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Rosewater By Tade Thompson,

  • Title: Rosewater
  • Author: Tade Thompson
  • ISBN: 9781937009298
  • Page: 126
  • Format: Paperback
  • Between meeting a boy who bursts into flames, alien floaters that want to devour him, and a butterfly woman who he has sex with when he enters the xenosphere, Kaaro s life is far from the simple one he wants But he left simple behind a long time ago when he was caught stealing and nearly killed by an angry mob Now he works for a government agency called Section 45, and tBetween meeting a boy who bursts into flames, alien floaters that want to devour him, and a butterfly woman who he has sex with when he enters the xenosphere, Kaaro s life is far from the simple one he wants But he left simple behind a long time ago when he was caught stealing and nearly killed by an angry mob Now he works for a government agency called Section 45, and they want him to find a woman known as Bicycle Girl And that s just the beginning.An alien entity lives beneath the ground, forming a biodome around which the city of Rosewater thrives The citizens of Rosewater are enad by the dome, hoping for a chance to meet the beings within or possibly be invited to come in themselves But Kaaro isn t so enad He was in the biodome at one point and decided to leave it behind When something begins killing off other sensitives like himself, Kaaro defies Section 45 to search for an answer, facing his past and coming to a realization about a horrifying future.
    Rosewater Between meeting a boy who bursts into flames alien floaters that want to devour him and a butterfly woman who he has sex with when he enters the xenosphere Kaaro s life is far from the simple one h

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    1. One of my Hugo Award nominees, novel, 2016 ____This book is one of those discoveries that not only is enjoyable for itself it s good enough to make me feel overall cheerily optimistic about the future of science fiction writing Of course, this is not to be confused with feeling cheery about the future the effect here is quite the opposite, in fact.It s also one of those books where everything takes some time to come clear though it s not as inaccessible as some of the reviews blurbs calling this [...]

    2. An exceptional science fiction, I m not surprised it s winning stuff Set in future Nigeria, where psychics exist There s a mysterious dome that gives out electricity and occasionally heals people and or reanimates corpses, and nobody knows what s going ont.This is a spectacularly ambitious book The plot is complex on multiple layers and very much depends on you picking up first on the basic setting, then on the psychic alternative that overlays the reality, and then on another very different act [...]

    3. Dark and gritty, and always wonderfully imaginative, ROSEWATER is a depiction of the future that will leave you breathless One of the most imaginative alien invasion scenarios I have come across in recent years and never less than utterly convincing and dazzlingly immersive.Full review to come closer to release date

    4. The nitty gritty Weird and wild, this is one alien invasion story you don t want to miss Give him a change of clothes, says Oyin Da She code switches into Yoruba where her speech is not so devoid of emotion I m not going to see potential adversaries smelling of meat Touch these clothes and you die, I say Meat or no meat, this shirt is Pierre Cardin I d rather stink In my ongoing search for fiction with diverse settings and characters, I was excited to be offered a review copy of Rosewater from t [...]

    5. In the near future, an alien object has appeared outside of Lagos, Nigeria an alien dome blocks out entry and creates the mystery of what s held inside, as a shantytown springs up around it At different intervals, the dome opens just enough to emit healing powers which manifest in strange and inhuman ways, creating small groups of misshapen but cured individuals It s also created the sensitives, those with a kind of telepathic power which allows them to manipulate or read the minds of others or [...]

    6. Rosewater by Tade Thompson is an amazing blend of cyperpunk, biopunk and spiritualism set in midst of a future Lagos The main character, Kaaro, is an everyday man infected with extraordinary abilities which eventually lands him a position with a government agency The story that follows is one of the most original science fiction stories I ve read in quite some time Tade tells this tale in a way that keeps you guessing right up to the end, taking you on a journey that is well worth the time Rosew [...]

    7. First sentence I m at the Integrity Bank job for forty minutes before the anxieties kick in.Rosewater follows Kaaro as he investigates why sensitives, people with paranormal abilities, are dying now with intermissions from his past He knows far than most people, but he doesn t spill his secrets quickly We must move along and figure it out with him as he discovers he understood and grapples with the naked truth Kaaro is an odd duck We meet him working in a bank protecting it with his abilities a [...]

    8. Rosewater is one of the most inventive science fiction novels I ve read in a long time, and I dearly hope it gets attention.Nigeria, 2066 Kaaro lives in the city of Rosewater, a settlement that grew up around an alien biodome He spends his days providing psychic protection for a bank, but secretly, he s the most powerful psychic of Section 35, a secret agency within the Nigerian government As other psychics begin dying one by one, Kaaro will defy the agency to find an answer.I absolutely loved [...]

    9. Review first published on The Curious SFF Reader I read Lagoon by Nnedi Okorafor about the same time last year and even though I enjoyed it, a lot of things went over my head However, I have come to really appreciate Okorafor s writing and ideas after reading four of her works last year and when I saw on Netgalley that Rosewater, another book about the aftermath of an alien invasion in Lagos, Nigeria, I was sold Also, it helped that I had previously read a really good story by Thompson The Apolo [...]

    10. As they do every year Strange Horizons brought together its reviewers and asked them to list their favourite books for 2016 My two bobs worth was only just published and it doesn t include Tade Thompson s Rosewater But it would have, if only I d read the book in early, rather than late, December Following on from Thompson s very impressive debut novel, Making Wolf, which I reviewed for Strange Horizons, Rosewater marks Thompson out as a writer you should all be reading.Unlike Making Wolf which w [...]

    11. Rosewater is an incredible story that is also very different and hard to describe the book blurb on is terrible The story takes place 40 60 years in the future An alien entity has come to earth now resides in a sealed dome in Nigeria surrounded by a city known as Rosewater The alien has had strange effects on the world, giving some individuals psychic like abilities Kaaro is one such psychic or sensitive, as these people are called in this book with a past connection to the alien He works for a [...]

    12. Wow Amazing novel It was 5 stars most of the way, but the ending left me dissatisfied which is why I went with 4 in the end The book seems to point in the direction of a sequel which I ll cretainly be reading if that s the case and I expected a self contained story, so I may review my rating in the future This is by no means an easy read It often reminded me of the Southern Reach Trilogy in its originality and complexity although both books are very different I mean, here is a book that contain [...]

    13. A fascinating story that I was drawn into from the first Trying to describe the plot is nearly impossible, though Part of my enjoyment came from the Nigerian setting The relationships between characters, the proverbs they quoted, and the underlying framework of the story was Nigerian, and definitely not Western In fact, America has gone dark literally there s a whole mystery here that needs exploration in a sequel and in the power vacuum, Nigeria has become important The story is told in a nonl [...]

    14. Rosewater is the story of an alien invasion This is a common trope in science fiction, but Thompson has created something unique in this book For one, the thrust of the invasion isn t made clear in the story, or for the characters in the book, enough so that it reminded me a little of Roadside Picnic, in that the aliens seem to disregard the human being all together For another, Thompson doesn t make the heart of the story about the invasion instead, he makes it about the main character, Kaaro, [...]

    15. A slowburn alien invasion heavy on the biosciences, and a psychic thief reluctantly freelancing for a secretive government agency and making all the mistakes I really enjoyed Kaaro, though I usually don t like this character type Because of Kaaro s massive amount of self awareness and Thompson s excellent, comprehensive worldbuilding including multiple kickass in different ways women who have their own lives and interests and plotlines that don t revolve around Kaaro , I wasn t bogged down by hi [...]

    16. Actual rating 4.5 stars.A friend said this about Rosewater This book is one of those discoveries that not only is enjoyable for itself it s good enough to make me feel overall cheerily optimistic about the future of science fiction writing Of course, this is not to be confused with feeling cheery about the future the effect here is quite the opposite, in fact.With an endorsement like that, I had to read it It was everything she said, and As I read, I found myself as excited as I had been, decad [...]

    17. Rosewater by Tade Thompson is an intoxicating blend of cyberpunk biopunk action thriller with an amoral narrator, a constantly shifting timeline and featuring a highly unusual kind of alien invasion, all set in Nigeria Fascinating to say the least I loved the plot Mostly I really enjoyed the parts that focus on the xenosphere, Kaaro s past, wormwood, S45 and the town of Rosewater itself I didn t really enjoy the parts centered around Bicycle Girl and Layi Its also quite easy to get lost in the n [...]

    18. So, you know it s a good book when you re annoying your friend on IM with quotes from it every few pages Is it an anti colonialist novel Yes Does it explore urban vs rural, and issues of class Yes Is it an awesome bit of worldbuilding Yes The timeshifts worked especially well in showing the development of Rosewater.Perhaps what I liked most about it is how much of it is about the protagonist just learning to be a better person He has his good moments, he has his backsliding moments He s not tryi [...]

    19. I thought this book was fantastic I ve been recommending it to anyone who will listen.Rosewater is a city that built up over time around an alien dome called Utopicity in Nigeria No one has seen the aliens that live inside, but they do benefit from a yearly opening that miraculously heals anyone in the vicinity Elsewhere, America has cut itself off from the rest of the world.Kaaro is a sensitive His particular gift is finding things He s also irreverent, rebellious, and stubborn, which often get [...]

    20. Rosewater by Tade Thompson is a strange genre blend of a book In the near future an alien bio dome sits in the middle of the town of Rosewater, and it influences the inhabitants in different ways some become mutants, others have psychic abilities Kaaro is an agent for a special Government division, employed to use his special abilities garnered from this xenosphere surrounding the town.It s definitely an ambitious novel, and the Nigerian location adds a bit of difference to it, but ultimately I [...]

    21. Nonlinear storytelling can be really annoying and there were a number of times during this book when I had to turn back to the chapter heading to figure something out But, by the end of the book, I could see how important it was to my appreciation of the protagonist.I really enjoyed this book It was a little too gritty for me sometimes but for a book set in Africa 20 years in the future, it seems about right.

    22. 3.5 starsOn one hand this is a stunning and imaginative near future SF novel, on the other hand it s a mess And while I applaud kitchen sink books put EVERYTHING in it I ultimately this could benefit from tougher structural editing and or longer incubation But neither of those complaints will stop me from checking out Thompson s next novel.

    23. I enjoyed this a lot, though I did get a bit lost in the different time lines for a while Once everything came into focus it reminded me of Octavia Butler not implying a facile look black people in SF way, but in the feel of how Thompson s aliens are doing their thing and not overly concerned about us.

    24. DisappointingCould have been good, but needlessly complicated by constant jumping back and forward in time And a pretty ordinary ending.

    25. Long, detailed, and complex, this is a great read Cyberpunk alien invasion story all in one, it s dirty and visceral, and fantastically told none of the outlandish elements ring false, and Tade Thompson s prose is gripping.The protagonist is utterly compelling and real, a mid forties guy gone slightly to seed, a non cliche in these kind of books, and his struggles with himself, his motivations, and courage sometimes lack of all make for a noir ish theme The plot itself is a slow burn, with multi [...]

    26. In a near future Nigeria the city of Rosewater has grown up around a strange biodome, Utopicity, with life enhancing powers thought there s a creepy flipside to the cures that happen when the dome opens Kaaro is a sensitive , by day providing psychic security for a bank, but, when called for, an operative of the government s secret Section 45 He s actually one of their most senior psychics, but there s still an adversarial element to his relationship with his bosses and Kaaro has never quite out [...]

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