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Red Tide: Book 3 By Marc Turner,

  • Title: Red Tide: Book 3
  • Author: Marc Turner
  • ISBN: 9781783297603
  • Page: 174
  • Format: Paperback
  • Red Tide
    Red Tide Book Red Tide

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    1. Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths.With Red Tide, Marc Turner once again has exceeded all my expectations, delivering a complex, page turning epic which not only expands on The Chronicles of the Exile universe but adds even wrinkles to it This novel a mesmerizing tale of old and new characters caught in a literal web of intrigue, conflict, and escalating mystery Not only is this the best book in the series so far, but it is currently my pick for best fantasy of 2016 Erupting days after the even [...]

    2. Red Tide is now released internationally, and it may as well result in Marc s first Gemmell Legend Award for best fantasy novel.To begin with, you have to admit Turner s genius He created his world by writing two separate stories that take place simoultaneously, but in a different place and with different characters and, as a result, not only does he provide us with eight unique POVs but he manages to avoid overcrowding his novels Add to this number the two newest POVs from Red Tide, and you now [...]

    3. Betrayal is such an emotive word And so ripe with hypocrisy With his third novel in The Chronicle of the Exile series Marc Turner continues to impress with yet another brilliant, high paced and blood boiling sequel.With convergence of the characters from first book When the Heavens Fall as well as second Dragon Hunters, and successfully intertwining their fates without overshadowing their personal stories, he manages to close this particular chapter, while preparing the stage for further develop [...]

    4. Book 1 3 Book 2 3.25 Book 3 3.5 The series continues to get a little bit better each book.The world is vibrant and multicultured offering a lot of different perspectives and players in the game The storyline continues to widen and the end of the book convergence gets better every book The issue I have which keeps this series from being a 5 effort is the characters It s not that they re bad it s that I don t have an affinity for any of them I can really like a evil character but all of them are a [...]

    5. I had the great pleasure of being a beta reader for Red Tide, the third book of The Chronicles of the Exile, and I can honestly say it is Marc Turner s best book yet.Taking place almost immediately on the heels of Dragon Hunters, this is a story that reaches back to connect with some of the characters and stories of When the Heavens Fall It s the book in the series where everything begins to come together, and where we begin to see hints of the bigger picture into which all the pieces will event [...]

    6. Wow I think maybe I have a new favorite on going Fantasy series Can t you how amazing this book is And damn that ending Woo hoo Y all have got to read The Chronicle of the Exile You re going to love this one I keep thinking about this one It s a perfect fantasy book to my tastes Much like Steven Erickson but without all those negatives in the Malazan books Turner s like a jacked up, fat free, muscular, page turning, thriller, lucid and crisp version of Erickson Erickson s Malazan series was a hu [...]

    7. I liked this so much that I decided to put my name to it No, really.Red Tide is my favourite book of the series to date It s also the book where I start weaving together the storylines from When the Heavens Fall and Dragon Hunters It features some returning characters from both novels, along with two new main characters, Amerel and Galantas.Here are a few snippets to whet your appetite The guard who had punched the assassin shook his hand out The others, even the ones who d played no part in the [...]

    8. Red Tideis Marc Turner s third entry in his debut seriesThe Chronicles of the Exile, and it s an absolute masterpiece The plots and characters of the first two stand alone novels, When the Heavens Fall and Dragon Hunters, are woven together to provide the first glimpse of a far reaching fantasy epic in the vein of the Malazan series Built upon the solid foundations of the first two books, Red Tide truly shines as a masterwork of fantasy It s also particularly grimdark with plenty of moral ambigu [...]

    9. Wow I don t even know what to say Eugh Bloody amazing Review coming up on Fantasy Faction in the next couple of weeks If you haven t started this series GET ON IT right now Seriously.

    10. The best book of the series I liked the world building as always I was happy to see new and old characters interacting and being integral part of the story I also cannot believe this is the last book It seems there will be

    11. I have recently finished Red Tide by Marc Turner and what a fantastic novel it is For those who follow my blog or on social media, you will know of my fanatical support of Marc and his writing Red Tide is the eagerly awaited third book in the Chronicles of the Exile, here is brief excerpt about the novelThe Augerans are coming And their ships are sailing in on a red tide The Rubyholt Isles are a shattered nation of pirate infested islands and treacherous waterways shielding the seaboards of Erin [...]

    12. I am really amazed.After reading When the Heavens Fall and Dragon Hunters, both great books, especially the first one, this third chapter of the Chronicles of the Exile, where the 2 storylines are converging, is even better.The bigger picture begins to be slightly clearer, very slightly, and we also know a little of the infamous stone skins, which are quite scary and seem unstoppable.We discover also a little of the world where the series is placed and of the history behind this impending war. [...]

    13. I won a copy of this book , but this is an honest review Number one I don t generally read fantasy and i can t even give a reason why I love fantasy movies and tv shows Secondly the first thing i noticed about this book was it was very well written and had a very good flow My only issue I was a bit lost with all the different characters and their backgrounds very thankful there was a list of characters that being said me being lost with who was who wasn t because of the way the book was written, [...]

    14. My review today is for Red Tide The Chronicles of the Exile, Book Threeby Marc TurnerA copy of this book was provided to me in exchange for an honest review My opinions are my own.Now I must say I was completely into the first two books in this series They had complexed characters, a vast universe, and mythos that I was immersed in This book takes it to a new level Most of my favorite characters were back and mingling with the new characters that are great Everything comes together in this third [...]

    15. No spoilers here.This final book in the Chronicles of Exile trilogy, combines some characters alive and previously dead from the first two books.The Augerans are old enemies of The Erin Elalese, who were driven out centuries ago Now they return with an invasion fleet Standing in the fleet s way is the Rubyholt Isles, occupied by pirates, who the Augerans try to bribe.The action starts right off in the beginning pages, and never lets up Turner leaves with some setup for a further sequel.

    16. As always my fellow bookish people this review can also be found on my blog thetattooedbookgeek.wordpressI received a free copy of this book courtesy of the publisher in exchange for an honest review.Red Tide is the third book in Marc Turner s most excellent The Chronicles of The Exile series, following on from the previous two books, Dragon Hunters and his debut When The Heavens Fall.Red Tide starts mere days after the events at the conclusion of the previous book Dragon Hunters The first two b [...]

    17. Marc Turner continues his series with what is by now a trademark blistering pace, threading his POV characters through an intense and Machiavellian invasion plot, and testing them to possible destruction in the process The world is assured now, and the stakes are even higher and Turner has some nasty surprises in store for characters you thought might just escape by the skin of their teeth

    18. Before I get to my thoughts on Red Tide I want to point out this is the third in a series, so read the previous two books first It doesn t matter the order If you want to read about necromancers, legions of the undead and dark forests then start with book 1 If you want to read about Water mages, sea dragons and port cities then start with book 2.Red Tide weaves the plot threads of the previous two books, adds a few new characters, and introduces a brand new area of the world The novel is ambitio [...]

    19. It s always difficult to read a third book in a series when you have not read the other two, particularly when there is no sort of synopsis and the plots and characters are so entwined and complex, but having read this I will be investing for sure in the first two books Turner writes in a style that reminds me of Steven Erikson in the complexity of the character relationships and plot lines but once I had found my way around the core characters I found the plot itself extremely entertaining and [...]

    20. c2016 FWFTB pirates, dragons, Will, sharks, Stone skins A coming together of some old characters and some new ones which seems to be a trend in the Chronicles I do wish there was a what has gone before though It took me forever to get myself orientated and it hadn t been that long ago that I had read the 2nd book The great world building continues and the magic and mystery doubles Looking forward to the next one I m hoping that all will come together and that I will finally remember all the bits [...]

    21. I know what you re thinking Man Garrett always rates 4 stars well, this is true, but its normally because I round up 3.5 starsis book was so close to getting the 5th and final star which I usually reserve for my all time favorites.Simply put this was a great book and pulled elements from both the 1st and 2nd book in the series which were parallel to each other until now It s been awhile since I started reading a book I was reluctant to put doneever this book was one of them

    22. I knew I was gonna love this book before I opened the cover and it didn t disappoint Simply amazing series so far If you love A song of Ice and Fire, Malazan, The wheel of time , then you gotta read this If the author keeps it up, when this series is finished it will be able to go toe to toe with previously mentioned heavyweights

    23. Great to read the next step in the story I admit it wasn t as gripping as the first two but definitely got into it as I moved through the book I can t wait for the next part of the story

    24. Red Tide, for me is the perfect example of how to keep me interested in a series, it s the perfect blend of new and old, combining elements of the first and still even with all Turner has introduced, adding new concepts to shake things up in ways I didn t imagine would work, to sum it up I think that this book is a masterpiece There was nothing that I found to dislike in this book, save perhaps that it ended, I loved how multiple story lines set up in the first book were able to converge, I love [...]

    25. What a bloody brilliant ambitious book and series Marc Turner s the Chronicles of the Exile series could be the modern day Malazan Given the set up through the previous 2 disparate books, he draws the strings together here by bringing back some of the characters from each of the previous books while introducing new ones and at the same time finally revealing the emperor who has pulling the strings silently in the backgroundPicking up almost immediately where book 2 ends some might even say book [...]

    26. I received this book for free via First Reads.It is not always easy to jump into a book series with book 3 In this case it was possible and it also intrigued me to know what happened earlier in the series.This is a long book but it never drags The list of characters in the beginning seems daunting but that shouldn t put anyone off It is a high fantasy novel about a well crafted and populated series of places which are mostly closely located to water It has some unusual magic I have not considere [...]

    27. Marc Turner s The Chronicles of the Exile finally brought all of the main characters from the first two novels together in Red Tide Tor, 32.50, 542 pages , and the collision of the varying points of view, serious magic, dragons and plenty of intrigue made for a long and enjoyable if bloody ride.Given the length of this book, and the complex plots of When the Heavens Fall and Dragon Hunters, which barely intersected at all, any kind of synopsis is pretty much impossible Note, however, that we hav [...]

    28. FantasticIf your looking for something new, something original, something truly epic, then read this book But don t start here, get the first book,you won t regret it You ve got a high and highly immaginal world non stop action and a awesome plot What really stands out are the characters Most of the people introduced are intriguing and engaging A must read.

    29. The new characters were interesting Hard to like Ebon the do good er in a world full of grey characters The Spider must be a very busy God Quite like Shadowthrone and Cotillion on the Malazan world.

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