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Just Another Day at the Office (#1) By Hedonist Six,

  • Title: Just Another Day at the Office (#1)
  • Author: Hedonist Six
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 274
  • Format: None
  • PART ONE OF A SERIAL NOVEL JUST ANOTHER DAY AT THE OFFICE.I noticed him through a window during the job interview The way my mind raced and my heart fluttered, it was obvious how much I wanted him It was by sheer luck that I managed to land the job, because I certainly wasn t in any condition to respond sensibly to the questions that came my way.But it s not easy talkinPART ONE OF A SERIAL NOVEL JUST ANOTHER DAY AT THE OFFICE.I noticed him through a window during the job interview The way my mind raced and my heart fluttered, it was obvious how much I wanted him It was by sheer luck that I managed to land the job, because I certainly wasn t in any condition to respond sensibly to the questions that came my way.But it s not easy talking to someone, who seemingly wants to be nowhere near where they are To someone who would rather disappear every lunch hour than spend it getting to know their new trainee.John was exactly my type, even if that s hard to believe I don t go for the stereotypical Calvin Klein underwear model type, you see I may be petite, but I like my men with a bit OK, a lot of meat on them.It may have been just another day at the office for the rest of our colleagues, but for me, it was the start of hopefully something amazing A love story that could leave me broken, but preferably one that might make John and me into one of those smug, in love couples which everyone just hates to be around.Note from the author This is only part one of the story I ve classed it as Erotica even though Romance might be fitting than anything But take the Erotica label as an indicator of things to come in future parts BHM FFA Romance.
    Just Another Day at the Office PART ONE OF A SERIAL NOVEL JUST ANOTHER DAY AT THE OFFICE I noticed him through a window during the job interview The way my mind raced and my heart fluttered it was obvious how much I wanted him It

    One thought on “Just Another Day at the Office (#1)”

    1. It just ain t fair This story is really well constructed The main two characters, Cathy and John, build very nicely The author allows them both a voice, so the story is written in the first person singular from both their points of view, in turn The reader gets are real sense of their emotions and their feelings, both for each other, and for the people with whom they work.The office manager, Richard, or appropriately, Dick, as Cathy thinks of him from her first interview, is a real stinky, slim [...]

    2. You know from the title, Just Another Day at the Office, this is not going to be just another day at the office and the surrealistically pseudonymed author Hedonist Six keeps us turning pages waiting for that special day to arrive.Cath Davies has just scored a new job and immediately finds herself between a rock and a soft place, the rock being Dick pervert Porter with the smelly armpits and drooling lips, the soft place being the arms of the delectable Jonathan Hall where Cath isn t but would l [...]

    3. I enjoyed this story It was different to say the least It was about a curvy in all the right places woman named Cath who was attracted to a BHM Big Hefty Male named John Cath was assigned to John so that she could be trained by him for her new job She desires him from the first time she sets eyes on him She says that she has pondered why she has been attracted to BHM especially since society says that isn t who she should be attracted to, but that s just the way it is so others have to deal with [...]

    4. i really do love multiple first person perspective I think that helped me get into this one and kept me going until the end When this style of storytelling works well, and this one does, you could be writing about anything and it turns out great.you can tell when you are reading this one that there is a good injection of personal stuff the writer wants to talk about It added a great deal of depth to the story The relationship and the initial awkwardness of the two main characters and how that pl [...]

    5. After finishing this book, I immediately went and bought the 2nd in the series This tale is wonderfully written with a brilliant eye for detail and an ear for realistic dialogue Cath has fallen for John who, while not fitting the mould of your stereotypical male lead, is, in her eyes, perfect Her attempts at getting closer to him are the focus of the story There may not be a lot of erotic action in this opening installment as we are introduced to the characters, their personalities revealing the [...]

    6. From a mans point of view, it constantly amazes me how we seem to always get it wrong I found the journey into the relationship in the story, almost as interesting as the relationship itself Not to over state the word relationship Perhaps encounter, would be a better term.I admit, reading this story, which isn t my usual genre, I was strangely pulled in.It became impossible to forget about, so I had to read on so I could find what comes next.Hedonist Six writes in a way that is hard to ignore Yo [...]

    7. An okay office romance read with a little different theme in that the H is supposedly an overweight but pretty na ve guy to the ways of the world The h seemed liked a little nympho in contrast and she makes short work of the guy s bedroom na vete and we re told she just loves round guys There wasn t enough depth in the characters for me, and the extent of his innocence just didn t ring true.

    8. A great start to an erotic serial short One that left me itching for much It has great characters, an original story and an awesome build I m about to get myself the next of this series I NEED TO KNOW Any fans of the genre will enjoy this quick read

    9. Moving on to the next book and looking forward to the one after that So pleased I discovered this feisty author.

    10. Interesting story Yes, a bit of sensuality, but a very good story about opening up to another person Slow moving with good character development Not overly complicated plot and no surprise twists Want to read by author.

    11. 5 Star Review Book 10Just Another Day at the Office by Hedonist SixGenre Contemporary Romanceamzn 1oYw0ldDo you believe in love at first sight Cath does The minute she sees John she is drawn to him, but he isn t your typical book boyfriend material Where John is a big guy, he has a little extra weight around the middle Surely, Cath can t really be serious about him Wrong Cath likes a guy with a little meat on his bones She instantly has naughty thoughts about him and doesn t know how she is goi [...]

    12. I received this book as a gift from the author This is not a typical read for me, but it did draw me in I liked the POV of both Cath and John, its always interesting to hear both point of views on the same circumstances and it evolved the story nicely I also liked how Cath was attracted to someone who was not in the normal demographic of a male interest It gives hope that not all people are after the six pack hunks that are the norm for romance books I found it very refreshing All in all, it was [...]

    13. I m glad this was a free book It just wasn t for me The editing left a lot to be desired I found many grammatical errors that were distracting reading It was very short Typically a short story doesn t bother me I like to have a few short stories downloaded on my Kindle for running errands or filler books in between full length novels Once the story got going it was over and you need to purchase part 2 If the book was published as one book instead of three parts maybe I would have liked it better [...]

    14. Quick paced, terrific storyline If you re looking for a boy meets girl both ready to step into Vogue, you re looking at the wrong book But if you want an honest look at why opposites attract, this is your book While personally, the development of the characters lacked substance, and I prefer reading in the third person, this story has the potential to knock your socks off.

    15. I didn t know what this book was about until I read it Guess big and beautiful can apply to the fellas also I m interested in seeing how this story turns out.

    16. Very short story about a Cath and her co work John, who she hopes to get closer to so that she can feed her big boy fetish.

    17. Couldn t even get past the first 1 4th of this book Maybe I like alpha males too much, but even so, this guy What grown man pre jacks with a kiss, and the crying Nope, not for me.

    18. Ok readtypical read Nothing different than anything I have read in th ed past Short boring read Will continue on with series to see if it gets better.

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