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Veil By Rafia Zakaria Christopher Schaberg Ian Bogost,

  • Title: Veil
  • Author: Rafia Zakaria Christopher Schaberg Ian Bogost
  • ISBN: 9781501322778
  • Page: 470
  • Format: Paperback
  • Object Lessons is a series of short, beautifully designed books about the hidden lives of ordinary things.Can the veil be an instrument of feminist empowerment Does veiled anonymity confer a degree of power to women Starting from her own marriage ceremony at which she first wore a full veil, Rafia Zakaria explores how the physical reality of the veil as an object is cataObject Lessons is a series of short, beautifully designed books about the hidden lives of ordinary things.Can the veil be an instrument of feminist empowerment Does veiled anonymity confer a degree of power to women Starting from her own marriage ceremony at which she first wore a full veil, Rafia Zakaria explores how the physical reality of the veil as an object is catalyzed by the context of the wearer to produce new and unexpected meanings Part memoir and part philosophical investigation, Veil unravels modernist assumptions that the seen is automatically the good and the free, while the veiled represents servility and subterfuge Taking readers through personal encounters with the veil varying from France where it is banned to Iran where it is forced, Zakaria reveals how the veil s reputation as a pre modern relic is being reconfigured to contest accepted ideas of meaning and morality At the end, the veil emerges as an object transformed by post modernity, whose myriad meanings can pose a collective challenge to the absolute truths of patriarchy.Object Lessons is published in partnership with an essay series in The Atlantic.
    Veil Object Lessons is a series of short beautifully designed books about the hidden lives of ordinary things Can the veil be an instrument of feminist empowerment Does veiled anonymity confer a degree of

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    1. Veil by Rafia Zakaria is a study of one of the controversial cross cultural issues of the day Zakaria is an attorney and political philosopher She is a regular columnist for Al Jazeera America and Dawn Pakistan and has written for many publications around the world including The Hindu, The Calcutta Stateman, China Daily The Korea Herald and Le Monde She is the first Muslim American woman to serve on the Board of Directors of Amnesty International USA for two consecutive terms.The object lessons [...]

    2. The author is a young lawyer who was born in Pakistan but now lives and works in the US representing Muslim victims of domestic violence She has been heavily criticised in the US, and in Egypt while on a cultural exchange, for not wearing a veil or headscarf, accused by other Muslims of not therefore being a true Muslim She responds that her interpretation of her faith does not consider the practice necessary Zakaria argues that the two entities, the veil and its wearer, have become synonymous, [...]

    3. First off, I m really happy to see another book about an issue that affects Muslim women, written by a Muslim woman, rather than by some randomer who thinks you don t need experience and cultural religious knowledge to write about issues pertaining to Muslims I had expected this book to be different I haven t read any other books in the objects series, but I guess I had thought this book would be focusing on the object of the veil and explaining the cultural and historical significance of it It [...]

    4. Veil is part of the Object Lessons series, and the first of these which I have read Zakaria presents a challenge to Western prejudices about wearing the veil Her writing is intelligent, and her stance is insightful An important book, certainly.

    5. ARC received fron Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review Dnf at 48%Tossing for personal reasons I felt this book was a lecture against something that many women including myself CHOOSE to wear If someone feels differently about it, that s fine, but I m not interested in reading about it.

    6. 3.5 stars.With this book, I was expecting less memoir, and hard facts instead, this is a strong blend of both Zakaria addresses a variety of paradigms and stereotypes, both in support of and against wearing a veil, showing how the incredibly wide varieties of interpretations and enforcements of the veil only create confusion about its place.I was disappointed that there was never a proper introduction to the veil it delves into the paradigms and biases right away, without any neutral chapter d [...]

    7. Another volume in the wonderful Object Lessons series In this one the author, a young Muslim lawyer, explores the veil in all its manifestations and in all its varied meanings and significance throughout history It s a personal view but a balanced one and I found the book enlightening and thought provoking.

    8. I am a fan of this series of long form essays about various objects Zakaria looks at the veil as an object from both Muslim and non Muslim perspectives Thinking about the veil both from times to when it is perceived as a sign of oppression and as when it is perceived as a sign of liberation or freedom is very interesting It was also intriguing to consider when judgements are made about those who wear the veil are they submissive or subversive I live in a community where a number of people make d [...]

    9. Women used as a metaphor, a simile, a parable, a fable, a euphemism, a reverie, an allegory, a theoretical framework, a point of departure, a point of no return, a point of contrast, a point unrequited, a point of contention, a point of reference, a point within a point, a point without a point.Enough author lady Say what you mean, say it, don t spray it.Chris Roberts, Mad God

    10. Publishers love creating series and Bloomsbury not only came up with the brilliant Thirty Three and a Third one, where authors enthuse about their favourite album, but also, recently, hit upon the even versatile Object Lessons series where everyday objects anything from a remote control to a shipping container or an egg is presented in a new light Rafia Zakaria s Veil is a welcome addition to this burgeoning brand.Zakaria considers the West s preoccupation with the veil , as manifested by the [...]

    11. We re told that the issue of the Muslim full veil is down to one Saudi cult, and that it s really not necessary, not prescribed, and just an unfortunate circumstance of male choice Well, this book knocks that on the head it s down to sexism Yes, the book starts in a Karachi hospital waiting room, where the women shrink and cower from the men, in their sexism laying that same charge upon those awful gazing males The author herself proves her milieu to be sexist the school girls she once counted h [...]

    12. I have to say that I expected something else from the Object Lessonsis is not so much about the object veil but rather about the personal ideas of the author in regards to veils And I mean this in a pure matter of fact way I thought I d get information an out the history, the material and the ways to wear a veil and got personal memories and beliefs instead While I did find it very interesting to read about the author s choice not to wear a veil although being a female Moslem and having her shar [...]

    13. I wore the full face veil for the first time on my wedding day I was eighteen years old and I had never worn it before In Pakistani Muslim tradition, this was the day of the ceremonial giving away of the bride, the day I was to say goodbye to my family theatrically, and before an audience of a few hundred and go off to be with my husband and his family The fabric I had chosen over a year before for my wedding dress had been selected for hue and sheen a fiery red orange and it was utterly opaque [...]

    14. ARC kindly provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review Object Lessons is a series of short, beautifully designed books about the hidden lives of ordinary things This book addresses the subject of the full face veil It is written from the perspective of a Muslim woman who, throughout her life, has chosen both to wear, and not to wear a veil For all the controversy and debate over whether Muslim women living in European countries should be allowed to wear what they choose, I think i [...]

    15. Usually, Bloomsbury s series of object books deal with everyday things and examine their meaning like toasters, socks or eye charts, and wrings unexpected weight from them Zakaria s take on veils, though, is an immensely personal reflection on the niqab, which she has chosen to wear or not, in Pakistan, London and America, responding to different audiences, interacting with and observing women with and without them, and men s responses, working as a domestic violence lawyer in the US and explain [...]

    16. Veil Object Lessons series by Rafia Zakaria is a free NetGalley ebook that I read in early September.Zakaria offers a significant amount of perspective toward the unifying, submissive, rebellious, non identifying, repressive, defiant, modest, and objectifying qualities of a veil and how it can change and privatize one s personal space.

    17. veil was a good read, the book talked about how the western world sees the veil on a Muslim woman and how a woman might come about deciding to wear one from an outside person the stories were interesting and eyeopening there are a lot of comparisons to western society use of a veil and the reason a Muslim woman would wear one.

    18. Recensione Review L autrice sceglie di focalizzare il testo su un oggetto e un tema quanto mai attuali il velo e quello che implica in due culture opposte.Il libro si apre sulla storia di Rafia Zakaria e sul suo rapporto con il velo con il ricordo di un paio di momenti in cui il velo ha avuto un ruolo rilevante con le sue implicazioni culturali Velo che per una cultura rappresenta una protezione, mentre nell altra, quella occidentale, fa l opposto, ovvero mette in evidenza chi lo indossa.Nel cor [...]

    19. Review probably later IY H , I m still doing the 2017 SFF award recommendations posts.Source of the book Lawrence Public Library

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