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The Listening Walk By Paul Showers Aliki,

  • Title: The Listening Walk
  • Author: Paul Showers Aliki
  • ISBN: 9780064433228
  • Page: 327
  • Format: Paperback
  • Put on your socks and shoes and don t forget your ears We re going on a listening walk Shhhhh Do not talk Do not hurry Get ready to fill your ears with a world of wonderful and surprising sounds.
    The Listening Walk Put on your socks and shoes and don t forget your ears We re going on a listening walk Shhhhh Do not talk Do not hurry Get ready to fill your ears with a world of wonderful and surprising sounds

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    1. This would be a great story to introduce onomatopoeia, or as an introduction to a S.M.A.R.T lesson about using your hearing listening skills, or as a walk to get students to connect with nature or breathe deeply I liked it because it is something that all students could try in different settings.

    2. A book about listening A young girl takes a walk with her father and their pet dog, as they walk through various parts of a town she describes all the different noises that she can hear.I like this book although I feel it is a little long and features some Americanisms that may grate a little e.g sneakers instead of trainers and jet instead of aeroplane when I read this book to a nursery class I changed the words accordingly It covers a wide array of sounds one might hear, from footsteps to bees [...]

    3. This is a great book for pre k children It does a great job at using onamanpeas so that children can understand what some things might sound like Children are curious at this age and some sounds may be new to them so it might be exciting to know that you can listen for different things.Activity extension We can play a Simon says game where you tell children to do something that makes a sound that you instruct For example, Simon says to crack.

    4. I just love that this book about being quiet a listening to the natural sounds around us is authored by an author with the last name of Showers There is little that is better to listed to than the soft sound of a rain shower This book should be read by any and all who constantly have ear plus in their ears.

    5. Close you eyes and listen.What do you hear Paul Showers takes our ears on a journey filled with the everyday sounds heard by a little girl on a simple walk with her Dad and dog The illustrations by Aliki are beautifully simplistic while capturing the essence of the text This story is a wonderful teaching tool full of examples of onomatopoeia Whether reading this book or having it read to you, lots of fun can be had as the sounds come to life on the pages I would recommend this book for all ages [...]

    6. I remember reading this book in school when I was younger and going on our own class listening walk after we read it I think this is a great book to get children to think of all the different sounds that they might not even realize that they hear every day around them And after reading the story it would be a fun activity to go on a listening walk This is also a great book to read when learning about onomatopoeia.

    7. The concept of this book, Listening walk, may be somewhat difficult to understand for children, but it may provide interesting play for children who are sensitive to natural sounds and surrounding sounds The author expresses various sounds that are often heard in our surroundings using monophonic languages At the end of the book, the suggestion to focus on the sounds of the children around them adds interest to the book.

    8. What can you hear when you re out for a walk The tap of your shoes, the whirr of the sprinklers, the chug of the bus This classic picture book encourages you to slow down and listen to the noises all around you While the illustrations are a bit dated, the book would still make a great read aloud for a story time about the senses or an introduction to a listening walk of your own

    9. This book is great for children to learn how to hear the sound of the outside this can be a great way for children to do an activity by listening and memorizing the sounds of different things and talk about it when returning to classroom this book has great pictures this book has great sizes great for children.

    10. This story teaches children how to use their ears to discover the new sounds around them This may be a good story for children who are visually impaired This story has onomatopoeia and emerging vocabulary words It also describes many concepts including transportation, occupations, nature, clothing, and location.

    11. I ve gotten this book multiple times because it s on the Joy School reading list I forget until I open it again how much I like it the author just did a great job of replicating sounds in the world around us I love the tone of the story the calm, peaceful, thoughtful rhythm of the story.

    12. It provides a lot of sound words From this book, we will learn that using one of our sense, hearing, we can discover a lot of things around us Also children will learn many vocabularies in this book.

    13. This book is amazing It had had an incredible story line and I felt like I was there experiencing every sound that the little girl and her father encountered on their stroll I loved it It is a great book to get kids to listen to the sounds around them.

    14. Listening skills book This is awesome and also ia a good book to read before they go for any nature hike, and this can give the kids an activity to do when outside I love it.

    15. Sounds are all around us I enjoyed trying to duplicate all the different sounds in the book The book is a great exercise on listening in the classroom I Love literature that allows me to broaden my future classroom lesson plans This book opens up interesting dialouge.

    16. I personally wasn t crazy about the book however I would definitely recommend it for young children because the entire story is about a little girl who goes for walks with her dad and her dog where she doesn t speak and can be observant Because she is listening and paying attention to her surroundings she catches a lot of noises and sounds she may otherwise have not heard if she were to speak.

    17. The Listening Walk is a great book for children to listen to things around them, on them and in their environment Also, allowing children to listen will expand their listening skills with teachers, families and peers This book would be a great lesson on how listening and hearing are completely opposite but some how can connect This book is good for children who is better learning by a visual content, rather than things on paper The pictures in this book are very detailed and stands out for child [...]

    18. The story tells about the little girl She take walks with her father and Maior, her dog, that is an old dog so he does not walk very fast They go down the street and they are not to talk The little girl calls this is a Listening Walk She listen to all the different sounds when she do not talk She hear Major s toenails, and her father shoes on the side walk She listen to lawn mowers.She listen to lawn sprinklers, the sprinklers make different sounds On the Listen Walk she hear cars in the street [...]

    19. The Listening Walk by Paul Showers, illustrated by Aliki, is about a child listening to all the sounds outside during a neighborhood walk.Aliki s bright, simple illustrations are well matched to this listening concept book Soome illustrations extend the story by showing sounds not mentioned in the text, such as a neighbor pounding stakes, cats yowling, rain, and children playing in the rain My favorite images are out the gate, sprinklers, cars, ducks, and wind.Showers uses onomatopoeia effective [...]

    20. The Listening Walk is about a little girl that goes on walks with her dad and dog, and listens to all the different sounds around her The main character gives very detailed explanations of the sounds she hears, and allows the reader to imagine the sounds Teachers could use this in their classrooms by discussing all the different sounds the students her throughout the day The teacher could also take the students on a walk, and have them listen to what is happening around them, and keep a journal [...]

    21. I love this book It s a great way to encourage children to pay attention to their surroundings The girl in the book points out different every day sounds and tries to mimick them with her mouth I like how it makes the point that listening is very beneficial and interesting I enjoyed the illustrations and the spellings of the sounds the character heard Extension Activity Take the children outside and have them sit in a circle on the grass Tell them to be quiet for one minute and listen and pay at [...]

    22. This book was totally enjoyable to read The little girl likes to take walks and just listen to all the sounds around her The noises on the street are louder than the noises at the park The sounds are described in a way that when reading to the children they can use their imaginations and actually picture what is going on The children should be familiar with all the sounds that are mentioned in the book I really like the second to the last line in the book, How many different sounds can you hear [...]

    23. This book has great onamonapia s throughout it I love the detail of each sound I will use this book when we work on the five senses in my class This is a great book to use to show children just how many sounds are all around us I really enjoyed this book and will definitely add it to my bookshelf.Extension Activity After reading this book, I will also the children to close their eyes and count how many sounds they hear as the girl in the story said to do Next, I will take the children outside to [...]

    24. The Listening Walk by Paul Showers is a great way to get children to start using their ears and senses He does a great job of describing those sound that things such as high heels and cars and jets make All of the sounds we hear on a daily basis but never really take the time to just lesten.The illustrations in this book are a little amature but it didn t really bother me.Learning Experience For my learning experience I would bring in some objects that the children won t see Then I will make noi [...]

    25. Mommy s review from 9 30 11 I m afraid I m a rather boring reader Julia denies this and says I read well but I don t agree I think she s just being nice I don t especially like to make noises when I read Besides the ones that make up whole words of course.But in this story they aren t so bad, just some drips and drops and plops , that sort of thing Nothing I can t handle.It s a little on the young side even though my guess is it s actually for Julia s age group 5 or 6 or so Julia just turned 6 a [...]

    26. 1.This is another story to introduce onamonapia this book does a great job at repesenting these sounds.2.This story encourages students to use their listening skills,and invites them to look at going for a walk in a different way.3.All students will be able to relate to this book regardless of where they might live.Extended Activity Each students will be given clip board The students will be invited to go outside in a grassy area They will be placed apart from one another, and asked not to talk, [...]

    27. This book will be very good for developing listening and recognition skills All of the different sounds that you may hear on the street are demonstrated with pictures which are easy to connect to each other This child talks about the walks that she takes with her father, in this story As they walk,she always walks silently, listening carefully to each of the sounds that she hears along the way She calls it The listening walk Extension The children take a walk through the play ground or nature pa [...]

    28. In The Listening Walk, a young girl walks with her father and dog on what she calls a Listening Walk, where she does not talk but listen s to all the different sounds that she can hear when she is quiet She hears her dog s toenails clicking on the sidewalk, her father s shuffling step, the loud, grating sounds of the city, and the quiet, gentle sounds of the garden The book ends with a reminder that you do not have to go far in order to go on a Listening Walk, and that walking isn t always neces [...]

    29. The little boy and his father enjoy walking with their dog, Major The go down the street and they do not talk They call the walk, a Listening Walk They listen to and hear all different sounds when they do not talk They hear Major s long toenails scratch the sidewalk and the little boy hears his dad s shoes on the sidewalk,the sound of lawn mower Because he is not talking he hears all kinds of sounds a lady s high heels go bik, bok, bik, bok.I will use this book to reinforce one of the class rule [...]

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