like the main characters It wasn t bad, just okay.

    21. Brutal Bloody read Head the warnings If you don t like blood and guts then this read is not for you This was just an ok read for me.

    22. 4.5 Resplendent Riley Stars YOUR LIGHT SHINES BRIGHTER THAN A THOUSAND SUNS IT S THE ONLY LIGHT THAT CAN PENETRATE THIS DARKNESS I M FROZEN IN I am still reeling from the aftershocks of PROTECTOR, a dark, gritty romantic suspense novel that was absolutely mind blowing Michelle Horst is a new author to me but her talent for penning a nail biting, EMOTIONALLY RIVETING page turner is truly remarkable However, fair warning The opening scenes are not for the faint at heart and the chain of events tha [...]

    23. The storyline was good, it was an emotional read but the message inside this book is better, it teaches you to appreciate everyone around you right now because within the next minute they could be gone Everything will be okay, you ll get through the hard times even though it seems like you re dying right now If you re feeling down, grab a book to read because books are like a cure.

    24. Emotional Family, love, loss, devastation, anger, lust and then a future This is what Riley and Griffin experience together in this story I laughter, I cried and I melted while I read this book It kept me on the edge of my seat, it made me mad and it made me smile I wanted to read .

    25. 5 Bad Ass Bitch Stars 4 Can t See Straight Orgasms Such an amazing quick read So, my plan this evening was to start this book, and then finish it at some point tomorrow yeah that didn t happenI started it, and then was sucked in like a damn vortex to another dimension Riley, poor fucking Riley I can t even BEGIN to act like I knew what she is going through, throughout the ENTIRE BOOK And Griffin, not much better The sense of loss is so strong, but the connection between the two to try and overco [...]

    26. This is by far the hardest and easiest review I ve ever had to write Why you may ask Protector provoked so many different emotions in me happy ones, sad ones, angry ones emotions that have impacted and affected me for weeks Emotions that drove me to read the book three times in less than two weeks Michelle has outdone herself beyond anything I ever expected and Protector has definitely proven that what you think you might know in an author is never really the case Ugly cry is such a plain and mu [...]

    27. I fell in love with Michelle s work since Saved by Her and I can honestly say that I am so thrilled that I read Protector I missed Predator somehow can someone slap me please but I didn t feel lost at all in this book so don t let that keep you from reading this wonderful book This book is about two people who have suffered so much lost, their journey through their grief, guilt, and anger, and finding love on their journey Death is emptiness a hollow emptiness that shines a bright blinding light [...]

    28. Action, Suspense, oh and Romance as Well Talk about a little book that packs a big punch This is my first Michelle Horst book and if her others are like it, won t be my last It wasn t anything I expected and left me pleasantly surprised Plus, it was the perfect length, which always earns high marks in my book Karma, now there s a peculiar thing I never knew how selfish I was until my life was ripped away from me And that s how the book starts folks The first few chapters are agonizing and hard t [...]

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