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Cockpit By JoannaBlake,

  • Title: Cockpit
  • Author: JoannaBlake
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 161
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • She s the one who got away But I live for the chase I m a thrill seeker I fly the fastest jets in the world, and ride my motorcycle when I m on the ground The only thing that matters to me is speed Why would I ever think about settling down Jenny Reeds, that s why One look in those hazel eyes and I found a thrill no dogfight could match For one wild, unforgettab She s the one who got away But I live for the chase I m a thrill seeker I fly the fastest jets in the world, and ride my motorcycle when I m on the ground The only thing that matters to me is speed Why would I ever think about settling down Jenny Reeds, that s why One look in those hazel eyes and I found a thrill no dogfight could match For one wild, unforgettable night, she was mine I wanted to keep her close but she disappeared without even telling me her last name I did my tour and flew combat missions in desert skies But I never forgot her Now they have me pushing papers and training new pilots I thought I d be bored to tears Guess who I run into my first night back It s her, my wild eyed, fiery haired beauty Turns out she s the General s daughter But that won t stop me I m persistent and it doesn t take too long before she s back in my arms Only one problem She s kept one hell of a secret from me She had a baby while I was overseas My baby Now I want them both under my roof Permanently I ve never failed a mission yet and I don t intend to start now Cockpit is a standalone novel with a guaranteed HEA and no cheating This edition includes bonus materials and will end before 100%
    Cockpit She s the one who got away But I live for the chase I m a thrill seeker I fly the fastest jets in the world and ride my motorcycle when I m on the ground The only thing that matters to me is speed Wh

    One thought on “Cockpit”

    1. 1.5 stars A one night stand between Jagger, a military pilot and Jenny, a high school graduate leads to a nine month gift which leads to no college for said female and then marriage and a HEA The end.

    2. This was a good story that was very easy to follow They had a ONS 17 months before, but he did not know her whole name, so he could not find her after he had been shipped out This book really dealt with the army base mentality and the way they handle their problems I felt like I was back on base The hero and heroine bring their own drama as she can t trust him to know about her 8 month old daughter as he has the rep of being Sergeant Panty dropper SPD She finds this out after she discovers that [...]

    3. 2.5 Run Far Away Stars Jagger Sergeant Panty Dropper spots little fresh out of high school Jenny at a bar and decides to have her After an all night ONS, Jenny rushes out and Jagger is left with only her first name and a memory One he plays over and over He is deployed the next day and has no way to find her He never forgot Jenny and she never forgot him 18 months later, the two reconnect but Jenny has a secret.I was really enjoying this as they reconnected and Jagger wanted Jenny like no other [...]

    4. 2.5 stars I like the the Hero very much, a little bit cocky and arrogant but aren t all heroes like that anyway Well let me tell you I hated the h I find it really despicable not to tell the man that he fathered a daughter or son right away I love books with secret babies I do I really do as long the h tells him right away but nothing pisses me off when the h stays quiet and doesn t tell hero that he has a child And then they get upset because the hero gets mad when the h tells him after a whil [...]

    5. 4.5 StarsDerek Jagger has a reputation as Sergeant Panty Dropper Jenny Reeds is looking to sow her oats during an impulsive wild streak And their one night together before he ships out leaves Jenny in a completely new role.Despite his old playboy ways, Jagger is all in once he meets Jenny He can t get her out of his mind during his time deployed, and he d like very much to find her If only he knew her last name And then of all of the bars in the world, he walks into hers And their second chance [...]

    6. Besides the obvious plot I hate, view spoiler heroine hides child from father for selfish, immature, reasons hide spoiler this review made me laugh so hard and for so long for the ridiculousness of the hero Can t read this review show

    7. This book is too cliche for me, everything that happened I read it before The worst part for me was the dialogue It even wasn t a fun cliche book to read with the male protagonist saying stupid things like She needed to be warmed up before I sunk my torpedo What the hell is that is that supposed to be sexy That s not even the worst when he said You look good with my creampie I was like WTF Where did he get that line a porn movie Probably My favorite one was when he was describing her whimpering [...]

    8. Obviously this one didn t work for me I didn t think it was as well drawn as it could have been The characters were a wham bam one night stand before the hero flies off into the wild blue yonder The road to their second chance is paved with a secret but the way it happens is a bit hard to believe It all just was too easy and predictable Didn t find much depth or build up to the story.

    9. 1.2 Stars DNF 27% I wanted to like the story but the h rubbed me the wrong way She was selfish and made rash decisions Like not telling someone he s going to be a father based on his reputation I understand she was young but her choices were terrible He never treated her poorly and was always honest in what he wanted Yet every time she thinks the worst and acts like a child So apparently not long after her HS graduation she meets our H at a bar Ignoring the questions of how she got in or how she [...]

    10. Secret babyCockpit is a pretty good read I enjoyed the wooing Jagger is sweet and sexy Jenny made me mad, of course She was hiding the fact that she had Jagger s baby while he was overseasI love secret baby storylines, but I still want to stab the heroine for being so cruel I m a fickle b like that Sweet, sexy, and full of heart Four stars and four wet panties.Review by Miranda at Mommy s a Book Whore.

    11. I ended up stopping right before 50% This is supposedly a standalone book but there is history between the characters that the author still has not got to yet Not a lot of character development The male is nothing like the book description He s a rather a wimp There s really no reference to flying or cockpits and obviously it s just a play on works to get the reader worked up into thinking exactly what you re thinking I m pretty bored so I m done.

    12. No, you re definitely not a piece of meat But you do look tender Sugarlips Lots of cheesy lines, I cringed a lot.Full of misunderstandings and wrong decisions.

    13. Derek Jagger is known around by his nickname Sergeant Panty Dropper All the women want to get with him and any that can get with Jagger consider themselves lucky Jenny Reeds is looking to sow her oats during an impulsive wild streak, but Jenny is young, like right out of high school young and this is something she is doing to rebel She is so young but she is sweet and beautiful and when Jagger sees her, he wants her and goes after her Jenny lies about her age and that sets up how the evening goe [...]

    14. 3.5 stars This was a pretty good read This was Derek and Jenny s story They had a one night stand, during which Jenny, 18 years old, was going through a wild time after losing her mother Jenny had been drinking but liked Derek when she met him that night and gave up her virginity Derek really liked Jenny and had thoughts of her being the one But they oversleep after their night together and Jenny runs away, knowing her father would be mad that she stayed out so late Derek is leaving that day for [...]

    15. My rating negative 3 stars unfortunately jagger could only save this book by 2 stars which still leaves it in the minuse catagory, it s sad really because he is awesome I loathed the heroine She was a class act, a real see you next Tuesday Who I ask you doesn t tell the father about his child, even if his the biggest slut she s heard of She slept with him after all Then she proceeds to date him all the while keeping this secret So once the charade is discovered the hero has a perfectly reasonabl [...]

    16. DNF 25% read And to be honest I can t believe I got this far I hate wasting a book like I hate wasting food But time is valuable I had to chuck in the towel The story sounded interesting, the actual writing was horrible I could not stand Jenny Yeah she was 20, but she acted like she was 15 I found that both Jagger and Jenny both acted like the child it was frustrating I mean how dumb would you have to be to not think something was up, when a women and baby keep avoiding you through the day, but [...]

    17. Any man who refers to his manhood as torpedo is a no go for me But I kept going Any heroine, who has a baby, and keeps it from the guy, and if I remember correctly because she didn t wan t to Lose him , it also a big no go I get it, when you first see your one night stand again after a long deployment, your not going to be like hey I had your baby , but she goes on dates with him SHE EVEN SEES HIM THE Store, with the child Come on I couldn t enjoy this, even for the smut because torpedo

    18. I really enjoyed this book.It was different from the books Joanna has recently released but it was very enjoyable.It was a sweet and sexy read that you wont want to miss out on reading.Jagger is all alpha hotness with a massive heart and Jenny is a beautiful feisty lady and when they get together its off the charts hotness and super sweet moments all rolled in to one.There s a few twists in the story to add to the suspense and keep you on your toes.I really hope Joanna does books like this agai [...]

    19. Such a cheesy book Very juvenile behavior between the two main characters This book feels like a high schooler wrote this.

    20. this was a skimmer for me after the first few chapters I knew there wasn t much depth to it what can I say I was wooed by the cover glad I got to read for free

    21. 2.5 Star There wasn t anything wrong with this book, it just wasn t one that could hold my attention I skimmed through most of it The extra books at the end were a nice bonus.

    22. Meh It was ok I love to read and this one I had to take breaks from because it was on the boring side Predictable, straightforward and you knew from the first chapter how it would end.

    23. 3.5 starsI didn t love this book as much as I thought I would I was pumped about the whole secret baby thing but I REALLY wanted Jenny to reveal her secret sooner It was drawn out way too long slowed the story down for me.I really liked Jagger He was sexy, sweet his filthy mouth was a total turn on His confession about wanting to breed Jenny Definitely panty melting I actually admired the fact that he had the balls to walk away from Jenny for a short amount of time too She was in the wrong he wa [...]

    24. I don t know where to start with how this book went wrong for me aside from the editing.Could be the completely immature h Could be the truth she kept hidden for entirely to long and was upset that he was angry with her Could be the timeline being wishy washy, has it been 18 months or 2 years Either way the kid should of been talking a little bit, let alone crawling Eating some solid foods The underage drinking in establishments was a real head scratcher Pump and dump How about a man sucking on [...]

    25. 3 Stars Kindle Unlimited Read It has many redeeming qualities The characters were likable at best neutral at worst The writing was much better than expected I developed an interest that withstood to the end The plot was nice, somewhat original or had its own unique flair The writing was good, and the pretense wasn t half bad, the romance was simmering with few exceptions The male female lead showed hints of abuse both verbal and or physical or signs of spot on or forced chemistry It was a tiny b [...]

    26. With a title like Cockpit I expected there to be some flying scenes but there really weren t any Seems odd to me that the author chose that name for the book when it really didn t have much to do with the story I didn t care for either one of the main characters, especially Jenny, who came across as really young and immature The whole insta love aspect didn t feel believable and the whole book left me feeling meh Not my cup of tea I guess

    27. Wow just WOW I don t know what to say Jagger was OK but Jenny had to be the worst mother in the history of all books What mother would view spoiler risk putting their child in jeopardy to leave a safe house with her father to go live in a hostel with no money just to get away from the hero Really hide spoiler This had so much potential but the story ended at 36% on my kindle.

    28. 3 short storiesI really have an issue when a book is listed as a full novel but isn t The first story cockpit was actually a pretty good story Then I realized that I wasn t 1 2 way through and it was over The bonus books really are just short stories that never made it to full novels Not worth the money

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