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Україна: історія By Orest Subtelny Yuri Shevchuk,

  • Title: Україна: історія
  • Author: Orest Subtelny Yuri Shevchuk
  • ISBN: 5325004514
  • Page: 141
  • Format: Paperback
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    One thought on “Україна: історія”

    1. What an epic book Starting from pre history and progressing through about 2008, this sweeping history of Ukraine and Ukrainians is mind boggling While lengthy about 700 pages , few words are wasted because the history of Ukraine is so complex and fascinating Interwoven with the history of eastern Europe Poland, Austria, Hungary, etc and Russia, Ukraine has endured upheaval, war, famine, and revolution in myriad ways most of the rest of the planet can only read about Subtelny s writing is mostly [...]

    2. I like to keep up with what s happening in the world I read 2 newspapers a day and,if I don t have enough background on a happening to feel comfortable knowing what to think, I do background reading I don t mind ambiguity and actually prefer knowing the complexities of a situation than reading something that tries to put matters in black and white Thus this book.Although it is actually a textbook, it doesn t read like one And although it is a little over 600 pages long, it reads relatively quick [...]

    3. A very thorough yet enjoyable history of Ukraine and the Ukrainian people It was originally written in the Soviet era, and this edition was updated to include the first few years of Ukrainian independence There are many helpful maps and illustrations My only complaint is that the book is rather ethnocentric While one learns a lot about the ethnic Ukrainians, including those who emigrated and formed the Ukrainian diaspora, the history of other peoples who lived within the borders of Ukraine are i [...]

    4. Great book, covers the history in engaging and well structured way Has a Ukraine centric view, which is another great side of it.A problem that I want to point out is that the pre 1991 part of the book hasn t been rewritten, even with the new editions coming out So the book still has references to the present Soviet rule and what Soviet historians tend to believe The new chapters then refer to the new years I wish the author updated the book throughout to the current frame of reference This also [...]

    5. Epic book about Ukrainian history The author put enormous amount of effort to describe interesting and challenging history of Ukrainians, describing it from political, economic and cultural points of view Must read for anyone who wants to learn about the history of Ukraine and understand the differences between Eastern European nations.

    6. Definitely a broad, comprehensive history of Ukraine, but I found it quite readable, too Side note It s hilarious how differently Polish and Ukrainian historians interpret and describe the same events.

    7. Comprehensive overview of Ukrainian history Good background for understanding today s controversies between Russian and Ukrainian forces Wish there was an updated version to cover the 2000 2014 years.

    8. The definitive history of Ukraine dating back to Kievan Rus This book was captivating and fascinating Well worth the price and time for any lovers of Slavic history.

    9. Ridiculously informative and a pleasure to read notwithstanding the often depressing subject matter I look forward to reading it again.

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