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Teenagers from Mars By Rick Spears Rob G,

  • Title: Teenagers from Mars
  • Author: Rick Spears Rob G
  • ISBN: 9780976303800
  • Page: 229
  • Format: Paperback
  • Max is a grave robbing 13 year old who gathers relics to pawn for comic book money Macon works at the local Mallmart by day and publishes his comic book manifestos by night Madison is a punk beauty who just might be able to fly When Macon gets badly beaten in a fight with his boss over comic books, Macon and Madison take revenge by smashing the front of the store TheyMax is a grave robbing 13 year old who gathers relics to pawn for comic book money Macon works at the local Mallmart by day and publishes his comic book manifestos by night Madison is a punk beauty who just might be able to fly When Macon gets badly beaten in a fight with his boss over comic books, Macon and Madison take revenge by smashing the front of the store They leave their calling card graffitied across the wreckage Comic Book Liberation Army The next day Max joins in the mayhem and soon the town has declared all out war on comic books.Thus begins Teenagers From Mars, a chaotic comics extravaganza in which three teens strive against censorship, and adults, to protect the comics they love Originally published as a series of comics, Teenagers from Mars shows what happens when people who love comics enough to fight for them are forced to.
    Teenagers from Mars Max is a grave robbing year old who gathers relics to pawn for comic book money Macon works at the local Mallmart by day and publishes his comic book manifestos by night Madison is a punk beauty wh

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    1. If you asked an eleven year old comic book geek full of admiration for his older punk rock brother what a really cool teenager does and looks like, he might say He d be like my brother, but even cooler and tougher He d always get into fights, and he d throw rocks at Walmart for not carrying my favorite comic book, and he d defend comic books against my teacher who always says mean things about them Oh, and he d have a girlfriend who is cute and kicks ass, of course If you then took this reply fo [...]

    2. Just finished reading another graphic novel Took about 2 hours to read, which seems about right Rushed through the ending a little bit as I had to pee, but whatever My ex girlfriend when she was still my girlfriend lent it to me as it is her favorite book I can see why, as the heroine shares than an uncanny resemblance to her, at least as far as looks go anyway.It was very funny, very touching The artwork was amazing and the whole book was extremely cinematic, especially all the sound effects T [...]

    3. Absolutely freakin hilarious Captures the corrupting nature of adults and the social equality seeking of the adolescent Stumbled on this one by chance in the school library.

    4. Teenagers from Mars enters a strange meta world In the city of Mars comic books are reviled by adults and loved by the youth, who act in direct rebellious opposition The main character is a young comic artist, who falls for a girl and in order to empress her performs an act of vandalism, which quickly spirals out of control The book isn t meant to be real life and it certainly riffs off real situations the comic book scare of the fifties with its panicked parents and burning of books , but it ex [...]

    5. After picking up the single issues during my comic collecting days in college, I recently grabbed a used copy of the trade I saw it sitting on my pile of to read books this morning and thought back to how awesome it was and decided to give it another read.This was a book that was one of the first I can remember reading that was outside of the mainstream At the time, I was reading a bunch of Marvel, a little DC, and a smidgen of Vertigo and Dark Horse Outside of this, though, I read very little.W [...]

    6. So this was really good It has everything I like in one place zombies, punks, comic books, graffiti what s not to like The characters were awesome and the storyline, while not original, held my interest My main problem with the book was a few sloppy things that could have easily been changed but for some reason it felt like laziness on the part of the writer weren t For instance, why is almost the only black guy in the entire book shown throwing away a stash of pornos Why are two of the villians [...]

    7. Here s the deal First, it s not a sci fi story despite being titled, Teenagers from Mars That in itself is a let down Mars is just a small closed minded town The story is a comic book dork s wet dream where a couple accidentally start the I believe it s called, but can t quite remember Comic Book Liberation Movement Essentially it s a few kids rebelling against adults that are trying to ban and censor comics The story was too predictable and the teens seemed a little too angst ridden for their o [...]

    8. This was not very good There s other stuff by Rick Spears I like a lot Black Metal was really great, and I love Pirates of Coney Island even though I ll probably never get to see it finished And when I met Rick Spears SPX last year, he said THIS one was his baby And maybe that s true, but it seems like a baby he had when he was in high school who was raised by his drunk aunt and grew up to be a dull witted crust punk who huffs natural gas right from the stove.If I had read this when I was 13 or [...]

    9. Turns out, teenagers from Mars are just like teenagers from Jupiterand Neptune Spoiled, bored, and not big fans of adults OR working for a living I m guessing the author meant this to be a profound statement on censorship, but it comes off as a bland exposition of teenage rebellion I laughed once when I saw the Mayor s taint And no, I ve never used that line in a review before.

    10. comic book liberation army i didn t think i d like this book, but i was quite surprised when i couldn t put it down and there are cheesy parts that typically i d find pretty stupid, but here i found endearing what i like is there is included tidbits from comics history like the mention of the guy from florida who has been banned since his teenage days from drawing comics no really, this was a real case and if he were to be caught drawing comics, he d end up in jail at any rate, this book reminde [...]

    11. I m not sure whether I think this graphic novel is a good choice to give to an angry teenager in your life or a terrible, terrible choice for an angry teenager that will give them terrible, terrible inaccurate and melodramatic ideas about anarchists and fighting The Man Either way, I fear I m not the target readership Though I can t say I didn t enjoy the bit with the girl beating the bodily fluids out of a creeper looking up her skirt, or the adorable hippie comic shop owner, or the timely mome [...]

    12. I picked this up on a recommendation at the Comix shop on Divisadero in SF I leafed through the first few pages and was intrigued enough to take it home Couldn t put it down that night About bout a couple of kids in the town of Mars who start the Comic Book Liberation Army , it is light on everything, including plot and dialogue, and maybe a bit cliche, but is a hell of a lot of fun to read I could swear that the heroine is based on a girl I used to date But as the authors aren t from California [...]

    13. This is truely one of the best comic books I ve ever read Currently I don t own a copy but I did buy one at one point or another It has since disappeared Basicly this is the Farenheit 451 of comic books Based in a punk rock world Well worth tracking down and well worth whatever price FIND THIS BOOK

    14. Teenagers from Mars is a pretty ridiculous but badass story about a frustrated Walmart employee, punk rocker chick and 13 year old boy taking on a conservative small town by starting a pro comics militia I don t know why comic artists so often feel they have something to prove Still, this was pretty mad and I ve got to read graphic novels.

    15. Some alienated youth tries to woo a girl and starts some crap called the Comic Book Liberation Front or something and gets in trouble with the police Wait til you have a decent idea before you waste months of you life making a comic book that sucks Obviously, the only reason I picked this up was because the title is also a Misfits song.

    16. I feel like all my reviews lately starts off with This is a little rough, but and this one is no exception It s also got a little of the tired cliche where all youngsters are with it and all adults are idiots, which needs to stop That being said, the characters are realized well and the messages of the book are good ones that are still relevant today.

    17. Macon lives in Mars a small town and has just been fired from Mallmart for mouthing off to his boss He meets a cute punk girl, Madison, at a party later, and they are instantly attracted to each other because of their misfit tendencies Then the mayor of the town shuts down the local comics store and confiscates Macon s artwork in a fit of book burning fever Macon and Madison fight back.

    18. A really good story The art is a bit low tech for my taste at times, but that low tech approach is part of the point of the book The zombie metaphor is firmly fleshed out, and really well done I especially liked that when the main character gets his sidekick, there is a scene that immediately recalls the Batman Robin swearing of the oath scene from way back when Recommended.

    19. A fun, quick read Boy meets girl, boy and girl vandalize big box retailer, boy and girl run from the law and anti comic vigilantes The art was very well done, I particularly enjoyed Rob G s ability to capture motion and his use of out of focus portions in the frame 11 18 09

    20. I never got around to this one, but I m glad I did It tells an engaging, perfectly paced tale of ne er do well teenagers, comic fans, and weirdos.

    21. probably the best work from these guys couriers, repo basiclly you got a couple PUNK kinds who risk their lives and fuck shit up in the name of comics sounds cheesier than it is.

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