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Supergirl, Volume 1: Reign Of The Cyborg Supermen By Steve Orlando Brian Ching Emanuela Lupacchino Ray McCarthy Michael Atiyeh Steve Wands,

  • Title: Supergirl, Volume 1: Reign Of The Cyborg Supermen
  • Author: Steve Orlando Brian Ching Emanuela Lupacchino Ray McCarthy Michael Atiyeh Steve Wands
  • ISBN: 9781401268466
  • Page: 374
  • Format: Paperback
  • A part of DC Universe Rebirth Supergirl moves to National City As Kara Danvers, average American teenager and high school student, Supergirl must balance her life as a superhero with her new life on Earth But some demons from her Kryptonian past are coming back to haunt her, and Kara will find herself face to face with her father the sinister Cyborg Superman CriticallA part of DC Universe Rebirth Supergirl moves to National City As Kara Danvers, average American teenager and high school student, Supergirl must balance her life as a superhero with her new life on Earth But some demons from her Kryptonian past are coming back to haunt her, and Kara will find herself face to face with her father the sinister Cyborg Superman Critically acclaimed writer Steve Orlando Midnighter comes a new beginning for Kara Zor El in Supergirl, Volume 1, Reign Of The Cyborg Super Men a new series that is sure to appeal to fans of the TV series Collecting Supergirl 1 6, Rebirth
    Supergirl Volume Reign Of The Cyborg Supermen A part of DC Universe Rebirth Supergirl moves to National City As Kara Danvers average American teenager and high school student Supergirl must balance her life as a superhero with her new life on E

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    1. I won this graphic novel in a First Reads giveaway I enjoyed the majority of the graphics in the book and I thought the story line was a good one I haven t gotten to read any of the Supergirl books yet so I can t compare it to any others Actually, I wouldn t anyway because I don t like comparing books Either way I enjoyed it Here are a couple of graphics from the book Fin

    2. Read this review and on my blog, uncovered books.I received a free copy of Supergirl Volume 1 Reign Of The Cyborg Super Men from DC Comics in exchange for my honest opinion.For someone who has only ever watch the Supergirl TV show that is currently on The CW, I found Supergirl Volume 1 Reign Of The Cyborg Super Men to be a very good introduction to the Supergirl character.The storyline focuses on Supergirl as she has to get used to being a human on Earth whilst working for the DEO Whilst she is [...]

    3. This may be the worst of the Rebirth titles Steve Orlando further proves he s a crap writer The title is now a version of the TV show Supergirl is in high school in National City The Danvers are secret agents for the D.E.O and are acting as surrogate parents Supergirl is working for the D.E.O with Agent Chase in charge and is also working for Cat Grant at CatCo Cyborg Superman is now Kara s dad, Zor El which makes zero sense He s going to restore the citizens of Argo as cyborg Kryptonians but th [...]

    4. This is just not very good It isn t abysmal, but there s nothing really compelling or interesting here I can see why Orlando decided to take elements from the TV show, and if this were a complete reboot of the character, I might like that But it isn t, it s just trying to force relationships onto a character and a history that aren t really built for it On the show, Kara and Alex grew up together, of course they re close In the comic, she s supposed to have the same bond with parents she was ass [...]

    5. It was great to see an actually worthy attempt to blend the comic books with the current television show Mostly, I enjoyed the fact that Supergirl is finally hopeful and inspiring again, rather than merely being a moody teenager I look forward to the next volume in this series.

    6. Canon hijacking aside it was fun World The art is great I really enjoyed Ching s art, it s light, it s fun, it s exactly what a hopeful young Supergirl book needs I don t want the Super family to be doom and gloom that s what Batman is for and this art hits the right tone for the books The world building is both fantastic and irksome at the same time The good parts are the tone and the family of characters that Orlando has surrounded Kara with Sure, it takes a lot of influence from the current t [...]

    7. 83rd book read in 2017.Number 248 out of 647 on my all time book list.This is my first rebirth read not so bad, plus Supergirl is ultra cute.

    8. The art was nice and the characterization was good I just wasn t feeling the storyline It s a shame really I want to get into of Supergirl but if the stories continue like this, then I won t be.

    9. Woooow, this was stupendous Oh wait, I meant stupid LI couldn t find a single thing to love like enjoy in this album Leaving Supergirl for what it is

    10. I really enjoyed reading Supergirl Volume 1 by Steve Orlando The story is a easy introduction to Supergirl to jump into The story is well paced and has a sizable amount of action Fans of the hit CW series will fill right at home here as much of the character beats and feel of the book are pretty close to the show My first gripe with the book is the artwork I am just not a fan of this anime style to the characters and the artwork seemed sub par on some panels Perhaps DC Comics was going for a tee [...]

    11. No me gust ni la trama ni el arte, ltimamente se ha puesto de moda hacer nuevas versiones de algunas historias y personajes c mics y libros por igual , con historias carentes de sentido.

    12. This book marks the re launch of Supergirl in a way that makes it s reality a little closer to that of the TV show The big difference is that Kara is much younger than on television still a teenager The book begins with the Rebirth story with the DEO shooting Kara at the sun to help recharge her Kryptonian powers As a condition of that, she has to agree to work for the DEO under the supervision of two married yet childless agents who will be her parents.However, Cyborg Superman returns, this tim [...]

    13. Supergirl was actually showing some promise before DC s new Rebirth phase, so I rather wish they d stuck with the status quo from Supergirl Crucible Especially this is the 21st century s third or fourth reboot of the Maid of Might since Peter David s take Oh, and it s dreadful.First we get a transition to the TV show set up Supergirl as Cat Grant s intern and Cat miraculously switching from co blogging with Clark Kent to running Catco Worldwide Media , parents miraculously attached, working for [...]

    14. Good fun, if a little repetitive in the earlier issues Understandably, Orlando wants to reiterate plot points for those reading as individual issues, but once they re combined for the graphic novel it comes across as heavy handed and really bogs down the narrative The story holds no surprises especially the predictable resolution but as an intro story goes it ticks all the buttons.Art style is fresh and bright, with any darker moments complementing the narrative perfectly.I m not a huge Supergir [...]

    15. This volume started in a bit of a weird place, I thought Apparently Supergirl had lost her powers at some point The opening episode involves her getting her powers back, and then a little later she faces down Cyborg Supermanwho she has apparently fought before I had sort of assumed that the Rebirth volume would start things from scratch, but I guess I either needed to read some of the Superman comics or be familiar to what happened with Supergirl in the New 52 That didn t detract too much from [...]

    16. Look inside the truly dreadful monthly covers and you ll find a reasonable drama here, bringing a lot I didn t know about the character to the fore but equally being just about dramatic enough to hold the returning fan Either category of reader, however, will see this as what it is repetitive and baggy, with the baddy ever moaning about Supergirl being spitefully ignorant of what he was trying to do This tells the newbie like me who he is and where he s coming from, but I only needed telling the [...]

    17. Read as single issues It s very difficult to relaunch a character that also has an ongoing TV series without drawing too many comparisons between the two Luckily, Steve Orlando manages to take a dash of the Supergirl TV series and meld it nicely into a new status quo for the Girl Of Steel that moves naturally on from her New 52 series.So Kara inherits new parents in the form of Eliza and Jeremiah Danvers but no Alex, yet , and moves to National City to work under Cat Grant, and alongside the DEO [...]

    18. So I actually read this in single issues but I don t really want to count every issue as a book I m just going with the paperback ecen though I m missing issues 5 6 If I ever get those I will update this review.I have to be honest I was kind of disappointed The comic version of Supergirl is quite similar to the tv show version but younger and less experienced with life on earth since she has only been here for a few months There are also some characters that also appear on the tv show I think my [...]

    19. I went on a little comic spree yesterday and this is my favourite of the three I read It was my first introduction to the Supergirl series, and I really enjoyed it I look forward to reading Kara Zor El, the cousin to Superman, is sent to Earth while her home city is dying She s given a secret identity, a human life to lead under the name of Kara Danvers Her human parents try to help her settle in and live like a normal human, going to school with other teens and even learning to drive a car But [...]

    20. I won this book in a First Reads contest.I am a bit unsure if I liked the story It seemed.just a little silly and awkward I did love the artwork That was really amazing The story probably just was not a perfect fit with me Passing this on to another reader now.

    21. Being a Supergirl fan I find it a little difficult to be objective when reviewing, but I ll do my best Overall, this as with other REBIRTH titles is well done and thought out I wasn t crazy about most of the New 52 run of SUPERGIRL, but REIGN ties the Rebirth and New 52 versions together nicely by providing a sequel to a New 52 storyline issues 21 24 For fans of the TV show there are certain nods in this title to the TV series, yet the comics contain their own twist on things so it works has an [...]

    22. Carrying on the tradition of Rebirth being above average, this book was aligned with my feelings regarding many of the books Great, but not perfect This is a good Supergirl story, influenced slightly by the new tv show, which isn t a bad thing It keeps the character true and tells a story that s personal and still epic at different points The art looks great and I highly recommend it if you are a fan of Supergirl.

    23. I thought I d like Kara but I LOVE her And I love the story, how Kara s struggles to adjust are woven so seamlessly with CYBORG SUPERMEN KILLING EARTH and then back to Kara struggling to fit in among humans This is just so well written, and after Superwoman Volume One which I did not connect with , it was such a surprise and delight And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the art It has such a charming quality to it and suits Kara perfectly PLus I m extra happy with how the story arc wraps up cleanly in this one v [...]

    24. This new series has everything that I love about Supergirl It has some of the vibes of the current TV show, but it s able to dive into the issues I love about Supergirl Some people complain that it s too slow in the pacing, but I think it s perfect for the beginning of a new series It deals with Kara s grief over the loss of everything she knows while also showing the love she develops for her new home.

    25. Another miss for me Another comic book whose premise was much better than its execution Kara s character Almost non existent And not in a way that promises a good character development to come, but like no one even bothered to give her any proper, any actual personality traits Secondary characters, especially Cat, almost overshadowed Kara and her story arc The arc itself wasn t bad, it was actually pretty good, but everything from the characters motives, to their actions, to the arc s conclusion [...]

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