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Trans·fer·ence By Ava Harrison,

  • Title: Trans·fer·ence
  • Author: Ava Harrison
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 303
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  • The nightmares find me.They steal my breath, slowly suffocating me.I m scared.I want it to stop.He s supposed to help me.Instead, he evokes something forbidden.I know I should run.But I can t.I ve made my choice.I want him.There s only one problemHe s my therapist.
    Trans fer ence The nightmares find me They steal my breath slowly suffocating me I m scared I want it to stop He s supposed to help me Instead he evokes something forbidden I know I should run But I can t I ve mad

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    1. 2.75 StarsSomething was missing here for me and again, for me this resulted in there being a lack of spark and connection between the two main characters I also didn t like the whole Sloane aspect It wasn t cleaned up enough for my liking And Heather I needed details on that I felt like she was put there to create last minute drama and, as a result, it was too glossed over I wanted to know the extent to which that relationship reached, if you know what I mean.I just wasn t feeling it Full ER re [...]

    2. This is a short review coming with the facts that I had my doubts about this book I am a person who enjoys an emotionally damaged love story every so often, but somehow this book portrayed a vibe that did not approve to my interests Yes, something can be said that it was beautifully written, but written with the wrong ways to attract a reader to continue on For my tastes, a story line that has an emotionally and psychological person damaged, there has to be something that persuades the reader to [...]

    3. 4 Inhale and Exhale Stars I m hollow My pain is an open festering wound Unbearable I hear the words that are spoken but they have no meaning They re only words They will never bring him back The pain inside me roars out in a silent scream Like ice spreading through my veins and numbing me to the outside world Sucking me under, until all is gone I wanted to start my review with a few quotes If those words don t gravitate you to the book, I don t know what will Those words are from the very first [...]

    4. No spoilers Mi Corazon Just finished reading Trans fer ence and I have to say the emotional rollercoaster that I just went through I m going to need a therapist too Soo much heartbreak and the lies I don t know how Eve survived and I think that s why I loved her character because no matter what was thrown at her she would always make it through the tough situation Preston is another story His character was the most put together in the beginning but you could see the cracks starting to unfold So [...]

    5. 3.5 Stars This was my first read by this author and for sure it won t be my last since I really enjoyed her storytelling Ava Harrison delivered a fast paced emotional tale that really surprised me in a good way, of course Transference was well written for the most part, with an interesting premise and it held me captive from the very beginning If you are interested in reading a therapist patient story, with a damaged heroine and a likeable hero then you might want to try this one my smile is an [...]

    6. I am still new reader to Ava Harrison, but after reading Through Her Eyes, I fell in love with the way she told a story trans fer ence sort of had me with just the author name, ready to see if the feelings would still be there, but then I read the blurb And let s just be honest here It was the He s my therapist that hooked me I am a sucker for a romance that has a forbidden type love, so that alone would have sealed the deal for me on this one Lucky for me, she delivered with an amazing story In [...]

    7. Title Transference Author Ava HarrisonCategory Romance, DramaPOV DualCharacters 4Plot 4Scorching level 4HEA Not tellingAva Harrison always writes emotional books with complex characters and this book is no different.Eve needs help but she refuses to see it After experiencing a traumatic loss, she is left bereft, existing but not living She goes through the motions but even though she denies it, she knows that she is slipping away.An unexpected trip to the hospital is enough to change her life Dr [...]

    8. Suffering a tragic loss, and after a car accident lands her in the hospital Eve knows she needs to get some help She is having nightmares and suffering panic attacks She is slowly losing herself After a brief meeting at the hospital with Dr Preston Montgomery where he offers her his card, she just can t seem to get him out of her mind Finally ready to take the steps necessary she contacts him Dr Preston Montgomery knows it was stupid to offer Eve his card She reminds him of a painful past, and o [...]

    9. 4 starstrans fer ence n in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis, a client s feelings for a therapist May be used to understand the origins of the client s emotional and psychological problems.Overall, I enjoyed this book The panic attacks the heroine suffers are very detailed and very true to what it feels like to actually have a panic attack You truly feel the anxiety she feels right along with her as she in the throws of a panic attack I was actually a huge fan of the heroine and routing for her t [...]

    10. 3.5 Stars Forbidden pleasure Lust filled frustration Clearly drawn lines that must not be crossed Here s the thing lines have a way of becoming so blurred they start to disappear I am new to this author, but she delivered on my expectations Engaging H and h Engrossing storyline Intense, anxiety filled emotions of wanting what you can t have Was very well written and held my interest The cover my, oh my and name of this book drew me in immediately.So why 3.5 Stars While Preston and Eve were engag [...]

    11. 3 out of 2,5I had very high expectations about this book I really imagined it would touch my heart and have a deep impact on me Having had my own therapy sessions in the past, I thought I could relate to the characters and love this book But, alas, it didn t happen I couldn t feel anything I was just bored, I guess, and if it counts, that was the only thing close to feeling something.Our heroine Eve is a girl suffering from panic attacks and night terrors And the hero of our book is Preston, who [...]

    12. dnf 47%I m so disappointed After slogging through typos and scratching my head over editing issues where I didn t know who was talking and who was thinking what, I finally had to admit defeat when the scenes became cheesy and too far fetched to be believable.I had so looked forward to reading this book Everything about it drew me in, from the cover to the title to the plot It all seemed unique and ingenious.I m going to ramble a bit here.Why does it make me so mad to start reading a book and fin [...]

    13. Own in Best of 2017 Eve h suffers from panic attacks and nightmares since the death of the man who was like a father to her Eve s father died when she was young and Robert was her dad s best friend When Eve s father died, Robert took charge of Eve and her mother Ever since her dad died, Eve s mother descended into almost pathological hypochondria Eve has been taking care of her for many years Preston H is Eve s therapist.There are lots of twists and turns and I was never sure where the author me [...]

    14. Butterflies fly in my stomach at the sight That spark when our hands touched has rendered me useless and apparently melted all the strength I have to keep my distance I have loved everything I have ever read by Ava Harrison Her words flow off the pages with an emotional accuracy that sometimes leaves me in anguish The way she captures the helplessness of depression and anxiety, and the symptoms that accompany it the slow, slogging journey back to the land of the living after those spells is deva [...]

    15. Freaking stars Wow just wow this book was fantastic It s about the power memory and fear can hold on you and about a love that won t let anything stand in its way even if it means some blurry lines and bumpy roads Our H is hot as heck and love struck right away Our h is broken and needs to learn how to heal herself I seriously loved this book First book by this author and it won t the last It was a solid story with great character build up And I loved the love story It wasn t all about sex even [...]

    16. Trans.fer.ence by Ava Harrison3.5 stars Sometimes the most amazing moments are the ones we can t talk about Transference is a captivating story and centres around one of my favourite tropes patient and therapist A boundary that should never be crossed, a breach of trust and the code of conduct that therapists are strictly bound by, but what happens when a patient is the one my smile is an imposter It lies It says I m okay But I m not Every smile is a plea Every smile is a prayer that they don t [...]

    17. 5 Say I m Enough Stars Oh this story is a goodie Ava Harrison did a phenomenal job creating such grief and heart ache Eve s life has not been easy Always feeling she was never enough for anyone she loved, Eve has clinged to anyone she could, that showed her love A love she needs to breath each day A love she needs to feel to make it thru the day But now, that love she has clinged to has died, leaving her completely broken and experiencing panic attacks Her only hope to making it thru her grief i [...]

    18. ARC Provided for an Honest Review 4.5 I Didn t See That Coming StarsEve and Preston were compelling.There were parts of the story that I was less on board with than others, namely the way they handled being doctor and patient, but there were parts of this that really worked and drew me into the story in an impressive way.The writing and the pacing were strong Both characters stayed true to who they each were Neither of them acted in ways that didn t seem real or authentic As this was a forbidden [...]

    19. I ve sat on this review now for the last few days, wondering how exactly to put all my thoughts and feelings into words, because there are many thoughts and feelings FLYING around me since I finished Trans fer ence I feel as though I need to say so much, bleed all over the pages as I purge every emotion in this review, but you know what I m going to go with less is because I want you to experience this book, I want you to feel everything I did with no expectations.What Ava has done with Trans f [...]

    20. One thing that is a guarantee when reading a book by Ava Harrison, the emotional feels that she gives you in her writing This story is no exception Eve, Suffering from so much loss in her lifeEveryone who she loves, she looses Why start living your life and learning to love, when you know its not going to end well After a accident, Eve finally realizes that her life needs help Time to find someone who can fix her Preston, Therapist Volunteer very loving, very understanding, very likable After lo [...]

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    22. Una storia matura e coinvolgente ARC gentilmente offerta da Sassy Savvy Fabulous Thank you Ava Harrison era gi presente nella mia WL con il suo Through Her Eyes che devo assolutamente leggere e quindi, quando ho visto la cover del suo nuovo romanzo e ho letto la trama, ho fatto i salti di gioia.I FORBIDDEN ROMANCECos , quando sul gruppo FB delle Vixens sbucato un GA esclusivo con in palio una ARC della sua nuova opera, non mi sono potuta tirare indietro e ho vinto, yay La tristezza pu spezzare [...]

    23. NOW AVAILABLE FULL REVIEW 5 BEAUTIFUL AND RAW CROWNSTransference is one of those rare books that not only provides the reader with a heart wrenching romance that will become embedded in readers hearts but also a beautifully written story that truly shows the talent of Ava Harrison.When the story begins, Eve is overcoming a plethora of traumas in her life that have left her mentally scarred, and she is reeling in all avenues of her life She is struggling to survive and function in the normal worl [...]

    24. 4.5 StarsARC provided in exchange for an honest reviewIn this story we find Eve and Preston a taboo and forbidden romance between a patient and her doctor.Eve is a girl suffering from panic attacks after a very close person to her died This triggers events that take her to the hospital where she meets Dr Preston and he offers his card to help her.This is where everything starts And where you can t stop reading until you know how everything will end My anxiety had anxiety Borders you don t know i [...]

    25. As a person who teaches psychology, any book that deals with a relationship between a therapist and his client needs to be done with a certain finesse I knew that because of my background, I would be hard on this book and seriously contemplated not even reading it Honestly, my problems with the book weren t even in the relationship between Eve and Preston I feel the author did not do a bad job with how she handled bringing the two together No, my problems with the book stemmed from other plot po [...]

    26. 4 Stars Ava Harrison is a fairly new author for me but someone who has picqued my interest for the future I wasn t sure what I was expecting when I signed up to read this book but it definitely wasn t what I got This book was absolutely brilliant Ava took me on a twisted journey that I won t soon forgetans fer ence a novel was a twisted, intense, passionate, taboo, and highly forbidden story This book took me on an unexpected journey that kept me on my toes the entire time My heart pounded breat [...]

    27. I need to start by saying that I love the way Ava Harrison uses the words to write You feel emotion in them, they are not there just to fill up the book, they have a meaning that makes you feel enthralled by the story.This book is a very emotional book about a broken woman after so many tragedies in her life But this woman learns how to be strong for others, forgetting that she needs to be strong for herself first And there s where her therapist, the handsome Dr Preston enters and help her Toget [...]

    28. PDL s rating 3.5 it was okay I was drawn in at the prologue and was really excited for what may come but I was disappointed that it did not meet my hopes and expectations This book is well written yet it was missing something for me I cannot really pinpoint exactly what it was, but somewhere along the story I found myself just flipping through not because I was engrossed in the story but to just finish it I never fully invested in the characters the way I hoped to To reiterate, the writing was [...]

    29. The Doctor Will See You Now Y all This book I m ashamed to say this is my first Ava Harrison novel, however, I m one click away from remedying that I was lucky enough to read Trans fer ence early and it blew me away y all This book is haunting, heartbreaking, and beautiful it will stay with you long after the last page I m not sure I m ready for that To actually face what s haunting me Trans fer ence deals with some heavy issues and completely immerses the reader not only into the world of menta [...]

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