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No! I Don't Want to Join a Book Club: Diary of a Sixtieth Year By Virginia Ironside,

  • Title: No! I Don't Want to Join a Book Club: Diary of a Sixtieth Year
  • Author: Virginia Ironside
  • ISBN: 9780670038183
  • Page: 455
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A delightful novel about letting go of youth and embracing the sassy curmudgeon within Don t harass her about parasailing or taking Italian language courses Forget about suggesting she join a gym Marie Sharp may be a little creaky in the bones as she heads toward the big 6 0, but she s fine with it She would rather do without all the moving to Florida bicycling across A delightful novel about letting go of youth and embracing the sassy curmudgeon within Don t harass her about parasailing or taking Italian language courses Forget about suggesting she join a gym Marie Sharp may be a little creaky in the bones as she heads toward the big 6 0, but she s fine with it She would rather do without all the moving to Florida bicycling across Mongolia for the hell of it hoopla that her friends insist upon She s already led an exciting life She came of age in the 1960s, after all Now, with both a new grandchild and a new man on the horizon, all she wants to do is make the most of what she considers the most interesting stage of her life In this wonderfully astute novel based on the author s own experiences, No I Don t Want to Join a Book Club is the funny and often poignant fictionalized diary of an older woman a decade or two past her prime and content to leave it all behind her So don t tell her to take a gourmet cooking class, and whatever you do, don t you dare tell her to join a book club Fresh and truly unique, moving gracefully on in years has never been hilarious than in this forthright grandma s take on the third phase of life.
    No I Don t Want to Join a Book Club Diary of a Sixtieth Year A delightful novel about letting go of youth and embracing the sassy curmudgeon within Don t harass her about parasailing or taking Italian language courses Forget about suggesting she join a gym Mari

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    1. Don t Touch It With A Bargepole According to the main character of this book, Marie Sharp, a woman turning 60 who decides to start a diary, there are only two ways to describe books One is Absolutely brilliant You must read it or Total cr p Don t touch it with a bargepole Here in the USA we might refer to a ten foot pole rather than a bargepole, but it wasn t for a lack of understanding British humor humour or widely used British slang that made me find this effort not remotely worth my time Tha [...]

    2. Ok, sure, five stars is, objectively, too high But it s spot on for me I am so glad to meet someone else who isn t scared of the word old and who doesn t want to live a third age Now, if I could only have a grandchild and get to babysit it often, I wouldn t mind achieving 60, seven years from now.Mostly it s funny, but one serious bit did earn a book dart We are here to be kind Life is one big mystery If you ask what it means you just waste time when you could be making someone else s life happi [...]

    3. Subtitle Diary of a 60th YearWell, that pretty much sums up the non plot of this charming little novel Marie Sharp is turning 60 and she s a little cranky She s perfectly content with her age and doesn t understand what all the fuss is about She doesn t need advice on how to look and feel younger, thank you very much One friend is determined to find a new lover, but Marie is horrified at the prospect, and frankly glad to have left all that hullabaloo behind her Things change a bit for her when a [...]

    4. No I Don t Want to Read This Book I wish there was a place on to say that, while I didn t finish the book, I stopped reading it because I just couldn t make myself read another page In fact, I returned it to the library right away, because I just didn t want it in my house any I m sure there are many people who will enjoy the book, but the temperament and outlook of the lead character I m turning 60, so now I can be lazy and old and don t have to enrich my life any are so at odds with my own t [...]

    5. I decided to read this book only because of the mention of a bookclub in the title And lemme tell you, it is NOWHERE related to a bookclub, so if you plan to read it only for the book ish title, then don t read it.The story is about Mrs Sharp who decides to start a diary for her 60th birthday The story revolves around Sharp and her other friends, that is , other oldies and how their life changes after a certain age How a small child and bring happiness for old grandparents Sharp shares her life [...]

    6. Ich hatte ein bissig spritzige Satire ber Seniorenklischees erwartet und wurde bitter entt uscht Es geht nur um Sex, Krankheiten und Tod, und dass eben leider nicht auf parodistische Weise Was mich besonders irritiert hat die Personen reden und agieren wie 70 85j hrige, sind aber erst Anfang 60 und welche staatliche Lehrerin kann denn mit Ende 50 in Rente gehen Ich kenne keine 60j hrige und ich habe viele Kolleginnen in diesem Alter , die sich so alt, tatterig und gebrechlich gibt Als eklatante [...]

    7. Pretty funny A diary, journal a lady turning 60 starts to write Wants to start enjoying life now, but life has some surprises for her Found so much of it funny because I m going to be 60 this year Nice piece of fluff to read on vacation.

    8. Okay, so I picked this book up because of the bookish title, right I read the blurb on the back and I thought, Hey, may as well try it, hmm So I did And it wasn t great It wasn t horrible either, but it really didn t go anywhere.Even though I m nowhere near 60, I did enjoy how feisty Marie is, although she did kind of whinge a lot throughout the book But I m also taking this book somewhat as satire rather than a serious with some humor injected novel.My favorite part Right here, yo I said I woul [...]

    9. This first novel, written in diary form, is laugh out loud hilarious Virginia Ironside is British and the novel is set in and around London The narrator, Marie Sharp, is witty, sarcastic and sweet, all in one I loved the Britishisms as I call them, sprinkled throughout the book and I was drawn in by the salty narrator as she navigates her 60th year.The book has some poignant moments also, dealing with death, change and growing older All of the main characters were a riot I was chuckling aloud so [...]

    10. Virginia Ironside s book is a hoot and I think the lady doth protest too much about age She claims not to want to go cheerily into that good night but at the same time, does seem obsessed in her own particular way about reaching 60 Since I m still a few years shy of that, maybe I ll come around to having the same obsession although, in the US, I can t look forward to social security until age 66 and maybe that will make a big difference, but since there probably won t be any funds left in Social [...]

    11. Somehow, I got the impression that I really MUST read and enjoy this book because I m heading towards sixty myself that I was supposed exclaim Eureka That s me Well, I didn t In fact, I was bored silly To begin with, is Ironside speaking only of single women That s the impression I got I didn t feel there was any character development Rather, the characters are stereotypes, as if the author had made up these almost stick figures to get her point across.These stereotypes are based on a number of [...]

    12. There s not much to enjoy in this book It s not terrible for chick lit, but it s not particularly good, either It s about a woman in her 60th year who decides that, rather than continuing to attempt to fully engage in life, she ll just live her life with a sort of screw it attitude She ll enjoy her grandchild, but when it comes to learning a language, or doing anything else, forget it I am quickly hurtling toward 60, and I don t like the main character at all I mean, by the time you hit 60, you [...]

    13. In diary form, Marie reveals her thoughts on aging on turning 60 She looks forward to growing her roses and relaxing, to giving up on men and sex, and to resisting all the activities generally recommended for seniors, including book clubs She is determined to face aging in her own way.Marie is feisty, determined, and British, at least as we Americans think of older British women She has her memories good and bad, her friends, her married son, her cat, her garden, and a great ironic sense of humo [...]

    14. Marie is turning sixty and decides to chronicle her life in a diary, and she does Sometimes her thoughts are humorous, sometimes a bit sad, and often they are snarky Her life is constantly changing and evolving in this chick lit novel that embraces the changes seen as women age Loss of dear friends, additions of a grandson, and re kindling a girlhood crush all combine to make a curmudgeon smile.

    15. Marie Sharp is turning sixty Turning sixty, for Marie, is a relief She can drop all pretense no attempts to learn Italian, no hikes into remote regions of the world, and no silly bookclubs I like the character of Marie She offers inspiration for us all Why not start at fifty one

    16. I really loved the point of view from a sixty year old woman Set in England, this woman doesn t hold back saying what she thinks Sex, no sex, cursing s all good Grandchildren are a Grandparent s reward, for not killing their own children I loved this quote.

    17. If you are not over 50, you may not appreciate the humor in this book However, if you are approaching an older age, the book is hilarious It is fiction but could very well be an actual diary of someone who is not afraid of approaching the age of 60.

    18. Listened to this on audio The often entertaining diary of a 60 year old It did get a little bogged down on a couple of issues, but for the most part moved along well and had a happy ending.

    19. I found this book wedged under my copy of Murder on the Orient Express when I went to read the latter for a much needed break from the rather intense and depressing books I d just finished The God of Small Things and Kaalam.The summary and reviews promised a fun read, and one review likened it to a sort of Bridget Jones for seniors So of course I had to read it It started well enough, funny, light and even witty, especially when the author describes the neighborhood in which the story is set But [...]

    20. This book was on the list for our book group recently and, with the amusing title, we were looking forward to reading No I Don t Want to Join a Bookclub by Virginia Ironside Many of our members were familiar with the columns she writes in newspapers too No I Don t Want to Join a Bookclub is written in an epistolary style, as if the reader was reading the narrator s journal The style enveloped the reader in the narrator s head quickly and easily Marie Sharp may be a little creaky in the bones as [...]

    21. Marie Sharp resists the idea of joining a book group, learning a language or joining the university of the third age, in order to assert her right not to improve herself as she reaches 60 She is determined to relish the letting go of responsibilities, inhibitions, sexual relationships and the trappings of middle age, and embrace her inner elderly person And she learns that there are joys to be had There is the joy of her grandchild, the joy of friendships and the poignancy of being parted from l [...]

    22. This was the worst book my friends and I had ever read And the title which pokes fun a book club members being full of OAP was not a good start Varying in age from late 30 s to 50 s none of us could find anything positive to say about this book Based on the life of Marie as she approaches 60 in the form of a diary nothing of interest happens in the course of a all 247 pages The main problem is that she is so content with life, she has absolutely no problems with reaching 60, has a great social l [...]

    23. I ve read several negative reviews of this book, and I ve got to say that I do NOT agree with them Marie Mary is the woman I want to be when I turn 60 Of course, I won t have the same kind of past, but I did find it refreshing to hear about this woman that lived her life the way she did She wasn t sorry about anything And all she wanted to do was celebrate being old when everyone else talks about life beginning anew Yes, nothing huge and momentous happens, but this book is a Diary after all She [...]

    24. Although librarians certainly encourage joining book clubs, author Ironside s point is that one shouldn t feel obliged to join in predictable senior activities like a book club or learning a foreign language Instead, retired London art teacher and singleton Marie Sharp embarks on her 60th year with a sense of entitled crabbiness and gallows humor Marie believes that she should be free to be old, rather than being a slave to the youthful activities with which oldsters often cram their retirement [...]

    25. Mary Sharpe, having just turned 60, is defiantly approaching old age with humor, crustiness, and confidence She is thrilled to be at this stage of life with its awareness of life s ups and downs, grand old friends, and a certain come what may attitude She swears off entering into any new relationships by stripping her bedroom of any reminders of her old life and buying a nice single bedwhere, she says, there is no room for any man When Gene, her 1st grandbaby, enters her life, she is smittenbut, [...]

    26. I doubt that I would have enjoyed this very funny book as much as I did but for the fact that Sian Phillips did such a wonderful job of narrating it Her voice is perfect and her reading is very entertaining That said, I do think that the humor of this story will be lost on any woman who has not yet reached a certain age and, similarly, I think it will also be lost on anyone who is insecure about growing old I found it refreshing to encounter a character who doesn t feel the need to endlessly apo [...]

    27. I expected this book to be a fluffy chick lit novel, but was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the writing and the depth of wit in it The book is comprised of the diary of Marie Sharp, a divorced British woman about to turn 60 years old, as she and her friends deal with the events inherent in being middle aged.

    28. Sorry I didn t like this, I found nothing endearing about the character of Marie Sharp at all in fact found her very irritating at times, especially when she went into grandmother mode Now the character might have a good few years on me but some comments did resonate with me I think there was one about grunting while getting up out of a seat, well I m guilty on all accounts there m lud All in all I totally disagree with all the back cover blurb comments about what a genius comic creation Marie i [...]

    29. This is a lovely, chatty book about a woman turning 60 something she has longed to do Think of her as Bridget Jone s somewhat eccentric aunt and you ll get the tone of her breezy diary entries Amidst the fun and endearing anecdotes on aging and modern life in general, there is quite a bit of pithy observation about life and aging I d say over 50 s would get the most out of this book, especially since it features a woman who came of age in the 1960s That said, it is not a Baby Boomer book thank g [...]

    30. This took me a while to get into Ms Ironside s life bears little resemblance to mine and her complaints about her life as she enjoys a much higher standard of living than I will every enjoy annoyed me But as I got to know her and her friends better, I could identify with her Then she became a grandmother and that was so much fun listening to her falling in love with her grandson and fighting with car seats and strollers.

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