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Spark By Jay Marie,

  • Title: Spark
  • Author: Jay Marie
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 303
  • Format: None
  • Warning This story is for mature adults only It contains violence, mature and explicit content and non consensual dubious, graphic sexual activity that some readers may find upsetting This is a dark erotic thriller, not to be confused with a dark romance HERThere are not enough words to describe my internal torment I knew there would be consequences for what I did IWarning This story is for mature adults only It contains violence, mature and explicit content and non consensual dubious, graphic sexual activity that some readers may find upsetting This is a dark erotic thriller, not to be confused with a dark romance HERThere are not enough words to describe my internal torment I knew there would be consequences for what I did I knew this would be hard But it s so much harder than I ever want to admit Physically broken, mentally drained, and legally dead, I now find myself wasting away on an island in the middle of the Bahamas Darren has left me in isolation for my own recovery and the only thing I can be grateful for is the fact that my isolation includes him But I know he won t be able to stay away for long Eventually he ll be back to reclaim what s his and remind me of all the things I hate about him How he s able to twist fear with pleasure to create the most destructive combination, how it rushes through my blood and simmers under my skin, making me come alive and burn for Sometimes I don t know who I hate , him or myself After everything that s happened, after everything I ve allowed myself to feel, I deserve a little self hatred I can feel my will to continue fighting diminishing, the fire in my heart barely than embers, but I promised Jason I would find him I promised my family I would find a way back to them Darren may own me, but he doesn t own my intentions And even though he may have broken my body, he will never break my will to survive I ll find a way Somehow, I ll find my way out of the dark, even if it s with the tiniest little spark.HIMNothing plagues my mind than that goddamn, stubborn ass redhead Too often, I find myself thinking of nothing else, and no matter how many miles I put between us to focus on my work, Jaden still finds a way to kick the damn door down and pull me under I may not have been able to keep her out of my head, but I was able to keep her hidden away on my private island in the Bahamas I wanted to ensure her recovery would remain uninterrupted from other potential distractions It would be pretty tough to escape from an island in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by guards with broken bones and a broken ego Jaden wasn t going anywhere, not this time, not until I was ready to take her back with me She had a lot to prove until then I knew she was than physically damaged Her confidence in herself shattered the night I crushed her in my arms and I had a feeling it was going to take a lot of inner strength for her to put it back together But that was the one thing I knew she had a never ending supply of Her strength was admirable and I was confident she d find it again I just had to make sure it lacked one thing when we eventually returned home her desire to kill me There were two ways I could accomplish that positive reinforcement or negative reinforcement I suppose the technique would depend on Jaden s ability to adapt, but knowing her, I was going to have to fight this at every angle and didn t I always love a good fight NOTE For every book that is sold, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to a charity that benefits victims of human trafficking.
    Spark Warning This story is for mature adults only It contains violence mature and explicit content and non consensual dubious graphic sexual activity that some readers may find upsetting This is a dark e

    One thought on “Spark”

    1. Wow what another great journey with Darren and Jaden This book will grip you and pull you in but be warned it has triggers and is dark Darren is the asshole you can t help but love to hate and route for in his taming of Jaden You also can t help but hope that all that fire Jaden has twists and burns for Darren in the end and that these two get there HEA Only complaints I have is that it was left on a cliff hanger and I now have to wait for the next book STRIKE It feels to long already I also can [...]

    2. I don t quite know to convey my feelings without sounding wishy washy and a complete nut case But here goesNO spoilers I promise The drama between J and D continue to evolve and I dunno if I m okay with the direction I know I m going to hell with gasoline undies on when I say this.BUT I like when D acts like a psycho with J He s vicious and crazy gahhhh I love vicious and crazy But he knows her LIMIT I mean she is the strongest acquisition I ve read about EVER I don t want her to capitulate and [...]

    3. 4.75Usually, when stories drag so much, I tend to get bored and lose interest I don t know why this time didn t happened Not even come close.So far we do have a very detailed insight of their twisted, sick relationship and despite this profusion of information, apparantly I can t get enough Hope I don t forget too much by the time the next book is out.

    4. Jay Marie Darren have ruined me There will never be another series that has the ability to grab my attention, hold it, shake the shit out of it while squeezing it then throws it across the room into a wall Yes, I m still talking about my attention Damn you, Jay Marie I need MORE Darren

    5. 4.5 starsIn this third book of the series, Jaden is slowly recovering from her injuries I know I should feel compassion for her because of what happened, but Jaden s character was so bratty and annoyingly ungrateful that it was hard to like or feel sorry for her at all No matter how badly Darren acted, he genuinely cared for Jaden and would give her the world if she d allow it We see a gentle and caring side of Darren throughout this book and it s obvious he breaks his own rules for his manipul [...]

    6. 5 stars Amazing book, amazing characters I love this series and see myself picking it up to read again I love the darkness of this story The writer is not afraid to really take you into the nitty, gritty of it all In this book you really start to see a change in Jaden Darren has finially gotten through to her that this is her new life and forcing her to accept it You also see a softer side to Darren, whilst he still remains his fucked up alpha self This story is hot as hell and i enjoyed it thro [...]

    7. I started this awhile backwnloaded it to my phone and I just recently found it again I don t know where it went anywayWoW just wow, I was going to stop at this book because I found out it was going to be 5 series and I was not willing to commit, but I just need to know.which way will she go Darren and her are a strong couple, he loves her in his controlling hard way but does she love him or just conditioned to love him and is she just bidding her time curious minds want to know This is not your [...]

    8. THIS REVIEW will be for the first three books in the series.Many SPOILERS are included below I feel very conflicted about the characters and story.What I liked about the heroine she is loyal and passionate for those she loves She would die for her boyfriend and family She has excellent self esteem, so than most heroines I have read about She knows her worth Her body is a machine that she values and takes great care of She stands up for herself and others and is brave She is like the Duracell Bu [...]

    9. J Marie has done it again Could not put this book down The third book gives insight in to Darren and where Jaden s mind is at But the endingUGH J Marie I love you but you are killing me No spoilers but OMG that ending This is THE BEST dark series I have ever read Its addictive and so enticing 5 HUGE STARS

    10. AnguishThere was so much darkness, violence and misery in this series, almost like no other I had to stop reading so many times to calm myself down over being so outraged at Darren and the unfairness But now, after finishing, I m outraged that it isn t finished And I don t see the opportunity to purchase the next one Not happy at all

    11. Holy CRIKEY This series is swallowing me whole I vacillate back and forth with my feelings One moment I love the characters and the next I am thinking what the hell is wrong with you This world Is dark and dangerous This isn t a pretty story Yet, there is beauty in the strength I cannot wait to see what happens next.

    12. Best one yet Wow Best one yet out of all the three I think this book is the darkest and I had to put it away a few times to make sure I could stomach certain events Over all this one was over the top Cannot wait to dive into the next book and let the story continue

    13. Can I say amazingI am left speechless Darren and Jaden took me on a ride of emotion I don t want to give anything away but Jay Marie I m in love with your writing This series is a must read If you like dark and controlling alfa this the book for you.

    14. Awesome readRead all 3 books in two days I had to force myself to put it down at times Totally can t wait for the next one

    15. GAH More I need Each book keeps getting better and better Waiting on pins and needles for the 4th installment.

    16. This is definitely not a love story You know how eventually the abductor falls in love and losses his grip on his captive Well Darren, He gives her about 15 to 20% freedom and not anything Even after all this time you d think he would NOPE I hate him then I love him Actually I don t have ANY love for him I hate him and sometimes I m like Okay he s being nice that s cool but that s about all I feel What he did to her uncle and ppl she loves I just it s not forgivable to where I can go past liki [...]

    17. I can t get enough of this series Spark has left me on the edge I hate Darren one page and completely love him in the next What a ride J.Marie has taken me on Jaden spunk and determination kept the book alive for me I love how even with everything she s been through her fight and spirit always comes back I really hope that the happy ever after is the two of them together with Camaro Please don t kill Darren off

    18. This book reaches out grabs you by the hair and drags you into the story It picks up right were we left in surrvival and continues to take you on a ride thats dark, bumpy and full of emotion The charactars enduce passion wether it be love hate or somewhere in the middle and they are very well developed I absoultley loved this book and will be counting down the days till the next one

    19. This series just keeps getting Stronger Just when you think you ve seen the worst,Spark becomes even darker.Darren thinks he s making Jaden accept her role in his life.But she s not giving up that easy though,and there s hell to pay for her defiance.Damn,J i really have to wait until december for Strike You re killing me

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