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The Whitecoat’s Daughter By Olivia A. Cole,

  • Title: The Whitecoat’s Daughter
  • Author: Olivia A. Cole
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 325
  • Format: None
  • The Whitecoat s Daughter is a science fiction fantasy work set on a planet called Faloiv, where a small community lives despite the fact that the place was never intended to support human life When the heroine discovers her unique ability to communicate with the planet s strange creatures, she realizes that this gift may expose the dangerous conflict brewing between thThe Whitecoat s Daughter is a science fiction fantasy work set on a planet called Faloiv, where a small community lives despite the fact that the place was never intended to support human life When the heroine discovers her unique ability to communicate with the planet s strange creatures, she realizes that this gift may expose the dangerous conflict brewing between the leaders of her compound and the planet s indigenous peoples, which sets in motion a chain of events that could lead to humanity s destruction The second book in the deal is planned to be a sequel The Whitecoat s Daughter is set for winter 2018.
    The Whitecoat s Daughter The Whitecoat s Daughter is a science fiction fantasy work set on a planet called Faloiv where a small community lives despite the fact that the place was never intended to support human life When th

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    1. Is this how humans got ourselves into this mess By believing that we have as much right to this planet as the Faloii Do we think we own the galaxy 3 1 2 stars I really think that love for certain books can depend on the time when you read them There would probably be times when A Conspiracy of Stars would be too slow moving for me Because, honestly, it is a very slow climb a gradually painted picture of a fascinating concept, with later chapters containing enough action to just about make up for [...]

    2. I have a love hate relationship with the classic slow build Mainly because I usually get too bored But there are the cases where the slowness pays off in an explosive way That ends up being the case here Especially in the last chapter So this is worth the read However.ffering through that slowness was a bit of a pain until the world we were in came to life I get it, though If this didn t come together in a slower way, the world building would ve been a full on info dump And we all know how frust [...]

    3. I received an advance copy of this book for free Thanks to HarperCollins and Edelweiss This was a YA sci fi story, set on another planet.I liked Octavia, and I liked how she kept searching for the truth even when things got hard I also liked her friends Rondo and Alma, and I liked how they helped her even when she sounded a bit crazy.The storyline in this was about Octavia finding that things were not as they seemed on the planet where she lived She had been born on the planet, whilst her parent [...]

    4. I think that this is my favorite book I ve read this year.Admittedly, it s the only book I ve read so far this year, but no matter For being the first book I read in 2018, this has set the bar fairly high And to think that I felt a bit hesitant when picking this book up after seeing some low rated reviews But then I realized that the problem was less about the story and about personal preferences.The main problem with this book is that is slow Like, extremely, I almost quit part way through, ki [...]

    5. Everything about this book the characters, plot and mystery are all very well thought out and carefully constructed I was definitely compelled to read and continue unraveling the secrets of Faloiv no idea how to pronounce this.I was so impressed with the world building here and I loved Octavia s curiosity and love of her planet The science fiction aspects like skinsuits and all the species of animals added depth and interest to the story I deeply wish the cover conveyed the array of colors and f [...]

    6. 3.5 stars Going into this book, I really didn t know what to expect But from the blurb, I was pretty excited from the brief synopsis I was looking for something which was a departure from the usual YA fantasy and I would say this novel did deliver in that regard However, there were some aspects of the novel which could have been explored further Let me explain this fully.Firstly, the worldbuilding was very immersive The author has come up with a whole world filled with such unique creatures and [...]

    7. But home isn t just a memory, I ve decided it s knowledge, knowing where you belong and where you fit in This was a solid sci fi story that combined all the things I want to see in my science fiction reads compelling research, characters I connect with, and an intriguing mystery A Conspiracy of Stars follows aspiring scientist Octavia, who s desperate to follow in the steps of her parents and discover the secrets of Faloiv But Octavia soon realises the planet isn t the only thing hiding secrets, [...]

    8. Here there be monsters A Conspiracy Of Stars is a truly imaginative novel Beautifully crafted, this book draws the reader into another world, or rather planet, that is entirely different from our own Yet is seems that the troubles of humanity follow, no matter how exotic the location.Octavia s dream is to become a whitecoat like her mother and father, eminent scientists who study the diverse animals and plants of Faloiv When she and her fellow classmates are offered internships well before expec [...]

    9. I need the sequel so badly I need to know what happens with my children The magic and world building in this book was amazing and I CANNOT wait to see what she does in the next book.Read full review here gracelingaccountantblog.wordpLiked The world building was extremely well done and very interesting There were some hard sci fi elements in the book but it wasn t too much for my brain to handle Not only are the characters mostly dark skinned, with asian and a little latin woven in, they are all [...]

    10. See my full review and much on my blog KissinBlueKarenA CONSPIRACY OF STARS takes place on a distant planet called Faloiv Octavia s grandparents and other scientists have crash landed on The big job on this planet is to become a whitecoat scientist, studying the animals of Faloiv Everything changes when Olivia witnesses a native Falvoii being attacked and captured by the scientists in the council of N Terra With a little help from her friends, Octavia must learns the truth about what her family [...]

    11. You can find the full review and all the fancy and or randomness that accompanies it at It Starts at Midnight Oh yay, my mind has the mixed feelings again Let s get right to it with yet another list, hmm The Things I Liked It s on another planet and that is always awesome I mean, who doesn t want to go venture to literal worlds unknown And I love when a planet harbors secrets, and this one totally does Especially in relation to the Faloii people, who are native to the planet.There is a lot of ex [...]

    12. If Animal Planet and the SyFy network had a baby, it would be this book.Octavia is an aspiring scientist on a colonized planet after the destruction of Earth Her parents are scientists, and she dreams of following in their footsteps, studying the fauna of their new home.But things aren t what they seem, and it soon becomes clear that there s a conspiracy afoot, one which will threaten not only the tenuous peace with the creatures that called the planet home before humans arrived, but also within [...]

    13. 3.5 Octavia wants nothing than to become a whitecoat, just like her parents, and study the natural wonders of Faloiv, the planet humans moved to when the origin planet died.When she finally gets her change and comes in contact with her first Faloiv animal, she notices something is different about herThis story was unique although I did get some Avatar and Jurrasic Park vibes here and there and interesting Octavia was a great heroine and the plot line was incredibly fascinating.How would we, hum [...]

    14. I am always up for a great sci fi novel, and I am really excited about this one There are so many interesting dynamics in that synopsis that I can t wait to see unfold in the story A combination of science and a quest for the truth Yes, please

    15. 5 starsOctavia s dream is to follow her parents footsteps in becoming one of the esteemed whitecoats the highest rank of scientists on the planet of Faloiv She would be able to study the jungle s exotic plants and animals that are protected through the Council of N Terra.When the opportunity for an internship opens, Octavia is overjoyed until she learns of the extremist views of the new Council leader He s growing in power, and when Octavia witnesses one of the indigenous people of Faloiv, the F [...]

    16. While I was reading A Conspiracy of Stars I was thinking that this was one of the most inventive and original books I have ever read The world building is bizarre, yet totally works, and though I don t have all the answers, I am thrilled to find them all out in the next book This wasn t a perfect book, but it was mind blowingly entertaining, and I loved every minute of it.A Conspiracy of Stars starts as Octavia and her father are driving through the compound on an alien planet, speeding through [...]

    17. It seems like 2018 may be a great year for young adult novels, because it seems like almost every one I ve read so far has been absolutely fantastic A Conspiracy of Stars grabbed me initially because of the cover, and to be honest, I just went for it without reading the blurb at all I even thought it was a high fantasy, and was pleasantly surprised to be reading a wonderful pure science fiction.The novel seems to be possibly set in the far off future with the people being called N Terrans is thi [...]

    18. Source Edelweiss Genre YA, Science Fiction Rating 3.5 Thoughts A Conspiracy of Stars, by author Olivia A Cole, is the first installment in the authors untitled duology This is a work of pure science fiction fantasy set on a planet called Faloiv where 40 years ago, a group of humans, including the protagonists own grandparents, left the Origin Planet for a new beginning They ended crash landing on Faloiv and have been here ever since They built a place called N Terra to study and experiment on th [...]

    19. Read my review on the blog HERE.Everyone and their grandma has seen Avatar actually wait, I don t think my grandmas have , the James Cameron sci fi movie about a white saviour dude who white saves the indigenous people of a planet that humans are trying to study and colonise A Conspiracy of Stars takes the same premise, but centres characters of colour in a narrative that promises to actually think about colonialism and its impacts and there isn t any white saviourism Which is really all I ask f [...]

    20. There are things that we must do as scientists if we want to surviveThis has the potential to be a massive series, that I don t understand why this will be only a duologyI finished this book and I felt satisfied Yes, satisfied Lemme explain further 1 I love the Avatar vibe the book has A bunch of humans living in an alien planet that belongs to another race and the we want greedy feeling that humans have 2 Exquisite descriptions of alien flora and fauna and the amazing and unique world created [...]

    21. Actual rating 3.5 A slow burn, but a good one A Conspiracy of Stars was only barely on my radar, but for some reason, I decided to read it ahead of even some of my anticipated reads It follows a girl and her people who live in a new world literally , one they ve only lived in for a generation or two after having to leave their old planet for reasons not given The new planet has a different climate, vegetation, and animals, and even people who already live there And while the natives may be acce [...]

    22. 3.5 stars Is this how humans got ourselves into this mess By believing that we have as much right to this planet as the Faloii Do we think we own the galaxy A Conspiracy of Stars is a fantastic, well written book hidden behind an extremely slow paced and rather boring story It s a good thing I don t have much of a problem with slow paced stories as most people do, because I wouldn t have enjoyed this book nearly as much as I did Despite being slow, Olivia A Cole created such an interesting and c [...]

    23. When I received this book in the January Uppercase Box, I was thrilled The dust jacket promised strong STEM girls which whom I can closely identify with my love of math , alien planet zoology, secrets, and even some romance I was hooked I was a little disappointed when I got further into this book and found myself liking it less and less Don t get me wrong I enjoyed it My expectations for the book as a whole were a lot higher than what the book ended up being.The story started off wonderfully Ol [...]

    24. This will be a spoiler free review.Wow A Conspiracy of Stars really took me by surprise I got this via The Bookie Box, but I had been wanting this book for a while I ve always been curious about Sci Fi, but I admit I usually don t reach for it nearly as often as I do Fantasy I gave this book 4 1 2 out of 5 stars.Our main character, Octavia, wants to follow in the footsteps of her scientist parents, not questioning her way of life or future much in the beginning They live on what s known as Faloi [...]

    25. ARC provided by Edelweiss in exchange for an honest reviewI loved this high concept, environmentally conscious debut Sci fi novel It gave me strong Avatar and Nausicaa Valley of the Winds vibes Also to a lesser extent Ferngully now there s a blast from the past It isn t the fastest paced story so if you absolutely have to be dropped in in media reas and then have a page turning experience that hurtles you to the end, this is probably not for you I wouldn t call it slow paced, but it s deep theme [...]

    26. High 4 based on 2018 Rating Scale.This couple made my stomach flip The world is fleshed out The plot has a lot happening in the background and every described character is black The writing was hard to get into at first I couldn t read it out loud because it wasn t smooth, but it was fine in my head After about 100 pages, the writing was better This was a book from a book box and I hadn t heard about it before I think it ll surprise you, though one element reminded my of The 100 and Mountain Wea [...]

    27. 3.5 Very different sci fi novel I enjoyed this and the writing was well done but I couldnt get into the story so much I could see someone else definitely caring than I did It was a great book just not for me at the time.

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