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Every Shiny Thing By Cordelia Jensen Laurie Morrison,

  • Title: Every Shiny Thing
  • Author: Cordelia Jensen Laurie Morrison
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 164
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In this beautifully constructed middle grade novel, told half in prose and half in verse, Lauren prides herself on being a good sister, and Sierra is used to taking care of her mom When Lauren s parents send her brother to a therapeutic boarding school for teens on the autism spectrum and Sierra moves to a foster home in Lauren s wealthy neighborhood, both girls are lostIn this beautifully constructed middle grade novel, told half in prose and half in verse, Lauren prides herself on being a good sister, and Sierra is used to taking care of her mom When Lauren s parents send her brother to a therapeutic boarding school for teens on the autism spectrum and Sierra moves to a foster home in Lauren s wealthy neighborhood, both girls are lost until they find a deep bond with each other But when Lauren recruits Sierra to help with a Robin Hood scheme to raise money for autistic kids who don t have her family s resources, Sierra has a lot to lose if the plan goes wrong Lauren must learn that having good intentions isn t all that matters when you battle injustice, and Sierra needs to realize that sometimes, the person you need to take care of is yourself.
    Every Shiny Thing In this beautifully constructed middle grade novel told half in prose and half in verse Lauren prides herself on being a good sister and Sierra is used to taking care of her mom When Lauren s paren

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    1. It is incredibly rare for me to say this, but this book did every single thing right If I were reviewing for a trade pub, I would recommend a star because this is my middle grade middle school perfection And to put it in perspective, this is the first MG title that has made me cry since I read THINGS THAT SURPRISE YOU by Jen Maschari back in August.d I read a LOT of MG EVERY SHINY THING nails it with the following things gorgeous alternating verse and prose this structure provides such texture a [...]

    2. I m such a sucker for alternating POV books, and yet, I hold them to high standards Both perspectives need to be equally compelling, both characters need to have equivalently high stakes and distinct interior worlds EVERY SHINING THING gives us two characters from very different backgrounds Lauren s family is affluent and stable, but her older autistic brother s departure for a special school several states away has left her unhinged In his absence, she turns to a new, quickly developing, well i [...]

    3. E ARC from NetgalleyLauren is angry with her well to do parents because they have sent her brother Ryan, who is on the autism spectrum, off to a residential school She misses him, and thinks her parents just got tired of dealing with Ryan s problems She attends a private Quaker school that preaches simplicity even though most of the students are from very rich backgrounds and don t necessarily follow these teachings Sierra s father is in jail, and her mother is an alcoholic who has finally found [...]

    4. Wow Really good Two girls each with very different backgrounds come together and help each other in ways than they could imagine Really strong writing and a story that keeps the reader engaged the entire experience

    5. Perfect alternating POV The poetry made me cry, and the prose gave the story fantastic momentum I don t always have trouble putting down a middle grade book, but this one kept me turning the pages Love

    6. Perhaps a little too long for intended audience, but sensitive and authentic.Lovely friendship story Dual narrators, one written in verse.

    7. I m a sucker for a middle school friendship story, and this one really tugged at my heartstrings The unique combo of prose and verse was beautifully wrought Gorgeous contemporary MG

    8. Every Shiny Thing centers on the lives of two girls First we meet Lauren who is struggling to cope with her brother s move to a boarding school for teens with autism Then we have Sierra, a teen who has just been placed in foster care When Sierra is placed in the foster home across the street from Lauren s house, the two girls meet and become fast friends Fed up with her parent s perceived constant spending and motivated by her Quaker Schools legacy of philanthropy, Lauren becomes obsessed with r [...]

    9. What a fantastic book, about friendship and loss and justice and uncertainty The mix of prose and verse works so well

    10. EVERY SHINY THING follows two young girls, from two very different backgrounds, who come together in their desire for justice and fairness Lauren comes from an affluent family, with a brother on the autism spectrum and two parents who are a bit distracted by materialistic things Sierra s family, however, is a bit different her dad is in prison and her mom is an alcoholic Placed in foster care, Sierra struggles with her new surroundings but makes friends with Lauren, who is now determined to do g [...]

    11. In Cordelia Jensen and Laurie Morrison s new MG novel Every Shiny Thing readers follow the journey of two new friends from different types of lives as they discover themselves and how they can navigate their lives.Lauren is a wealthy teen who goes to a Quaker school She is very close to her brother Ryan but when he is sent to a boarding school for teens on the autism spectrum, Lauren is sure that he isn t happy, that the school is not meeting his needs, and that her parents sent him away She the [...]

    12. Thank you to Laurie Morrison and Cordelia Jensen for providing collabookation an ARC of Every Shiny Thing to share Sierra has just been placed in a foster home across the street from Lauren, whose older brother, Ryan, has just gone away to a specialized school for students with autism Sierra knows her mother s alcoholism is problematic, but she yearns for her company Reluctant to get comfortable with her new foster parents, she finds friendship and a family of sorts with Lauren Lauren is still s [...]

    13. kidlitexchange partner5 5 for EVERY SHINY THING published by abramskids, written by cordeliajensen1 and laurielmorrison._ _ _ _ I LOVED THIS BOOK I started it last night and finished it this morning because I could not put it down Every Shiny Thing is a gorgeous book written in alternating prose and poetry from the perspective of two girls who look different on the outside, but are actually very alike This book is a perfect, gentle reminder that Newton s law does apply to individuals Every actio [...]

    14. I was given an uncorrected ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review, and I, not being a large fan of realistic fiction was not expecting much However, it seemed like an interesting topic, so I read on and was completely shocked One of the really interesting aspects of Every Shiny Thing, is that it is told in poetry and prose, which at first seemed like it wouldn t work, but the character s really fit into that alternative style This book was so unique, and made me captivated, by making [...]

    15. 4.5 stars I enjoyed that the book was written in verse for one character and then just regular chapters for the other The style even seemed to fit their personalities and situations well I got and uncomfortable as the book continued bc you could see it was all going to come to a head, which was well done I like books that make me uncomfortable that means the author s did well I think the situation with Lauren s autistic brother Ryan was very real and handled well because you don t always see t [...]

    16. kidlitexchange partner Thank you for providing me with this review copy of Every Shiny Thing by Cordelia Jensen Laurie Morrison On Sale April 2018 All opinions are my own.4 5 starsEvery Shiny Thing is the type of book that makes you smile and feel happy one minute, and cringe the next But it really works in this book There is a moral to the story and in the end, everyone learns and grows This book is awesome for any child dealing with addiction of any kind, whether it is their own or a parents , [...]

    17. Huge thank you to co authors Laurie Morrison and Cordelia Jensen for sending me an ARC of Every Shiny Thing, as part of a contest win I savored this story one of two unlikely friends, Sierra and Lauren, who both struggle to overcome some big fears and scary situations Sierra has been placed in a foster home because of her mother s alcoholism The foster home is located across the street from Lauren, whose brother, Ryan, is attending a boarding school for students with autism The girls find a safe [...]

    18. I loved that this book is narrated by alternating points of view one in prose and one in verse Each time I transitioned from Lauren to Sierra s chapters and then back again, I was struck by the way that the two authors wove the themes and plotlines of the story together The two voices gave the story a depth and richness that would have been difficult to achieve with just one narrator It was so much fun for me to read about the area where I live and about a school so like my son s school But what [...]

    19. Told in alternating voices prose and verse , this story covers some very tough topics in a realistic manner, while still remaining appropriate for the MG reader At its heart, this is a story about friendship and, like most true friendships, the relationship between Lauren and Sienna is sometimes bumpy along the way I absolutely adored Sienna s foster parents, who were nurturing and caring even when Sienna made mistakes And although Lauren made some very poor choices, it was hard not to root for [...]

    20. Told alternately in prose and verse, this lovely middle grade novel is complex and emotional, unlike anything I ve ever read before I was completely engrossed and couldn t put it down Keep an eye out for this one next spring

    21. Sometimes, the best thing we can do for anyone it to let them fall This is the best maybe the only way to help them Novel written in prose verse that makes tough topics accessible for students.

    22. I was fortunate to receive an ARC of this novel from one of the authors What an excellent middle grade read I really loved it and honestly couldn t put it down The story was absorbing the characters were compelling and real the message was thought provoking for middle schoolers and the alternating chapters gave the book depth and provided interesting perspectives I was so impressed by how seamlessly the authors wove the narrators stories together to create such a delightful and important book An [...]

    23. Unflinching both in seeing straight to the hearts of its protagonists without judgement and in letting them face the occasionally excruciating consequences of their bad choices I spent a chunk of this book with my ears up around my shoulders in sympathetic anxiety and cried through the conclusion Lots of food for thought and discussion here, all delivered with empathy and feeling.

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