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The Tincture of Time: A Memoir of (Medical) Uncertainty By Elizabeth L. Silver,

  • Title: The Tincture of Time: A Memoir of (Medical) Uncertainty
  • Author: Elizabeth L. Silver
  • ISBN: 9781101981443
  • Page: 498
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Set against the unexplained stroke of the author s newborn daughter, this stunning, unflinchingly honest memoir is a thought provoking reflection on uncertainty in medicine and in life.Growing up as the daughter of a dedicated surgeon, Elizabeth L Silver felt an unquestioned faith in medicine When her six week old daughter, Abby, was rushed to the Neonatal Intensive CareSet against the unexplained stroke of the author s newborn daughter, this stunning, unflinchingly honest memoir is a thought provoking reflection on uncertainty in medicine and in life.Growing up as the daughter of a dedicated surgeon, Elizabeth L Silver felt an unquestioned faith in medicine When her six week old daughter, Abby, was rushed to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit with sudden seizures, and scans revealed a serious brain bleed, her relationship to medicine began to change.The Tincture of Time is Silver s gorgeous and haunting chronicle of Abby s first year It s a year of unending tests, doctors opinions, sleepless nights, promising signs and steps backward, and above all, uncertainty The mysterious circumstances of Abby s hospitalization attract dozens of specialists, none of whom can offer a conclusive answer about what went wrong or what the future holds As Silver explores what it means to cope with uncertainty as a patient and parent and seeks peace in the reality that Abby s injury may never be fully understood, she looks beyond her own story for comfort, probing literature and religion, examining the practice of medicine throughout history, and reporting the experiences of doctors, patients, and fellow caretakers The result is a brilliant blend of personal narrative and cultural analysis, at once a poignant snapshot of a parent s struggle and a wise meditation on the reality of uncertainty, in and out of medicine, and the hard won truth that time is often its only cure.Heart wrenching, unflinchingly honest, and beautifully written, The Tincture of Time is a powerful story of parenthood, an astute examination of the boundaries of medicine, and an inspiring reminder of life s precariousness.
    The Tincture of Time A Memoir of Medical Uncertainty Set against the unexplained stroke of the author s newborn daughter this stunning unflinchingly honest memoir is a thought provoking reflection on uncertainty in medicine and in life Growing up as t

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    1. Elizabeth Silver writes a memoir about her experience when her infant daughter has an unexplained brain bleed and how she copes with the uncertainty afterward Like a lot of memoirs the problem I had with this one is that I didn t really get much out of it I know it s scary to have a child in the hospital but I thought that she would talk about medical uncertainties and connect her experience to the larger picture, especially after I read the introduction I don t think it was effective to write [...]

    2. At the age of six weeks, Silver s daughter suffered a massive brain bleed for no reason that doctors could ever determine Thanks to the brain s plasticity, especially in infants, the bleed was reabsorbed and Abby has developed normally, although the worry never goes away Silver, a former lawyer who worked on medical malpractice suits, is now a novelist she had to cancel most of the promotion for The Execution of Noa P Singleton while Abby was hospitalized.Alongside the narrative of Abby s baffli [...]

    3. I read this book slowly It took much longer than a book of this size usually takes me And I read the second half on a long walk for the most part Sunny day, beautiful flowers this book neither of those things In fact, I left it early about 3 times when cheerful missives beckoned during the first parts.But it s done And it does hold a certain regard that I seldom see in medical non fiction, so I will review it than my entertainment went Which was nearly nil But it was quite real in the time and [...]

    4. Elizabeth L Silver came to my attention with her first book, The Education of Noa P Singleton, which I found fascinating I liked this book as well, but I do hope Silver will write fiction Her writing talent is undeniable, and I really enjoy the turns of phrase she employs However, and this is an occupational hazard for attorneys I felt she overthought this story, and virtually every aspect of it, way too much I understand why there s both an intellectual need when you re trained to solve proble [...]

    5. Silver s engrossing amd well written tale about her daughter s brain bleed is a memoir and a history of medicine, with its inherent uncertainty in the face of our overwhelming desire for complete answers.

    6. Received ARC from GR giveawaysSilver, did an excellent job placing you in her story, specially capturing the emotion of a parent going through medical uncertainty with a newborn I was also very impressed with the technical and mythological details she added I was uncertain how that would be when reading the description but she managed to tie it all together beautifully

    7. A tincture of time is what is necessary for many, if not most, ailments to resolve one way or another You give a patient antibiotics, and wait to for them to act You cut a person open, and wait for them to knit back together Or you wait, and the patient dies Some ailments take longer to resolve than others When Elizabeth Silver s six week old daughter Abby starts having seizures, despite hundreds of ultrasounds, MRIs, and blood panels, in the end only time gives them an answer as to what will ha [...]

    8. Elizabeth Silver and her husband, Amir, were alarmed when their six week old daughter, Abby, started vomiting and seizing They took her to Children s Hospital in Los Angeles, and at first, the tests came back negative However, a scan eventually revealed that Abby had bleeding in her brain Silver describes her panic, guilt although she had done nothing wrong , and fear that her baby s ability to function would be compromised In addition, she and Amir endured a lengthy interrogation about whether [...]

    9. I immediately felt drawn into The Tincture of Time by Elizabeth L Silver Abby s Brain bleed is very serious None of the doctors seem to know why it has happened There are months and months of MRI s and other tests While caring for her baby, Elizabeth L Silver s mind traveled many different ways Nothing seemed to escape this mother s mind In the Memoir, her thoughts travel from Faith thoughts to philosophical ones She begins with this tincture of time Then, travels over to Macbeth and Hippocrates [...]

    10. I was lucky enough to receive this book from the publisher due to my interest in a similar book a year ago I am so grateful to have had the chance to read this beautifully written book The author writes in clean prose, a style I prefer She shares the experience of her baby daughter s medical emergency and subsequent hospitalization I don t want to reveal a lot about this and explores the broader issue of medical uncertainty, touching on the concept of uncertainty in life As the mother of a daugh [...]

    11. I admire Silver for sharing such a personal piece of her life I just didn t feel connected to the story at all The emotional strings that I like to see in a memoir, the feelings that pull me into the story were not there for me Perhaps it was the interweaving of everything else that left me feeling detached While I could understand much of what she wrote I didn t feel it I felt she was writing from a medical respective than a parental one Stoic almost As someone who went through treatment and s [...]

    12. Overall, I liked this memoir To readers expecting tragedy porn, I say to you this is not it It s of an introspective journey that a parent takes when facing an unknown threat to their child When Silver s daughter, Abby, develops a brain bleed at 6 weeks old, the hunt for a cause begins Unfortunately, one is never found What follows is the inner workings of Silver s mind during Abby s hospitalization and recovery, and beyond to when Abby is seemingly healthy but she can t stop waiting for the ot [...]

    13. Medicine is like faith, a collection of interpretationsrife with conflict Doctors interpret data and apply those interpretations to wholly unique circumstances In this way medicine is an applied science, of a sort Elizabeth L Silver, with precision of language and fullness of thought, chronicles the years she spent inhabiting the uncertain spaces between treatment and trust in this open memoir that tears a heart in two, then mends it to the beating hearts of humanity.

    14. I m very torn between four stars and five stars I think the five star would be because of the interaction with my own experience and so I m debating if that or the four star without that reflection is appropriate The author does a great job of weaving in so many different disciplines and ideas to really be kind of a Renaissance woman in her writing She is commenting on one specific event, but she takes this and provides larger and universal commentary on the human experience.

    15. Interprets true account of a couple s experience with their newborn s health problems I was interested in the account of their experiences but got a little lost and tired of the lengthy medical or scientific sections.

    16. The story that provides the book s nucleus is interesting, but than half of the book seems like the author is determined to show us all how smart she is, or to enjoy listening her self talk, than anything else.

    17. Thoughtful exploration of how guilt, faith and reason play out when her infant daughter was in the hospital Relevant for those facing chronic illness as well.

    18. Heartfelt exploration of the pain of not knowing I identified with this book from my own experience when my children were in the NICU.

    19. This was a quick read and very relatable to me, as a mother I thought she did well incorporating larger issues of medicine and uncertainty into her personal experience.

    20. Really enjoyed this but felt there were strong structural issues and that the book was never quite allowed to develop or let fly or something.

    21. My favorite part of this book was the first 10 pages, and then it just went downhill from there for me Silver is clearly well educated and potentially very smart, but these attributes unfortunately came across in her writing as the never ending references to classical literature and history Eventually, each of these references makes sense and helps, or at least attempts to help, her express how she was feeling or what was happening while her daughter was sick Perhaps her writing actually reflect [...]

    22. This remarkable memoir about the author s sick baby is thought provoking, inspiring and not a bit maudlin The Tincture of Time is about language, philosophy and how we live, I think, than a hospital drama I ve picked up so many books about premature or sick children and they re often so difficult to read just too sad This one I recommend 100%.

    23. Using wonderful prose, Silver helps us understand the emotions a young family experiences during a medical emergency We get insight into the numerous and changing perceptions Silver has related to her daughter s illness The underlying theme I noticed was the question of where one places their hope and faith during stressful medical events when they do not have clear answers This leads Silver to explore the concept of uncertainty What surprises me, as a physician, is her conclusion and where she [...]

    24. Penguin Press and NetGalley provided me with an electronic copy of The Tincture of Time This is my honest opinion of the book.As the daughter of a surgeon, Elizabeth Silver has always had an unquestioning belief in the power of medicine When her six week old daughter is rushed to the hospital with sudden seizures due to a brain bleed, Elizabeth and her physician husband are thrown into a confusing world as the parents of a patient who is struggling for survival The well meaning hospital personne [...]

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