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Taking The Human By Trent Evans,

  • Title: Taking The Human
  • Author: Trent Evans
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 189
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • He took everything from her and she found the only thing she ever really needed For Alisse Southwick, the problem wasn t just the musclebound 8 foot tall alien who d taken her from everything she d ever known No, the problem was she was seriously contemplating trading the knowledge that unlocked the secrets of the universe, in exchange for her freedom sexual and othHe took everything from her and she found the only thing she ever really needed.For Alisse Southwick, the problem wasn t just the musclebound 8 foot tall alien who d taken her from everything she d ever known No, the problem was she was seriously contemplating trading the knowledge that unlocked the secrets of the universe, in exchange for her freedom sexual and otherwise She was a woman of science, yes, but why did the alien holding her captive have to look like something out of her darkest wet dreams From the moment he d set eyes on her , Lukanos knew only one thing he had to have her But there was one minor problem she was a human To even show himself to a human let alone abducting one was against every law of his people But each time he looked at her, those sparkling, keen eyes, the long, sable hair, and the lush, shapely body human females were notorious and celebrated for, his resolve to follow the law, to obey his people s sacred Directive, was in serious danger of crumbling He knew he wasn t supposed to want her but he knew somehow, someway, she would be his whether she was ready for it or not.Taking a human being was much than an abduction though it was a taboo act Fearing he d lose than his commission in the Survey Corps, Lukanos quickly learned he was far from the only one of his people obsessed with human females He wasn t the only one keeping a female slave.The repercussions for capturing humans were serious, but Lukanos was prepared to endure them He d endure almost anything to make the gorgeous human his, in every way.But what s a captor supposed to do when he begins to fall for his captive Does he keep her as the only thing she ll ever be on his world a sexual plaything Or must he for the first time in his life do the right thing Publisher s Warning This science fiction dark erotic romance is intended only for mature audiences 18 and over only This novel contains the following themes or activities pervasive BDSM, capture fantasy, intense and explicit sex, spanking, anal play, TPE, and other acts of unequal power dynamics If any of these might be offensive to you, please do not buy or read this book.Word Count 70,57 8 words Note This title was originally published as a short novella 21K words in the USA Today best selling anthology, Bound, Spanked, and Loved.The story has since been GREATLY expanded from 21k words to over 70k words For readers who read the original story, this is a much deeper, richer story and in many respects is essentially a new book.
    Taking The Human He took everything from her and she found the only thing she ever really needed For Alisse Southwick the problem wasn t just the musclebound foot tall alien who d taken her from everything she d ev

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    1. 3.5 StarsSo, I really did enjoy this story, despite only giving it 3.5 stars There were just a couple of things I would ve like to have seen that I didn t get.Alisse has been abducted from Earth by the humanoid alien, Lukanos But it s going to be rough go for them as humans can only ever be sex slaves on Lukanos planet Alisse is a scientist who willingly decides to stay with Lukanos because of the amount of scientific information she can garner from the experience What plays out is a very erotic [...]

    2. I now officially love alien romances I ve read a few already, some great, some not so great but this was fun of the best kind I ve always loved the alien kidnaps human from earth tropes, it s one of my favourite romace plots and Trent Evans does it super well First of all, let s start with the bedroom scenery It was fantastically kinky and I wasn t bored once Often when I read romace I skip the samey, boring, sex scenes Thankfully I didn t have to skip anything in this book, it was all spank ban [...]

    3. My feelings about this book are mixed, but there is absolutely no doubt it kept my interest from beginning to end I read the short version in the Valentine s Day anthology, Bound, Spanked and Loved Fourteen Kinky Valentine s Day Stories, and did enjoy the additions made to expand it into a novel However, I m left feeling somewhat confused about several aspects of the story perhaps there s meant to be a sequel, that would be nice.There are times I want to read something a bit darker, that takes m [...]

    4. 4.5 I started this late at night and just couldn t put it down It had me drawn in right from the very beginning Absolutely wonderful book

    5. A matter of trustTrent Evans is a master at erotic stories,as I read I realize how great a writer truly is he His books have taught me a great deal about alternative lifestyle One of the most important lessons he has taught me is the D s importance of trust So when Trent Evans said sci fi I kicked into no way I never do sci fi except for Sloane Howell s Matriarch But, I took a chance,I trusted This story line was fascinating when it first came out in a mini me version It had legs,so to speak So [...]

    6. I really liked this book I will admit the first chapter of the book had me confused but as I read I understood it better it s an adventure with twist and turn and some things you don t see coming Alisse is scientist who is kidnapped by an alien and is given a choice to fulfill a secret desire or to go back to terra and have a mind wipe Lukanos is a lieutenant in the Survey Corps he is always watching Alisse he is obsessed with her he finally decides he can t live without her disobeying order to [...]

    7. While well written, I didn t buy the characters relationship development or Alisse s motivations The whole she never fit in because of her deviant desires thing just didn t ring true And her willingness to agree to slavery as a means to gain knowledge just was laughable Maybe there are people who would agree to be a sex slave to an alien creature but the case wasn t made for Alissa in a way that I thought made sense She seemed like a sad case with a degree of mental illness.Lukanos development [...]

    8. Received from the author in exchange for an honest review via the BDSM Group on.First of all, I would put a disclaimer saying THIS IS NOT FOR WEAK READERS The book comes with a disclaimer in the info, anyway, so perhaps that s unnecessary, but just in case I actually feel partly that I should be rereading this before rating and reviewing, because of some of the amazing detail that goes through it It was mostly focused around their relationship, yet did include parts of the alien world and how th [...]

    9. I received an arc of this book for an honest review because Trent Evans is my favorite contemporary bdsm erotica author He writes the hottest kinky fuckery, intimately described and panty soaking novels Taking the Human was no exception I thoroughly enjoyed my first exposure to sci fi erotica.It was believable and relate able You can read the synopsis elsewhere, so I will tell you the nitty gritty It is smokin hot Lots of panty melting sex, thoroughly detailed sex Mouthwatering sex Every kind Th [...]

    10. Taking the humanIf you enjoy a kinky read this is the book for you The story is a fun alien abduction and you have to take a couple of leaps of faith with the story line but a fun read I will definitely read another of Trent Evans books.

    11. I read the shorter version before as part of Bound,Spanked and Loved,but thisi m glad Trent took the story by the hand and delved deeper,so much deeper.As a fan,i know the magic Trent creates and let me just say he delivers yet again Even in space,owning a sweet human woman is a dream come true for this hotblooded alien Exploring their dynamic,finding out how their bond deepenske i said,pure magic

    12. This story contains very strong BDSM scenes The plot was simple The characters were the most complex aspect and were very well depicted Altough, the master slave theme was a bit overdone My rating is only an average three because the rough sex and pain involved were too severe for my tastes.

    13. Aliens on a survey team are visiting Earth to watch human development They are forbidden from letting humans know about the visiting aliens Lukanos has been watching one woman, the scientist Alisse, and has been experiencing an increased level of possessiveness towards Alisse When orders come for Lukanos to return to his home planet, he kidnaps Alisse against the laws of his planet, making her a sex slave with her permission Turns out the males from his planet are fascinated with Earth women and [...]

    14. Not really my kind of book I am giving the author 3 stars because the book was very confusing for me it had absolutely no story plot what so ever in my opinion It starts out with the main character I can t even spell his name so I won t try but he s on earth surveying our kind for reasons I didn t get they said in the book that humans would either evolve or die out and most likely they seen it too many times they knew eventually we would end up dying so why bother surveying our world anyways it [...]

    15. IntenseThis book was very well written and very intense Each chapter kept you totally involved in the story tempting you to want to read In my opinion, this book is a BDSM ers dream come true I really enjoyed the overall storyline and recommend it to anyone who is into this type of genre.

    16. If you appreciate well crafted prose, fantastic worldbuilding, and scorching hot D s, you ve come to the right place Although I ve read other works by Trent Evans and have thoroughly enjoyed them , this is the first of his science fiction erotica books I ve read and I m looking forward to diving into the next in this series

    17. nope nope and nope sorry didn t really know what this was about but hated it didn t even finish it grossed me out sorry

    18. Hot and spicy.This story was hot and spicy A new idea for alien abduction I would recommend this book to anyone who likes romance with dominance.

    19. Too DarkMuch too much cruelty and feigned love Not worth your time Too long and not likable characters Protagonist motivation umclear

    20. LiesThis is to be a dark romance but really is a sick mind that wants so much to cause as much pain and humiliation as possible Not into this.

    21. Talk about hot This was so hot I couldn t read it in one sitting Oh my, I think I found a new guilty pleasure Thank you for putting it in KU

    22. The Yaanfahr Lieutenant s TemptationThis is a 24 7 master slave, dark, erotic, power exchange relationship I wouldn t call most of it romance Tall, handsome, alien Lieutenant Lukanos , is a member of the Yaanfahr Survey team watching certain humans on earth Lukanos is watching a woman scientist, Alisse , and becoming obsessed with her So obsessed, he manages to steal her but he s caught by his superior After a slap on the hand by Admiral Kosha, he takes her to hide her away in his home on Yaanfa [...]

    23. So this is my first book by Trent Evans and I really enjoyed the ride There were parts of this book that were oh so good, but there were also a few slow or confusing spots I loved the interaction between Alisse and Lukanos The fact that she was an intelligent woman who had a freaky side was great Lukanos was also good I enjoyed the descriptions, but some of the alien ethical issues seemed confusing to me Also, I had issues just keeping track of the supporting characters and how Lukanos action wa [...]

    24. I am not a fan when the female falls in love with the male when their only interaction has been sexual and in this case she was treated literally as a slave What exactly are you falling in love with

    25. It wasn t for meI read the reviews before I buy a book but never saw anything true about this one It was a little disjointed Parts didn t make sense to me, felt as if it was missing something Very dark, sexually Not my thing.

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