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Stiffs and Swine By J.B. Stanley Ellery Adams,

  • Title: Stiffs and Swine
  • Author: J.B. Stanley Ellery Adams
  • ISBN: 9780738712673
  • Page: 137
  • Format: Paperback
  • When the supper club members are invited to be guest judges at a regional barbecue contest, they accept the invitation faster than you can say hog heaven But the barbecue festival s family oriented, finger licking fun turns sour when a contestant is found dead Things go from bad to worse when one of the five friends is accused of the murder and lands in jail The straiWhen the supper club members are invited to be guest judges at a regional barbecue contest, they accept the invitation faster than you can say hog heaven But the barbecue festival s family oriented, finger licking fun turns sour when a contestant is found dead Things go from bad to worse when one of the five friends is accused of the murder and lands in jail The strained relationship between James and Lucy is still no picnic, but the supper club members must stick together to find the real killer Includes authentic barbecue friendly recipes Praise for the Supper Club Mystery Series Heavy on fun, light on gore, this savory mystery comes complete with yummy recipes Publishers Weekly Well plotted with a wonderful setting and cast of characters MysteryReader Stanley offers another entry in the popular Supper Club Mystery series, and her fans now have a new volume to relish Booklist
    Stiffs and Swine When the supper club members are invited to be guest judges at a regional barbecue contest they accept the invitation faster than you can say hog heaven But the barbecue festival s family oriented f

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    1. This is my absolute favorite so far of the Supper Club mysteries, although all the MEAT in this one sorta got to me I did appreciate that Gillian the vegetarian did not give in and eat meat as she has in the past No vegetarian that I know of myself included that is vegetarian for ethical reasons as I presume Gillian is would give in and eat meat for any reason unless faced with death by starvation, and perhaps not even then I enjoyed meeting a new possibly reoccurring character in this book I al [...]

    2. Another great book by J B Stanley, aka Ellery Adams I really enjoyed the series, even though the main character is a man instead of a woman I thought it might be harder to connect to the character being is it was a man but the author does a great job making you connect with him as well as the rest of the characters in the series I have a few books to read to complete this series and I am sure I will enjoy them just as well as I did this one.

    3. This is the fourth book in the Supper Club Mystery series.The Flab Five are back together and have become so famous that they are asked to be judges at the Hudsonville Hog Festival.At the festival a murder occurs, and the Flab Five are back to using their detecting skills.I love the quirky characters, the setting and the plot.A fun book to read

    4. I loved this book as much as the others in this series I wish this series would continue, but I m glad Ellery has other series that I haven t read yet I highly recommend this book.

    5. This is definitely one of the best cozy series with foodies and dieters This is the fourth in this Supper Club Mystery Series A diverse group of Virginia townsfolk have decided to gather once a week to share their dieting experiences, but still wanting to enjoy good food There s James the librarian, Lucy the new deputy sheriff, Gillian the new age pet guru, Bennett the postman, and Lindy the school teacher There are also some twin technical genius librarian assistants that help this group whenev [...]

    6. I have yet to read anything by J B Stanley Jennifer Stanley Ellery Adams Lucy Arlington that I haven t loved STIFFS AND SWINE continues the tales of the Flab Five, five friends who banded together to help each other lose weight In this episode, perhaps to avoid the Cabot Cove problem, the friends travel to a barbeque contest in a neighboring town to participate as judges The setting is well depicted and the plot and pace are delightfully convoluted and exhilarating as always The thing about this [...]

    7. This is the fourth book in the Supper Club series I love these books The main characters, the Flab Five, are very interesting and diverse characters In the latest installment the Flab Five are asked to be judges at a bar b q event While there, a murder takes place, and one of the Flab Five is a suspect in the murder They all ban together to help solve the murder and help their friend The main characters are people that you can imagine meeting in everyday life, and the supporting characters add t [...]

    8. This is the fourth book in the Supper Club Mystery series This the members of the supper club are invited to become judges at a barbecue festival and cook off When one of the cooks is murdered and one of the supper club members is held during the murder investigation The club members try to prove that friend did not kill the cook but also discover a drug connection This book had some twists and turns and the reader learned some background on one of the members The book was a quick and easy read. [...]

    9. I m hooked on this series Ok, I m a little late to it it s true Each book really sets the bar for enjoyable cozy mystery reading I ve read them out of order, but they work well as stand alones, and it s easy to slip into the characters lives and the seasonal events in Quincy s Gap The pacing is taut, the writing is great, the characters are witty and down to earth, and there s always a hair raising plot twist What could you ask for Throw in entertaining recipes and dishes, and you re set.

    10. Flab Five famous And why not D Our heroes got invited to be guest judges on one of the biggest BBQ contests in the county They also were choosing the winning sow, oh, and did I mention looking for the killer of the most obnoxious contestant of the show Yeah Loved this fast paced, multi leveled cosy mystery, where the friendship stays strong, and the will power well Not so much But they will get back to the diet, for sure D

    11. The Supper club members are invited to be guest Judges at a regional Barbeque contest But the family oriented festivals finger licking fun turns sour When a contestant is found dead When one of the five friends is accused of murder and placed in jail The other four must stick together to try to catch the real killer meanwhile James and Lucy s relationship is still kind of strained Will they ever be a couple again Or is the relationship over for good

    12. I really enjoy this series I really looking forward to seeing where all the characters will end up in the next bookis book seen things end and new things start, and some promises of future happiness for other characters I enjoyed the mystery parts of the book also I was glad to see James end his relationship with the newspaper reporter.

    13. This was super I enjoyed the visit to a barbeque festival and the murder of the scumbag contestant All the clues were there to lead one to the right ending, and the other activities going on in the story really worked with the main theme This is another excellent read, I d encourage anyone to try.

    14. If you haven t read book one Carbs and Cadavers try to read it I liked the background it sets for James It gives you a better idea of where he s coming from I love the Supper Club idea and the fact that the members become like family The group is judging BBQ here and it keeps you guessing until the end.

    15. This is the 4th book in the series I really enjoy these cozy mysteries and I like the male protagonist I enjoy all the supper club members except Lucy I find her selfish and unlikeable and I really hope James doesn t try to rekindle their romance.

    16. Great bookI really like this series It is very entertaining I hope there will be of them I m sure everyone who reads these books will be happy they did.

    17. Well done I enjoyed going to the fair during the winter months through a tall tale The I read these, the I like the various characters and their quirks.

    18. In J.B Stanley s Stiffs and Swine, the 4th installment in the Supper Club Mystery cozy series, we were entertained and intrigued by a couple of ordinary crime solving citizens For Professor James Henry, a local librarian in Shenandoah County Library, he had to deal with suspicious teen activity and a broken down bookmobile when they needed the funds for it When Sheriff Lucy Hanover receives a last minute invitation to a Hog Fest, she brought along her friends for good eating as fellow judges But [...]

    19. In Stiffs and Swine, James and the supper club are asked to judge a BBQ and pig beauty contest The mystery was well crafted and the setting certainly well defined, but what really stood out in this book were the developments in the personal lives of the Supper club members James, especially, has some hard decisions to make by the end of the book.This is definitely a well written series with mysteries that are fun and interesting to follow along with to the resolution One of the strongest feature [...]

    20. The celebrity factor of the Flab Five has gotten them invited to be guest judges at Hog Fest in a nearby town Everything is going well until one of the barbeque contestants is found dead and Gillian is taken into custody for the crime James and the gang race to find out who really did the deed before the closing ceremonies so that Gillian is released to come home with them There is also a mystery going on at the library which has James stumped until he attends the barbeque fest Also the library [...]

    21. The members of the Flab Five are invited to a neighboring town to be judges in a pig beauty pageant and of course, soon end up embroiled in murder, as well as barbecue and complicated personal relationships James Henry is still torn between his feelings for Lucy and his relationship with local reporter Murphy.The only down side of this book was it wasn t as tied to James library as some of the others and I missed him spending time with the library employees.I do enjoy this series and will keep r [...]

    22. I really enjoyed this fourth installment of J B Stanley s Supper Club mysteries Spoiler Alert I am so glad that James Henry has ended his relationship with Murphy didn t like her, didn t trust her.

    23. J.B Stanley is Ellery Adams.Group of 5 in supper club.Main character James is library director in Shenandoah County.Group is asked to judge contest at BBQ cookoff They solve mystery who killed the obnoxious BBQ guy James girlfriend isn t so nice so they break up and he likes the cop.

    24. I think this one is my favorite in the series so far It was nice to see the Flab Five step outside the box and go to the barbeque YUM festival as judges I also enjoyed the snippets of life back home in Quincy Gap Good character development in this installment, I thought.

    25. BBQ theme It would be great to be a judge for the competition I can see why they have such a hard time losing weight

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