[MOBI] Ã Possible Lives: The Promise of Public Education in America | by ☆ Mike Rose

Possible Lives: The Promise of Public Education in America By Mike Rose,

  • Title: Possible Lives: The Promise of Public Education in America
  • Author: Mike Rose
  • ISBN: 9780140236170
  • Page: 388
  • Format: Paperback
  • This big shouldered book, full of ardoroffers us a reasonable hope that with attention and care we can again make public education what it was meant to be, and must yet be The Los Angeles Times.
    Possible Lives The Promise of Public Education in America This big shouldered book full of ardoroffers us a reasonable hope that with attention and care we can again make public education what it was meant to be and must yet be The Los Angeles Times

    One thought on “Possible Lives: The Promise of Public Education in America”

    1. Mike Rose spent extended periods of time in public school classrooms across the country urban schools, rural ones, and even a one room schoolhouse in Montana They have little in common other than dynamic teaching and engaged students, in settings where one might expect the obstacles to sink the chances for a rich education His profiles of each location are filled with his keen observations, and are lengthy enough to allow us to feel that we spent a few days with him each of these classrooms, lea [...]

    2. I ve read than half of this book it was required for my grad education course but still have a few chapters to go before I an say I m officially done Based on what I have read, I highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in education teaching or just learning I love the concept Rose went around the country and basically highlights good classrooms and good teaching in many diverse contexts My favorite chapter was on Calexico, a border town in California But I also enjoyed reading a [...]

    3. A critical but hopeful look at public schools and what teachers are doing right It is revolutionary to get kids to believe they are worthy, to think, to understand themselves as learning, growing beings and to realize that in order to grow, they must continue to change And how can we help them to see that even if you ve had a very, very hard life, there have been things that have supported you up this point What rituals, what people have sustained you And how can we create a school that offers s [...]

    4. this is the book i have picked up again to reignite my hope in the power of excellent teachers in public schools i hope that people like mike rose will get out there into public schools across the country and shed light on what great things teachers are doing every single day has seemed like all we ever hear about are the horrors of education in the united states, so this book is a refreshing change.

    5. I really liked this book It looks at the many serious flaws in our education system, but then also looks at many good solutions that individuals within the US education system have developed The end result of reading this book is not so much awareness of how bad our schools are, but rather inspiration as to what improvement is possible right now, with the resources and knowledge currently at hand.

    6. A great book to read if you are a teacher, in the education industry, or want to learn about the way schools work and what s impacting you child s education This book explores a few different schools and different situations within the schools It s very relevant in today s world.

    7. This book is really inspiring and gives me hope about the future of education Rose does a great job addressing the issues in our schools and at the same time addresses teachers who are fighting the system and giving our students a meaningful education.

    8. This was a good book on public schools in the United States and anecdotes of personal lives of teachers, students, and educators across the country Really informative, but a little repetitive.

    9. recced by anna, pre NCLB, which is actually fascinating to see how much the legislation screwed up education.

    10. Frustrated with the negative discourse about public education, Mike Rose writes about good teachers and good classrooms and good schools across the country Inspiring.

    11. Mike Rose visits classrooms all over the country and offers readers a chance to glimpse at public education in a multi faceted point of view Must read for educators.

    12. It s a little outdated by today s standards, but has a good message about education in the United States.

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