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Shadowlands: Novel By Leonore Fleischer,

  • Title: Shadowlands: Novel
  • Author: Leonore Fleischer
  • ISBN: 9780747244370
  • Page: 441
  • Format: Paperback
  • vg Headline paperback Film tie in edition In stock shipped from our UK warehouse
    Shadowlands Novel vg Headline paperback Film tie in edition In stock shipped from our UK warehouse

    One thought on “Shadowlands: Novel”

    1. I did not know this book was about C.S Lewis It is a really intense one, about a part of his life in which many changes appear in life, especially the most amazing one which is called love There s a lot in this book about love, even if it comes in little steps and is lasting for a short time And then there s room for pain, giving up, change and backtrack to understand that all was meant to be life.

    2. Questo in assoluto il pi bel libro che io abbia mai letto e anche se non si pu considerare una ricostruzione reale della storia tra C.S.Lewis autore de Le Cronache di Narnia e la sua Joy ma pi ispirato al film e la versione teatrale, comunque molto profondo, intenso e commovente.fa riflettere molto e lascia un vuoto incredibile Questa la storia, vera, come spesso accade, di un uomo che si trov davanti a una sorpresa quando aveva gi superato l et delle sorprese, un uomo il cui cuore fu costretto [...]

    3. This was the true story of CS Lewis and his wife Joy who died of cancer not long after they were married.The book was ok but the story didn t really grab me.

    4. Parto dal fatto che era da un p volevo leggere questo libro, sia per il titolo che mi ispirava molto sia perch me l ha consigliato mia mamma e sono davvero contenta di essere riuscita finalmente a leggerlo Che dire meraviglioso, romantico, filosofico e interessante perch parla della storia d a tra lo scrittore inglese C.S Lewis e la poetessa americana Joy Gresham Pieno di concetti e frasi molo interessanti, come il fatto che Dio uno scultore e il dolore sarebbero i colpi inferti alla scultura uo [...]

    5. To tell you the truth, I didn t expect much from a book that is a novel based on the screenplay by William Nicholson based on his stage play However, I was pleasantly surprised by the joy of reading it A few editing issues a repeated paragraph here and there, etc Other than that, however, the writing was smooth and vivid.This book is based on the true story of C.S Lewis romance and marriage with Joy Davidman Gresham Lewis, in his fifties and settled into the life of a university teacher and bac [...]

    6. This book is an unlikely romance In 1952 English author and lecturer, C.S Lewis was set in his ways, living near Oxford where he was a don, writing and giving lectures He begins a correspondence with an American fan and one day she writes that she is visiting England, Can we meet for tea They meet and begin a friendship that changes his life A very touching story.

    7. I love to read C.S Lewis, and this book gives great insight into his life after meeting Joy Davidman Gresham I love the movie so thought I would give the book a try It is a book adaptation of a screenplay, so I didn t expect much, but as he grew to love Joy and her son, Douglas, I was captivated by the power of love, and its life changing effects.

    8. Tried reading this for the August Romance challenge Didn t realise it was written from the screenplay of the film otherwise I would not have read it at all, although I have enjoyed the movie It became immediately obvious that it came from the screenplay however because all that seemed to be missing were the stage directions.

    9. This book is a favorite from my youth It s based on a film I also enjoyed The film is based on the life of C S Lewis and his wife Joy Their story reminds us that pain and happiness are connected when you love someone You can t have one without the other The intensity varies with the situation.

    10. Letto incuriosita dal commento che ne fa Agassi in Open In effetti Agassi parla del film, non del libro, che pero e la trasposizione del film Bah descrive bene l interesse a seguito della lettura Ora non sono curiosa di vedere il film.

    11. As a big CS Lewis fan I didn t know what to expect.Even better than the film, and arguably the most moving book I ve ever read.A beautifully written love story and even compelling as its based on CS Lewis lifeoroughly recommend.

    12. C.S Lewis wrote the Narnia children s books but never had a child As Shadowlands begins he is a Christian who once was an atheist Never having been interested in romance or feeling for companionship in his middle age Then follows the true story of Jack Lewis s awakening to love and life.

    13. The author uses extensive vocabulary but isn t much of a story teller It s obvious this novel is third hand information, based on a theater script based on a biography based on interviews.

    14. I did not expect to love this story so bad this is a bizarre, yet beautiful and pure romance.Learnt a whole lot of things Fans of CS Lewis s books should read this ASAP

    15. What an inspiring story that helps me to choose love and living life versus staying in the safe harbors of thoughts and ideas.

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